Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 17, Right/Left Split, Culture War, Mars In Gemini and The Death Of Camelot

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

JFK“Fashion, turn to the left, Fashion, turn to the right.” — David Bowie

The culture wars subsided ever-so-briefly to witness the ominous arrival of the economic death star that pulled into close, geo-synchronous orbit with Earth. For a few days, the crushing realization that total financial collapse was imminent and for once, the bi-cameral split of the voting public couldn’t avert their eyes from the onset of the unspeakable. While the two candidates still blamed one anothers party and leadership, there was slightly less venom being spit from either side of the left/right divide. There was something bigger taking place.

But prior to being brought to the edge of the economic precipice, the volatility between The Left and The Right has been epic. It’s a cuture divide that cuts through families and communites. It speaks to a duality that is deeply woven into the tabula rasa of The United States. We are right and left, light and dark, sacred and profane, infuriating and exasperating to most of the rest of the world and it can be seen in The US Chart where Mars rests in Gemini at 21 degrees. Gemini, The Twins, represents a bi-cameral consciousness that borders on schizophrenic. Were we always this way? If not when did separate from the embryonic wholeness of ourselves and a national identity?

The answer might lay on 11/22/63. This was the day that John Kennedy died–the day a cold Winter chill ripped across the verdant hills of Camelot. You see, JFK was a Gemini. In fact, he personally embodied the contrary nature of the country in his own life. He struck the pose of the head of the first family, confident, loving, devoted, and yet his indiscretions are now legendary. From Marilyn Monroe, to Mary Cord-Meyer, JFK lived two (at least) separate lives. JFK’s Pluto sat right on The US Cancer in Venus at 3 degrees and just two degrees off of The US Jupiter at 5 degrees. This conferred a electric magnetism and sense of powerful expansion that translated into votes and devotion. Beyond the dual nature of his own existence, Kennedy had a deeply intimate relationship with the soul of The United States of America and it’s people. The people unaware of Kennedy’s double life, were equally attuned to his vibration as well. The cliche of Camelot was not an innapropriation of the symbolism. There was a wholeness between the man and the country.

But when Kennedy was assasinated, it all came to a crushing end and the country was left in a state of shock, post-traumatically stressed. That’s when the negative duality of Mars in Gemini came into play. Shortly after the death of JFK, the country was flooded with event after tragic event, social movements cutting a deeper divide into the psychic landscape. Vietnam split households and generations, the civil rights movement split north and south (again), the women’s movement split the sexes. Divide, divide, divide. Ironically, it was another Gemini who was the regional head of The CIA in Dallas, one George Herbert Walker Bush and many years later, out of his lips came the phrase, “New World Order” replacing The Camelot Matrix with something far more ominous.

Now I am not saying that any of the social movements in the aftermath of Kennedy were right or wrong, I’m simply noticing how the duality of the nation became much more painfully apparent.

We’re heading towards some form of unification and singularity, whether it’s externally imposed (New World Order variety) or internally activated (psychic commonwealth), we are lurching forward, it’s simply ours to choose and as a result we are learning about duality and separation through The Twins disconnected dance.

This Summer, in a wide opposition, Pluto in Sagittarius sat across from The US Mars in Gemini and highlighted what a deep split we have; Palin’s a stupid bitch, McCain’s a senile old fart, Obama is a closet homo-muslim (notice how Sun in Scorpio Joe Biden ducks out of the fray?). You know the bloody assertions all-too-well by now. The opposition highlights that despite the fact that there are other parties, with other candidates, this is and almost always has been and will be a two-horse-race, indicative of the polarity engendered by Mars in Gemini.

Pluto in Sag will be in it’s final days, highlighting this duality up until the end of November, until once again we notice the shadow of the economic deathstar darken our inner skies. So expect more barking, more free-floating anger directed at symbolic messengers of the split; soccer moms in SUV’s on one side, bike riding and Hybrid driving tree huggers on the other.

When Camelot returns, it won’t just be for the blessed of this land, it will be a planetary awakening, taking US up out the drama of our duality and into the essential awareness of our oneness with all.

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