New Aries Moon, VCU Rams, Final Four

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Ram rising.

New Moon rising tomorrow, Sunday (Sun Day) in the sign of The Ram. The NCAA (Final Four) Four Horsemen, final, apocalyptic ending begins later today. UConn (You con-sense-us reality) vs, UKen (You know or understand). Jim CALhoun vs John CALipari (Calendar, end of days). Huskies vs Wildcats.

In the other game, scrappy underdogs The Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU/We See You) Rams are up against The Butler Bulldogs. We could be staring down an all dog final (Huskies vs Bulldogs/Sirius) or a cat/dog final, or a cat/ram final. With Sun in Aries, Mars and Moon about to tip into the sign of the ram, the Shaka Smart money is to go with the Rams to win vs Butler but lose in the finals. Why? Because what would a meta-final-fourical ritual, be without the sacrifice of the Ram? To understand the significance of this, read the following post.

Starting tomorrow, I will be doing a week-long series of posts on Neptune in Pisces as it relates to a great tidal change in our awareness.

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