Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 26, Uranus Resurrects Revolution, Mercury Retrograde Digs Dirt, Saturn Levels The Karma

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Before I launch into the next diatribe, let’s just say that Mercury Retrograde decided to play editor on the first version of this post, employing a digital gremlin to hang Safari for an eternity and thus force me to force quit and toast my last post. So I will simply surrender to the fact that it wasn’t right and affirm that this next version will be better. Yeah, right. I was going to look at the economy again–someone’s got to do it and my entire post got wiped out. I’ll stare it down again, but something else has come up that I think is quite interesting.

Since I posted my entry about Sarah Palin aka “Anti-Mater” aka “Kali Ma-Ma” she’s quickly escalated the discussion and debate on many levels. First off, she went off road and announced to McCain and the rest of the world in disbelief, that she had not been told that they were shutting down the effort in Michigan, and that “she and Todd could go there and talk directly to those auto-workers.” This is exactly what I was referring to as it relates to her anti-matter like state. With all of that Aquarius in her chart, it can be guided, but it can’t be contained. The second major event was Palin’s visit to Carson, where she brought the Obama/William Ayers relationship to light. While I think her “can do it attitude” regarding her Michigan mission was an audible that she called, I am not sure the Carson broadside was, but with Palin and the Aqurian/Aryan (Ayerian?) power combo, one can’t be really all that sure.

What I find interesting in this light is the current Saturn/Uranus opposition, now currently taking place and getting revved up for election night. Saturn in Virgo is conservative to the core and McCain’s natal Sun is in Virgo. Saturn is no doubt aspecting his Virgoan identity, highlighting his ahem, maturity, and it’s being opposed by Palin’s ruling planet, Uranus, which I believe is transiting her 12th house adding to her volatility and instability. The opposition between Palin and McCain, both literally and figuratively will widen as election night gets closer and closer. Despite the awkwardness and the corny colloquiallisms of Sarah Palin and the intense scrutiny the media is putting on her, she is, for lack of a better word, unflappable and is anchoring the McCain push, both intentionallly and unintentionally.

Her calling out Ayers relationship to Obama is interesting to say the least, as it too also reflects her Uranus transit in the 12th house, as Ayers in an earlier incarnation, was a Weatherman, and not the type that tells you if you need to pack an umberella when you leave the house. The Weather Underground were a group of radicals that were into damaging government property with explosives, out of the way places like The Pentagon. They were very clear that they didn’t want to hurt anyone, just blow things up. So the refresher course for Uranus/Aquarius is explosive, radical, revolutionary energy, and the 12th house is secrets, hidden enemies, intrigue, and the wellspring of the collective unconscious. As Uranus transits Palin’s 12th house, it acts as a catalyst for resurrercting radical energies from the oceans of history and our own past, as in The US Chart, Uranus is transiting The US 4th house, home, the astrological cradle of the chart and Virgo in Saturn, in the 10th house of governance, big business, ruled by Capricorn, karma and time is pulling on that radical, Uranian, energy that is now in the house of the home. The Ayers/Obama accusations, especially in light of Mercury Retrograde is extracting and re-assembling our collective past before our very eyes and now, Obama is also time travelling, referencing McCain’s involvement in The Keating Five> scandal. I had actually predicted these types of revelations and resurrections for the first debate, but it looks like it’s taken Mercury Retrograde some time to kick in.

All of this is critical, not only to the process of each candidate being thoroughly vetted, but it also helps us collectively re-visit crucial events and periods in our history, much like a soul retrieval on a grand scale. While Obama, McCain and Palin catapult the past forward, we get to re-assemble the meaning of it all.

I really want to get back into the economy again, very soon, but there are other elements emerging around Obama and his identity that I am working with and trying to find the astrological through line.

Hold on boys and girls, this is getting really good.

4 thoughts on “Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 26, Uranus Resurrects Revolution, Mercury Retrograde Digs Dirt, Saturn Levels The Karma”

  1. A

    I’m intrigued by the radical/revolutionary energy in Palin’s chart. Could that sync up with her association with the Alaskan Independence Party? I was wondering why she felt compelled to draw attention to the revolutionary in Obama’s past — a brief link with someone who’s left much of that behind — when her link is so strong. Did you know that Joe Vogel was scheduled to speak to the UN, under the sponsorship of Iran, to request help with Alaskan independence at the time of his suspicious death?

  2. a

    It could. I have had a few exchanges with Michael St. Clair, astrologer and psychic and he thinks that Palin is pulling the wool over evryones eyes and if she ever got near the presidency she would flip the script. He notes that her husband is of Inuit descent and feels as though she is surrounded by shamanic powers.

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