Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 15, Tzipi Livni, Israel’s Cross Between Obama And Palin, First Elected Woman PM and Best Chance For Peace

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Tzipi LivniLivni Pictured Here With Obono

While Sarah Palin continues to get hacked and cleeved, and Obama rides the economic tsunami to a ten-point-surge, halfway around the world, another woman is getting ready to enter the octagon of full-contact, geo-politics and will play as important a role in world peace as Obama and McCain. Her name is “Tzipi Livni.” She is in a position to succeed Israel’s embattled Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, who is stepping down due to multiple charges of corruption during his tenure as PM. Livni secured the top spot of succession by defeating Transport Minister, Shaul Mofaz, by a mere 431 votes. She has the potential to be Israel’s first, elected woman PM and it’s first since Golda Meir was appointed.

Ms. Livni was born on July 8, 1958. A quick look at the ephemeris shows her to be a Cancer Sun, with Moon and Mars in Aries, Venus in Gemini, Mercury in Leo, conjunct Uranus in Leo. Her Cancer Sun is at 16 degress, just four degrees off of The US Sun at 12 degrees. This indicates that Ms. Livni has a strong connection with the soul of The US. Livni was raised by hardcore Zionist parents and was a member of The Mossad, and yet she is considered a moderate, even dovish candidate, by the hardliners, with perhaps the last, best chance of delivering peace in The Middle East by the liberals.

She is the winning candidate of The Kadima Party run-off, a party that was begun in opposition to the hard line Likud. Kadima was founded in part by Ariel Sharon’s conversion of the Palestinian issue towards a vision of a separate state. Ms. Livni was elevated and promoted by Sharon who was impressed by her intelligence and the ability to wear her opponents down in argument and debate. Ironically she is being questioned for her lack of experience. Sound familiar? She’s also been accused by her opponents of indulging in Obamaesque messiah posturing, dubbing her “The Golden Girl.” So she’s been pegged a little Palin, a little Obama and by looking at her chart, she actually is.

Her Mars in Aries is conjunct with Palin’s Jupiter in Aries. Her Moon in Aries (degree unknown) is in harmony with Palin’s Venus in Aries. In lay terms, what does this mean? It means that if the two of them were ever in a position to end a war or escalate it, they would agree quickly and work towards that goal together with little discord between them. In Ms. Livni, Sarah Palin would have an ally, especially since Livni’s Sun rests in Palin’s fourth house. Livni’s Jupiter in Libra could potentially balance out Palin’s hawkish tendencies as it would oppose Palin’s ascendant in Aries. With Jupiter in Libra, she is a peacemaker, with her Sun in Cancer, she is an empath.

On the Obama side of the equation, she has Mercury in Leo at 5 degrees in a wide conjunction of Obama’s Sun at 11 degrees. The two of them would get along just fine and form a mutual admiration society, as Obama has his Mercury in Cancer and Livni, as we have already determined, her Sun, however the two planets are too far apart to form a true conjunction. Nevertheless, they will share a similar cadence and understanding in relating.

As far as her being able to work with John McCain, the most striking aspect between the two is the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Sagitarrius. Livni has Saturn at 20 degrees Sag and McCain, Jupiter, 15 degrees Sag. The two of them could strike a very workable balance between optimism and pragmatism, when it comes to ideals concerning liberty and freedom.

Livni has about six weeks to bring he new government together, unifying various parties and special interests. If she does, she will play a significant role in the peace making process of The Middle East, no matter who The US President is and she has enough cosmic accord to work with Obama/McCain/Palin on a process that could usher in real change and hope for one of the most problematic, tragic and turbulent places on the planet during one of the most critical phases in our modern history.

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  1. S

    News reports all week have hinted that Livni would not be able to form a workable coalition. Now the news is that she will inform Shimon Peres to call new elections for February 2009.


    You drew the parallel that Livni is both Obama and Palin, but the press perceives her to be an Israeli ‘Obama’. Will her failure to form a coalition reflect back on them?

    Is Obama going to be perceived as less likely to be able to unite? Will American Jews who have reportedly been supporting him stick with him or reconsider? How much will their decision have to do with what Israel wants?

    Obviously, Israel will want us to elect a President who will support the status quo as far as it concerns them, i.e., continued support from the US for Israel. Natally, Israel’s chart has the eponymous asteroid in her 10th house at 21.50 Leo near its Saturn (16.25) and Mars (28.19) midpoint. Israel also has Pluto (12.39) and the Moon (4.43) in 10th house Leo. Palin’s Washingtonia (representing the Pentagon) is at 21.38 Leo conjunct Israel’s asteroid. Palin’s Ascendant (19.34 Leo) is close to Israel’s Saturn/Israel midpoint while Obama’s Descendant (18.02 Leo) falls near the Pluto/Israel midpoint.

    On Election Day the asteroid Israel is at 18.47 Virgo conjunct Saturn opposing Uranus. This conjunction is transiting Obama’s 7th house (using 7:24 pm Honolulu, HI); this asteroid is natally at 12.09 Cancer (5th house). The Saturn/Israel transit will also conjunct the asteroid Washingtonia at 20.18 Rx Virgo (11th house) in Israel’s natal chart. The asteroid Barry is natally at 12.40 Cancer (9th house) where it conjuncts the asteroid Israel in Obama’s natal chart. On ED Barry will be at 8.46 Scorpio (Israel’s 1st house) conjunct Obama’s natal Neptune (8.36 Scorpio).

    Palin (using 2/11/1964 4:40 pm Sandpoint, ID) natally has the asteroid Israel at 1.32 Pisces in her 7th house. She also has Saturn in her 7th at 25.12 Aquarius. On ED the Israel/Saturn conjunction will be in her 2nd house with Uranus in her 8th. Sarah Palin’s Moon at 4.14 Aquarius conjuncts Israel’s IC (3.56 Aquarius) and opposes Israel’s Leo Moon. Israel has the asteroid Sara at 22.47 Taurus conjunct Israel’s 7th house Sun at 23.41. Guess what – Palin’s Sara is natally placed at 23.45 Taurus. On ED Sara will be at 10.40 Aquarius in Israel’s 4th house. Palin’s Jupiter (16.45 Aries) trines Israel’s aforementioned Saturn (by 4 min) and Pluto. Palin’s Neptune (17.45 Scorpio) squares Israel’s Saturn. Israel’s Uranus (24.21 Gemini) trines Palin’s Aquarius Sun (22.19), Mars (23.27) and Saturn (25.12) conjunction.

    Obama’s Sun at 12.32 Leo is conjunct Israel’s Pluto (by 7 min) and Saturn. His Saturn (25.20 Rx Capricorn) and Mars (22.34 Virgo) trine Israel’s Sun. This Sun is squared however by Obama’s Uranus (25.16 Leo). His Uranus is trined by Israel’s Jupiter (27.39 Rx Sagittarius).

    Ironically, the asteroid Achaemenides, which I have been using to represent Iran* in another chart, is at 22.49 Rx Pisces, close to Uranus, and transiting Obama’s 1st house. This house placement could reflect Obama’s statements that he would work with Iran to diplomatically resolve the nuclear issue. The natal placement of Achaemenides is at 18.15 Aries (BHO’s 2nd house) and inconjunct the ED placement of Israel. In Palin’s chart, it is natally at 21.10 Rx Gemini (her 11th house) and will square the ED placement of both Israel and Achaemenides.

    I didn’t note all the aspects between the natal charts of Obama and Palin to Israel’s chart. Not sure that matters as it appears that Israel has interesting contacts to both. Maybe it will be clearer to you all which one has the stronger, positive contacts.

    Just noticed that the asteroid Moskva (Moscow) will be at 25.06 Rx Pisces; Israel has the asteroid America at 25.45 Pisces (5th house). (The more I look at these charts, the more I feel like I am mixing bleach and ammonia.)

    *But Persians united under a genius leader, Cyrus the Great, who founded the dynasty of the Achaemenides. (http://news.softpedia.com/news/Persians-The-Zoroastrian-civilization-76742.shtml)

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