November Scopes — Porcupine Tree — Bat Power

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

batGoing batty for Scorpio

November starts off with the full moon in Taurus, opposed the Scorpionic Sun. As we enter the final months of 2009, the energy is edgy to say the least. Calleman’s mid-November prophecies loom large. The Saturn/Pluto square 0f for 11/15 looms even larger. Something very real and very deadly breaks out in the Ukraine. Unlike the dubious Swine flu, the symptoms and the results are almost immediate and deadly. It’s been linked to a type of pneumonia, but resembles something more like a Ebola/Flu hybrid. Lviv, one of Ukraine’s major cities is on lock down and people, of they are out, are sporting surgical masks. The implications for this are enormous.

A few months back. Joseph Moshe received a lot of attention from the LAPD and the federal authorities. Moshe, driving a red VW, was stopped just outside the federal building, where not one, but two different types of gas were pumped into the car to disable him. Moshe, incredibly was able to withstand them. This is where the story gets deeper and more twisted. One apparent reason he was able to overcome the noxious fumes was that he was in the employ of the Mossad and had been slowly introduced to the gasses over time and had developed an immunity. What did Moshe do to warrant such attention? He was about to go public regarding deadly vaccines and viruses that were being created in the Ukraine. And lo and behold, what do we have breaking out in the Ukraine? Another interesting side not to all of this is the fact that Verichip just announced it’s new head of Distribution and Sales. His name is Michael Barbe. Where did Michael work prior to Verichip? Baxter.

The inherent power of Scorpio is to investigate, dig deeper, pull back the veil, look under the rocks and get inside of things. Penetrate. We are now deeply into the Scorpionic cycle where matters of death, sex, drugs and transformation come to the fore. We have crossed over into the night dominating the day and the power of the Moon displaces the Sun in the northern hemisphere. During the next thirty days, we are like bats, navigating the darkness with radar that is not quite fully mature, but we’re learning to fly and trust our navigation by senses other than sight. The bat, long a symbol of Halloween is the animal totem that speaks to me for this cycle.

“Many of the myths about bats relate to their way of life, they fly at night and so do witches, hence in Western Europe witches and bats must associate together. They also like caves so in California, North America the Pomo Indians had a myth that that suggests bats could eat volcanic rock and then spew out ready made arrow-heads. Other mythological bats from the Americas include the Maya believing that the ‘House of the Bat’ was one of the areas that the soul had to pass through on its way to the land of Death. The Thuni Indians believing that a bat foretold rain and the Tupinamba people have/had a belief that at the end of time the world will be swallowed by a bat.

In Africa bats were credited with a high intelligence, an idea that reflected their ability to fly around so quickly in the dark without hitting anything. In shamanism therefore the bat, as well as being a symbol of death and rebirth is able to guide people through the dark times of their life.”(Earthlife)

.So it’s with bat-like prowess that we learn to see in and through the dark days and nights to come.

From Bats To Porcupines

Today is the birthday of Steve Wilson (11/3/67). Wilson is the brain trust for Porcupine Tree, a post-progressive rock band from England. I have recently got into their music, which is for the most part, amazing. Wilson and crew touch nearly all the bases and do it extremely well. There’s progressive grunge, intelligent-pop, ambient-space ballads, electronic beats, scorching guitars, themes and memes. Wilson is almost always exploring the parameters of light and dark, good and evil, sleeping versus waking, and ultimately redemption. Porcupine Tree have been labeled a “Christian” band by some of the press, but they’re not Christian in say the same way as MuteMath. They’re more interested in the process of redemption and the search for meaning. Wilson has Sun, Moon and Mercury in Scorpio. Sun and Mercury conjunct. His slightly puritanical side might be the result of a stellium in Virgo; Venus, Jupiter. Uranus and Pluto. Venus, Uranus and Pluto are all conjunct. So he is willing is willing to go to the depths of realting to get to the bottom of the source. The Scorpionic/Virgoan strata of planetary influence results in transformation/redemption/pure expression. I highly recommend this group for anyone with an adventurous ears and spirits that are willing to go along for a ride through Wilson’s own version of the inferno.

Horoscopes For November

The second week of November, your powers come into focus. The clarity you’ve been seeking begins to emerge and things that didn’t make sense before start to form recognizable patterns, particularly in relationship, where you are the trigger for transformation. Do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to relating. You are being asked to be as clear and honest and forthright as you possibly can be. In so doing, you will give others, particularly significant others to to do the same. That doesn’t always mean that there will be a happy ending and that everyone kisses and makes up. What might really transpire is the loss of something that you thought was yours, but really wasn’t and the re-acquisition of something very personal that was. However, you may get the prince or princess to boot in the process and everyone wins. But if you don’t the victory will be something that has held you back for years and will be more than worth the sacrifice of being truthful and authentic.

When it comes to the truth, there are few signs that relish and embellish it more than you. You are more than ready to stand up and tell the world what is wrong and right (but mostly wrong), however, this may not be that time. November is a time of gestation, the final days before you have your moment to lay it all out, but you’re not quite there just yet. Let the forces of truth stew and brew in your soul for at least another 25 days and then pull off the lid and let it out. Timing is not always one of your strongest suits. You can bridled and chomp, jump out of the gate early and waste valuable time re-setting the stage and circumstances to start all over again, though no doubt learning from your beautiful mistakes. But this is not one of those times. The stakes are far too high and you need to simply hold off and back for just a little while longer. Practice patience. Breath. Define and refine. That’s your mission right now. When I type these out for next month, you’ll have your marching orders. In the meantime, go out when the air is clear and exercise your ass off

Today, as I dropped my son’s Grandfather and his wife at the entrance of Muir Woods, I turned around and saw a sweet parking spot, one nearest the entrance of the park. So in order to get to it, I had to go the wrong way and wait for the car to pull out, so that I could move in. I did and when I got out, I saw the park ranger waiting for me in the distance. I knew he would say something. My son bounced along, eventually catching up to me. The park ranger asked me if I saw the signs? I said “no.” He then asked for my “ID.” asked me “where I lived?” and for “how long?” All three queries were totally inappropriate. If my son wasn’t there and te others waiting for me, I would gone down the rights path, but I decided to play. He let me go and the interaction gnawed at me for half the time in the park. Upon leaving I saw him and asked him his name. He told me and looked slightly stunned when I told him that I was going to write the National Park service and tell them, “how vigilant and responsible he was.” He totally changed his entire demeanor. He softened and a slightly stupid grin came over his face. He was thankful. We both changed somehow and were better for it. Somewhere in here is a morality tale for you to chew on, especially come mid-month. Are you the guy with the badge and the gun, going through the motions, tripping on power? Or are you the guy that’s getting hassled, chomping at the bit, stressing about his rights or are you both, just waiting for the right moment when the two are reconciled by some divine lunacy that somehow healed an archetypal rift in the chain of authority. It’s your call.

Your year on the throne is nearly over. Early water-bearers now get to practice what they learned during their bountiful Jupiter phase, with Saturn, now dwelling in Libra. How does that look? Your relationships are calling you back to Earth. The grand visions, ideas and principles that you became a beacon for have ben great, but now you get to bring them down to the one-to-one level. How can you maintain your lofty view in the midst of negotiating who gets to drive or tale out the trash or pay the bills or which nights you have sex or which school your kid goes to. You get the point. Others strive for equality and freedom as much as you do, but now it will be home schooling for you star child. The Scorpionic squares can also point to powers struggles if you aren’t careful Would you rather be right or right next to someone? Lastly, if there are any scientific types out there that read this, especially early Aquarians, you are being called on to get in touch with your conscience. That’s all I will say.

My Pisces son loves scary, ghoulish things and yet he is still a little boy and gets scared. On Halloween, we went to a haunted house at a Church down the street. I jokingly made a remark, wondering if they were going to use scenes from the old testament to scare the shit out of the kids? He was excited as he waited his turn to be frightened. I left to go back home and get something while he waited with a neighbor and his kid to go through. When I returned, he came running into my arms, tears streaming, scared by the Mummy that chased him. It’s part of some strange, psychic integration of our shadows that start from an early stage, manifested outwards towards bogymen. Your story this month is somewhat similar yet more abstract. The Mummy might not really be a Mummy, but a virus, or a plague or social condition that threatens to morph into a phantasm at any given moment. The haunted house inside the church should be an incredibly powerful metaphor for you. If you simply move the letters around just a bit, “scared” becomes “sacred.” I guess the key is where you choose to put the “c” or “see.”

That antsy feeling you might be having is the rise of Saturn in Libra. At some point in the next two-and-a-half years, Saturn will oppose every degree of the Aries Sun. This is not the most ideal aspect for the ever-charging ram, but it also implies that there will be divinely guided breaks in the action for you along the way. Oppositions however can erupt into polarity. In the lives of many Aries, over the course of the next Saturn cycle, make or break moments are going to take place in relationship. Expect a lot of on/off switches to be flipped when it comes to connecting. Sometimes it will be you, sometimes, the other. For now, you have a different agenda though. The urge to merge is of utmost importance, not just from a sexual standpoint, but from a psychological one as well. You need to climb down into the vault of your soul and start to sort through the detritus and the jewels. You’ll need them as talismans and points of reference for the coming Saturn cycle. Mars supports this journey with a feeling of zest, zeal and joi de vivre. Go for it now, because in the coming months, you’ll need to draw on this time for remembering who you are and more importantly, who you aren’t.

What a crazy time for you. The Full Moon no doubt had you luscious and ripe, sweet and sensual, earthy and full, while Scorpio, your shadow tugged on your vulnerability. Taurus loves to love, but they also love to be in control. When they enter the zone of Scorpio, that control mechanism gets severely challenged. Urges, impulses, obsessions, things that can be so un-Taurus-like begin to emerge. This can really push you into even more control mode this month, especially when Venus kicks into Scorpio on the 9th. Even the most grounded and level headed bulls will be tempted on some level to step outside of their comfort zone. This may or may not be a good thing, but it will challenge your order and if you have any illusions about living in some sort of bubble or perfect world, this time will certainly disabuse yourself of them. Learn to allow the feelings to emerge
and not be entirely judgmental of them, without necessarily acting upon them. Any Taurus interested in herbs and herb craft should take full advantage of the Scorpio energies to go deeper into the realm of health and healing. You could make some terrific breakthroughs in new discoveries and combinations of herbs and various tinctures.

The economy sucks, everyone wants to stick a needle in you, maybe there’s a chip in it and I’m not talking butterscotch! The Yankees, (The Evil Empire) look like World Series winners again and China is making artificial snow fer crissakes. That’s just for starters and you, yes, YOU are wading through the meaning of your life and your work and what you’re going to do with the rest of what you have left. Some might say that this is simply a myopic and selfish perspective. That all you care about is yourself and your narcissistic ways. Well, I say, “balderdash.” No matter what is happening in the world around, it’s critical for you to step back and ponder the big picture purpose piece. You can’t escape the dialog and the questions, so you might as well just go for it. Get all Hamletesque for the next two weeks. Do your inventories, your lists, consult with shaman or an old mechanical, carny oracle. Get tin there and look for answers, beause the time will never be more appropriate than now. You have two weeks to get all self indulgent and then the energy will really shift and partners will demand much more of your time and focus. One of the clues that may apply to you at this time is this: If the world was going to end by the end of November, and I mean the world as we know it, not the ultimate obliteration of life on the planet, but if it was going to end what would be one skill and one gift that you could translate into a post-world economy and society? Because that, my friend is the one that you just might want to focus on and put some serious energy into.

There you are, hanging by a claw on the rocks as the waves pound ceaselessly. You can’t get back up the rock and below, the turgidity of the water and the ferocity of the waves threatens to pull you down or smash you against another rock nearby. It’s been this way for a while now and even your closest friends don’t know how close to the edge you really are. What are you going to do? Hang in there and take the pounding or simply drop, surrender, let go into the churning white foam and the swirling eddies and currents that threaten to take you down further than you’ve ever been before? Meanwhile, a sea gull begins to circle above you, adding yet another element of danger to your predicament. My advice? Hang in there a little bit longer and when the time is right, when the wave patterns slow down ever so slightly, where there is an opening of sorts in the tides, simply let go of the rock. Once you do, you will be amazed at what you learn, not only through surrender, but the wisdom you accrue through your own survival. You’ll settle into a softer place and set up shop once again, and begin to ask yourself, why the hell you put yourself out there on that rock in the first place? The answer might be because you needed to put yourself into a place hanging out, turned into hanging on, which ultimately threatened your entire existence. Let go of the rock.

Mighty is the lion when Mars is in it’s sign. The sound that you hear is not the Taos hum, but the accrued purring of Leos around the planet. When we kick into the latter part of November and then early December, the tide is gonna turn for you. There might not be a better time to start over until Uranus moves into Aries and then it will be reset for all of us, not just you, so if you are in transition, or unlike the rest of us, actually gainfully employed with an opportunity to advance, or you want to strike out on your own create your own economy income stream, etc, this is your time. You have inner authority and it is reflected in the world around you. The only challenge that I see is on the home front, where things are not as smooth as they could be. Your new found confidence might be unsettling to those around you, or in the exuberance of the moment, you might not be paying close enough attention to those that might be really going through a crisis. This applies to Leos with teenaged children more than any other right now. Use your royal presence and create a space where others feel loved and respected, then quell the urge to speak or proclimate, just do your best to simply listen. The effect will be utterly disarming.

Saturn’s heavy burden has left for now. Breath a sigh. You’ve done good work. Hard work. Harder than you’re used to, but, I hate to say it . . . your work isn’t done. Not hardly. Saturn was a primer, a tune-up, an extreme trainer that you employed to get you in serious shape. This month, you’re tasked with getting into the psyche, going deeper and further than you’ve ever gone before. You have a unique opportunity to make connections and see through the veil of appearances. Saturn has humbled you and you can handle the power that comes along with the soul’s x-ray vision. Now what you do with it is another story altogether, especially as the strands of the individual and the collective get woven together into a strange and beautiful tapestry, not unlike a Neirika, but with a more urban and yet ancient emphasis. You have my permission to play fortune teller, diviner, spoon bender and shape shifter. When the opening comes, take it and make it a grand experience. Indulge in the power of the moment, your personal theater. You can handle it.

Saturn has officially entered into your sign. Congratulations. You now have the mantle of responsibility placed properly around your shoulders. The question is, will it be a cape or a shackles that will bind you. This month the journey for your own authenticity begins. All of your ideals and beliefs will be tested. Some will break and wither, others will grow strong and re-affirm who you are and why you are here. Things that you hold dear, like beauty, harmony, getting along and doing the right thing all come under question and scrutiny. There will be days when you will have to be a bitch or a prick. You won’t look your best and won’t give a damn. This month, that journey starts deep inside of you. It’s about portents and dreams, omens, strange attractions and weird coincidences. Some will be utterly unnerving, others will leave you giddy and intrigued. It will all blend together in some surreal movie that you have a private viewing of. Take notes now, because November will provide a road map for the next two-and-a-half years. In the ned, you’ll be less than you thought you were and more than you had ever dared to imagine.

3 thoughts on “November Scopes — Porcupine Tree — Bat Power”

  1. K

    wow, your forecast is amazing and I`m really glad I paid attention to it…I`m a Leo and my best friend is a Scorpio. I got married this weekend. Since June, she has acted like a complete bridesmaid-zilla controlling everything and being a total self-involved pain. I feel like everything she did was for her need to control and not out of love for me. She threw a fit the eve of the wedding and during the wedding she simply left without saying good-bye! Her heart was not into it, and if felt like I did not share this day with my best friend. I`m very heartbroken right now. But I know she`s going through a though time and I want my best friend back so I`m not going down without a fight. I need to make an intervention, and I feel like it will be make or break. I am so incredibly mad at her, but I feel like I can`t afford to be, for the sake of our friendship. With all this, your forecast reminds me to put all this wedding stuff aside, especially since I`m sure that all her angst is caused by her jealousy of it not being her wedding (she has been with her guy for 9 years and he still has not proposed).

    It`s also really neat that you mention bats. In November 2006, I went to a group retreat in a monastery where the purpose was to basically deal with all of your emotional baggage. It was really intense, and lasted one week. Some time before the retreat, I began dreaming of bats and there was a bat that flew in the office at work just out of the blue! During the retreat I also dreamed of bats. Really powerful dreams. At some point I dreamed of enormous bats and one of them was white. I had to protect them from danger and get them safely outdoors. When I looked up their shamanic meaning, I couldn`t believe how much I related to bats. One passage that struck me was that their flight pattern is crazy and erratic, but they still fly damnit! Much like us humans; we are imperfect but we can still achieve amazing things. Since that time, November has always been a very transformational and spiritual time for me. Which is why I wanted to get married in this amazing month.

  2. I went looking for some planetary answers, and it finally hit me, “Robert knows!”
    I bundled myself up in cotton wool and planted myself here. Read. Nodded and said, “So that explains it.”

    God, you’re good.

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