New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Mayan Alignments, China And Scopes For All Signs

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

totalsolareclipseReady or not, here it comes.

The buzz is in the air. There seems to be a great deal of transformational velocity accruing and accumulating with the onset of the new moon and the centuries most potent solar eclipse.

The Moon is completely new in Cancer, just a day before the solar eclipse, almost ready to phase shift into Leo, peaking at 30 degrees Cancer. The lunar magnetism has reached it’s full potency, it’s zenith, it’s full pull upon psyches and inner landscapes.

In the Arguelles count of The Mayan calendar, this day falls under 12 Cauac, the second to last day of the Mayan calendar, which falls neatly on the day of the solar eclipse. Both days are incredibly auspicious. The 21st is a day of cleansing, activation, catalyzing and clearing. Here is the code according to Arguelles for 12 Cauac:

Blue Crystal Storm
I Dedicate in order to Catalyse

Universalizing Energy

I seal the Matrix of Self-generation

With the Crystal tone of Cooperation

I am guided by the power of Magic

This new noon will dissolve obdurate inner order, calcified by entropy and habit. Here’s a little new age wisdom for you; “Go with the flow.” Surrender and let the wisdom of silence guide you into greater pathways of psychic navigation. Open to channels of direct experience, Trust what you know and you ‘ll be fine.

This can be a powerful incentive to unlearn and get into the simplicity of relating to self and others. The Sabian Symbol of this new moon is, “Daughter Of The American Revolution” (of which my mother is one). This is actually a fairly conservative symbol as it relates to tradition and ancestry–the preservation of culture through the feminine principle. The culture in question is ours. While these symbols are applicable across any number of cultures, countries, and traditions, this one speaks to a more potently American vision. There is a preservation of values that is consistent with this symbol, one of law and order even though those that preserve those values, were at one time revolutionaries themselves. While this applies to daughter of the american revolution, this can also be seen as daughters of more recent cultural revolutions.

Energy, cooperation, deep flow, tradition, sacred laws, ancestry, magic, catalyzation, all set the stage for the most powerful eclipse of the 21st century, which will be in total eclipse mode for a scant 6:22 seconds. It will be visible in southeast asia, particularly in China. This last fact cannot be underestimated. The chinese are by and large, incredibly superstitious. They place a large emphasis on the role of ancestors and familial remembrance. Ghosts and spirits have power in the realm of their spiritual imagination. This eclipse will be seen as omen-nous in China. They have been perhaps the most eclipse conscious society on the planet, having recorded 596 solar eclipses from the Han to the Yuan dynasties, The earliest remnant of a solar eclipse recorded in China was unearthed at Yin ruins, dated at 1200 BC.

Eclipses carry weight in China.

This year they will carry out a broad number of experiments to determine it’s effects on everything from animals in a zoo, who will be lined up to be observed and seen what sort of impact the eclipse will have on them. In the past eclipses in China have precipitated earthquakes and other dramatic events.

It’s symbolic of “the great eating” as a dragon feasts on the moon. Make no mistake, this is an auspicious moment for China and yet, both the new moon and the eclipse itself, at 29 degrees are in Cancer, the predominant sign of The US. But both heavenly bodies are near the end of their degrees. This suggests some form of energetic pull, from one pole in the west, to another in the east, where the eclipse will be in full force. Ironically, The Sabian Symbol for 29 degrees Cancer is “A Greek Muse Weighing Newborn Twins On A Golden Scale.” Are the twins The US and China? What is being weighed out and measured in full?

As we draw to the end of Cancer with this eclipse, we also reach the end of the Mayan calendar, according to the Arguelles wavespell. Wednesday is 13 Ahau, the golden and beaming consciousness of the cosmic christ, one who endures in order to enlighten. The eclipse, dovetailing with this day is extremely powerful. Here is the code for 8/22/09:

Yellow Cosmic Sun

I Endure in order to Enlighten

Transcending Life
I seal the Matrix of Universal Fire

With the Cosmic tone of Presence

I am guided by the power of Flowering

I am a galactic activation portal . . . enter me.

Are you kidding me? galactic activation portal? Solar eclipse? This could be one helluva ride. The key is aligning with the energies on Tuesday. Don’t fight the tide and yet uphold what you deeply cherish and respect. I didn’t say “hold onto” but “uphold.” Keep your sacred traditions alive, especially those that embody freedom and faith.

Here is a quick look at all signs for the next 72 hours

I have a new friend on Facebook, “Lady Firehorse>” She;s an Aries and a Fire Horse in the chinese system. Don’t get too close or you’ll be consumed by her flame if she doesn’t modulate her radiance. This is especially true when it comes to family members of Aries women this week. Don’t get them all fired up. Instead, bring them sunflowers and breakout the photo album. Start a glow and nurture it.

Back in the sixties, Cliff Robertson won an oscar for a character he portrayed in a movie called “Charlie.” In it he/Charley was what we would have called then, slow, even slightly retarded, but Charley is struck with a blow to the head and slowly he becomes sharper, lucid, coherent and even bright. He develops complex emotions, and even falls in love. having a mature romance. Then the unthinkable begins to occur and his conditions reverses. He begins to recede back into his previous mental condition. Now no one would ever say that you are slow, but the possibility of some serious enlightenment striking you is quite real, even if it’s effects are not long lasting and you are in a heightened sense of experience for a brief time. Don’t be disheartened. Just take really good notes.

Get out of your head and into your heart and there’s a very good chance that you will discover the true value, meaning and purpose of your life in the flash of a moment and out of which you’ll be able steer yourself and others onto more stabile. financial ground. But you have to be prepared to drop your pre-conceived notions about how things get done. Get real and and you’ll understand a new meaning of value and worth.

Holy toledo! Has your mother ship come in? While you’ve been fending off the forces of Pluto, holding down the sanity for the rest of us the past few months, this new moon and solar eclipse is like psychic reinforcement coming to your aid. Whether they’re allies, animal totems, smelly activists or Arcturians, it doesn’t matter. When help shows up, just accept it and figure out a way for them/it to work for you, then show the rest of us the way.

So close, yet so far away. The eclipse and new moon are pointing towards you but aren’t quite there. They’re leading us towards your approach, but not quite yet. These intense powers happen behind the scenes for you, perhaps even just behind the lids of your eyes . What kind of dreams did you give up on? Where did you let go of what once inspired you? Is there a void in your life as a result? The next three days will push you back into those places and spaces. What happens next is entirely up to you. Dare to dream again.

Your friends are vitally important to you and perhaps never more so than now. They’re not only giving you a sense of family but showing you alternative ways of living and working together, day in and day out. Look around you and ask yourself if your current lifestyle is concordant with how you relate to your friends and their way of life? If it isn’t you might want to start re-thinking where you live, how you live and who you live with. You need more and your friends are showing you, just how much more you need.

Get ready for a dramatic turn of events in your so called career life. You have not only reached a crossroads, but you turned right and it led you to a dead end. Have no fear oh balanced one. You need and will receive the nourishment to get taste of how it would be to be self-sufficient. Your own boss. The CEO of you. You need it and putting it off will only delay the inevitable. It’s time to nurture your gifts, talents and skill and take them straight onto the stage of the world with no fear. Just do it.

You’ve been accused of having lower drives and motivations at certain times in your life, but not now, not here. Your calling has arrived and I can safely say that it’s been worth the wait. The big, real big planetary news is that things are shifting here on good old Earth. The new Earth is being born in our midst and there’s plenty of love and light for all. You’ve known this for quite sometime now, but you just haven’t felt like joining the feel good faction with hearts and hugs for all. Well it’s safe to enter those waters if you care to. You know who you are and you can surf a giant wave of love with the best of them and do it with a sneer. Take it higher. Lead them to the edge of their experience and beyond. If they want light and love turn on the searchlights of God and let it burn.

Your biggest challenge is getting through Tuesday and the catalytic activation. Be kind and gentle to yourself and others. View your own imitations and theirs with as much conscious care as possible. Treating yourself more easily on Tuesday will have a grand effect come Wednesday. The energies really open up and a broad field of vision and a powerful depth emerges in your life simultaneously. Epiphanies abound. Get ready.

You can’t always be in as much control as you would like or want to be and the next 72 hours are no exception, especially as it relates to relating. Surrender your omnipotence, your POV and demand to be in commend when it comes to love and your most significant other. Letting go of it all is actually really liberating. Let someone else drive for a while. Si back and take it all in with your beloved and relax. Let go of everything including letting go. You’re up for it. Mastery time.

Every now and then, there comes a time for you that reminds you that you are human. That you have a heart and it beats like everyone else. This humbling realization can send you spinning into weird vortexes like bowling alleys, where people drink and smoke far-too-much, yet can get rapidly spinning orbs to to bend and hook to their will, smashing atoms with an audacious violence and cleaning up the spare pieces to reveal a void, a blank space, an opening in time. It’s an amazing revelation that only occurred because you set your wings down for a while and consorted with the rest of us. This is one of those times.

Here’s a little factoid that you might appreciate. Fellow Piscean, Albert Einstein actually discovered some key information about the nature of gravity during a solar eclipse on May 29th, 1919. It literally set in motion Einstein’s theory of relativity and as a result, we have the atomic bomb (well sort of). The grand, cosmic meaning regarding this, is that you are long overdue for this kind of astonishing, creative breakthrough. Guess what? That time is right about now. Get ready to have your quantum reality shifted in such a way that you will also set new waves of change in motion. Open your aperture wide.

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