Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 24, Biden/Palin Debate Re-visited, Aquarius and Scorpio Squaring Off

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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I was talking with Lisbeth Scott late last night. Lisbeth is an amazing vocalist whose voice has been featured in The Passion, both Narnia Chronicles films, 300 and now on the hit HBO series, True Blood, where she’ll grace the show with goth-neo celtic-gospelese on the upcoming episode 6, in two weeks. We were talking about spirituality and how she is unabashedly “spiritual” in her outlook and work and that led to a conversation about authenticity and how critical it is for each of us to act from a deeply authentic place, that this is the true nature of spirit. We asked ourselves, what would the world look like if the majority of us came from that place? We’d do only what we loved and what we love would reward us in kind.

In previous entries, I have written about the authenticity of Barack Obama and Sarah Palin and how people deeply responded to both of them early on, because in their undiluted expression, they were being authentic–that is until The Davids, Axelrod and Plouffe and Joe Lieberman got ahold of them and started amending their talking points, rounding off their edges, shaping the populist rhetoric and party viewpoints and now look what’s happened to the two of them.

In the upcoming debate, we will see Sarah Palin square off against Joe Biden. As I have already noted, Biden is heavily Scorpio, with a strong 12th house emphasis. His nature is covert, not overt and I am sure that it has served him well. One has to wonder at the timing of such events as his son, Beau, is now going to serve in Iraq. This was announced just days ago, perhaps as a prelude, a counter-offensive to the fact that Sarah Palin’s son is already there. This type of strategy would be par for the course for someone like Biden with such a heavy Scorpionic influence in his chart. I purposefully used the phrase, “square off” with these two, because astrologically, they are poised for conflict as Palin’s stellium in Aquarius goes head-to-head with Biden’s stellium in Scorpio. If the Obama/McCain debate was the equivalent of having a hospital meal of steamed carrots, rice and skinless chicken breast, Biden/Palin would be more along the lines of BBQ Brats, Enchiladas Chile Verde and Tandoori Chicken.

They are astrologically wired to go at it.

I also mentioned earlier that Scorpio and Aquarius are the western equivalent of The Serpent and The Eagle, instinct meeting vision. Somewhere in the mix of Palin and Biden is the astrological equivalent of the alchemical marriage, where the union of opposites occurs and the gap that creates the duality of our existence is closed, resolved, unified. What we’ll be seeing in this upcoming debate will be less of an exchange between ideologies but more of an ancient ritual of opposing forces exploding headlong into one another to create some sort of visceral synthesis that’s part train wreck and op-art. On a very public forum, Joe Biden (Scorpio) and Sarah Palin (Aquarius) are going to act out an archetypal conflict that could lead to some form of psychic resolution, but based on the debates rules of engagement, I expect that we’ll see a widening of the gap bewtween left and right, than a rectification of our differences.

So returning to the theme of authenticity, it’s pretty clear that for both Biden and Palin to be effective, that they will have to come from that authentic place and even dare to go off script. For Biden, his real genius is to mastermind and plan ahead of time, Mars is currently in Scorpio, where Biden’s natal Mars resides. This is a man feeling his power, but when the mikes get turned on tomorrow night, the moon will also be in Scorpio, moving through his 12th house and activitaing deep, sub-conscious commands and codes. Biden will say at least 2-3 things that will be very revealing, not just about him, but the big picture. So listen very closely to what he has to say as some critical clues and keys to the underlying program will come to light.

It’s fairly clear that through the course of her interviews with Gibson, Couric and Hannity that Palin is painfully truncated by her new found celebrity and the pressure that accompanies it. With her stellium in Aquarius, the one thing that people might mis-understand about her is that she’s eccentric, almost to the point of being weird. That’s Aquarius. But for her to be effective, she needs to own it, instead of trying to parrot talking points and worry about what John thinks or “might say.” It would not be a stretch to say that McCain’s campaign depends on a strong performance from Palin to maintain any relevance. With Venus and Mars squaring both her Aquarian and Aries planets, from The Sun to Saturn, the intensity and the pressure is no doubt building to almost unbearable levels for her. As a result of this pressure, she’ll either implode and with it, and McCain’s campaign along with it, or she’ll liberate herself from the constraints of her conditioning and unabashedly embrace the authentic eccentric inside of her.It’s going to be unlike any debate we’ve ever witnessed. Even if it’s staged for our own entertainment purposes, it will no doubt achieve it’s intended goals on many levels.

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  1. a

    This was from Sasha, who cannot post for some reason:

    I heard in August after Obama selected Biden as his running mate that Beau was scheduled to deploy to Iraq. Here are a couple of articles that indicate this deployment was in the works as early as a year ago. http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2008/08/21/1281051.aspx
    My nephew (by marriage) is in the Army and scheduled to be redeployed to Iraq on October 22nd. We have known since spring, if not before, that he would be going back in the fall and probably in October but just got the specific date a couple of weeks ago.

    The new debate is whether children of politicians, especially those of the President or Vice President, should be deployed in combat zones. Of course, this comes after a number of years where those against the war have told supporters of the war to send their own children. I guess it is damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

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