Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 19, Mercury Retrograde, The Debates, Melting Economy, Woeful Warriors and Not-So-Gay-Marriage

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

The Melting EconomyAs the economy began to melt under the heat of The Indian Summer, some of my more sensitive friends emailed me to look at their charts, to see if their current projects on would be safe or negatively impacted by Pluto’s move into Capricorn. In lay terms, they were getting freaked out. I’ve held off on any personal analysis because we are in the midst of a giant socio-economic tidal wave that’s about to smash into us. Giving a personal astrological analysis in the midst of this coming storm is like someone asking me, “What kind of swimsuit should I wear and should I go SPF 30 or 50?” as a tsunami is about crash. We may not have time for such luxuries. The best message I can give anyone right now it to get out of the way.

We are now in the throes of deep, transpersonal energies, especially when Pluto locks horns with Capricorn at the end of November. Using another water metaphor, we’re about to shoot the most hellacious, white-knuckling rapids you’ve ever stared down and you’re doing it in an inner tube.

This is it, the collective test is on and it gets activated today, the 24th, as Mercury goes retrograde in Libra. Lets have a look at Mercury Retrogade.

For the uninformed, Mercury actually appears to move backwards in the sky, three times a year. This motion is called, “retrograde.” It always cycles through the four elements and their respresentative signs. This year its air and this time it’s Libra. You’re not supposed to sign deals/contracts during Mercury retrograde. That means hold off on big purchases.

One of the great examples I can site of the Mercury Retrograde effect, was when Chris Cohan bought The Golden State Warriors during a dark, Mercury Retrograde in 1995. I won’t get into the bloody details but the headlines that followed shortly thereafter were their coach getting run out of town by a spoiled star player (Chris Webber), who then betrayed the franchise by opting out of his contract early. Another player (Latrell Sprewell) choked his coach (PJ Carelisimo) and got traded. They passed on Kobe Bryant (for Todd Fuller), Kevin Garnett (for Joe Smith) and Amare Stoudamire (for Mike Dunleavy Jr) and when they did get it right by drafting Gilbert Arenas, he leaves because of loophole for second round picks, The NBA changes the rule and calls it “The Gilbert Arenas Rule.” Two years ago, during a Mercury Retrograde, The Warriors tried to trade for Kevin Garnett during The NBA Draft, when they couldn’t complete the call with Charlotte to draft Al Thornton for The T-Wolves the deal collapsed. Unable to reach Warrior GM, Chris Mullin, Charlotte Asst. GM and former Warrior, Rod Higgins drafts the wrong guy (Branden Wright) and the deal stalls. Then, their one, true, star, Baron Davis does the unthinkable and opts out to sign with The LA Clippers. But that’s ok, because they had their new rising star, young Monta Ellis in tow to replace Baron. Monta signs a $60 million deal and then proceeds to crash some sort of cycle (verboten in his contract) and rips his ankle to shreds. He’s on the shelf until February and may never be the same again. Now that my friends is the heavy hammer of Mercury Retrograde and how it has destroyed the very nucelus of the franchise, year after disappointing year. If Only Chris Cohan had consulted with me.

Jumping off the sports nostalgia bullet train into yesterday, and addressing the very real, Mercury Retrograde about to take place any deal that’s done right now, HELLO CONGRESS AND SENATE will not stand up, hold water, add your own cliche. It’s just not going to work. If I could sit down with Chucky Baby Schumer and his congressional chums, I’d say “tell Ben and Henry to just chill until the beginning of November.” You see Libra rules contracts, law and negotiations. So making a deal and signing contracts when Mercury is Retrograde in Libra is a double no. It’s high stakes, negative, witchcraft.

In the upcoming debate between McCain and Obama, we’ll no doubt see both candidates dredge up the others past. Obama hasn’t said much about McCain and his dirty work for Charles Keating and The Keating Five. Well that silence is about to end–especially with the 900 pound gorilla in the room also known as the economy. He’ll steer clear of calling out McCain out for whatever he did or didn’t do as a POW, but that might be it. John McCain’s life and past will be brought to judgement by Barack Obama. McCain will do the same. He’s been very light on Obama and his relationship with known mobster, Tony Rezko. I would be very surprised if that wasn’t brought up either, especially since it involved Obama’s involvement through the law firm that represented Rezko. It won’t be who comes out the winner, but who is going to be the lesser of the losers.

It won’t be pretty.

But I still think the big Mercury Retrograde effect will be the replacement of Joe Biden by Hilary Clinton on the ticket . . . unless The DNC knows that with the gale force of the economic maelstrom about to hit, the election and who runs, might actually be irrelevant.

One last note regarding Mercury Retrograde. Back on the 18th of June, thousands of gay partners legally married in California under a Mercury Retrograde sky. Guess what’s on the ballot in November for California? Proposition 8, The Challenge To Gay Marriage. A nuclear economy, a pissed off Queer Nation could lead to a very nasty Fall.

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