Newt Goes Looney For The Moon On The Moon/Chiron Conjunction, Mars In Virgo Retrograde, Time To Re-Assess Health and Dr. Janette Sherman and Joe Mangano On Far Friday Today (Fukushima)

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

“Halo”, my name is Newt and I’ll take you to the Moon.

How about that wild Pisces/Chiron conjunction the other day? Talk about lunacy. Newt Gingrich vowed to have a full-time lunar base by the end of his SECOND term. Whoa Newty. Aren’t we getting a little ahead of ourselves here? You need to win that first fake election this go round. Now I know that occasionally you know things other people don’t like the development of “Homeland Security” well in advance of 911, but a base on the Moon? Oh wait, since you already knew about DHS, well maybe, just maybe you might already know something about the Moon, like perhaps that bases are already there. Maybe it was those bourbons you threw back with Dick Hoagland, one bleary night in Buckhead. Or maybe, you’ve already been there. In any case, I thought it was quite fitting that we’d get the wackiest campaign promise I’ve heard in my lifetime on the Pisces Moon/Chiron conjunction.

If you haven’t noticed, Newt’s win has magically catapulted him back into the race and now all I see are pictures of Newt vs. Obama. Last time I checked, they had a few more primaries to go, even if they continued to bake the results, let’s go through those motions. The Onion did a great send up of faked elections back in 2008. If it weren’t so real, I would have laughed a lot more.

One troubling aspect of this upcoming election is that a foreign company, the Barcelona based, SCYTL is now in charge through Not surprising, they sent the results from South Carolina to SCTYL, who in turn spit the results out, anointing Commander Moon Base the winner. People are getting all hot and bothered that some “foreign” company is counting our votes. They wonder why can’t we have a trusted American company like say Diebold count the votes. Right.

Mars is retrograde in Virgo a prime energy for a re-count or at the very least a deep expose of the system at large. Maybe this is I’m moved to write about it as Mars is now conjunct my Sun. Speaking of which . . .

The other day on my show, I had a caller on the line, a regular and she told me that her blood pressure was through the roof–very unlike her. She doesn’t smoke or drink. Why would she have high blood pressure? I’ll give you two words; “heavy metal.” The skies have been filled with obscene amounts of aluminum, barium, iron oxide, manganese and other unsavory elements. All of these will push your blood pressure right through the roof, even if you exercise and eat well. We’ve had at the very least 15 years of weather modification going down. Just think about that for a moment. Monsanto hasn’t missed a beat. They’ve patented seeds that are a-l-u-m-i-n-u-m resistant. Maybe they’ve been hanging out with the prophet “Newt” and his people.

Mars in Virgo retrograde, while not overly sexy is a very good time to check in with your body. How is it? Are you doing all the things you need in order to stay healthy? Mars in Virgo MR, should be motivating you to get your blood checked, especially the metal count. I have a good friend in NYC who has been showing up with levels of metals that are through the roof. She had all of her mercury fillings removed and has been down in the trenches with heavy chelation. She seems to be turning a corner now, but the most curious piece is that her husband did not show the same stratospheric levels. So the question becomes, do metals bind easier to particular blood types, genetic carriers or even particular Haplogroups?

The effects of high blood pressure are devastating. Some of the deadly side effects include; stroke, kidney scarring, kidney failure and kidney aneurysms. Heart failure, enlarged heart and dementia can all be traced to HBP. The good news is, is that you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on OTC drugs to get your blood pressure under control. One of the first things that you must do is get a metals count. There are services out there that will examine your hair follicles for roughly $100 and supply you with your metal count.

If you happen to have HBP, here are a few things that might be able to help you.

An Australian study recently found “Black Tea” to have BP lowering qualities. Now its not epic, like they’ve just stumbled across interferon, but put together with a few other remedies, you can begin to take more control via diet.

Another natural fighter against HBP is the wonder vitamin, Vitamin D. It promotes vascular health, while minting cleaner arteries.

Coconut water is yet another ally. In a recent study, 71% of the people that consumed coconut water saw their blood pressure lower.

Lastly, beets have been known to beat back HBP for many years now. Juicing organic beets and adding a little purified water to the mix can stretch out your beet supply and provide you with yet another tool to lower HBP naturally.

Somewhere along the way, you might also want to explore chelation. There are a number of methods that are used to strip the body of heavy metals.

To find out more about chelation, go HERE.

Rounding off our little journey into Mars/Virgo Retrograde, I’ll be joined by Dr. Janettte Sherman, who was part of an editorial team that wrote a stunning work about Chernobyl, titled; “Chernobyl Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and Nature.” She’s also the author of “Life’s Delicate Balance Causes and Prevention of Breast Cancer.” She’ll be joined by research partner, Joe Mangano. Recently, the two released a controversial peer reviewed paper that chronicled 14,000 child deaths this past year, they claim, due to Fukushima. Its called, “AN UNEXPECTED MORTALITY INCREASE IN THE UNITED STATES FOLLOWS ARRIVAL OF THE RADIOACTIVE PLUME FROM FUKUSHIMA: IS THERE A CORRELATION?”.

The two of them will be on FAR FRIDAY, tomorrow at 10:10 PST.

Also, for more deep background on Fukushima, please read Prof. Michel Chossudovsky’s latest, chilling piece on Fukushima over at Global Research.

Have you had your minimum daily requirements of Mars in Virgo retrograde opposing Venus in Pisces yet? Well open your mouth dammit, pinch your nose and swallow. Its bitter but essential. Just do it!

Here’s a little salacious Nazi Moon Base video distraction for entertainment purposes only.

7 thoughts on “Newt Goes Looney For The Moon On The Moon/Chiron Conjunction, Mars In Virgo Retrograde, Time To Re-Assess Health and Dr. Janette Sherman and Joe Mangano On Far Friday Today (Fukushima)”

  1. d

    Celery too, is a european cure for high bp…
    That wacky comment was a message to the wackers to wack a certain president…
    I can see the headlines now “Iranian hiker assassinates president…Armageddon declared”

  2. K

    Beet kvass, an Eastern European fermented beverage, is another delicious way to. er, *beet* The Powers at their own game. And kombucha, which can be made at home with a culture, also is reputed to remove toxins and metals from the body. All of this is out there, for those who do their homework.

  3. R

    Going gluten and dairy free will improve – if not completely cure quite a few things(The book “Wheat Belly” by William Davis). Then reducing carbohydrate intake. People should try the paleo diet if they really care about their health, or “Eat Right for your Type” diet based on blood groups. Basically anything that suits a person’s genetics is worth the effort and there’s an awful lot of rubbish around which has been produced in order to make money, but is detrimental or even dangerous to people’s health.

    Detoxing is also important. Here’s an interesting health site.

  4. When I looked at birthrates for countries affected by Chernobyl, Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine, I noticed there was a lowering of this. I then checked the birthrates for Cumbria the region affected by the Windscale fire in 1957 and sure enough this region still has a consistent 20% lower birthrate than the rest of the UK.

    It is obvious that there should be some similar effect should show up for Japan. In the first 12 months there will some disruptive effect of the tsunami. Personally I think that there will be a fiddling of the figures until the Japanese Govt cannot b******t the people any more.

  5. Hey Robert,
    Newt, the name is interesting, “Eye of Newt”…….as the old saying goes. They do repair their limbs if damaged and there is something to the male protein/zona pelucida that is in the eye of the newt, that is responsible for reproducing and cellular regeneration, indeed it is what surrounds the female egg in women.
    I love that you brought up the ‘heavy metal’ aspect as a potential culprit. The connection to the chemical skies now laden with ‘heavy metals’ has long reminded me of the relationship to the disclosure on the world stage in the related category of music that sprang up in the 60’s and 70’s in all probablity the same time the spraying began. Heavy Metal music is categorized as ‘loud distortion’….screaming….etc., how fitting in relationship to what is happening. We were being told what was happening, it was just so loud and distorted it was falling on increasingly deafened ears….can you hear me now? LOL

    1. a

      The term “heavy metal” first shows up in the song, “Born To Be Wild” by Steppenwolf. “Heavy Metal Thunder.” It was a reference to “choppers” big bikes. But I think the effect is still the same. The term, “Rock” which is supposedly short for “Rock and Roll” which was “negro” slang for “fucking” at one point in time, also has been connected to Tavistock and their have been connections made that this is related to the “Rock Of The Dome” temple in Jerusalem, which would presage the destruction of the rock for the new Temple of Solomon (solo man) to be erected.

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