New Moon On Monday–Super Stellium–Alchemical Marriage–Quick Scopes

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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alchemicalmoonThe Sacred Union

Five planets in Pisces, four of which conjunct throughout the day. “The Ides Of March” should be more like “The Tides Of March” with all of this watery influence. Peak spiritual experience is in order for the day. Compassion fills our cups–the holy grail of our day-to-day emotional redemption. Find one person or event in your life that has been difficult to forgive. Address that grievance inside yourself in any way that you can and simply let it go, let it return to the source of all life. There is profound spiritual energy available at this time and the veil between us and the cosmic pulse of life is very thin. Here’s some quick scopes for each signs and strategies to forgive and let go. Happy birthday Mom.

Prepare your bedroom like a shrine tonight. Add lots of flowers in many small vases or vessels. Bring as much water into your space as possible. You are building the proscenium for your temple of dreams. Set your intention to forgive and be forgiven. Let God do the rest.

Get out, mingle in the void of the moon. Mix and open to the magic of reflection. You will have numerous opportunities to experience your feelings amidst reflections of personae from the past. Bless each one with the benediction of kindness no matter how forbidding they once appeared to be. There are no shadows tonight.

Want to hit the re-set dial on your career? There is no time like the present. Anything you do today in order to take some course of action to get closer to the ideal expression of your innate, evolutionary pattern, the more you will bring that into being. Make a collage of your gifts and talents, support someone else’s creative dream by donating time or money and let your higher self take of the rest.

The imagery of “The Upper Room” should be first and foremost in your heart and mind today. Contact with the numinous awaits you if you can prepare the right conditions for it to occur. Meditation, silence, deep retreat into the natural world all set the stage for “higher” wisdom to pour into your life.

Sex and spirit were cleaved in two by the early church “fathers.” Mary was left out of the trinity, usurped by the holy ghost, a phantasmic apparition for pagan consumption. She needs to assume her rightful place in the triune of spirit. Mary and Mary got left on shore because of the power inherent in woman. Psychologically, the thought of endless waves of orgasmic ecstasy and divine birth were just too much to handle. With Mars gone direct, it’s time for you to rediscover the whole and holiness of the divine feminine as it relates to deep, sexual intimacy.

While Leo is plunging into the archetypal depths of sacred sexuality, you are courting your soul mate. Like all signs today and tomorrow, it’s not necessarily what you do, but how you do it. Don’t take anything personally (a life lesson for you) and let the tides of connection move you magically, magnificently and majestically to your divine reflection.

Dharma and purpose are first and foremost for you over the next 24 hours. You need a spiritual renewal in your sense of purpose. You do this by discovering different depths and layers of your current occupation or if you are in transition like so many Americans at this point, allow your secret gifts to rise to the surface. Indulge in the perfect scenario for your most potent expression talent. Forgive yourself immediately if you don’t feel like you are doing your life’s work. Today, let life’s work do you.

You and Leo should hook up. Seriously. The same energy is running through both of your signs but moving in slightly different paths. For you, it’s about allowing your fantasies to rise to the surface in all of their gothic and romantic excess. Get in touch with the deep and poetic wellspring that you can be renewed through love and any past hurt that made you feel like Edward Scissorhands can be exorcised simply by opening your heart.

If Aries is turning their sleep chamber into a temple of dreams, you should be doing the same with your own house this evening. The possibility of visitation and communion with the other side is highlighted for you. Find and arrange pictures of someone you love that has passed and place them around the house. Find some of their favorite foods, play a few of their favorite songs and invite them to sit for a while, especially if there was any unfinished business.

I spent the weekend with my Capricorn uncle, whom I had not seen in years. He spent the majority of it sobbing over his childhood that was stolen from him. The energy of this Moonday is exquisitely aligned for you to forgive any and everyone that made you grow up much faster than you would have liked to. Your siblings, if you have them hold keys to memories that would unlock the cages of your torment. Seek them out and commune with them.

Give it away. Let it go. I’m talking material stuff. Things. Definition of self as manifested through your accumulated fetishes and power objects. Donate or dump them. Get them out of your space if you want to welcome in something new that is far more reflective of your ever changing nature. If you feel like you have compromised your integrity by your attachment to these things, forgive yourself and welcome in cool new expressions of renewable energy on many levels.

You are the poster child for forgiveness today. We look to you as our super-heroine who is no longer able to swim against the tide, but must really surrender and go with the flow. The act of letting the currents of change take you to wherever they need is a blessing that you cannot see at this point. The only thing that will hinder complete and total rebirth is your clinging to anything from your past. Let it all go.

Just for kicks and entertainment purposes only, here is Duran Duran with their semi-fascistic, fetishistic video, “New Moon On Monday.” Enjoy.

7 thoughts on “New Moon On Monday–Super Stellium–Alchemical Marriage–Quick Scopes”

  1. k

    Wow…Talk about the universe talking to me. Since my wedding my best friend and I (not Stef, but another) had a terrible fall out. She is a Scorpio. In January we tried to mend things but we are leaving each other out in the cold. I resent her for being selfish and she resents me for not giving enough.

    Yesterday I dreamed I was with friends on an ice rink and a man came from behind and hugged me. He whispered in my ear “Loving means letting go.”

    Now you say that Leo and Scorpio should “hook up”. That’s the expression she always uses.

    I will definitely be emailing her right way. Tell her that I miss and need her. Hopefully these words will get her to point that stinger somewhere else.

  2. A

    Katrina I had a similar experience with a mentor/friend. We had a falling out and I was going through a lot…too much for her. We don’t talk anymore but I miss her, love her , respect her and always send her good thoughts. My mom says maybe sometime down the road she will come around. You can choose to still be her friend & send her love anyway.

    Tomorrow is the big day Robert…due back in court re: child support since my son moved in with his dad. I kind of look @ it like Custer’s last stand. The reading you did for me told me to mark that day (3/16) and you were spot on months ago. Wish me luck and I will work on forgiveness and letting go.

  3. T

    Hey Robert –

    Full moons & new moons in new relationship came to mind, with your alchemical marriage piece: a short topic for your next FAR show?

    The Virgo full moon falling before the Pisces new moon came to me as a “call” to service, the familiar call that I associate with a new moon seed. The coupling new moon today, in Pisces, feels like a reflection, a fruitation, from actions taken after the full moon seed found ground. It feels like I’m being pushed to “do” before I “know.” This will still be the case for another several months. Would love to hear your thoughts.

  4. N

    Thanks for the advice. Well, I must admit that the video of the Duran Duran (= 2xDuran) is effectively semi-fascistic, i do admit… For sure it is also fetishistic…

    “This Gypped World Is Gurgling, but Don’t Be Gunshy Like A Gull, for This Gully World Will Finally Find Its Gully-Hole With Wild Gusty Gyre, As My Gut Guesses…” THIGWIG DOBEGU LAG, THIGWIFFI GHWIGUGY, AMGUG

  5. B

    Thanks Robert…completely spot-on for Sag…my paternal grandmother returned with a bombshell of information …

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