Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 23, Cynthia McKinney, The Synthesis of Obama and Hilary, Sag Moon Speaks To Truth

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Cynthia McKinneyWhen the primary season started, which now seems like a decade ago, it was almost a foregone conclusion that we would have a candidate that was either A) a woman, or B) a minority for the first time. And so it came to pass as Barack Obama survived the gauntlet of candidates, including the hardened and battle tested, Hilary Clinton. Well what if we could have a woman AND a minority candidate? Wouldn’t that just be The Holy Grail? Ladies and gentleman, I give you Green Party candidate, Cynthia McKinney. Oh, you weren’t aware that there are other people running for president? Well there are lots of candidates, including my neighbor, Frank Moore, a qudraplegic love guru that is just as qualified from a spiritual standpoint as either of the big two. But we’re here to look at Cynthia McKinney and give The Greens some love.

Back when I looked at the Mars in Gemini aspect of The US as it represented a psychic split in the collective soul on the heels of the death of JFK and the turbulence of the sixties it can manifest in such an extreme duality that it forms a type of social schizophrenia. Mars in Gemini is an explicit symbol of how invested we are in the two party system as they conform the basis of our national right and left brain. If we look at the post-traumatic stress effect of the death of Kennedy and the social rift of The Sixties and much later, 9/11, the split in the brain widens, mostly due to the ability and need to function and survive. Mars is in it’s most radically expressed version in Gemini and our left/right, black/white, straight/gay, creationsim/evolution consciousness as it relates to our republic’s brain is a function of social survival that reflects it.

During this election season, I realized that we more or less allign with a polarized position because it gives us a sense of belonging, connectedness with values that we share with others, which in turn validates our own internal systems. We flock and flee to either the left or the right, not necessarily because we are so drawn to the ideals that each presents, but because we want to belong and the middle or outside, can often be a lonely place, which I am sure some folks have figured out over the last few months.

So Mars in Gemini, in extremis is the archetype of the two-party-system made manifest. But what if we could step outside the polarity and duality to perceive one or more possibilities, such as a third party? A different choice?

While Ralph Nader is desperately trying to be seen and heard as a third party candidate, it’s McKinney that we’ve got our eyes on. Cynthia McKinney is a Pisces Sun, born March, 17th, 1955 (no time given). One of the most telling aspects in her chart is her Sag Moon, which sits in the first house of The US chart. How does this manifest in McKinney’s views and outlook? While she was a congresswoman from Atlanta, she was an outspoken opponent of Israel and funding their interests. As unpopular position on Capitol Hill to hold as there can be, McKinney soon found herself on the outside of the beltway, losing her election to Denise Majette in the Democratic primary, which saw a number of Republicans cast their votes to the Majette side. With Moon in Sag, McKinney’s tongue can earn her as many enemies as it can friends. Unlike the two majority candidates that differentiated themselves in a shade of rather dull grey during the last debate, McKinney vividly stands out for her views in technicolor HD. It’s the Sag Moon, sitting in The US first house that has her as an open and active advocate of the 911 Truth Movement, a vigorous supporter of anti-war legislation, and one of the few polls that actually introduced articles of impeachment against, President Bush, Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice. She also wanted Martin Luther King’s assasination records unsealed and a further investiagtion into the death of Tupac Shakur. Obama and McCain speak of “change” and “reform” but Cynthia McKinney doesn’t invest in lip service, she’s said the “wrong” thing once too many times, but she nonetheless is willing to challenge the status quo with her radical and occasionally unpopular opinions. In essence, she is wired for change at the risk of being not accepted.

I have this theory that we were supposed to resolve the deep polarity of the Mars in Gemini configuration when Sag was in Pluto, that the US could transform it’s national identity with with Pluto in it’s first house. Gemini wants to differentiate and categorize while Sag wants to unify and have a broad and comprehensive understanding without the minutiae. What The US did during the thirteen years that Pluto was in Sag was to project that sense if unification in the guise of freedom, nation building and the spread of democracy outward instead of internalizing it and transforming from within. As a result, the energy that could have been used to close the gap between the right and left actually added to the deepening chasm.

McKinney also has some other interesting aspects in her chart. Her Jupiter is in Cancer at 19 degrees, resting right in the middle of The US Sun and Mercury in Cancer. Jupiter, the planet of opportunity is uniquely stationed right between these two key planets for The US and gives McKinney more than enough confidence in her ability to voice her opinions and in the right places, be heard. Jupiter can also be given to exageration and over-confident risk taking, which I am sure has also led to some of McKinney’s poltically toxic positions. It’s fairly clear that she’s got some prime planets as they line up with The US chart, including her natal Sun which sits in The US fourth house, the cradle of the national chart, but she also has both Mercury and Venus in Aquarius, which makes her ultra-progressive and just a little anarchic.

The free-spirited McKinney also has Uranus in Cancer in an opposition with the what will be Pluto in Capricorn coming in November. This is representative of The Boomer Generation at large as most Boomers also have Uranus in Cancer as well. With Pluto opposing Pluto for a large swath of the population, revolutionary energies are activated and much like when Pluto was in Capricorn at the time of The American Revolution and the assemblage of the founding fathers, the same energy is re-cycling and the generation that dabbled in revolution in an earlier incarnation, will re-visit these ideas about social change and transformation in the years to come. McKinney, with planets in Aquarius, Sag, and Cancer will be at the forefront, whether she has a chance to be president or not.

In the next installation of this series we’ll look at the first debate between McCain and Obama as well as The Federal Reserve’s mutation into the cyclops of finance and governamce.anarchic.T

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