Neptune In Pisces, Mind States, Variable Realities, Behavior Mods, Grant Achatz, Amon Tobin And Creative Genius

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

A new kind of mind share.

I am fascinated by the outer planets and how they reflect and even at times project into the dream theater of this consensus reality. Right now, Neptune and Uranus have my attention for so many reasons, most of which are not the types of things that make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside, but by the end of this post, I will be blowing sunshine up your first Chakra and you might find the encroachment of dark shadows and desperate tyranny a little less threatening. Let’s start with Neptune In Pisces.

Neptune in Pisces is like a maze, a labyrinth of layers. It is like Dante’s inferno being played out on the holodeck. It is multi-dimensional and hence, it can represent any number of realities happening simultaneously. Let me give you an example.


While you were making such a fuss about the royals and following every bizarre utterance out of the broken robot known as “Charlie Sheen” along with a cranium full of other distractions and time sucks, a new technology has been stealthily developed and might soon make it’s debut at schools, stadia, shopping malls, airports and government buildings. It’s called FAST and it stands for “Future Attribute Screening Technology.” The basic premise is that it reads your heart rate, blood pressure, scans eye movements, body temp, etc and determines if your behavior is sufficient enough to be warranted a threat. It’s the first generation of scanners that are built to detect pre-crime, straight out of Phillip K. Dick’s “Minority Report.” Imagine going to see your kid play in a high school football game and you have to do the FAST walk. In the back of your mind, you’re wondering if you just might sweat a little too much, or have a HBP day and what might happen if you tilt the needle into the red. Just try that on for size for a moment and see how it feels. It’s ironic that only the grimy sub-set of society that would not be phased by FAST would be the legitimate psychopaths who register the same body metrics for dropping the neighbors cat out of the 30th floor window and ordering a double latte right after Boots hits the pavement. They’ll zip right through FAST, while the rest of us tremble and quake, sucking in the dead air of fear and apprehension. You can rest assured that this will be phase one. The next gen will read brain types and have a retinal scanners built in.

How does this connect with Neptune in Pisces? Well we’re talking about assessing the subjective state of mind, where human error can abound on both ends. In essence, projecting someone’s potential behavior is an unrealized reality. It’s a future state. It hasn’t happened yet. It’s like a preemptive strike on the mind, not on some feckless desert despot. This is just one aspect of Neptune in Pisces; predicting how someone will behave in the immediate future. Ironically, this is also a psychic function, albeit being performed by machines. It’s a dark manifestation of reading intent, scanning the unrefined moments emerging out of the immediate burps of the collective mind. When we flip the script, this will add up to the sunshine chakra blowing moment coming soon.

This adaptation of psychic function based on very Atlantean forms of technology is a representation of what we already have based on our instincts, precognition and refined awareness. It’s a twisted and perverse application of something we already inherently do. It’s called a bullshit detector and by now, yours should be on 24 hour scan mode. FAST is problematic and disturbing on a number of many levels, but if we take a step back, it’s just an AC adapted and clunkier version of our own psychic abilities.


In “Code 46,” Michael Winterbottom’s take on a sleek dystopian future filled with clones, nurture families, and strict breeding protocols, viruses are used almost like drugs. They can have both short and long term effects. They can cancel out certain parts of the brain or amplify them. Tim Robbins’ character (a detective) takes an empathy virus in the beginning of the film so that he can match Samantha Morton’s emotional signal, Morton’s character creates false identities for people to travel freely between urban centers without being tracked. Robbins befriends her to garner more info and ultimately bust her for her fake identity ring. This particular virus only last 24 hours, endowing Robbins with a deep and almost most supernatural ability to climb inside her emotional state. The subtext of course is that the feminine principle is so denied by the lack of organic birth and natural rearing that the only way to approximate it’s essence is by proxy. The virus only offers a temporary fix to the deeply fragmented system. It’s nurturing as FAST food. Think it’s science fiction? Think again.


Molly H just passed along this video, which was leaked from the pentagon. Note the date. It’s from 2005. It’s a small briefing about using a virus to target specific brain functions and various types. In the video they are referring mostly to Muslims and potentially zealous behavior, for use in the Middle East, shutting down their intensity and outrage. But the precepts and effects of the virus are not religion specific. It’s meant to impact brains that feel strongly and exhibit some form visceral dissatisfaction. In essence, it’s a viral lobotomy. While this was theoretically targeted for the fertile crescent, it’s by no means the only application of such fluid (Neptunian) technologies.


While the mood modeling for radical Muslims and others has been kicked around since at least 2005, there’s a new wave of behavior mod science rigged up and ready to roll. Of course, it has ripples that reach into the oceans of Neptune in Pisces. Since the fifties, we have been forced to drink water with fluoride. The master psychologist, devilish marketeer and Siggy Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays struck a deal with ALCOA aluminum to find a way for them to be able to profit off of the disposal of fluoride, a byproduct aluminum processing. ALCOA and other aluminum manufacturers like Reynolds and Kaiser were also staring down major litigation from workers that were experiencing fluoride poisoning and toxicity.

Bernays got a dentist to travel to some western states to find out if “naturally” occurring fluoride could help teeth. The info supported the idea that fluoride could indeed help teeth, but there was one, subtle, yet vital difference. Water with natural fluoride is calcium fluoride, while the aluminum byproduct is sodium fluoride. The gov argued that fluoride was fluoride and rubber stamped the fluoride bill. Much to the joy of ALCOA and others who were staring down potentially enormous legal fees, making fluoride “safe” for consumption not only gave them a new revenue stream, but also chased their legal blues away. Did you know that the main ingredient in rat poison is also fluoride? Did you know that fluoride short-circuits the psychic function by burning out the pineal gland? Anyway, it’s in almost all the municipal water systems throughout the US and other parts of the world. Well fluoride might not be the only element to show up in public water. There’s now a movement afoot to add lithium to the water supply. Lithium is a major anti-depressant. It’s literally behavior modification on tap. More Neptune in Pisces. See a pattern emerging? Water. Fluid states of transmission. Fluid states of being. Illusion. Delusion. Well I am here to tell you that all is not bad. This is the long awaited sunshine up the first chakra moment you might have been waiting for.


All of these things that I have detailed have to do with claiming some right to mediate reality, create filters, categorize, classify, observe or influence, but they are mere shadow play that hints at something greater taking place and that’s why they are surfacing now, as control measures to cordon off our awareness and divert our signal to noise. They’re mindfields to be either navigated through or avoided at all costs, because there’s a wave of awareness and love that’s breaking and it is undeniable. All of these technologies are mere approximations of gifts and states that we already possess and are slowly realizing their place in our lives. The rise of totalitarian muscle is a clear sign that we are arriving at a nexus point where there is a convergence, a place where the spirit meets the will, where the aggregate technology of control collides with it’s psycho-spiritual other demonstrating our multi-dimensional capacities. But it just doesn’t manifest just in the ethers of possibility or naive speculation.

I am floored by creativity emerging throughout a variety of arts and sciences. Grant Achatz is the mage of molecular gastronomy. His concepts for food are so out there that new equipment and serving fare is crafted just to create and showcase his food. Achatz has taken the concept of food and restaurants to a whole different level. While he explores the future of food and the dining experience at it’s furthest edges, his roots remain close to his parents diner that he grew up working in. He is always doing his best to create value in food, not indulging in the hidden cost chicanery that most high end restaurants traffic in. In short, Achatz fuses both his brains and heart in his work. Neither is sacrificed. His otherworldly cuisine is the perfect menu for the imagination of Neptune in Pisces.

In music, electronic composer, Amon Tobin has broken the sound barrier by inserting himself into the actual set for his stage production ISAM. The set itself has become a living entity, a geometric scrim flashing digital neurons that are more like a McKenna DMT vision than anything else I’ve ever seen. Tobin’s music is a mutant pastiche of glitch and alien atmosphere, throbbing beats, broken time and inner spaces. When I see Achatz pushing the boundaries of food and Tobin doing the same with music and stagecraft, creating art with little reference, I know that we are tapping the void, that the genius of Uranus in Aries, the inspiration of Neptune in Pisces is kicking in and we are pushing the envelope of spirit tech and the fusion of materials with mind. These achievements are to be celebrated, because they epitomize the inner quest for greater novelty and invention and don’t you know that that that is how God knows herself in the most potent fashion? She revels in the brilliance of all that brings greater life, sweeter entanglement and deeper imagination to this realm.

It seems as though at times, we are walled off at every attempt to break through or free. Nothing can be further from the truth, but we cannot arrive at the zero point of collective being by doing the same things over and over again. That’s robotic and it doesn’t work. People ask me; “What can I do? I am only one person.” My answer to you and them is to be as outrageously creative as you can. Love like there is no tomorrow. Dare to express you own personal genius. To do this in the face collapsing social systems and networks of control is the greatest act of bravery any individual can engage in. Have the courage to affirm life. Create.

Here is a short trailer for Amon Tobin’s mind blowing ISAM.

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