New Goals And New Roles In The Post Economy For All Signs

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium


The offered me the office, offered me the shop
They said I’d better take anything they’d got
Do you wanna make tea at the BBC?
Do you wanna be, do you really wanna be a cop?

Career opportunities are the ones that never knock
Every job they offer you is to keep you out the dock
Career opportunity, the ones that never knock.
“Career Opportunities” — The Clash

If you haven’t noticed yet, the economy is still melting faster than Gene Simmons’ make up at a Hooters In El Paso. So what are we to make of this? Molly Hall recently dropped a really profound post on the spirit of “not giving up.” I love how she poignantly portrays what’s taking place and the values, courage and heart we’re going to need to summon in the days to come. If you have not read it, I heartily encourage you to go here and read it.

After you get a heart full of inspiration, come on back here, because I have a few shingles to hang on Molly’s shelter from the storm.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that the old game is over and we’re not going back. There’s too much debt, too many under and unemployed, too many global elites shaking their pom-poms for “A New World Order.” So what’s going to happen? People will still need to work (we’re not obsolescent just yet), but the old jobs are gone. Kaput. 86’d. If that’s the case, then what the hell are we going to do? Well, how about re-define new vocational missions for each sign? Intrigued? Well sign in stranger and welcome to the “New Roles For New Goals In The Post-Work Society.”

Jesus might have been a Capricorn, but Hitler was an Aries. Okay, now that I’ve gotten your attention, your leadership skills will be transferrable across any societal platform. Full court press on The New World Order? Not to worry. They’re going to need people to oversee those FEMA Camps. Yes, your Sun and or rising sign immediately qualify you for this unique opportunity in forced incarceration and affordable labor. All you have to do is simply be yourself, become well versed in non-lethal weaponry ( a cinch for you ) and truly believe that what you are doing is in the best interests for all involved. You can be bossy and get paid for it! How cool is that? On a slightly more serious note, your leadership skills will be invaluable in the coming days and are legitimately transferrable across any newly evolving situation. You’re a quick study, which will be essential in the re-programming, I mean re-learning many will have to go through. But if I had to give you three, new potential gigs, they would be as follows.

1) Welder and Vulcanizer. Learning skills like welding and forging are going to be critical. We may not have much money left, but we have a lot of things, a culture of clutter and finding new ways to use them or fuse them will be essential. You’re an inventive type by nature, so learn how to wield a flame and let your inner Hephaestus emerge.

2) Light Touch Healer. Aries folk have some of the hottest mitts that have ever touched me–they can literally throw off sparks, but they rarely indulge in the touchy-feely world of airy-fairy healing. Well, drop your self-judgment and lay your exceptional hands on others (with their permission of course). Believe it or not, people will you reward you for this. Last but not least.

3) Social Reformer. If you don’t like the world we’re living in–change it. You’re a natural authority and leader. People trust you. Find a cause (or start your own) and then seek to create the new world everyone seems to be talking about.

If you haven’t found your green thumb, do it while you still can as there is the HR 75 Bill in congress, thanks to Monsanto that want to regulate organic gardening, especially home gardening. Dig in literally and figuratively around this subject, because growing food will be your forte in the months to come. But you’ll also be needed to tend to the invisible garden as well, weeding out efforts by the likes of Monsanto and others from keeping us from exercising our God given rights to be a steward of the planet. So that said, your, first new role is

1) Revolutionary Farmer. in the tradition of the founding fathers, who turned swords into plowshares, you can channel the stubborn streak and fixed attitude to dig in your heels and protect our right to grow and then go out and do it. When push comes to shove, there is no force that is as unstoppable a Taurus with a purpose. Protect and prosper.

2) Geo-Thermal Wild-Catter. In the tradition of old school, oil wild-catters, the new fuel source and still underutilized is geo-thermal energy. Areas like Napa, Sonoma and Lake Counties in Northern California offer unique promise for enterprising individuals who can quickly learn about how to tap into and then use the immense, geo-thermal reserves of the planet. Find a way to get some of that stimulus money and tap into the connection that you have with the Earth and release some of the pent-up steam.

3) Kitchen Apothecary. If you were to scour your spice rack, you’d no doubt find enough potent herbs to craft your own line of herbal defense for at least a week. From Cayenne, to Tumeric, to Garlic, to Coriander, your kitchen is filled with anti-oxidants, chelators, astringents, etc. As a “Kitchen Apothecary” you can find ways to incorporate theses herbs in their most potent states into recipes, tinctures and salves. You and I mean you, bull gods and goddesses have the keys to unlock the secrets of your spice rack and re-rack your career at the same time.

Perhaps one of the most adaptable signs, your ability to navigate the turgid financial waters that lie ahead will make most people sit back in awe. You love a challenge, a puzzle, a maze and I couldn’t think of a more challenging and maze-like time than now. So let’s see what your new career choices are.

1) Mandarin/Cantonese Translator. Since China now owns much of The US debt on paper, if they ever come-a-collecting, non-Asian speakers of both Mandarin and Cantonese are going to be in very high demand as advocates and interpreters. We know how much you love language, so why not invest in one of those Rosetta Stone programs and get your Asian on. Hell, even if it never happens, you’ll still be able to amaze your friends by ordering in Chinese when you go out.

2) Kit Car Builder. As the wheels continue to come apart of the auto-industry and people cannot afford to buy a new car every three years, there will be a new, cottage industry popping up around building Kit Cars and then adding flourishes like electric motors or solar panels incorporated into the engine and design. Your sign rules travel about town, short trips and journeys and the Kit Car world affords. Car kits like the X-R3 Diesel/Electric Hybrid are just hitting the market and there will be more, plus there are older kit cars, like Dune Buggys that are prime for re-engineering. Think of buying a kit for $2500, building it and adding your spin to it and then selling at twice the price or even barter for other goods and services that appeal to you. At the very least, you could teach people how to do it themselves and get paid for your expertise.

3) Blog Baron. With the collapse of the newspaper industry before our very eyes, papers are cutting back and retrenching online. This is a huge opportunity for clever, inventive and communicative Gemini. Going online levels the playing field, since the technology is radically democratic in it’s application and reach. If more papers do this, then it will open up intense competition for eyeballs. It’s going to be about who is serving the needs of the locals more potently. As result, a new arena of aggregation will open up, such as bloggers by bio-region or area, blogging specifically about food, or kids, or the environment, but all with a local flavor. A smart and mercurial type like you could bring together a number of said blogs and put them on one, centralized site, attracting eyeballs, getting advertisers etc. It’s a Brave New World in online publishing and The Net could open wide to an enterprising Blogger Baron in the making.

Of all the signs, you’ve got the most challenging path towards re-inventing yourself. You’re a traditionalist at heart and the rising corporatocracy will only have use for your quaint ideas around self-reliance, home, hearth and family, if they fit neatly into an institutionalized format of global village life. That said, you’re our keeper of the flame when it comes to human values over the next 15 years. So how can you accomplish such a heady task while re-inventing yourself in he new economy? Let’s find out.

1) Custom Flag Maker. One of the things that I actually foresee is the importance flags will take on in the years to come. Everything from communal flags, to personal flags, to family flags. Flags transmit symbolic meaning and in some cases are actually portals of attraction. Now trust me on this one, flags are going become very popular as a backlash against a more and more faceless and monolithic culture. The Sabian Symbol for 0 degrees Cancer is, On A Ship The Sailors Lower An Old Flag And Raise a New One.. That’s your new mission.

2) Professional Care Co-Op Operator. As more and more people are getting older, with an obvious strain on social services as a result of the flagging economy, the need for cooperative care will become immensely important. You, my dear Crab can be an innovative force in this arena by finding spaces, organizing friends, family and volunteers to spend time with, provide meals for and arrange activities for the elder generation. This wouldn’t be a hardcore, rehabilitative environment, but more of a safety net for the old who have lost their pensions or 401K’s without a lot of family or assistance available. You can get compensated for this for agreed upon fees for your direction from folks have elders that need help or even finding low level sponsors to spread the cost around by buying their goods.

3) Handy man/woman. All Cancers have some form of manual dexterity when it comes to working with their hands and tools. With some practice and focus, you’ll be able to turn a wrench, pound a nail, fix pipe, you name it with the best of them. Get some practice right now. Take a class or two because there will be inherent power in the ability to fix and build stuff. Whether it’s money or trade, you’ll reap the benefits of your mechanical skills.

That’s all for today, but swing by tomorrow, when we look at Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio’s new roles for the new economy.

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    ok Robert….you are spot on about Aries…my best friend who is an Aries has been a massage/polarity/cranio sacral therapist for over ten years and the name of her business is called A Lighter Touch. She started out in massage but it was too physical for her and she found energy work to be easier for her physically. She still gives the best massages ever! Can’t wait for the Libra entry!

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