New Roles For New Goals In The Post Economy, Pt. 3, Sag — Pisces

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

sag-piscesGetting personal with “The Transpersonals.”

Moving, living between worlds, bifurcation of self, bi-location of spirit, all of these things have kept me from finishing “New Roles For New Goals In The Post Economy,” but now that I have a couple of hours to fill, I think we can look at new, emerging gigs from Sag through Pisces, the transpersonals.

As a rule, the transpersonal signs can have a somewhat easier time with massive social change as they are geared more towards experiencing the world at large through themselves and vice versa. In many respects, they have come here to contribute to the evolution and upkeep of society, culture, institutions, the realm of spirit, etc. For instance, family might be important to a Sag, but not as important as to a Leo or a Cancer, or a Taurus. Fo those signs, the concept of family is integral, a core issue to address and build their lives around. That doesn’t mean that family is all that those signs are wrapped up in, but it’s a matter of degree and importance placed on the role that the family plays in ones life.

For Sag or Sag rising, family would have to fit into some philosophical construct that aligns with their belief system. Or for Capricorn, family would be looked at how efficient it is, what kind of legacy would it leave, how many tax credits would it allow, and could a daughter fetch a son from a powerful family, etc. For Aquarius, family becomes more than family. It becomes the world at large, expanded, the global village, the brotherhood of man and as a result, their angle of relating to the traditional role of family is skewed towards their more expansive and utopian vision for family. Intentional spiritual communities might line up nicely with how an Aquarian perceives family. If they have traditional mates or partners, this can lead to a real disconnect.

I have used these examples around family to show that the transpersonal signs, Sag through Pisces almost always run everything through a bigger picture lens before they can ascribe their own personal meaning and then sign off on personal values and situations. So that said, as we look at where we are headed and seek to find some new, meaningful, careers for these signs, keep in mind that they are generally more than willing to re-create themselves, either for or against the emerging milieu, because it meshes with their own, inherent sense of inhabiting and influencing spaces larger than their personal domains.

Let’s have a look at what they can look forward to over the next 3-5 years.


You and your rising sign have just been completely transformed by Pluto’s stay in your sign, which just recently ended, giving way to Pluto in Cap. Though they can be extremely non-judgemnetal, Sag can also be haughty and proud. Pluto changed a lot of that for Sag in general. Humility became a common theme for many a Sag over the past 13 years. Since Sag can be a deeply religious sign, humility is not such a bad thing as it brings them closer to a feeling of divinity, being open and flow. But Sag, no matter how many times they are consigned to the fires of change, will not avert it’s gaze from the truth. They are painfully honest with themselves and others. This can present a problem during this era as they’ll either have to find something that they fundamentally believe in with all of their hearts and minds, and then become a zealous supporter for some cause or vehicle for change or they will rebel against a system that they feel is not being forthcoming, wholly truthful and transparent. Keeping those things in mind, let’s see what we can come up with.

1) Local Environmental Sherpa
. I met a woman on Saturday night, I’ll call her, “Gail Force.” She might have one of the most interesting jobs that I have ever heard of. She’s an “environmental interpreter.” What does this mean? She essentially spends time in nature, learns from experts about Humpback Whales or old growth forests, assimilates the info, then teaches people how to interact with it, teach about it, be a guide, or docent on the subject, or shares her expertise with researchers so that they have a language to share with potential funders of their projects. Gail has a lot of experience as a trainer and can apply those skills across almost any platform, but she has chosen nature to be her vehicle of choice. You are a natural teacher and the natural world can open up like a book to you. While I think it would be great if you could re-train yourself to work along Gail’s lines, there’s lots of possibilities out there in the natural world and the ones that are the most immediate might be in your own back yard. What kind of plants and animals are indigenous to your local environment? What about herbs and medicinals, growing right under your feet? How do all of these various life forms interact? Can you weave a web of interconnected life? Here is an opportunity that exists right out your own front door. Learn about the world around you, let it reveal it’s mystery and then share it with others. Lead tours, write a blog, become and urban hunter and gatherer. You’ll be surprised by what secrets nature will yield, once you really pay attention.

2) Peak Guru
. There”s one thing that Sag’s love to do and that’s stay in peak zones for as long as possible. Being in a peak zone is equivalent to a “state of grace” and this is the most fundamental ground of being for a Sag, as it aligns with their desire to sync up with a higher power and have that will blend and merge wit theirs. This is the ultimate peak zone for Sag’s and they can show the rest of us, how to get there and stay there. From diet and exercise, to right thought and right action, The Archer can fine tune the peak states for all of us, if they can manage to stay off their pulpit long enough to do so without being preachy. When they’re on Sag can channel a fiery zeal that can really light an inspirational fire under someone’s fanny. So if you’re a Sag, looking for the next level coaching, when people are going to have to not only survive, but excel when the world is runnin’ down, “Peak Guru” is your calling. Learn it, be it, share it. Let the aliveness flow like a river through your life and out into the world. Staying healthy and sane is no longer and option–it’s a necessity.

3) Memory Keeper
. In the movie “Soylent Green” starring Charlton Heston, Edward G Robinson plays a character known as a “book.” He is a keeper of history and knowledge, a rare and dying breed in an overpopulated world, with little concern for history or better times. While his character performed the role in a mostly oral tradition, you can fulfill a similar role in the web space. We are going to need people to remind us of where we came from, key periods in history, the role government has or has not played in the formation of society and culture. You can document all of this online as a living record. The memory hole is getting wider and wider and you, dear Sag have the sagacity to remind us where we have come from as it most certainly relates to where we are going. Can you monetize this? I’m sure a clever soul like yourself can find ways to be compensated for keeping history alive. It’s a tough job, but I think you’re up to the task.


I nearly skipped over your sign, since all you probably have o do is shoot Tim Geithner an email and tell him you’ve got some some junk bonds and stinky debt you’d like to sell for profit. You’ve got that kind of cache these days, or at the very least, you are starting to get use to your new found powers, so why do you need some new gigs as the new paradigm is self-assembling around you? Because it’s good for you soul. Okay, let’s peep at what can bring you pleasure, profit and purpose in the post economy.

1) Pygmy Goat Farmer.
This is for the less materialistic of your breed. Pygmy goats are going to become very popular in the months and years to come. They’re cute, make great pets, can hlpe clear land, produce milk and in tough times, can show up in a tasty Birra (goat stew). You have an inherent connection with these fine little animals, imported mostly from Africa and meet the coming demand for animals that can provide for a family but not take the same size and scale as their more hands on and lager, domestic version. Think of a more practical version of Caliban, the lusty goat shepherd of “The Tempest.”

2) Financial Savior.
In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in deep shit and someone has to get us out of this mess. With the power of the stars in your corner right now, how about you? We need some very creative alternatives to deal with debt, jobs, housing, etc and you can be part of the solution. Let your imagination roam free and see what kind of creative alternatives you can cook up and seek to implement them on the local level. Maybe there’s a way that you could set up your own, local version of the stimulus package, reach out start a fund for small business survival, domestic versions of micro-loans. You get the idea. You can be a super hero if you so choose. Why not now? We need you.

3) Surreal Estate Agent.
Let’s be frank, this is a strange time when it comes to property and property values in the US. Prices haven’t been this low in quite sometime, but there is not a lot of money available to buy a place unless you can afford upwards of 20% down. Gone are the good old days, where waiters could get zero down loans on half-a-million dollar properties with no stated income. Now, we’re back to the old days, except there are less jobs to support a more traditional approach to buying a home and yet, quietly, hundred thousands of properties are being scooped, up by those that have the cash, positioning themselves to be the new land barons when the smoke clears. Here is where you come in. Your job as a “Surreal Estate Agent” is to find ways for people to save their homes, buy four plexes with other families and spread the cost of ownership and down payments around. You’ve got the skills and visions to navigate through a bizarre real estate landscape and you can use your formidable gifts to create opportunity for yourself and others in ways that will make you the envy of other, straighter, real estate types. Get creative.


This is your time now, along with Cappy. Jupiter is cruising in your sign, soon to meet up with Neptune towards the latter third of the year. The opportunities for creative expansion in your life haven’t been this good for quite some time, so you may as well make hay while the second sun shines down on you. Let’s see where you can unfold your unique talents perspective in days ahead.

1) Youtube Producer/Director..
I can’t think of a more perfect time and technology for you to pursue than online video. There’s many different ways that you can monetize this if necessary. I’ve seen a number of online video producers link to their own websites, where they sell merch that they have created and cash in on the sometimes enormous amount of traffic that a good Youtube video can generate. You inherently understand this technology as it’s a part of your cosmic DNA. You just have to wrap your arms around it and work it. The subject matter is up to you. You can be sacred and or profane as is your want as an occasionally radical, freedom loving voice that honors the inherent unity of all life. be progressive and blaze a new trail in the online video space.

2) Intentional Community Organizer.
Back in the eighties, I was very, very, interested in alternative communities, especially those that had a spiritual component to them. When I saw “My Dinner With Andre.” for the very first time, I was spellbound by his tales of Findhorn. I knew then and there that I had to visit this magical place–so I did. It wasn’t paradise, but it had a very interesting social model. You don’t have to create the next Findhorn, but you do have the opportunity and the ability to create new types of community. You don’t even need land (though that could be very cool), just the impetus to connect with others and find ways for people to live and relate on closer and closer levels, especially in the face of economic adversity. Ditch your ego at the door and start building the type of community that you have always envisioned.

3) Alternative Fuel Finder.
Everyone knows about bio-fuels, corn and oil, etc, but did you know about combustible algae or or psychic energy generators? Ah ha! I knew you didn’t but neither do I but, I bet that given enough time, motivation and energy, an enterprising Aquarius could devote some serious brain power to the field of alternative fuels. When I was in my twenties, I had a friend that belonged to a hydrogen fuel society. He and they were way ahead of the curve. Now, their early efforts seem to be manifesting on the commercial horizon. There’s plenty more out there. Your job is to find it.


Ahhh, the most gentle and mystical of all the signs. You, my dear fish can either go with the flow with the best of them, or you can struggle and swim upstream. This world is not always easy for you and your finely tuned sensitivities. But let’s be clear, there are many different types of fish in the sea, everything from “Grouper” to “White Shark” so I will not put you in too soft for this world bucket. But this shift in economics and social structure can be hard on your nerves and finding equilibrium in these choppy seas can be challenging, but let’s see what we can come up with for you.

1) Vital Fluid Druid.
Ok, the name sounds funny and it’s not what you think it is, but let’s explore it anyway. A friend and I are currently working on a powdered health drink to market and sell and as a result, I have looked into the world of powdered health drinks as well a liquid health drinks and supplements. It”s a booming business and it’s going to get bigger, as long as The FDA can keep it’s mitts off the process. People are going to need more supplements, especially liquid supplements to bolster their immune system, supplement their diet and so on. This is where you come in. You are one with liquids and fluids. Your viscous relationship with reality can manifest in any number of ways, some of which are not as healthy as they could be. Here’s a way that you can have a healthy relationship with liquids in your life. Investigate, research, define, test and taste your own blends and brands of juices, powdered supplements and anti-oxidant cocktails. A few cutting edge companies are producing wine with reservatol, matcha green tea liquor and so on. The intersection between libations and medicinals is just ahead. You can have a new purpose by assisting us in our wellness through procuring innovative blends and elixirs that fortify our bodies and our spirits.

2) Petroleum Pincher.
Again, I’m sourcing your direct connection with all things fluid and our old friend, oil is part of your cosmic inheritance. While there is a mild debate regarding Peak Oil vs. Abiotic Oil, that’s not really your concern per se, because the oil companies control the flow regardless of whether it’s dead dinos or simply and Earth process. What you do and can have an effect on is how our gas is used. Right now, there is a growing after market in how to get more miles out of a gallon of gas and you have the ability to understand this from an intuitive level. A few years ago, I had a read a story where a team had frozen all the parts of a engine, then thawed them out and re-built the engine. They had found that the structure of the metal had changed and as a result, the car that they had placed the engine was getting upwards of 100 miles per gallon. This is extreme and I doubt that you have the facilities in order to do something along these lines, but I think you can find other ways to innovate and improve fuel efficiency. This can manifest in product development, advice/consulting or re-engineering the neighbors car for barter or cash. Tap into the fuel line of inspiration and you’ll be surprised what you might come up with.

1) Quantum Space Arranger.
Some months back, I did a piece on Dr. William Tiller, who through a series of experiments based on intention, was able to create a new, physical domain in the localized space of his laboratory. In essence, he and his team were re-defining the quantum field as it was re-defining them. It was a groundbreaking study that opened a doorway to the source behind the material world. You my dear friend, the one whose sole mission is to return to that womb of oneness have a pass key to this realm. You can through your own efforts, especially if they are aligned with others open the portal to the quantum universe. I would begin by studying up on Tilller and his school of “Psychoenergetic Science”, taking up or going deeper with your meditation and then allow the universe to connect and move through you, but from the most objective place imaginable. What’s the economic return on something like this? Well, perhaps not much in the beginning, but in the long run, it’s where we’re all going anyway. Why not get their first and then teach the rest of us?

So this ends this slightly whimsical, yet hopefully informative foray into new career possibilities. Now it’s back to business as usual, starting tomorrow.

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