Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 18, Neptune In Scorpio, Inspiration and The New Frequency

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Holy TrinityThere seems to be a similar theme running through the campaigns and lives of Barack Obama (Leo), Tzipi Livni (Cancer) and Sarah Palin (Aquarius), three disparate personalities that are on the precipice of power in The United States and Israel. The theme for all three has been one of messianism, or religious fervor, the light of spirit shot through the prism of the personality and, it has been resented in the halls of power, the realm of the establishment.

As I have noted in the past few weeks, Palin, Obama and Livni all have Neptune in Scorpio in their charts. This alignment represents a major sea change in conscioussness from the generation that preceded them, the heart of The Boomers who had Neptune in Libra.

Traditionally, Libra is the transitional sign that separates the southern, personal horizon of the chart from the northern, trans-personal half, which ranges from Libra to Pisces. The development of the self, peaks in Leo and then the focus shifts to service in Virgo and then “the other” in Libra. Libra is the first sign where consciousness recognizes itself, outside of itself, but it is also like the scene in Apocalypse Now, where Willard (Martin Sheen) and his crew encounter the lurid spectacle of a Bob Hope-like revue, replete with Playboy bunnies humping and gyrating for a Mekong Delta outpost of soldiers. It’s the last remnant of familiar human contact that Willard and his crew will ever expeperience. From there, they are swallowed whole by the dark, psychic forces of the river. That is the transition from Libra to Scorpio. Willard and his crew leave the world of the flesh behind and travel up-river to confront death itself.

The generation to which Obama, Palin and Livni all belong is a generation where drug use was de rigeur and they were raised with the back drop of the sixties in their lives, a free-floating, free-associative cloud of spiritual influences wafting in and out of their youth, from Buddhism, to Sufism, to Hinduism, all gaining spiritual shelf space. Looking at Obama and Palin, clearly, religion, whether it’s Islam, Christianity or Black Liberation Theology runs through their lives and Neptune, the planet of spirtuality and mysticism mixing with Scorpio gives them the pass code to access the inherent power of faith.

A reader sent me a comment that said that “I was oversimplifying Palin’s stated desire to serve, and that her speech writer was Bushes speech writer.” I haven’t replied, but I am very familiar with the lexcon of faith, the language and symbolism used by The Christian Conservatives. I am well aware of this fact as well as the type of language that Bush continually sourced like “works of wonder.” But there is a difference in George Bush and Sarah Palin, and that’s congruence. For me, the ultimate symbol of Bushes questionable faith resides in Ted Hagard (Pluto in Leo), the disgraced pastor of the Colorado Springs mega church that spoke with Bush on a weekly basis prior to stepping down for meth going up his nose while he went down on a gay bodyworker.

Love her or hate her, the reason why Sarah Palin’s speech was so effective was that she was congruent with the material, that the words matched her own internal script, something that Bush was rarely capable of and only receptive to those who had switched off their critical thinking for the absolute trust in faith. I’m not saying that that process isn’t at work when it comes to Palin and The Christian Conservatives, but you could have had Joseph Goebbels write Palin’s speech and if she did not have congruence, if she did not match the same pattern of authenticity inside of her, it wouldn’t have mattered, no one would have bought what she was selling and in fact, due to the congruity of the words and her intention, it troubled and disturbed The Left deeply.

Early on, Barack Obama’s calling card was his ability to inspire and create an aura of hope through his words. Again, the reason why he experienced such a powerful reception amongst the masses, was that he too was congruent. His call for “hope” and “change” came from a deep, transpersonal place, the same place that Palin and Livni, often called, “The Obama of Israel” and “The Golden Girl” have the ability to access. Obama’s fall from the lead and grace is due in large part to his moving away from the inspirational broadcast of his message, to trading barbs, slinging mud and resorting on the hip and cool mannerisms that not-so-subtly masks a gnawing insecurity. In essence, he’s moved away from his authenticity and connection to Spirit and suffered in the polls as a result.

Neptune in Scorpio has a power, magic, magnetism and charisma that is otherworldly. These three indiviiduals not only communicate from the throat and the heart, but their third eye as they are psychically transmitting the essence of their message to others. This scares some people, especically the establishment, which ironically is now The Baby Boomers.

The Baby Boomers were born with Pluto in Leo, which gave them a decidedly entitled demeanor. As I have stated before, they were the first at the table, supping on the gravy and the trimmings of a healthy economy, a real dollar, cheap land and the hard earned savings of their parents. Bill Clinton is the dominant archetype of that generation, rising to the highest office in the land, entitled to everything that went along with his position, whether it was Govenor, Preisdent or missionary. I have no doubt that this generation doesn’t take kindly to the inspired and spiritual leanings of the Neptune In Scorpio generation as it would, even to this day, diminish from the golden light of their aura in the human family tree, advanced as it is.

These three representatives of this sub-generation will share the most resonance with “Gen Y” the Pluto in Scorpio kids. They’ll get one another intuitively and Pluto in Scorpio youth, will play a major role in the upcoming election, both from the right and left, mobilized by the spiritual connection they’ll feel for Palin and Obama.

Livni, Obama and Palin are the voices of spirit, whether you agree with their particular version of it or not, matters little, for these three mark the arrival of a connection to a higher realm of consciousness. How their humanity manifests it, is another thing altogether.

4 thoughts on “Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 18, Neptune In Scorpio, Inspiration and The New Frequency”

  1. What a weird world we live in. The Punahou/Harvard/University of Chicago candidate is the Democrat. The public school/country town candidate is the Republican. Please don’t get me wrong, it is not in my place as an Australian to say who is the better candidate.

    You are the first person (other than myself) to emphasize the importance of the post-boomer nature of Sarah/Barack. Thank you.

    As a boomer myself, I will admit I am not too happy to see Bill Clinton as the dominant archetype (even though you are right) of the boomers.

  2. S

    Robert, I wonder whose chart in Israeli history/politics would Livni’s chart reflect.

    The most obvious is Golda Meir, the first female PM of Israel. Golda had a sister named Tzipke. Tzipke and Tzipi are both diminuatives of Tzipora (Zipporah).

    However, I found an article/commentary dated 9/23/08 which refers to Zev Jabotinsky as Livni’s hero. This would not be surprising since her father participated in Jabotinsky’s Irgun. http://www.amin.org/look/amin/en.tpl?IdLanguage=1&IdPublication=7&NrArticle=47692&NrIssue=1&NrSection=3

    Or would her chart match up with Begin who signed a peace treaty with Egypt’s Sadat?

  3. a


    Yes, Livni’s parents were members of Irgun and she was raised in a decidedly Zionist household. The amount of water in her chart through Cancer is positive, especially since it is combined with her Jupiter in Libra. Empathic and peaceful (potentially). Let’s see if she can get her version of the government together. With that Jupiter in Libra (ironically opposing Palin’s Jupiter in Aries) she should have a decent chance of being more of a uniter than a divider.

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