No More Sacred Cows, Uranus In Leo Stirs At Mid-Life, And Jay Weidner On FAR

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Moove over.

“Would you tell the Dalai Lama to eat meat if you thought it was in his best interests”? It was an odd question, the one that you have to repeat back to the other person in order to wrap your head around it fully and also to buy time for an answer worthy of such tangential query. So I did. And once I did, the following words came out of my mouth; “Yes, I would.” The querent seemed a little taken aback. I then followed up with, “I have no sacred cows.” It was just seconds afterwards that I thought about the double meaning of my retort. The person that asked me that question was Johanna Demetrakas, director of “Crazy Wisdom” a film about the life of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. She a guest on my show on Friday. I think it perfectly illustrated something I had been thinking about for the past few weeks; The legacy of people with Uranus in Leo. Uranus was in Leo only seven years since the mid-1800’s, from June 1956 to August 1962 I’d been ruminating about this aspect in my work with a client where we are exploring a past life through astrology, a royal past life. She being Uranus in Leo as well, we talked about Uranus in Leo as royalty in exile–the true royalty. Demetrakas with Pluto in Leo demonstrated this dichotomy clearly. She was surprised that I didn’t hold the Dalai Lama in the same reverent light as she did. Pluto in Leo has made more gurus and teachers wealthy than Pluto in Virgo/Libra/Scorpio combined. Go to the list of the 100 most spiritually influential people in the world and you’ll see all the usual suspects, most with Pluto in Leo and if they didn’t, like the DL (Pluto in Cancer), it was Pluto in Leo’s purse strings and their unwavering belief that the spiritual teacher was an absolute that elevated and enriched them.

While Pluto in Leo were sunning themselves in Esalen, getting ready for the moment when the human potential movement became commercially viable under Reagan, the Uranus in Leo generation was getting restless, sucking up their fumes, getting their brains pounded by their rock gods and all that Tavistockian programming. They were like our older siblings and we did our very best to emulate them, but the three-chord redemption of Steve Jones and the bratty caterwaul of John Lydon changed all that (at least for me). Punk rock (still likely yet more Tavistock) was a generational fork in the road.

I went one way and the 60’s and Pluto in Leo went the other. Its ironic that Joe Strummer (Pluto in Leo) left his old band, “The 101ers” for the Clash, fronted by three Uranus in Leo rebels. Joe knew where the bread was buttered.


Back in 2006, I was in a very elite space. I was sitting twenty-feet away from the Dalai Lama in a small chapel on the grounds of Stanford University, It was a spot on the pew reserved for big donors and friends of Google. I watched Orville Schell dialog with the DL and he asked him about US intervention in Iraq. What came out of his mouth shocked me. He essentially said that, “he believes in democracy and sees democracy taking shape now in the middle east.” This coming from a man who saw the Chinese ransack the great monasteries and temples of Tibet while putting a boot to the throat of the people. How could he not see the parallel right in front of his face? History was repeating in an ongoing cycle hegemonic assertion, under some more noble and justifiable guise. Cow, meet blade.

From that point on, the DL’s stays in the Bay Area were seen through quite a different lens. The endless motorcades, four-star-hotels, shutting down of whole city blocks became something of an obscenity in my mind. The specter of China ever returning Tibet to its rightful and sovereign status is nothing more than a few people making a couple of bucks off of t-shirts and bumper stickers. If anything, people should be engaged in a vigorous act of freeing the US from China. But Pluto in Leo are more than happy to have their spiritual kings and queens, their DL’s, Eckhart Tolle’s, Marianne Williamson’s, Deepak Chopra’s and Barbara Marx-Hubbard’s, because they remind them of their own special place in the universe as children of the sun. But what have they done?

A quick look around doesn’t give a great accounting for their tenure at the top of the social heap. Hilary Clinton cackles like a peroxide witch in the face sovereign states and their leaders such as Gaddafi or Assad. In Egypt they threw tomatoes, shoes, rocks, whatever they can get their hands on at her.

Countries are deeply in debt to fake money and the so-called progressive movement, descended from social justice, which descended from socialism via groups like SDS can’t even muster much concern over three wars under their current leader (more about him later).

Pluto in Leo officially came into power with the arrival of Clinton (and yes, Bush was Pluto in Leo as well). We’ve been on a rapid descent downward ever since. Meanwhile we (Uranus in Leo) have been untangling the knots, working out the kinks and drying out from decades of decadence thanks to Neptune in Scorpio. Uranus in Aries is beginning to spark our natal Uranus and we are awakening to our potential. Our rebellion (detriment) is transforming into a lucid type of discipline. Our collective chrysalis is cracking and we don’t deal in hierarchies. With Uranus, we are freedom loving to the core and omni-directional in our democratic virtues towards one-in-all. We’re just coming online, mostly because we’ve been dealing with Pluto in Virgo and the vagaries of service. But our karmic debt is nearly paid off.

If and when the whole thing collapses (unless the real or fake aliens or the real or fake jesus come in and save the day) we’ll be there with our Pluto in Virgo work boots and community organizing at a cosmic level.

I wish it didn’t have to be this way. One of our own is in the oval office (theoretically). Joe Arapaio has invalidated the birth certificate, so we’re not even sure if he’s got Uranus in Leo or Virgo. But that’s okay you had Clinton and Bush. At least we can see through the facade. You see, we were demoralized by Watergate. While for Pluto in Leo it vindicated their archetypal expression to kill (Pluto) the king (Leo) in Richard Nixon, for us it was confusing and dark. We were taught to love America. We said the pledge of allegiance everyday and then the father of our country scurried out of DC like a wet rat. That was your moment of victory–not ours. But it did something to us. It disabused us of the notion that politics mattered. Oh yeah, we had to work through decades of apathy, entropy and lethargy, but we’ve managed to re-kindle a spark. Our faith in the system hasn’t been restored–perhaps it never will–but our faith in a deep and abiding light of the spirit in all and through all burns brighter with Uranus in Aries radiating a positive glow in our direction.

I realize that I might be preaching to a minority here, but there’s nothing like a good manifesto. Our rebel souls have been tempered by the fires of life and now we humbly kneel before the one, true God in the 11th hour of the human spirit. And while we have our own particular niche, we are far from alone. With Regulus now in Virgo, the entire Pluto/Uranus in Virgo generation are waking up as well.

ADDENDUM. I have to admit, I wrote most of this post while “Excalibur was synchronistically playing in the background. I don’t mean to demean any Pluto in Leo folks, many of whom read this blog and are very good and kind people, I am looking at this more from a cultural arc and collective manifestation. Not hating on the players and not even really the game, just indulging in some free-ranging, sacred-cow slaying. You/they also get the benefit of Uranus/Aries as well, so in the immortal words of one of you own, “We can all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun.”

Last Thursday, on the 19th, I spoke with Jay Weidner and we touched on a number of topics including “The Dark Knight Rises,” false flags and psychopathology as a virus. I replayed our Q and A the next day, the day that we now know as “Aurora.” In some ways, our dialog was dancing at the edge of the event that would take place just mere hours after we would hang up. You can hear my interview with Jay and director, Johanna Demetrakas below.

19 thoughts on “No More Sacred Cows, Uranus In Leo Stirs At Mid-Life, And Jay Weidner On FAR”

  1. o

    I very much enjoyed your interview with Jay Weidner, thanks. Fascinating listening. Haven’t listened to the first part yet but will get round to it soon. I had a thought about the Dark Knight event – the shooter’s birthday 13 December is the christian feast of santa lucia, a festival of light, and the date itself was the winter solstice date by the old calendar. Coincidence?

  2. J

    Hey Robert~

    Just gotta say how much I appreciate you and what you do! To give an idea…I have been checking back in here since last post on 13th for your next amazingly insightful offering…figuring there’d be one on the 19th/new moon maybe. So for the past couple days I’d visit a handful of times to see if you’d put anything up and be bummed… until today… big YAY !!! 🙂

    Don’t know about anyone else’s experience of course but I have been having crazy synchronicities out the wazoo lately between my personal life and the few blogs I follow online and the comments therein….kinda freaky…in a good way I s’pose. Case in point with your latest on No Sacred Cows….Been thinking about writing a blog this week and one of the ideas for a subject title is “Sacred Hamburgers” from the phrase that “sacred cows make the best hamburger”
    and looking at how so many Gurus and people we look up to (Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama etc) that we revere have their Shadow stuff and that it is so important to be discerning when listening to supposed elders/wisdom keepers to separate the wheat from the chaff recognizing that while others outside of ourselves may certainly shed light on things formerly unconsidered which we can benefit from. we mustn’t give our power away and forget that we too can find answers by tuning into that still small voice within and to be wary of charlatans/snake oil sellers that can distract our inner knowing. Very tricky stuff.

    Your interviews with both Johanna and Jay touched on many resonances for me that to try and convey would take too long…especially considering my pathetic hunt and peck typing skills way (I envision a live skype format for authentic online community conversation some day!) so instead I will share a few links to those other places that might also foment insight to the current memes at hand:

    Hope it’s not in bad taste to include these links but am following my intuition and just figure you and other visitors will take it or leave it as Spirit guides….

    Final note …here’s the song I’m listening to as I’ve been writing this:

    Much Love and Blessings and as you so poignantly said…”Pray for clarity, strength and guidance…stay conscious, aware and awake”

    Keep Shining!

    Namaste~Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

    1. a

      Hey Jo,

      Thanks. I really wanted to do New Moon stuff, but didn’t, This came out instead. Wasn’t quite sure how people would take it, but I just get the divine hair up my ass and I have to get it out, for better or worse.

      Those are all really great blogs. Thanks for adding them.

      Cheers to you and your shining hunter in the sky.

  3. J

    WOW! Robert did not expect an almost immediate reply….kinda gave me goosebumps tee hee. So just out of curiosity…is your son into the card game called “Magic”? Because my sky hunter is all over it all of a sudden (past 3 weeks) and it has been another area of weird woo woo…

    Big Hugs across the space/time continuum 😉

  4. k

    so these lone gun assassins are premeditated until it is time to give up. mc vey went like a mouse similar to mr. holmes.these are alleged mad men i.e.sociopathic,disgruntled,disenfranchised.f**** the cops mentality.and yet they allow themlves to be lambs to the slaughter.i canot find synchronicity?

    1. a

      The syncs were me and Jay touching on “The Dark Knight,” “False-Flags,” “Psychotic Youth,” and “Psychopathology As A Virus.”

  5. d

    Robert, that generation of Pluto in Leo dropped a LOT of acid [LSD] … Think we’ll soon discover the consequences …

  6. d

    Century 9 – 68
    The noble of mount Aymar will be obscure
    The evil will come joined of sonne & rosne
    In woods hidden soldiers day of Lucy
    Never was there one so horrible a throne

    os = bone ne = born r=royal n = new
    Aymar = Mary…

  7. R

    Thank you so much, a number of things got explained in this dog’s personal life. Including comments on DL, the 14th generation of suppressing the feminine published on RMN in January of last year. That is some karma for that sacred hamburger to overcome with Dharmic action, if Dl is capable of such. In the meantime on to Right Living, as ‘crazy’ as that sounds to some.
    Keep on keeping on.

  8. K


    I follow you avidly since discovering your work a little over a year ago.
    Uranus was also in Leo in 1955–i was born 11.12.55–Uranus was stationed at
    2 20 degrees in Leo.

    Thanks for all that you do


  9. D

    I couldn’t listen to the whole broadcast with Widener because I had to leave for physical therapy but I remember the exact moment when Johanna Demetrakas asked you that question and I was so proud of your answer and so glad you wrote about it so I can tell how great that was for me to hear – out loud and proud as some say. And this coming from a Pluto in Leo. I’ve always been very suspicious of sacred cows but have no idea what it is in my chart that represents that dynamic. You’re on a very nice roll, Robert!

  10. t

    Thanks Robert… just got through listening to your two hours of interviews-agreed with the ‘no sacred cows’ premise/mentality. I once worked in a heavy Krishnamurti/Sai Baba/Theosophy community and I found it to be true ‘those who talk the most about how ‘pure’ they are with diet etc publicly are probably really running home and eating raw chicken livers in private’. Most of these kindf belongers and believers and practitioners I found to be at their cores asskissers and very materialistic in awe and big climbers. So…

    But what I really got stuck on was the part of your interview with Weidner where he is relaying his talk with ‘Jessie Ventura’s intro to the basement at the Governor’s office’… the part where ‘the bank teller, his mechanic-all the normal people in his life were present and they were all CIA AGENTS’. Thought with the prior talk of the doubles or clones of the politicians that they’d be all robots or something. God’s way of saying they have too much money. To spend on control. Data gathering, snooping and snitching. Tricking.

    I’m trying to work those Cardinal energies so all is resolved in my favor and hoping it is just this Merc retro cycle but it seems like the lazy cheaters are amping up their works. This has all just got to stop and be revealed!

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