New Moon In Capricorn — Ascend To New Internal Heights — Co-Create And Nurture

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

cap_newmoon.jpgYou are already there

Last new moon of 2008 rises today. The moon is in cool and detached Capricorn and while it heats up ever-so-slightly in a partial conjunction with the young, goat Sun, it will not be a moon given to warmth, nurturing and camaraderie. However, if you were so inclined to go out with the masses and haggle over post-holiday bargains, you’re in the drivers seat as long as you can easily walk away from a deal that you are equally invested in. Cyclically, the new moon is always associated with planting seeds, whether they are literal or figurative and this weekend is prime for planting intentions, especially as they relate to the overall Pluto in Capricorn vibration. While it is a fallacy that we think we are totally in control, we can skillfully interact with the power of creation during a new moon and ask ourselves, “What is important in my life and how can I assist in bringing it to fruition?” The old adage is “prayer” is asking, while “meditation” is listening. The new moon affords us the opportunity to do both, in an active/passive modality.

While it is in Capricorn, ask your various selves, “how do I continue to ascend on my journey during this time in our history?” While the planet might seem like it’s shutting down for business, we’re still very much engaged in the act of being human and alive at this time.

During Pluto in Capricorn it is your birthright to ascend to the highest degrees of physical and spiritual attainment. The ironic part is that we are already enlightened, have already reached the apex of the pyramid and dwell in the great mystery in a state of constancy. Only our conscious awareness or lack thereof keeps us separated from the multi-dimenional reality of our eternal nature. So, like most paradoxes on Earth, there is nothing to achieve and yet we must strive at times in order to come to the realizations that are vital to recognizing this. Our spiritual quest is mostly a battle against inertia and a process to awaken.

The new moon in Capricorn sets the internal benchmark. How can I be more? How can I do more? What would my life look like if I had the ability to master even the most daunting details of my life? By invoking the power of creation in a state of humility and service, these very pertinent, Capricornian intentions during the new moon, take on a life and resonance of their own. The 13th of January is when the moon is full in Cancer and the manifestation of Capricornian intent can be revealed.

On a global scale, the world is less forgiving today and a ruthlessness is very present on the geo-political front. Pakistan is readying their troops in response to a potential strike by India. US troops are swelling around the borders of Afghanistan, the Israelis have hammered an already reeling Gaza and The US Army are poised and ready to roll, should the economic downturn get even uglier.

The opposite of Capricorn is of course Cancer, so be sure to balance some of this heavy and aggressive energy by nurturing some part of your self, your family, your community. Add your presence to life today and affirm your being through acts of kindness and care, Cancerian traits being called forth now and remember, no single act or thought is ever insignificant, especially if it is consciously arrived at.

Have a good new moon.

Don’t forget, 12/31/08, 6 AM, PDT is “The Gathering In The Void” where we will meditate, observe and notate our experience together and report back, here on this site. I looked at the Mayan calendar for that day and it is indeed auspicious, FIVE CABAN, “Commanding synchronicity.”

3 thoughts on “New Moon In Capricorn — Ascend To New Internal Heights — Co-Create And Nurture”

  1. T

    I’ve included a note about your experiment on 31 Dec. in my blog today (29th) Robert – hope you don’t mind. It might reach one or two people from a different sphere. 🙂

  2. M

    I’m writing about it on my blog today – the 30th….I’ll be taking part, too. Your words are spot on to what I’ve been thinking about. regards!

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