Niburu Sightings, Coronal Bursts, The Grand Cross, 2012, Noah Safe Place?

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

HathorHathor est Niburu?

Healthcare or whatever passes for Healthcare passed on 3/22/10. Knowing the penchant for numerology when it comes to these sorts of things; 9/11, 4/20, 7/7, 3/22 was looming large. I kept wondering if it would go down on 3/21 or if they would string it out until 3/22. Sure enough, they did. It passed late Sunday night/early Monday morning, thrusting it into the 3/22 timezone. Twenty-two is the number of the master builder, four, the square foundation of the pyramid. Three is the trinity of body/mind/spirit, or animal/human/god, the tripartite aspect of our nature. Add’em up and you get “seven” of course. The day abounds with symbolic meaning. Those of you that know about The Georgia Guidestones, might be interested in knowing that they were erected on, 3/22/80. Pretty interesting eh? That makes six. Six plus seven is 13, which of course is reduced to four and there we are again.

Jay Weidner has done some pretty interesting stuff around these dates and The Guidestones and connects March to Mars and Aries, the god of war in Greece, is right at home in Mars. Aries is related to Aryan and when we look at the new Healthcare bill and The Guidestones together, well you get the high strangeness. You see, The Guidestones have population reduction at their core. They call for a population under 500,000,000 for the entire world. Obamcare has been “guided” by the likes of Zeke Emmanuel and John Holdren, both of whom have been noted for their fondness for population management and there are hints that IBM and other data gathering giants were also helped in writing the legislation. Then there’s the echo of The Census. Guess what happened before the rise of the Third Reich? You got it. Census. IBM was there too. They had to have genetic profiles. That’s so deeply Aryan or Martian.

So we have Healthcare, The Georgia Guidestones (same day), Eugenics and The Census. Get the feeling something odd is in the air?

Lately, during one of those late night/early morning Youtube blackholes I get sucked into, I stumbled across some pretty fascinating photos and video of what appears to be something near the Sun. The peeps taking said film and video are surmising that this could indeed be Niburu, “The Winged Fury.” If you’re not already familiar with Niburu, it resides in Ursa Major. It has an elliptical orbit around our Sun and Earth of 3,600 years. The last time it would have touched our planet would have been around 1600 BC, when all hell broke loose. In 1570 BC, Moses led the exodus of his people out of Egypt, where the Nile filled with blood and water they could not drink. This would sync up with Niburu’s last pass through.

I recently discovered something called “The Kolbrin Bible.” I cannot attest for the authenticity of the work, but according to Marshall Masters, a former science correspondent for CNN, who sells copies of the book on his website, it’s supposed to be a compendium of ancient text from Egypt, that is fairly biblical, replete with morality tales, death, destruction, and a detailed description of a cataclysmic event that according to Mathers and researcher, Greg Skinner was not just a one time event. You see, “The Kolbrin Bible” also has a Celtic component to it and there are similarities between the Celtic passages and “Lord Of The Rings.” Mathers posits that Tolkien was likely familiar with the Kolbrin texts and based on the research of both, wrote “The Lord Of The Rings.” According to Mathers, Niburu, “The Winged Fury” is winging it’s way back to us.

Do the photos culled from various sources reveal it’s existence? Are chemtrails being used to cloud it’s very presence from us? Is that why Bill Gates is funding a massive seed vault in Svalbard? Are the stories about a city beneath The Denver in fact truth and are the so-called elites preparing themselves for a catastrophic end time with underground fortresses?

Mathers got interested in this subject when he would fly over the polar ice caps frequently to do business in Russia. As time wore on, he witnessed the ice sheath crack and break apart. As a science reporter, he tried to find the truth behind global warming, What he found through some leg work with his colleagues, was the the temperature was heating up across the face of very planet in the solar system and that global warming was more like solar or even galactic warming. This led him towards the long elliptic of Niburu. Here is a brief passage from “The Kolbrin Bible” as to the power and wrath of Niburu.:

Creation 3:10
Then the great canopy of dust and cloud, which encompassed the Earth, enshrouding it in heavy darkness, was pierced by ruddy light, and the canopy swept down in great cloudbursts and raging storm-waters …
Creation 3:11
When the light of the sun pierced the Earth’s shroud … The foul air was purified and new air clothed the REBORN EARTH, shielding her from the dark hostile void of Heaven.
Creation 3:12
The rainstorms ceased to beat upon the faces of the land and the waters stilled their turmoil. Earthquakes no longer tore the Earth open, nor was it burned and buried by hot rocks …
Creation 3:13
The waters were purified, the sediment sank and life increased in abundance … The sun was not as it had been and a moon had been taken away …
Creation 3:14
Man found the NEW EARTH firm and the Heavens fixed. He rejoiced but also feared, for he lived in dread that the Heavens would again bring forth monsters and crash about him.
Creation 3:15
When men came forth from their hiding places and refuges, the world their fathers had known was gone forever. The face of the land was changed…when the structure of Heaven collapsed …

Obviously something big came crashing through our skies at some point in time. There are dozens and dozens of stories and tales of a great deluge from various traditions and cullers. To understand the immensity of the cross section, check out “NoahLegends” which has a comprehensive graph containing the number references to the flood. So how does Niburu shake out astrologically?

It’s obvious that it is a destroyer, combination of Uranus and Pluto in terms of power and destruction, but there’s also something slightly redemptive about Niburu as well, like it has some sort of moral conscience–think Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction, a righteous reaper of souls, because there are element in the “KB” that suggests in some ways that there is a selective destruction at work:

Manuscripts 6:24
“The slaves spared by the DESTROYER left the accursed land forthwith. Many Egyptians attached themselves to the host, for one who was great led them forth, a priest prince (Moses) of the inner courtyard.”

Is it merely coincidence that this figure, possibly Moses was spared the wrath of Niburu?

The aforementioned Jay Weidner (I’ll have Jay on FAR, this Sunday to get more deeply into 2012, space exodus and more), a brilliant researcher and cryptographer has his own theories about 2012 and the end times. Weidner believes based on solar cycles, the end of The Kali Yuga and the end of the Mayan long count that The Earth is due for a reset, not at the hands of Niburu, but rather a coronal burst. That doesn’t mean that he thinks that The Annunaki, inhabitants of Niburu aren’t in the mix. In fact, he thinks they’re very real and have been running things on Terra since the time of Sumeria/Babylon, but mostly from a location deep beneath the surface of the planet and that everyone else up here running the show are just janitors. Robert Shapiro, the channel for Zoosh has also said more or less the same thing. The guys emptying banks and filling our skies are middle men. Their payoff? Running the show and getting back engineered technology to perhaps stage their own exodus.

In a few short weeks, Uranus will move into Aries, thus setting the stage for the great, cardinal cross that will splay across our skies. Jessica Murray began charting this cross back in 2008 and links it to a two-year-cycle between 2010-2012. Without alluding to any potential disasters directly, she politely reminds us that “there are no atheists in foxholes.” In essence, get your shit right.

If we look at the Grand Cross, we see two, very powerful, diametrically opposed forces pulling on one another. First, we have Capricorn in Pluto and the ascent of the corporatocracy and monolithic super-structures, you know, things like a behemoth healthcare plan, pulling on attached and dug in cultural traditions, aka Cancer. Meanwhile, Libra wants win/win, balance, symmetry and equilibrium and Aries could give a fuck. Just step aside or be stepped on. Now, I am being a little hyperbolic and you can probably see that I lean just a little towards Libra/Cancer, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t experience the power in Capricorn/Pluto and Uranus/Aries, I have given them their props in previous posts, but we’re talking about integration, not just culturally, but individually as well. Place yourself in the center of the cross, you are Da Vinci’s, “Divine Man” reaching out across the poles of time and space, gathering the things that matter the most to you from your past (Cancer). Grab the horns of The Ram and reclaim your will. Balance all the injustices of your life and forgive the transgressors–Libra. Make your way towards the mountain in the stars (Capricorn), say a prayer to the almighty and surrender to the cross of space and time.
I’ll be doing free, MIni-Readings on FAR today 11AM PST. to 1PM PST. See you there.

9 thoughts on “Niburu Sightings, Coronal Bursts, The Grand Cross, 2012, Noah Safe Place?”

  1. Good article, yet again, Robert.

    There are too many signs to ignore lately. Have you been paying attention to the Catholic Church scandals rocking Europe? It makes me think of the Prophecy of St. Malachy, who called Pope John Paul II “De labore Solis” in 1139, predicting the late pontiff’s birth and internment during solar eclipses. St. Malachy has this pope, Benedict, as the second to the last pope before “Peter the Roman” heads the church in a period of great turmoil and Rome is destroyed. Considering the complete lack of moral authority the Church continues to demonstrate, this doesn’t seem too far fetched.

    I have a hard time with all the exo-planet theories… But I have a much easier time thinking about how these distant planet can reflect archetypes buried very deep in our human psyches that are exploding up to the surface… soon. Extra-terrestrials fall in the same category to me… I just personally feel that shamanic herbal compounds provide humanity with much better hyper-dimensional technology than UFO’s (or mono-atomic gold, etc). Who needs a space ship when we have Salvia Divinorum?

    As far as the video goes… I’m too ignorant of optical illusions to be able to have much of a judgment… I’ve heard of Dog Suns, before, where atmospheric conditions create a triple sun effect. I’m not ruling it out as a powerful omen, but I just don’t know if I should take it at face value.

  2. We pause in the present moment – standing at the doorway of tomorrow – light and shadows greet us on the other side – the shadow would not exist without the light – nor the light without the shadow.

    Seems to me Rapture and Armageddon are always at hand. At least they have been since I started paying attention when I was a kid. I can’t remember which prophecy it was, but one said that those who will come out on top (in that prophecy) are those who understand the illusory nature of Time.

    We are Sarah Palin and the Divine Man, we are Shiva and Kali, we are Karl Rove and Aliester Crowley, we are Valis and VISA, we are Salvation and Armageddon.

    So, I’m going to finish my laundry, crack a beer, and toast the Apocalyptic Unveiling. about frickin time.

    Thanks as always for your thoughts…


  3. a

    John and Mark,

    I love it when you guys add your pieces. It gives the original posts another layer of nuance and complexity, making for a rich contribution and exchange.

    There is so much happening right now on so many levels. I’m really looking forward to Jay coming onto the show this Sunday night. He’ll knock it out of the park.

    Pope Benedict reminds me of a particular cartoon character from the sixties.

    The photos of “Niburu” have been popping up since September. I don’t know enough about Sundogs either, but they have been consistently showing up since then. There is one video on Youtube that provides some fairly compelling evidence that Google Earth and Microsoft telescopes are editing something out at the same coordinates.

  4. k

    For sundogs to show up you need very very cold temperatures….like 40 celcius below. And when it’s that cold the sky is always very clear and blue. This is from my experience and from when I spoke to locals in Regina when I traveled there during the winter.

    Also, the Pope always wears red custom made Prada shoes apparently…The title of the movie\book The Devil Wears Prada was based on that. :)

    Father Amorth, chief exorcist at the Vatican, has been decrying that the Devil lives in the Vatican.

    With this in mind I bought “Hostage to the Devil” the other day and, interestingly, I just noticed that the name of the author is Malachi Martin. Maybe this guy has prophecies too :)

  5. For classic sundogs, there can be cloud, and you do not have to be as far from the equator at Regina, I have seen them on cold winters days in Zimbabwe. All that is needed is high level ice crystals. In a matter of synchronicity I saw one last week here in Toowoomba. It was towards sunset with a ground temp of about 25deg C (77deg F). There was cloud but the most unusual feature was there was only a southern sundog, normally there should be a matching northern one. We have just had period of very wet weather.

  6. p

    One point needs to be taken into consideration: if the underground super genius degenerate albino computer/genetic engineering/astronauts wrote the whole script – to include the Bible’s Revelations and the fakery superimposed over the Jesus story, then perhaps we need to think of this whole shebang differently. As if we are in one of old Star Trek episodes. So we might start thinking like Kirk and Spock. And strike out assuming that vigorous, hubristic, promethean, John Lennon-like jail-breaking, rejoicin’ free will is necessary to the fun that might be made out of a very sad story.

    The whole point is to see the script and then rewrite it and intend to rejoin the hopefully good Federation or at least the good and relatively sane faction. I doubt that the good guys & girls in the Great Beyond are going to want to let those who pass all of the real life intelligence tests and morality quizzes down here — to fall into the suckhole. So we might have more fun intending to disrupt and overthrow this silly Babylon script with death and suffering for one and all, save the 144,000 and fix what Stanley Kubrick was only able to tell us about under death-threat & with a sadistic glee as he reveled in his cleverness. In short, he did not do a thing to free us. He looks to have done it in order to rub our noses in our subservient subspecies boorishness. Something that he might well have intended [ala his sadistic side] that we recognize once it is too late.

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