New Moon Scopes, Big Cosmic Medicine, Pluto Squares Saturn, Go Deep

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

moonfullThe chief agenda is transformation

The powers of perception and deception are coming on strong. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus, all in Scorpio, with the Moon to follow on Saturday, the emphasis is on seeing deeply through the scrim of illusions, where shadows play upon the opaque nature of man. This weekend has all of the cosmic force behind it to get to the bottom of things, whether it’s relationships, pseudo-pandemics, or any other drama or trauma that bursts upon the flat panel of your mind. Go deeper, trust your instincts, especially on the new moon, the new, marvelously magnetic Scorpio Moon, dark and receptive, like an ebony portal to the rest of the solar system. Meditate, don’t medicate or sleep on this auspicious stellium. Let the lunar waves guide you to the true magnetic north of your soul. Gaze deeply into the eyes of another, mirror gaze, get next to an ocean or a lake. Become the stillness. Become the tide.

While you’re dropping down into spiritual erogenous zones, don’t drift away or fall asleep. Stay present and aware of what’s taking place in the macro, practice the presence of two minds, equally aware and awake of inner and outer realities. Mastering this form of awareness is a type of bi-location of consciousness, being in two places at once, grounding the polarity of emergent realities simultaneously. You can do it. Look for clues, see signs, read tea leaves like they’re the headlines of your newly appointed mission, but don’t fall asleep, because those self-same energies are being worked by other agencies as you read these words. Breakdown and breakthrough are the key words for this weekend and this new moon.

In addition to the stinging stellium and moonless skies, Saturn squares Pluto on Sunday, it’s hardest angle. The Sabian Symbols for both planets/signs are interesting to say the least. I use Dane Rudhyar’s interpretations, so they may not match up with Wheeler’s or my pal Lynda Hill’s. For Rudhyar, Libra 1 initiates the cycle of collectivization, underscored by the power of Libra 1, which is “Transfiguration.” The Sabian Symbol for Libra 1 is:


Rudhyar believes Libra 1 to be a potent degree of intuitive consciousness, but not limited to the individual. He sees the energy shifting from the individual to the formation of groups, collectives and the archetypal energies surrounding Libra 1 are “Forms.” Interestingly enough, he assigns the cycle of Scorpio as “Powers” which brings us back to the opening paragraph, around the power and depth of Scorpio and it’s planetary formation this weekend. Forms and powers. Groups. Collectivity. Connectivity. Clusters. Tribes. Empowerment. The symbol of the butterfly itself is of course a record of it’s beauty, a symbol of it’s transformation, the secret patterns on it’s wings with messages for those with eyes that can see. The dart “fixes” the perfection of the butterfly and thus makes an archetype of the butterfly itself. Rudhyar of course also sees the butterfly as Jesus impaled on the cross, where the rays of transfiguration complete the transformation from “The Son of Man” to “The Son Of God.” We’re talking potent symbology and energy. Do not underestimate the power of this weekend to really blow some doors off the hinges of your psyche, especially as it relates to Capricorn 1.


When I think of Capricorn 1, I think of the movie from the seventies with the same title, with James Brolin, OJ Simpson and Sam Waterson as astronauts that take part in faked a Mars landing and are then hunted down by TPTB when they decide to flip the script. It’s one of those semi-cheesy seventies films that flirts with conspiracy, then flaunts it in our face. But this Capricorn 1 is much different. Rudhyar talks about the sheer power of this degree and it’s bold claim to title, to that of “chief” which apparently has the same Latin root as “capital” and also “head.” He is somewhat neutral on the effects of the degree, concerning himself more with the power than it’s actual application. In Rudyhar’s eyes, this degree is clearly a test of being able to handle the power . . . or not. As it squares off against Libra 1 and Saturn, the concentrated focus of collectivity an the powers of Scorpio, will it create a natural friction? What if the groups do not like what the chief has done? can there be thousands of chiefs? I find it interesting that Barack Obama was essentially meeting with a group Native leaders at the Tribal Nations Conference and actually called out a “Dr. Joe Medicine Crow” under Capricorn 1. Was this a symbolic act by Obama, asserting himself as “The New Chief?” John Bell Hood, the man whom Fort Hood is named after, cut his military teeth as an “Indian Fighter” shooting it out with Comanche’s at “The Devils River” in Texas, where his left hand was pierced by an arrow.

So let’s say your asking yourself, “How will this new moon effect me and my sign?” Well let’s find out:

You are Capt. Nemo. Take the Nautilus to hull cracking depths. Get close to the deep sea vents where light becomes heat and life forms take on a supernatural fluorescence. Just go there and you will be amazed by what you experience. Oh yeah, spend the weekend in bed with someone that you want to stay there with. It’ll make your journey to the bottom of the sea that much more pleasurable.

Start the weekend off by finding “Black Orpheus”, a powerful portrayal of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, set against the backdrop of Carnival in Rio during the early sixties. Director, Marcel Camus perfectly captures the descent into the underworld and the passionate heat of the two star crossed lovers set to the sounds of Samba. This is the theme of your upcoming weekend. Find this film. Watch it and let it trigger all of the archetypal emotions surrounding fidelity, trust, and surrender. Your journey out of the cave or relating begins this weekend.

You cannot continue to work and serve in the same manner that you have before. If you have recently lost your job or are about to, do not sugar coat it’s impact on your life and the life of others. To do so would be to rob yourself of an important suite of feelings and realizations. You can re-frame later on, but for now, allow yourself to grieve and let the dark currents take you deeper into your authentic self.

This weekend/new moon can be a potent point of rebalancing some very deep wounds/needs around being loved. It goes all the way back to childhood, rejection on a number of different levels. Father’s play a big role in this reincarnated power play, but this time, you get to experience the power of being loved, down to the center of your cells, where the hologram truly shifts. You are more than worthy and being met by another in the most vulnerable places in your heart and eros is exactly what you need to come out of your shell.

Of all the signs, you run the risk of risking too much. Don’t put your pride on the line, especially when it comes to the most delicate matters regarding your home and foundation. Your natal Mars is squaring off against the Scorpio Moon and unless you’re really clear about the mandates that you’re setting down and attendant risks if your cards are called, you could be looking for a new zip code
sooner than you’d like. Staying or going is not the issue, it’s what you would demand of another in order to keep you chaos at a minimum. Don’t go all in just yet.

In the Sabian Symbols, Dane Rudhyar talks about the Virgo stage of development that is rooted in occult study and some form of mastery. Ironic that pure little Virgo would be concerned so deeply with the gears of the universe and the inner workings of spiritual power, but it makes sense. This weekend, the forces are lining up for you to pass your final exam. Gateways, angels. aliens and slowing down time are on the horizon. Let’s see how you navigate in these realms without your blinders on.

Saturn wants to lift you up, bring you form, make you the best darned Libra you’ve ever wanted to be or needed to be. No more talk. It’s time for action. The new moon and the posse of Scorpio planets that are tagging along are making sure that you face your darkest fears in the most efficient and grace filled manner, so that you can get on with the business of getting the world back on track with pure, common sense and a fierce desire to make sure that our collective humanity stays intact.

Do you remember C+C Music Company? Freedom Williams? “I’ve Got The Power”? That is your theme song for this weekend. Now the next question is, what are you going to do with it? Will you stay up for 72 hours straight and pen the supernatural mystery thriller of your dreams or will you mesmerize the masses with a subtle glance or simple gaze? You’re scaring the hell out of the rest of us, but we’ll get the big picture when you finally start to allay your own fears about what you’re capable of and what you’re gonna do once you figure it out.

Pay very close attention to your dreams and other semi-hypnogogic states, along with your waking thoughts as well. You can manifest almost any reality you want this weekend, but if fear should creep into the experience, it will bring your demons along with your creations. Be clear and fearless. Manifest the highest and the best for all involved and you’ll be richly rewarded for your clarity and largesse of spirit.

If there’s anything that you can do to prove that you are still one of us, it’s time to re-think your feelings regarding your fellow man. I mean a complete 180. If you hold the idea that only the best, most well educated and smartest folks are the ones that should be calling the shots, you might want to re-think that strategy. A recent study of graduates from universities found Econ grads to have the least developed sense of emotional capacity. They might be the best and brightest with the most “efficient” way of dealing with reality but they the messy stuff is where all the change really happens.
Roll up your sleeves and get down with the masses in some capacity this weekend. it will rekindle your humanity.

We’re in need of solutions. Big picture stuff. Top down transformation. You can see this, not just in the world around you, but you’re own life and career path. This coming weekend allows you to have some serious breakthroughs on both fronts, but to get there, you’ll have to see things as they are and not as you’d like them to be. Hold on to yourself, because revelations will rock your very existence. After that, it starts to get good. You’ll need to climb down from your ivory tower though to get the benefit of fully letting go.

While the rest of us are toiling on this plane of existence, you are flying. You’re out there. From astral travel, to the farthest reaches of your imagination, you’re on a magic carpet ride. Led by the ultra-magnetic frequencies of the moon itself, allow yourself to really cut loose from the tethers of familiarity. One word of caution however; do not over indulge in any substance other than your own brain chemistry. Adding some psychoactive fuel to the fire might send you spiraling in a direction you do not want to go. Oh yeah, keep a notebook handy all weekend long.

3 thoughts on “New Moon Scopes, Big Cosmic Medicine, Pluto Squares Saturn, Go Deep”

  1. A

    What a fantastic visual! I just finished teaching a month long unit on Monarchs culminating in a Dia de los Muetos festival and of course now I am focusing on Native Americans this month. There are so many intense and radical changes taking place in my home & work and the world. Reading about the acceleration of time and the Mayan Calendar…this is definitely not a time to be asleep. I feel like I am constantly catching up! If there wasn’t a Nor’ Easter, I would migrate like a sea turtle to the ocean!

    PS: I don’t recall you giving new Moon scopes before…You posted before Ms. Barbara Hand Clow!

  2. K

    Great, I have never wanted to fall asleep more in my life. Everything is too much and too little right now. And your forecast is scaring me (Leo). :S When I don’t have any power, I’d rather disappear into the night.

  3. T

    Hey Robert –

    sumptuous to find your new moon message resonating with magic and medicine. The cure for the sting is the antivenin alchemized – Venemous Venus and Mars Leo fever purifies respired dross.

    Ninja time.

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