New Moon and Stellium in Capricorn, Plant Your Vision For The Next Three Years

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

1The hard winter sleet strafed my window this morning. Freezing droplets clung to the tree outside, the birds of spring long gone. The gun-metal-gray sky belonged to Saturn, not our Sun. Somewhere out in Arizona, where the generically white, Evergreen Air tankers spew trails of barium, aluminum, and iron oxide, laced with dessicated cocktails, swimming with nano arrays, they’ve got big plans—they want to dim the Sun because global warming is “getting out of hand.” Little do they know they know (or maybe they do) that the heat of the planet is generated from inside.

Ever wonder why the higher you climb the colder it gets?

The grand effect of the gray Sun is that the distant light, of other suns in our solar system, even from their remote orbits compete for the infiltration of our consciousness.

There is ancient lore that Saturn used to be our Sun, and that Jupiter is poised and ready to supplant it once it fades to black. Both Jupiter and Saturn have been penetrated by craft in symbolic fashion. Cassini entered the Lord of The Rings on September 15th, 2017. On September 15th, 1935, Germany adopts the Swastika as it’s new flag.

We’re two weeks into 2o18 and the biggest stellium in decades is upon us. Venus, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto, all aligned in the sign of Capricorn. As I type the Moon is just pulling into station with the Sun. This is an incredibly powerful time over the next twenty-four-hours. Be thoroughly conscious and aware of not just your thoughts, but why you are here, your higher purpose, and where you are ELevated. This is a Cardinal Gate and what you are sourcing in your field is what you are charging as change, so you may as well set your sight on the apex of your experience.

If we are God’s hands in this world, then Capricorn bestows upon us duty, responsibility and commitment to channel works, both great and small, with the focused intention of the master builder.

Saturn in Capricorn has the potential of being quite demanding, but if you can put the work in, you’ll look back on these three years as not only being pivotal for you, but the planet as a whole. Find your inner peak and scale it.


2 thoughts on “New Moon and Stellium in Capricorn, Plant Your Vision For The Next Three Years”

  1. R

    Awesome! Making career changes and I am keeping my eye on it. I am home with the flu and I never get sick. Taking the time to deep clean closets and organize. Everything I will donate. I always enjoy to your articles.

  2. Ah, I believe our heat is a combination of unseen/felt energy, vibrations, in a solar system that is heating up.
    The actual base resonance (Schumann) has increased.
    Spewing pollution and deadly toxins to try to outsmart the sun.
    This is peak hubris and if not stopped soon will bring some painful blowback.

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