New Moon Scopes And Gulf Tragedy As Chiron Turns Into A Fish

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

new-moon1If you could look past the chemtrails, this is what you would see.

The Moon is racing to catch up with The Sun, by the end of the day, it will. It’s newness will compliment the golden moments of the Sun’s respite in Taurus. Chiron has moved into Pisces at 0 degrees. This is ground zero for all things related to water. Yes, that includes the massive spill in The Gulf. The damage is nearly incomprehensible and while BP failed in their attempt to cap the spill with their puny dome, they’ve managed to do a pretty fair job in sealing off most of the hardcore press from the disaster zone. There is some deeply disturbing and compelling video taken by John Wathen, an environmentalist, who had a volunteer pilot fly 87 miles out to ocean where the sub-oceanic petrol volcano is spewing over 200,000 gallons-a-day. This will devastate the region for years, maybe decades to come. Methane is also leaking off the coast of Florida, forcing some folks there to actually evacuate. This is the equivalent of an environmental Hiroshima.

As the days, months and years go by, with Chiron in Pisces, the planet’s water will become it’s most valuable and precious resource. Who gets to tap into it and for how much will be one of the most controversial topics of the days to come. What is happening in The Gulf is just the beginning. Why do you think that the Bush family has bought over 98,000 acresGuarani Aquifer, the largest source of fresh water in the world. Water will equal and then surpass gold in value during the days to come.

The Moon is new in Taurus and if you haven’t gotten your plants into the ground, tomorrow is a very, very, good time. In the mundane world, it’s a great time to get a haircut or a pedicure as well. Things grow back nicely pruned during a Bull New Moon. Take some time and reflect on what is happening to our precious world, our source of life in the physical and the planetary embryo for hatching our consciousness to the stars. Take some time to feel her, honor her and try to have a few moments of silence for the people, land and species of The Gulf. Hold them and cradle them for just a moment in the hearth of your awareness. I’m not sure there is much more that we can do for now. Let’s look at some New Moon scopes for each sign.

It doesn’t get much more basic than what Tessa was saying on my radio show yesterday. I’m hungry and I want to eat something. A fresh fruit salad. This is the essence of the New Moon for you and it doesn’t get more basic than that. But the New Moon in Taurus is also about planting and sustainability. What you eat now what you satiate your hunger with will have a lasting impact on you. Want a better diet? Healthier and nutritious? It starts today. Eat your destiny, but make sure to choose as well as you chews. The temple gates of your body are wide open.

Can we all just climb in bed with you for the next 24 hours? You are the most delicious food in the garden. You are ripe, right now. Voluptuous and vital, there is an earthy magnetism that emanates from you and we are irresistibly drawn into the warm current of your of your deep center. How does it feel to be the source of life for a few days? Just run with it. Sooth, soothsay, seduce and supplicate. You can do it all and still have plenty left over. We venerate you. We exalt you. We crown thee King and Queen May. Just don’t get too used to it. In two days your personal festival is over and it’s back to chopping wood, carrying water. But for now, for now, just roll with it baby.

If you ever wanted to have moment where you wanted to start over, or at the very least, take a few steps backwards and take a new crack at your path, tomorrow could be that day you have been waiting for. it won’t come easy per se, but it promises to be lasting and fairly profound if you have the correct intention. I’m talking the power of prayer in a moment of deep silence. You can still the restless crashing of your mental waves for a few hours over the next few days and the beautiful void allows you to enter into the inner temple with great humility and deep appreciation. It’s there, waiting for you and all you have to do is ask without any desire to be heard or gratified and you will have the most solid and honest relationship with your inner self that you’ve had in quite sometime. That, in and of itself will start the reset button in motion. The rest isn’t up to you.

While I would never advocate that you ditch you shell, I would say that maybe you should trade it in for a more streamlined model. You need to get out and mingle with the masses. That big old shell you’re carrying around just won’t do. You can adorn it and make it pretty, but we’re talking Spring here and you need to ditch a few layers of that carapace. It’s time. You’ve been behind closed doors for too long. Too much virtual and not a enough physical is not good for you. You’re the symbol of circulation and flow. Get out there and go to lunch or desert and indulge in the organic experience of renewable relationships. Over the next few days, you are no crusty crab.

With Mars still circulating in your sign, you’re on top of the world, feeling it. After months of retrograde torture and diminution of will, you’re filling back up and setting more grounded and worthy career goals. The next 24 hours allows you to have a solid presence in your work world and even during this disastrous time in our economy, you can still make money and believe it or not, the New Moon says you can make even more. The key is to not overestimate your worth at the expense of others. Know what your value is and naturally accept it. Don’t question or hyper-inflate it. Just feel it, know it, be it.

In a past life, you were an agronomist-sage, where you set your sextant against a sky of seed, flowering and fruiting into the future. For you, there was little difference between the tides of heaven and earth. You plotted the seasons as if sailing waves of wheat or corn. As below, so above. That kind of wisdom is yours for the asking and the reaping, especially if you can translate that from crops to harvest of skills, talent and worth. You have planted the seed long ago, but on this New Moon, you have the ability to translate the organic telemetry of growing into a more practical stratagem of wisdom that rains from above. When asked about a great idea or a concept, the native elder replied; “But does it grow corn”? That’s your question for the deeply grounded insight that you are about to bear.

You often get lulled into the idea that you can have this marvelous, wonderful, sensate experience between your ears. You have become so facile at approximating value and assigning beauty to experience, that it is like some sublime equation in your minds eye. This makes you heaven’s voyeur. Not today or the next though. You are down in it. You are smelling he chaf and the leather, the sweat and the pleasure, the grind of creation. It’s overwhelming and yet, you desire to be completely liberated from the aesthetic play-by-play in your head. Let it go and surrender to the world around you, in all of it’s glorious and deeply ironic physicality. Like the urbane visitor in Lawrence’s, “The Blind Man,” the natural world is seeking to take your senses by siege. Wave the white flag.

Last night, I encountered three couples, with three vastly different styles of relating at my local watering hole. To my left, there was a man with a weathered and leathered visage, a face that had stared far too long into the salty spray. He sat between me and is beloved like a barrier reef, rebuffing with taciturn rejoinders my attempt at small talk. Not directly, but with clear, stay back code. On his other side, his wife looked on with the gaze of a woman stranded on a desert island, longing for deliverance. On my right, a couple set to get married in two weeks, close and ready for the exchange of their vows. And yet, there were times that the man, sitting next to me, reached out like a life line to her, not in some extension of connection, but more like a grasp at reassurance. Behind me, Shannon Doherty’s double interrogated the waitress for long, awkward moments about the menu, while her man sat by, fidgeting, uncomfortable, but clearly aware of this ritual. These are just a few of the earthly imperfections you face as you choose to renew, in your typical scorpion fashion, the meaning of your love.

When I think of archetypal Sag’s, one of the faces that flashes across the screen of my mind is Gregg Allman. There wasn’t a more deeply troubled and chemically dependent figure in rock during The 70’s and 80’s. Troubled by the untimely death of his brother Duane just after playing with Eric Clapton, during Clapton’s most devilish and decadent phase, he battled cocaine addiction and Cher’s (Taurus) diva static. By all accounts, he should be dead. But, he is not and neither are you. That said, it would behoove you to take some extra effort to extend that lifespan of yours. Clean up your kitchen and cleanse your system.

Often times, we assign a value of being this stony demi-urge amongst the zodiac. While it’s occasionally true, you are also of this Earth and such, you are just as innocent and lighthearted as the rest of us, though even you have conformed to the myth of your own sign. Beneath the surface of serious intent, you are really just a kid looking to score some pink popcorn and a ride on the tilt-o-whirl on a warm, Summer night, with the stars blinking directly back at your dizzy gaze. It’s not so different now, even though the emanation of your destiny looms large. Take some time and allow the simplicity of the moment melt into your established and well rehearsed decorum. You deserve a break from your responsibility.

I only have a few words to say for you. Even eagles have nests. Find yours, wherever it is and honor it.

One of the great ironies of being a profound dreamer is that you don’t always have power over such an incredible gift. Sometimes you are the dream, sometimes it is you. Grounding that gift is not something they teach in grad school and even if you did have some semblance of influence over that world, it would be impossible for you to maintain draconian control over such a fluid state. It would ultimately chase you to substances that would help you flow and fell more compatible with that realm. However, matching the frequency is not the same as creating something new out the realm of a dream. Now, you have the capacity to ground your sleeping and waking vision in a very concrete fashion. Believe in it without fail. Make it happen.

In honor of The Gulf, it’s people and habitat.

6 thoughts on “New Moon Scopes And Gulf Tragedy As Chiron Turns Into A Fish”

  1. a

    Someone had mentioned this once before. It is deeply ironic. Here’s another. The spokesman for Transoceanic is named, “Guy Cantwell.”

  2. On “Guy Cantwell”

    Back in the day I got a ton of gallows humour out of the guy who was orchestrating TARP – Neel Kashkari

    Kneel, Cash, Carry. Yup, that’s exactly what he did.

    And Goldman Sachs

    Gold Man Sacks, Gold Sacks, Gold Man Sacks (U.S.)

  3. T

    Taurus moon is my favorite: mango and strawberry, melon and banana, wearing soft cotton t-shirt while plucking baby spinach and chard to sauté with criminis and stuff into bowls of baked potatoes. Taurus – when the whole world is delicious.

    Luna leaves the embrace of the goddess to dance in the square of the cardinal cross this evening; what is whispered tonight will be the thunder of summer. The bones are old, old, old, and they know.

    I try to stop myself from seeking what’s coming, watching the stars and spinning models. It’s already here.

  4. B

    Nobody’s talking about the European growing season and volcanic dust…and famine …
    … or the symbolic significance of a miniscule mentality messing with Mother in the gulf … …but then again…
    isn’t dependency on foreign oil the only way they can excuse WW3?

    …call me british but i always thought Anal Greenscam was employed for his name and not his brain.

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