Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 10, Pluto In Sag, The Winds Of War, Shadow Behind The Election

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Fractured StatesWell the country is in a bit of a gag reflex mode, isn’t it? Sarah Palin looked far less sure of herself, stared down by Charlie Gibson and his x-ray granny rims then she did in front of a room stacked to the ceiling with devotees. The sturm and drang, sound and fury, noize and hype are reaching decibel levels that drown out even the most reasoned exchanges. The invective is heavy and thick; McCain is a doddering old man that thinks that texting has something to do with the Guttenberg press, Barack Obama is an islamo-communist, a secret marxist-muslim, Sarah Palin will march every impregnated woman into camps and force them to have their babies, while she adds Jane Eyre to her bulging list of banned books. The din is deafening and the nation is divding. While a culture war of epic proportion is mounting, something else perhaps far more serious is taking place.

People seem to have forgotten that the United States still has a president, a vice-president and things are happening, really happening. Mushareff, a long time US asset in Pakistan has stepped down and in a quickie election, Benizir Bhutto’s widowed husband is now the President and oh yeah, The US launched a ground/air assault from Afghanistan and killed civilians. The Pakistan government has vowed to strike back. Russia issending warships to The Carribean, and bombers to Venezuela. Hugo Chavez kicks outThe US Envoy . The US fires back and expels Venezuela’s consulate. And of course that messy little affair in Georgia just hasn’t gone away either.

Did I not get the memo that World War III is underway while we’re all distracted by the reality show called the presidential election?

So what does all of this mean astrologically? What kind of slam dance are the heavenly bodies doing that’s fueling the overt aggression betwen the right and the left and the covert aggression between The US and what appears to be Russia, Pakistan and Venezuela?

Pluto has been retrograde in Sagittarius since June of this past year. While Pluto was in Sag, The United States launched offensives in Serbia, bombed Iraq on a routine basis, kicked up it’s heels in Afghanistan, and Iraq (again) and oh yeah, there was that little shell shocker called, 911. Sag represents religion, usually of the orthodox variety, philosophy, publishing, universities, animals, sports, law and foreign countries. Pluto as we have seen in the past is the lord of the underworld and rules over drugs, sex, death, and transformation. Pluto is where the shadow gets projected and played out. During Pluto’s reign in Sag, the war on terror was waged, Islam came under scrutiny and unfriendly fire, sports icon Pat Tillman gets gunned down by friendly fire and the clash of East and West was re-incarnated into a modern crusade. Fueling much of the support for aggressive and pre-emptive actions, the religious right’s power base moved and voted in accord with a man that would initiate an unprecedented war with enormous costs to the economy and ultimately the morale of the people. The religious right, so convinced that armageddon was nigh, bought heavily into the dispensationalist version of Christianity being marketed down at the corner charismtic, that is deeply invested in the return of Jesus to convert the heathen Jews, this of course after revelation and the all important rapture. With each passing day, with more and more conflict rising, the dispensationalists gave praise as their kingdom drew ever nearer.

So to re-cap, Pluto + Sag = foreign conflicts, the rise of fundementalist religions in the east and west and pre-emption, aka war.

Well, look at what’s happened yet again with Pluto re-entering Sag. Georgia lashes out at South Ossettia, Russia strikes, The US itching to get all pre-emptive-like, starts pointing fingers at the Big Bear. Meanwhile, at home, a nobody femaie Govenor from Alaska, that stands for family values, pro-life, etc, emerges. Sounding familiar? This last and final go round of The Archer and The Scorpion is ressurecting the strains of war and the echos of fundamentalism. This will last until it re-enters Capricorn on the 27th of November. Unless we go full tilt, code red and the whole thing is called off, we’ll have a new president by then and they’ll get to deal head on with the economic tsunami headed this way once Capricorn locks back into Pluto for the next sixteen years.

Ironically, Pluto first went fully into Sag on 11/11 (1995) and when Georgia decided to put the boot on The South Ossetians, Pluto in Sag, it was 8/8 (2008).

Since The United States is a Sagittarius rising country, Pluto has been in the first house of the US during almost all of it’s stay, resulting in an outward projection of it’s own fundamentalist shadow, lording concepts like democracy and freedom over other countries that combine religiosity and rule.

We went to war with Iraq on March 20th of 2003, when transiting Pluto was at 19 degrees, in an almost exact opposition of The U.S. natal Mars at 21 degrees. When The God of The Underworld opposes The God of War, things explode.

What’s the meaning of it all? While we are frothing and mesmerized by the high stakes theater of the upcoming election, Pluto is stirring, pieces on the geo-political chess board are moving, a nation is fracturing under the strafing of a culture war, highlighted by the Libra/stellium opposition in Sarah Palin’s chart with her Aries ascendant. What’s really taking place while the populace bitterly blogs about the candidates and what they’ll do to screw up America more than it currently is?

We all might just be sleeping while something far more pressing and important is taking place behind that screen over there.

Care to wake up and take a peek?

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