Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 25, Palin as Kali Ma, Anti-Mater, Obama’s Birth Detect and Astro Memes

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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There is a lot to cover, so I am going to break it all down into two separate entries, the first, being this one which will look at the impact of Sarah Palin on The American Psyche and developments regarding the Obama birth certificate issue. In the following entry, we’ll stare down The Melting Economy, yet again. But first, Sarah Palin aka, “Anti-Mater.”

Has there been anyone in recent memory that has cut into the flesh and spirit of the body politique with as jagged an edge as Sarah Palin? She is tearing into the tattered remains of our collective wholeness with slash after bloody slash.

Earlier in this series, I talked about how Palin, with her intense concentration of Aquarian planets, spiced up with Venus and Jupiter in Aries, would either be a maverick or the ideal ideologue, signed off, body, mind and spirit on a directed agenda, and thoroughly believe it. She’s a lot of both and she’s doing a terrific job on ripping the populace further apart. My question surrounding her, is, is this intentional? Is she just the latest in a vast arsenal of socially programmable bots that morph into grand memes before our very eyes?

Like anti-matter itself, she is powerful and unstable, being channelled to parrott talking points like an automoton when she cannot answer a question directly and then stare into the heart of “Joe and Joanie Sixpack” and feel their pain with enough authenticity to make the connection seem very real, much in the same way that Reagan did. As she does this, she overshadows Obama and his own issues regarding ethics and identity (we’ll get to that shortly). But like anti-matter, capable of immense power, it can also be charged with the ability to go off at any moment and this is the essence of Palin. Joe Lieberman, whom I am convinced is running The McCain/Palin ticket behind the scenes with his Neocon entourage is sitting on a powder keg with Palin and as long as she is controverisial and divisive when it comes to the continued mastication of the American identity, all the better. But if “The Anti-Mater” goes off in the wrong direction, look out.

In order to understand the mass mesmerization now taking place with Palin, we need to look towards another woman, less well known and even more controversial.

Kathy O’Brien is the co-author of “The TRANCEformation of America.” In this mind-warping book, O’Brien goes into graphic detail regarding her role as a sex slave, spy, and alter-personality. She vividly recounts how she was repeatedly violated as a child to experience compartmentalized selves and sub-personalities and along the way she winds up in the service of Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, Bill and Hilary Clinton, George Bush, Robert Byrd and Dick Cheney, along with about half of Nashville. It’s incredibly disturbing, yet so surreal that it’s impossible to put it down. She chronicles everything from the start of the great migration from Mexico, a planned out, socially engineered event, to the size of Dick Cheney’s rather prodigous member. Whether you believe O’Brien or not is almost irrelevant. What’s important to note in her book is the impact of trauma based condtioning, which we are all being drenched in right now. With the economic crisis raising levels of fear and anxiety to new highs or lows, depending on ones perspective, in slips “The Anti-Mater”, leaving a littered trail of dissidents and true-believers scattered in her wake, tussling for the last few scraps of freedom of thought and speech. “The Anti-Mater” makes a mockery of what it is to be an American, distorting it into grotesqueries that the principles for what the country truly stands for are so perverted and malformed, that only those as deeply in the trance as Sarah Palin can latch onto it’s lowest common denominations of definition.

I brought up Kathy O’Brien, not because I believe that Palin has undergone the same psychological condtioning and psychic torture, but because she is the macro version of Kathy O’Brien, so deeply steeped in her programming that she firmly believes what she is being given, a spunky figurehead that has transformed into “The Anti-Mater,” “Kali Ma-Ma,” destroyer of the true American spirit, a pathetic and sad cartoon propped up to further dis-enfranchise the already cynical and push those that still “believe” deeper into their pocket of accumulated beliefs around love of country and nostalgia. It’s a damn shame that when we need someone that truly represents the ideals of freedom, truth, love of neighbor, charity, self-reliance and the tacit understanding that each of us, can guide our own personal destinies together, that person is painfully absent from the big stage. These aforementioned values are what Sarah Palin purports to stand for, and yet she has quickly become a side-show, a divisive distraction, a spectacle in the theater of the absurd.

And now for Barack Obama.

Obama should thank his bloodlines and lucky stars that McCain’s camp took the time and effort to find the perfect running mate, on oh so many levels for the country and Obama. While half the country wants to stone Sarah Palin, and the other half either wants to set up play dates with her and her kids or wants to sleep with her, Obama’s sticky little wicket known as his birth certificate issue is starting get a little stickier, even while the money bombs are exploding all around us. A judge, ruiling on the motions put forward by Phillip Berg, an attorney from Pennsylvania and supposed Hilary supporter, that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery, says that Obama must produce the original birth certificate. This issue is radio-active for The MSM right now as too much has been invested in Obama and his campaign by big players such as George Soros and David Rockefeller. But it’s signifcant nonetheless and more dialog needs to occur around it.

As I previously covered inpart 12 of this series regarding the mystery of Obama’s birth and a deeper look into his rising sign (which I rectified), it’s innately tied to not only where he was born, but from an astological perspective, who he is. It has been circulated on the web that Obama’s own grandmother claimed to reporters that he was born in Kenya. Conveniently The Annenberg Institue has debunked this issue, but keep in mind that one of the founders of Annenberg is William Ayers, a friend and associate of Obama’s and former Weather Undergound Terrorist. Referring back to Obama’s Scorpio ascendant (my rectification) and his Neptune in Scorpio on the ascendant, his being able to play fast and loose with not only his origin of birth, but his identity as well, does not bode well for The American public. If he indeed was born in Kenya or was a naturalized citizen of Indonesia, and he KNOWS this, what does this say about the man? What else will he do to override the dictates of his conscience, or perhaps even worse, what is he vulnernable to when it comes to being coerced by certain parties with vested interests that are counter to the common good and will of the people?

Coming up next, The Melting Economy, Part 3 and The Battle For America’s Soul.

10 thoughts on “Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 25, Palin as Kali Ma, Anti-Mater, Obama’s Birth Detect and Astro Memes”

  1. T

    Just popping in to say I’ve enjoyed your series on the US election and its cast of characters. Thank you!

    I’m glad you brought up Obama’s eligibility issue. I was concerned about this for a long time, but tried to discount it when I realised what voting for the other side might mean, and I decided to support Obama/Biden. It seems ithe issue must come to a head shortly with the judge having dismissed Obama’s application to dismiss the case, and demanding production of certain relevant documents. If it’s going to happen it’d be better before 4 November than after – the mind boggles at the upset it would cause later on, if Obama were to be elected President. Trouble is, it appears that until he IS elected there is no proper groundupon which to complain. Apparently a person can campagin to be president even if ineligible, but he/she cannot actually BE president. That’s how the situation seems to be understood anyway.

    Perhps this is the confusion and murkiness most astrologers see around the inauguration, the void of course Moon etc. Strange times!

  2. a

    Palin Disagrees With Campaign Pulling Out of Michigan Friday, October 3rd, 2008

    This is exactly what I was referring to in my post. The Anti-Mater is out of the safety cylinder.


  3. T

    It appears, after further reading, that I was mistaken about a judge having already ordered Obama to produce certain documents. The Order which I saw on-line in a pdf is a Proposed Oder which has not yet been signed by the judge – so all is still unresolved. This, I think, is the best site for information about the court case:


    That should link to the latest post, but there’s a lot of other info there which, though it’s slanted towards the right, seems to be reliably accurate.

    Seatbelt fastened ! Oxygen masks may be needed – or parachutes! 😉

  4. a

    i also have much enjoyed your perspective on the various players in this usa election but i was somewhat confused by why you would reference the book tranceformation of america as i have seen an hour internet interview of o’brien (www.consciousmedianetwork.com) and i must say that her assertions seem wildly fabricated and or delusional and therefore not a good example for understanding palin’s personality make-up. i think it is fair to say that all of us, liberal and conservatives alike, all display a certain number of platitudes and shiboleths and i don’t believe that palin is any more guilty of being “programmed” than some of the other individuals on the national or local stage. as to obama’s birth it seems perfectly clear that the independent non-profit organization that was allowed to examine his birth certificate, verified its authenticity and should have put to rest all doubts abut his nationality.(www.factcheck.org)

  5. a

    <p><p>Hi Antonio,</p><br />
    <p>Thanks for your comment. I referenced Kathy O’Brien for a number of different reasons. The first being that it would engender some sort of response–it has. I have also personally known an alter. I am also using what O’Brien claims has happened to her as a collective metaphor for a social trance induced by the trauma based conditioning of events (Kennedy, 911, The Economy) etc. Lastly, I have read her book and the details that she recounts are staggering in their clarity and minutiae. I’ve known far less delusional types that can’t even remember what they had for lunch yesterday. I will let Dave McGraw connect the dots to what O’Brien has claimed and some rather interesting evidence as it relates to TRANCEformation.


  6. a

    Antonio, I did a little fact checking and Fact Check Dot Org is run by The (Chicago based) Annenberg Institute, where Bill Ayers has played a major role in it’s formation. I’d feel more comfortable about the legitmacy of the birth certificate if it were verified by a source not so close to Obama.

  7. H


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