November Scopes — The Scorpion Rises

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Back by pulpular demand.

Its been a while since I did some scopes, but since I am in this re-birth mode, it might be time to polish up the crystal ball and gaze into the days ahead. Let’s start with the big ticket item of course. That would be the election coming to you and me live from the third circle of hell, just as Mercury is about reverse its tracks in the sky. The Obama presidency was marked of course by a VOC Moon and MR on the day of his inauguration. The entire four years has been an exercise in sleight-of-hand, subterfuge and back tracking. Its interesting to note by the way, the number of Scorpios in Obama’s cabinet; Biden, Hilary, Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice are all Scorpios. They are all inherently engaged in behind-the-scenes chicanery and as a group, they are tough and resilient. When Rahm Emmanuel left DC, he was replaced by William Daley, scion of the Daley political machine, Daley went head-to-head with Jarrett on a consistent basis and lost. Everything that’s been associated with the administration has had a rather Scorpionic feel to it; “Fast and Furious” took place in Mexico which is ruled by Scorpio and involved the deaths of DEA agents at the hands of guns given to Mexican drug cartels. The supposed death of OBL took place and his remains were immediately disposed of at sea and while the sea is Neptunian, death and water meet in the sign of Scorpio. Then there’s Benghazi, where there are at least three different narratives at work and none of them good. The first of course was the ridiculous film made by the zio-coptic filmmaker cum federal stool pigeon in Southern California, linked to para-military end times Christians. You just can’t make this shit up.

Then there’s the much more decidedly Scorpionic narrative of Ambassador Stevens being Gay and not just generically Gay, but Gay with Chicago roots and connections. And that Stevens was a known homosexual and of course that doesn’t play out well in Allahland, where gays are vilified in the same way that pedophiles are in prison, not out of some moral indignation, but far more personal reasons based on a culture that does not allow for pre-marital sex. Follow me?

It was rumored that Stevens was not only sodomized living, but even after the breath of life had mercifully exited his earth suit. How Scorpionic can we get here? The bottom line is this; The aforementioned Scorpios are going to have to have some form of energetic comeuppance beset upon them. That’s the nature of Saturn on the Sun. Pressure is exerted on the core matrix. In Scorpio, secrets energy. The hidden aspects of the persona manifest and if the individual has been living in accord with the law of balanced interchange, everything should be just fine and they would build and grow upon their Saturnian contact, deepening their purpose, accruing wisdom and ultimately becoming a magnetic force for healing and transformation. if not then the devils of Scorpio shall be released and we will witness them begin to fall, one-by-one. it wont’ be pretty or easy though. Scorpio does not go down without a fight. You might remember this little Scorpionic tale.

One day a frog and a scorpion were sitting by a river. The scorpion had to get to the other side and asked the frog for a lift. The frog said that he could get stung by the scorpio. The scorpio countered with the fact that if he stung the frog, they would both die as the scorpio would drown. This seemed logical enough for the frog so he agreed to take the scorpio across the river. Midway through the river, the frog felt something sharp pierce his rubbery skin. Then he felt something hot shoot into his bloodstream. He realized he had been stung. He asked the scorpion, “Why did you sting me? Now we’ll both die.” The scorpion replied, “I know. I couldn’t help myself. It’s my nature.” And with that, they both drowned.

The moral of the story? Well, with a boatload of Scorpios in the oval office, you do the math.

The worst case scenario for election night would of course be a vote malfunction, especially in the tabulation, much of which will take place with MR. This will be a disaster, especially if Romney wins. Can you say race riots? Can you say martial law? Can you say suspended constitution? Can you say indefinite stay at the White House? Now I am not saying that this is going to occur, but its a scenario that’s crossed more than just my mind. With Jupiter retrograde in Gemini at 14 degrees, its almost hitting the midpoint of the US Uranus and Venus in Gemini, based on the Sibley chart. It hits the US natal Uranus at 9 degrees, which occurs on 12/12/12. We might have it sorted out by then. The best case scenario would for the truth around voter fraud and manipulation to finally come out. Its a lot to ask, but with the Sun in Sag at the time, conjunct the new Moon in Sag, well, there might just be that chance.

Its too bad, because we could have really solved this back in 2004, but like all the other big ticket items, the left was woefully un-responsive when Skull and Boner, John Kerry scratched a few fleas, shrugged his shoulders and shuffled back into line. But while the wholly impotent and ineffective left did little untangle the voting deceit in Ohio, illinois, etc., the whole notion of rigging another election was still just too risky in 2008, so we had the Obama cakewalk to the presidency.

On the 13th, we’ll be staring down another Solar Eclipse, this one visible in northern Australia and most of the Pacific. Areas touched by eclipses often experience Earth changes in its wake. Don’t be surprised if Australia experiences a few tremors in the aftermath of the eclipse, including volcanic activity in the region. This is the twin soul of the big eclipse that occurred in May on the 20th. On a personal level, go back and look at some of the changes you experienced during that time and the weeks after. This eclipse, in Scorpio should provide some closure for many people and what they’ve experienced over the last six months. Both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs, so these are changes that are deep and long lasting. This is a total eclipse and clear endings and beginnings are associated with it.

Mars moves into Cap mid-month and the overall activity cycle shifts from expansion to consolidation. If you’re in a phase with an idea or project, really stretch out the possibilities, especially with Mercury joining forces with Mars. If you live in the Northeast and have been hammered by Sandy, there’s some buoyant optimism and a “can do” spirit with both planets. The shift into Cap will no doubt get many people in the region thinking about insurance, claims, re-building and fortification. Outside the disaster zones, Mars in Cap exalted and augurs a brief phase where people can actually entertain the thought that they are and can be self-governing. In fact, conditions might even demand it, especially in the wake of Sandy and the already edgy atmosphere brewing between locals and the authorities.

Okay, that’s it for now. Let’s look at the vibe for each sign over the next thirty days.


New horizons beckon. Old dreams fade into the sunset. Opportunity calls. The Ram is surfing the Uranian wave now rippling through our inner skies. Unlike other Uranian cycles, the Aries wave is fast, electric and unrelenting. People are sleeping less and coffee sales are up. While there’s still an opportunity to check into the placidity of Neptunian states of bliss through traditional forms of meditation, Uranus in Aries is a very different circuit to plug into the grid of God. We’re talking unconventional expression of Will and you Aries are the post child for that. Staying grounded is essential, but you’ll have to find new ways of doing it. Think mineral supplements from Salt Lake or the Dead Sea. Think French Green Clay smoothies. Think leather jackets and boots wafting with the smell of suede. Root veggies and salt baths. That’s the Rx. Saturn has moved on finally and let up, but it hasn’t been all that bad has it? A sign that is often incapable of self-reflection must be at times forced to deal with the consequences of the “other” even if it is a distorted and cracked reflection. The past three years have been about feeling how other people feel sans that Martian indignation. Hopefully you gained some patience for yourself and others along the way. Congratulations.


That great run in 2011 is not only done and over since June, but things might actually appear to be going in the other direction as well. Well, that’s not really the case, but the universe does love balance, so you get to work on some very specific issues over the next few years and the lessons will all be about consolidating gains without becoming a a greedy grinch. Emotion and abundance are tied into your sign more than any other right now. How can you offset potential financial loss? Give of yourself and I mean on an emotional level; make yourself available. One of the other things that you can do is to share with people some of your money making secrets. It might seem like common sense to you, but for others, its Austrian economics. Partnering is also a key theme from here on out and its all about equal value there as well. You have the opportunity to have some of the most outrageous and soul bonding sex of this lifetime, but you’ll need to be selective in the process, which is difficult, because your urge to merge will be at a peak. The other thing you’ll be dealing with throughout the rest of the year and into 2013 is your supposed “weaknesses.” Part of what makes you so great and compelling is your ability to shrug off criticism and go on your merry way. This time it won’t be so easy, because there’s some truth coming at you that you won’t want to turn away from, because it will actually be good for you to take it in, gently. Cultivate some humility and good humor, especially this month when the eclipse effect you and Scorp more than any other sign. By the spring of 2013 your life becomes a romance novella, but until then buy some candles and light them in the occasional dark night of soul. When you do, you’ll realize that you are not alone.


With Jupiter in your sign, but going backwards, you’re like a pig in poo. I can’t think of another sign that would enjoy the Jovian giant’s backward romp in its own sign so much. Gemini is endlessly fascinated by novelty and reverse engineering reality is what you do best. Jupiter retrograde is all about that now. How can you apply this to your own life? Well, first of all, things that aren’t working may not be all that bad and things that are, may not be all that good. One thing you’re excellent at is not judging the immediate outcome and I would urge you to put this into practice. While you don’t want to stop caring, you can take the edge off of imperfection by being more playful with the chaos and less attached to it. Take notes in the form of an alter-ego. Concoct recipes for natural disaster diets. Build a bike that floats. That sort of thing. Keep messing with the combinations until you get it right. On the relationship front, its honesty, 24/7 up through the holidays. No one has room to run or hide and even though you can feign it at times through the application of various personae, you’re going to be required to drop the mask this month. Are you ready to be revealed? Fidelo.


The move of Saturn into Scorpio is actually an epic moment for your sign. We can literally say that the tide is turning for you. Now this may not be the case with New York and the Northeast, which is the beachhead of the USA, with Sun in Cancer, but you are well equipped to weather this or just about any other storm. The past 2 1/2 years have been some of the most intense in recent memory. You’ve been at the mercy of all this cardinality. With Uranus, Pluto and Saturn, coming at you hard from every angle, you’ve been bested and tested to your limits and now you are coming through it wiser and more loving to your own sensitive nature. It’s nothing but up from here for you. This gradual ascent leads towards next Spring/Summer where the rainbow ends in a pot of gold (metaphorically speaking). So between now and then, especially over the next thirty days, I would recommend that you get back in touch with your physical body and work out some of the kinks. Since you’ve been doing a ton of emotional work, get physical. Lymphatic drainage, colonics, sweat, you name it. Get it out. Expel the toxins of the past three years and reclaim your form. It’s a fine form. You’ll need it for what lies ahead and we’ll need you. So get cracking and work that booty out!


November is a special month for you. It’s the gateway to power. Now before you puff your chest up and send out another royal decrees for a diet soda and the remote, you need to understand this in all of it’s glorious manifestations. Before you can understand power, you have to understand powerlessness. And your lessons begin this month. Now, I don’t think you’ll wind up in a fetal pose on your bedroom floor at 1AM, but you will see the limits of your power up till now, thanks in part to your new friend, Saturn. And it won’t be obvious either. You might make a an executive decision that seems great in the moment and hours, days, weeks later, you’ll see the ramifications of it, for better or worse. Likely worse if you’re operating from an unconscious or ego-driven place. What’s happening is that you are being trained and groomed for something higher and the next 2 1/2 years is all about grokking the responsibility of power. So, in the early stages, the old tricks and commands won’t work or if they do, they’ll only work on the surface. You’re going to be forced to really embody the essence of power in every phase and manifestation. Part of this will include a crash course in empathy and seeing/feeling from the others perspective. Another aspect of power will have to do with forgiveness, not from you, but from another to you. You can only get this by fucking up and abusing power, but the act of being forgiven will humble you and allow you to see yet another of its many facets. In the meantime, don’t stress out too much. Go find a kid or a grandkid and play. Have fun. Kick up your heels and rejoice for simple pleasures. Children are some of the most powerful being amongst us. Start your learning with them.


The other day, I was on one of the crazy websites I like to go to and they were talking about how Sean Connery was really “The Ayatollah Khomeni.” When you look at them, its amazing how much alike they appear to be. But then you have to go into a conspiracy so wicked and crooked that it begins to tear at the margins of reality. The reason I’m bringing this up is because Connery is a Virgo. I watched “Highlander” last night, where Connery appears as a 5,000 year-old warrior that shape shifts through time. Then in another film, he’s a barbarian on the fringes of the outer lands managed by a man/god named “Zardoz” leaving us yet another clue perhaps into the malleability of Bond’s true identity and origins. Why do I bring this up? Because with the Saturn shift, your detective skills are going to be put into high gear. Saturn fires up your ability to solve puzzles, unlock mysteries and grasp the meaning behind the meaning. The only caveat here is to not convince yourself that you have found the ultimate truth, because once you think you have, another trap door opens and down you go. Just keep peeling it all back, mount evidence, compare/contrast and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find. What to do at that point? Dan Brown made a fortune off this stuff. Why not you? On the home front, especially this month, you need to expand in your own way, maybe even move perhaps to a place that is more suited to your expansive and explorational spirit. If you can’t move, knock down a wall, install a new, bigger window or at the very least, study some Feng Shui to invoke greater space in your living space.


Saturn has left town. Hallelujah! Amen! Huzzah! This is great news, though I doubt that you would want to trade all those life lesson in now. The hardest thing for most Libras to do is to be alone and Saturn helped no doubt with that aspect of your life. Even if you managed to stay married or committed over the past three years, the whole concept of being with ones self was a major test. The other test you went through was living up to your commitments, which is not always the easiest thing either. But you’ve done both and are a more complete in not happier person as a result. The Saturn shift for you forces you to re-evaluate your values. What is purposeful and meaningful for you? How do you covertly give yourself away to be popular or liked? These are the things that are going to get your attention in a very big way. Sex enters into it as well. How do you use sex to bolster your vanity? Are you going deep enough with the sexual energy in your life in general? Can reality be a tantric practice, 24/7? While we’re at it, let’s talk money too. If you haven’t snatched up some gold and silver, you, more than any other sign needs to get on this ASAP. Libra tends to trust a bit too much in the auguries of fate and this is not a time for that. You might want to do an op-ed piece in the local paper to get a few things off your chest. You might be surprised by who responds and what comes out of it.


Ah, the poster child for change. How does it feel? Saturn is your best friend and your worst nightmare. Now don’t freak out. You’ve never run from a challenge before and you’re not about to now. But let’s just say that it’s your turn, your time to face yourself and the immensity that you are, warts and all. Three years from now, you’ll look back on this time as one of the most important periods of your life. The whole notion here is freedom and liberation. You can’t experience them without limitations imposed from without and within. For a number of Scorpios this will manifest in some form of crisis, either through health or through the loss of an attachment that has no longer served its purpose. These are not easy lessons but if anyone can handle them, its you. The good news is, is that the North Node is in your sign, so you’ll get an extra, astro-booster pack to shoot across those deep chasms of doubt. We’re talking accelerated learning here. The quicker you let go, the farther and the faster you go. In a few months time, people will be amazed by your strength and wisdom if that’s any solace to you. Neptune blends with your energies to offer you easy access to God’s healing balm of kindness and forgiveness. Don’t turn away from it. For the rest of the month, make moves to consolidate finances and solidify your position. Look at what happened in the East Coast and take notice. Be prepared.


With Mercury and Mars in your sign, you’re on fire, but don’t get too inflated. Saturn is going to keep you humble for the next three years. Your connection to Saturn in Scorp will be interesting to say the least–think shamanic. Your 12th House is where the fear of death emanates from and you get to face it on some level. You went through this when Pluto was in Scorpio, so its not like you haven’t experienced it yet, but this go round is a bit different. Think of it as a journey towards source which will allow your sagacious Sag self even more vistas of unlimited wisdom to tap into. If you’re too young to have experienced Pluto in Scorp, as a Sag, then let me fill you in on this transit. Its all about banishing your most intimate fears, because when Saturn moves into your sign three years from now, you’re going to be writing books, teaching classes and generally being a wayshower for most of the world. But for now, bring your lantern and journey forth into the labyrinth of your soul. Oh yeah, raise a little hell come election day. You have the cosmic license to lead the truth parade.


Saturn is in mutual reception to your sign and frankly, you had a enough of that Libra crap anyway, right? Hopefully you learned something about manners and the little guy that you can appreciate and apply. Now its time to find out what you can really do with some resources and astral cards in your favor. You get the chance to wield some executive power, but here is the key; You can’t do it alone. Nope. You’ve got to involve others. You see that’s what Saturn was forcing you to do over the past three years. The more that you can invite people to play a role in your expanding empire, the better off you are and ironically, the more you’ll get. You cannot be a hoarder at any level right now. When Mars shifts into your sign later this month, you’ll get a real taste of what I’m talking about. Instant manifestation. But don’t be surpriesed that if out of the blue, you are struck by some kind of spiritual jolt that will renew your faith in the ineffable grace of the almighty. Not if, but when it does happen, just give thanks and then get down to business with your new partner connected in the most high places.


For you, Saturn offers a key insight into your own mystery. You are linked to Scorpio in a way that’s positively alchemical. You are on part of the instinct and wisdom equation. You are the eagle and Scorpio is the serpent. So guess what? You get to come down from your ivory tower of speculation and get into the messy folds of desire. It is in that place where emotion dwells, so you get to traffic in that too. This won’t be more apparent than where you work or ultimately what you want to work at. If you don’t follow your passion, you won’t fly and therein lies the great paradox. You have to get down with the sloppy elements of failure, envy, betrayal and lust, but once you do and refine your vision based on the intensity of feeling fueling it, you’ll get it–big time. Jupiter is still your ally, even if its ducked into a back alley for the time being. Sag is pretty friendly too. Get out into nature and renew your relationship with wonder. Wax philosophical amongst the great trees and seas of the Earth and allow them to co-create with you on levels you can’t perceive from within the enclave of four closed walls. All-in-all, this promises to be a great ride as long as you are willing to face your fear and embrace your desire.


Always the best for last. :-). This Saturn shift is the best thing that’s happened to you since Neptune moved into your sign. In fact, the two couldn’t be more copacetic. Neptune inspires you at your deepest stratum, opening you to compassion, forgiveness and hope in ways that are very real for you. Saturn brings the gravitas to ground it all in a psychic awareness that’s both profound and lasting. We’re talking practical mysticism here with a dash of glamour and dazzle. You dear Pisces can pull this off with real style and panache. The world may be going to hell in a hand basket, but you’ll be passing out life preservers and flutes of champagne on the deck of life’s Titanic. You’ll utter a few kind words no doubt too, then shoot off on your jet ski to shangri-la, set up a tiki party and wait for the rest of us. Jeff Kent, the former major leaguer, now reality TV star on Survivor is a Pisces. See what I’m saying? You’re on a rock star roll. Just give thanks and let us admire your grace in the fury of the storm.

9 thoughts on “November Scopes — The Scorpion Rises”

  1. t

    Thank you Robert-what a kickass forecast for this Pisces with Cancer rising! My natal Neptune in 5th house is at 0 Scorpio so Saturn hitting that is alright with me. Concrete reality is where I’m at after years of being tossed, turned and churned-Pluto in Cap in 7th has presented me with some really cutthroat priesthood holders. I’m ready to get really creative with that bunch with the help of Saturn in the 5th… Pluto sextiling my Sun in the 10th too. I’m in a hunkering down mode right now-social doesn’t appeal to me one iota. All about cycles and timing. Eventually the tables do turn.

  2. A

    Huzzah is right!! Adios Saturn… Wouldn’t trade what I know now and where I am now.

    You may have been missing in action but you are spot on with your scopes….’bout to get some gold…..

    Muchas Gracias.

  3. K

    Jeff Kent? Loved him as a ballplayer – he didn’t take s**t from anyone. Also played like a man should play the game. It’s just a bit remarkable that I can’t begin to imagine him opening “… to compassion, forgiveness and hope…” nor the “You’ll utter a few kind words…” Not to say JK couldn’t be feeling exactly that, it is just a bit difficult to imagine for me.

    1. a

      Actually, I was referencing Kent’s arrival on an island surrounded by water and becoming a reality TV star of sorts. If you missed the first episode, he injured his knee exiting the boat onto a skimpy raft. He needed to lean on other people in the first few days to rest his knee up. I’ll never confuse Kent for Ghandi LOL.

  4. j

    Yay-so glad to have you back Robert! You were definitely missed. Glad to hear you made the move with relative ease. Though as a fellow apt dweller I know how challenging that can be. Hope the relocation above the doggies allows for more peace in your home space.

    Glad to read the optimism for my sign of Cancer regarding Saturn in Scorpio, I could sure use a boost from the Cosmic energies(couldn’t we all). Not sure how it will affect my personal chart as I have Scorpio in Neptune in the fourth/Saturn in Pisces 8th but I will continue to dance the Mystery and now that you’re posting again I know I’ll be inspired by your insights, thought provoking analyses, mystic vision and always entertaining wit and charm.

    Lotsa love and blessings~jo

  5. L

    Yay! I am so glad you are back. I love your writing style and your particular brand of astrology.

    Wishing lots of happiness in your new abode.


  6. k

    Hello again. Thank you for freely sharing your meaningful composite of metaphors. Dang you pegged it! I’ve got some fulvic minerals in my water, a mask of biodynamic clay, the sweat on my garden hat still smells like spring and i’ve been bathing in agua de florida and rooting myself at least 3 meters down this time around 🙂

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