November Horoscope For All Signs, Void Of Course Election, Time Travel To Syrian and Ghanian Coups 1966

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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ZodiacHere is the intro to the monthly horoscope that I write for all signs over at Kosmiclife. You can read it in full by going here, or simply jump over to the sidebar on the left where there is a Kosmic widget.

In the days that follow reading this horoscope, there’s a very good chance that we will have a new president sitting in the oval office for the next four years. A pretty good chance. I’d say about a 75% chance. You might say to yourself, “well since there’s going to be an election of November 4th, isn’t that a given?” Generally, yes. However, there are three astrological phenomenon conspiring to perhaps alter or even delay the outcome. Let’s look at them.

First off, the moon is void of course. In astrology 101, its generally assumed that you don’t plan any major activities around a “void of course” moon. It’s almost like a mini Mercury, retrograde. For an image to lock onto, think of slippery Earth, slick and unsteady, no solid ground. Just tiptoe through it and and get to the other side, plant your feet on Terra Firma and move forward. That’s all well and good in ones personal life, but when an election takes place, a national election at that, well that’s a different story altogether. Let’s add yet another cosmic wrinkle, which is Saturn in Virgo directly opposing Uranus in Pisces. Wow. Saturn checks in with order and law, conservative to the gills, and Uranus is “revolution and dispersion” in this alignment. The last time these two planets exactly opposed one another was in 1966…only that time, Uranus was in Virgo and Saturn in Pisces.

This is the culmination of a long, forty-two-year-cycle. On 2/24/66, in true Uranian fashion, The U.S. set off a nuclear test in Nevada, there was a coup in Ghana and just the day before, a coup in Syria. The energy is explosive and revolutionary. Add the fact that Mercury goes direct in Scorpio at 0 degrees, the same degree that it was retrograde on the night of the 2000 election, which was ultimately decided by The Supreme Court. So to recap, we have unsteady energy with the “void of course” moon, unstable energy with the Saturn/Uranus opposition and the revelation of secrecy in Mercury’s return to Scorpio. Should be a fun filled night by all accounts. Expect fireworks on the voting front with all of the energy bouncing all over the place and I would expect a fair amount of confusion regarding results.

This energy can also manifest in blackouts and loss of power. Of course this is a collective energy, larger cycles, but it impacts the individual as well. To top it all off, the really big news of the universe takes place at the end of the month when Pluto moves into its sixteen-year-stay in Capricorn. To put the time scale into perspective, if you have have an infant or toddler, by the time Pluto moves into Aquarius, they’ll most likely be driving, voting and drinking. As the Chinese say, “May you live in interesting times.” Just in case some of you get nostalgic for less complicated times and days, I’ve chosen a song from the mostly-happy-eighties for each sign and what they’re going through this month and the days ahead. Let’s take a look at all of the signs for Novemeber.

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