New Roles For New Goals Part 2 — Leo Through Scorpio

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

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So, we looked at Aries through Cancer yesterday, identifying some new types of vocation in the post-economy, based on sign and rising sign. So, without further ado, let’s jump raight back into the mix and see what the future of work holds for Leo through Scorpio.

Being the big cheese in an era of the most downward, downturns ever can be challenging for such a regal persona as yours, especially if have lost a home or a pension in the last six months. “The Lion” does not do well with defeat. It can either compel them to scratch and claw even harder, or it can rip their hearts right out. So before I drop a few new, vocations for you, keep your chin up and your heart open dear Leo. Okay, here we go.

1) Solar Energy Broker. You are an agent of The Sun, a solar being at heart and the solar industry is your best shot at a new calling. There’s a weird flux taking place right now in the solar energy industry. Obama is actively promoting it, but the private sector has not been in total accord with The Obama Administration as to how the stimulus money will be spent and more importantly, who will get the money to oversee Obama’s New Green Deal. That’s good and bad. Likely, the administration will target “special friends” in the industry or simply move to socialize the industry by conscripting long term, service partners. But there is some flux in the field and if people are very committed to working in the solar industry, now is a time where some opening can take place, especially before The Feds get their mitts on the infrastructure. You’re a born leader and you can, if you so choose re-create yourself in this emergent industry. Get in now, go online (where it’s cheapest) and learn as much as you can about the technology, who the players are, where the opportunities are etc. I see that there is some real convergence taking place on the local, municipal levels and local, solar based businesses, partnering together to re-engineer the energy needs of small towns, making them energy sufficient and having excess energy they can then sell or broker to other communities. This is where you come in. Someone has to broker those deals and your inherent sense of leadership along with your solar connection makes you the perfect candidate. Plus, you can be your own boss, and what Leo doesn’t like that?

2) Personal Drama Coach.
Some of the best actors are Leos (Peter O’Toole, Dustin Hoffman, Hilary Swank and Helen Mirren). They love the stage and even though we’re paring back on entertainment and other luxuries, people will need help through this strenuous passage. People will need other people to mirror their own processes, draw out the pathos, catharsis and humor. Who better to do this than you? If you’ve already got some kind of professional degree along these lines, so much the better, but if you don’t look towards getting certified in some form of art therapy and put your own personal spin on how to extract psychic wellness from people by coaching them through dramatic encounters with their inner life. Again, I highly suggest that you look towards the stimulus package to look for funding, small grants, etc, especially if it can be funded under the rubric of the arts.

3) Pie Piper
My first wife was a Leo and she had a brilliant idea that never came to fruition. She had developed a concept called, “Angel Pies” which were for all intents and purposes, fancy pasties, like “Curry Chicken” or “Pesto Chicken” or “Enchilada” you get the drift. She never fully exploited the idea and the business never achieved liftoff. I think there’s something there though, especially for you, as it applies to kids. We know that kids are fussy eaters, but they generally like pies. So your mission, if you so choose, is to capitalize on my exes great idea that she never executed on. You love kids and you love food. Nutritious and yummy small pies for kids could be an alternative and cost-effective way to feed kids during lean times. Play the right tune and they will follow.

Besides Gemini, I can’t think of a more capable sign that can be adaptable and prosper during the post economy, especially with Virgo in Saturn. With Virgo and Virgo rising, efficiency is the name of the game and you’ve had about a year-and-a-half with Saturn in your sign getting ramped up for the months ahead. If you can get over the need for everything to look nice and neat for the next few years, you can really clean up. So, let’s look at what’s available for you.

1) Recycling Don
As I mentioned in yesterdays post, we’re not going to have a lot of money, but we’ll have lots of stuff during this period, which is where you come in. You hate clutter and junk and yet, you have an eye for turning a beer can into a lamp, or a bunch of tires into a home. This is really a strength of yours and there will be ample opportunities for you to do everything from find ways to to re-cycle and monetize trash and no longer useful belongings, to transforming them into new life. What’s going to happen to all of those old TV antennas, if people are switching over to their cable boxes? See, here’s an inherent opportunity for someone enterprising soul, like yourself. Use your head and try to find a way to create whatever you can out of waste, rubbish and re-cyclables. Not only find treasure in trash, but set up networks that allow you to move it in various directions. If you can get in on the ground floor now, you can turn your obsessions into a vocation and become a Recycling Don.

2) Garden Gourmet
If The Fed can keep it’s noses out of our gardens, then you’ve got a real shot to revolutionize what take place there. Being an Earth sign, you have a fast pass to the delights of The Earth. The garden is good for your soul and allows your sensitive nervous system the chance to recharge it’s batteries with the coolness of the earth, the warmth of the sun, etc. Gardening can be recuperative and meditative for you. But just gardening alone will not give you enough of a new purpose or twist. There are herbal, medicinal, and highly nutritious foods from other countries that are just waiting to be cultivated. Some years back, I was at an event in Marin, held in honor of Sasha Shulgin the inventor of MDMA. A woman had brought some salad with Gotu Kola leaves. It was not only delicious, but I could actually feel it teasing and tickling my brain cells. That’s sort of what I am talking about. Find the unique, unusual and powerfully nutritious or healing and cultivate it. As you do, you’ll grow a new career out of it as well.

3) Colon Therapist.
While hyrdro-colon therapy is still on the fringes of health practices in this country, it’s considered essential in parts of Europe. We are living in a toxic stew with chemtrails choking our skies on a daily basis. What goes in, needs to come out and colonic therapies help to flush faster and deeper. To be fair, their are critics to hydro-colon therapy but people are getting sicker more often and for longer. Colonics can leach out and remove not only the spackling in the walls of the colon, but also heavy metals and other environmental toxins we’re taking in at greater and greater levels. People will need this and they will pay for it, especially if they realize how essential it is for their overall well being and that in the long run, it’s cost effective for their health. The great thing about this profession is that you don’t need to go to years of school in order to understand the technology and the anatomy for colon care.

We’re going to need you Libras to help us stay balanced and on point in the days to come. Your level headed cool and win/win psychology is almost always more effective on others than yourself and that’s okay. There’s no incongruity in being able to help others while your life might be a little untidy. Out of all the signs, you get a pass on the “healer heal thyself” dictum, because you can be very effective for others as a way of achieving balance in your life. I have no problem with that equation. Maybe it’s because I have three planets in Libra. :-). So, let’s see what you can do.

1) Psychic Mediator
We all need people in our lives that can help us achieve some sort of middle ground and equilibrium. As I have just stated, there’s noone better in the zodiac at doing this, than you. Remember the character, Deanna Troy? She was the empath on Star Trek, The Next Generation. This is how I see you evolving, especially as Saturn enters into your sign, next year. You’ll be forced into action, to find balance in your life as well as the lives of others. The trick is getting paid. You can do this by going a number of routes. You can study and get a certificate in hypnotherapy or some lower level form of mediating or even coaching and counseling, but this would ultimately move you towards your ability to fuse your psychic awareness with your inherent and innate, and rational capacities. Corporations, which are going to get roasted here pretty soon, will need people like you to act as go-betweens between them and their dwindling workforce.

2) Communal Bard
The poet, David White, has been doing great work for years in corporate settings, helping suits regain a sense of awe, wonder and creativity in their lives. I think if we might have had about 50 more David Whites, manning the corporate retreat centers in the last ten years, this crisis we are staring down, might have been avoided. That said, it’s certainly not too late for poetry to save the day. For it to do so though, it has to take place on a communal level, to keep peoples heads and hearts above water In times of depression, one of the first things to go is the arts. Frankly, it’s a mistake. People need art even more during tough stretches, so your challenge as a “Communal Bard” is to first, find your own voice, then help others find theirs. You can do this by simply volunteering down at the public library. Encourage people to bring and share their stories, then help them mythologize them in a public setting. Help them see their lives in arcs and cycles, let them air their grievances, hear their pain and let it splat across the page like a Pollock painting. Do this enough, become the essence of the poem itself and you will quickly gain a reputation as a teacher and healer of note. You might not always get paid, but as we drift into a barter-type economy, there will be plenty of other goods and services you’ll be able to trade out for.

3) Green Feng-Shui Fusionist
There are people that are LEED certified, like my good friend, Linda Delair and there are extremely high powered and very well paid, Feng Shui practitioners, but the twain rarely meet. That’s where you come into play, bringing East/West into balance, using ancient Asian principles of energy, directions, stars, etc and blending them with modern, western, environmentally friendly materials and solutions. Let’s face it, folks are going to be buying less homes, more people will be moving back and living together under one roof and those people will need to live in stress reduced and energetically charged environments. Feng Shui can help balance the inner energies of a home, while green-tech can help conserve the physical energies of said home. You can become a full service, homes pace guru if you so choose.

Unlike Libra, Virgo and Leo, all of whom might have some bumpy rides coming up here, you crave situations like the melting economy. It’s an intense journey and you look for life’s circumstances to extract the very best out of you, no matter how those circumstances manifest, as long as they’re intense. Well you got your wish. While others are on the verge of freaking out, you’re just getting ready to roll up your sleeves. So let’s have a look at where you can excel.

1) Stimulus Consultant
So Obama just got lots of Federal Reserve Notes printed and there might even be more forthcoming. Since you have such an investigative mind and you’re very good with other peoples money, you would be well served to find out who is getting what and how you could not only get your piece, but also consult with people on how they can get theirs, whether it’s scientific research, art grants, or mortgage relief. If you can find out how to get access to that money and show others to do it. your services will be very well compensated as a consultant/deal broker. This is a prime opportunity for you to look into right now. Use that investigative genius of yours and make it happen.

2) Mainstream Marijuana Retailer.
A mother of one of my sons pre-school friends is an owner.operator of a Cannabis Club in Berkeley. She makes a terrific living off of it, selling medicinal marijuana. However, it appears that her business might not be the only one selling pot. Here in California, they are seriously talking about decriminalization with the eye to profit off of the taxes. The Obama administration is also looking at this well, which means that there is a very good chance, that we’ll see some decriminalization across a number of states. Here’s where you come into play. Just like the mom that runs The Cannabis Club, she did her legwork, looked into what it took to get the license, suppliers etc, then moved on it. This could very well be a similar pathway to success for you, if you start looking into what’s happening right now. Besides, how could a Scorpio pass up an opportunity sell pot for a living?

3) Alternative Medical Technologist
There are dozens of various alternative medical technologies on the market, although Royal Rife’s technology recently took a hit in a recent court ruling. That said, it’s still out there, along with Bob Beck’s and Hulda Clark;s methods of getting well through blood purification and zapping. There’s the Matrix technology offered by Stephen Lewis and used by the likes of Cortney Cox and Herb Alpert. There’s Orgone, magnetic polarity etc. In short, there’s a whole world of dealing with illness by alternative means and while these technologies are the most well known and popular there are others that are and will continue to emerge as people look to innovate and create new technologies to help us stay balanced and healthy. You could very well serve as a rep or even set up your own digital storefront to educate people on what I see as an essential part of maintaining our wellness. The great thing is, is that you can do this right now. All you need is a website, some basic knowledge, the ability to set up affiliate relationships and the drive to market the technologies with intention of education and raising awareness.

Okay, so that’s it for Leo-Scorpio. Tomorrow we’ll tackle the transpersonals, looking at Sag through Pisces.

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    These are outstanding! Valuable, and much needed. Quite philathropic of you…and much appreciated by those looking for direction @ this time. Looking forward to 3rd post.

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