Neptune In Pisces Equals More Japan Confusion, Help For Brian Stow And Mahendra Trivedi On The Friday Farcast

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Is the world ready for Trivedi?

Just a quick note before I drop into Neptune in Pisces, I will have Mahendra, Kumar Trivedi on The Friday Farcast with me today, discussing his work with the energy of thougt transmission. And now onto Neptune in Pisces.

The first thing that Neptune in Pisces will bring is confusion. How bad is the radiation level? Is the EPA lying? Why was TEPCO so slow in reporting the facts regarding Fukushima? This is pure Neptune in Pisces, especially as it relates to Chiron in Pisces. We are drowning in the cesium tears of Japan. This latest version of negligence, disregard and silence might very well be the clarion call for humanity, but will it be too late?

One of the great, if unfortunate aspects of the Japanese disaster has been the re-emergence of Dr. Helen Caldicott. Caldicott (Leo/Tiger) was the voice of sanity in maelstrom of the nuclear age. It was her tireless campaign against the dangers of nuclear power that sparked a movement of sorts. There was Karen Silkwood and No Nukes. It might have been the last bastion of true dissent in this country and while Caldicott might have been able to wrangle an audience with the late Ronald Reagan, her minions were unable to stop dozens and dozens of subterranean nukes that were dubbed as “tests.” In the underground alternative news community, these so-called tests were actually deep cratering, which would become the foundation of massive DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases).

Dr. Caldicott’s wisdom is coming through loud and clear, sounding like the most sane voice in a world of mad chatter and deep denial when it comes to the nuke issue. Where has she been and why didn’t we listen?

It’s becoming clearer and clearer to me that the nuclear issue is a problem and likely responsible for most cancers in the world. Chernobyl is like a classic Rorschach blot of the mind. Pro-nukers say not even one thousand people died from the ten-day-meltdown, while the anti-nuke contingency quotes that over one million have died due to the effects of Chernobyl’s nuclear breach. Whatever the story is, the stats would support the latter, since cancer has become epidemic and the number one killer on the planet. Since 1971, over $76 billion has been spent on cancer research. One would think that this amount of money would have yielded some significant breakthroughs, but all it seems to have done is institutionalize the research and turn it into a veritable industry. Why find a cure, when the research yields more financial fruit than the solution? This unfortunately, is the legacy of cancer. Cynically speaking, cancer is profitable.

It’s likely that we have been dramatically lied to, yet again. Cancer has been a Malthusian agent of population control, while lining the pocket of allopathic industrialists. It has been eating away at our existence at an alarming rate, and it is not solely the province of bipeds. How many of you have lost a beloved pet due to cancer? And yet, if we were to go down the line and look at elite figures and take a quick look at which of them has suffered from bouts of cancer, you’d be surprised at how few have had to deal with “The Big C.” Let’s have a quick glance; The Clintons? Nope. The Bushes? Nope. Name the last neocon that succumbed to cancer? Henry Kissinger? Nope. The Royal Family? No again. While Newt Gingrich dumped his cancer laden wife, has he had to deal with it? No. How about George Soros or Tony Blair? Again, no. Why is that? Why do they seem to evade the grim reaper’s scythe, while the rest of us are losing the war against cancer? My guess is, is that there is a cure for cancer and it is a powerful anti-oxidant and chelator that is given to those in seats of power so that they can continually flush carcinogens right out of their system. It’s that or they’re clones and they get replaced before cancer can take hold. 🙂 Either way, it falls under the spell of Neptune in Pisces and the realization that reality isn’t all that real and we’ll have to continue to peel back the layers to begin to understand why things are the way they are, while we let a new, more congruent reality emerge.

This is the first in a series of Neptune in Pisces and the lie of reality posts that are coming. As we peel back the layers of what’s unreal, hopefully we’ll begin to sense what is congruent and resonant in our lives.


I always enjoy charting the oddities of Mercury Retrograde, especially in sports. After spending $55 million to extract an ounce of truth out of retired steroid slugger, Barry Bonds, the US gov’t managed to get one conviction of obstructing justice on Bonds (a felony) but have almost every other count thrown out due to a hung jury. It was mighty convenient that one of the jurors flipped her testimony overnight, thus forcing the jury into a deadlock, where the judge declared a mistrial on all counts save the obstruction charge.

Another more damaging and potentially tragic MR event happened on opening night in MLB, where a paramedic from Santa Cruz was doing a roadie down in Dodger stadium with is friends. They were proudly wearing their Giants gear when they were jumped just outside of Chavez Ravine. Stow was punched from behind and hit his head on the pavement. That was two weeks ago and he has yet to regain consciousness from a medically induced coma. In fact, Stow has even had part of his skull removed to alleviate pressure. Aries rules the head and this unfortunately endemic of an Aries event. From all reports, Stow, a single dad is a pretty good guy and is ironically a paramedic by trade. If you would like to help out with his soaring medical bills, you can donate to a fund set up for Stow and his children at the SF Police Credit Union.


Keep your eyes peeled for the following people; Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Brad and Angie. Arnold and Maria. Bill and Melinda. Bill and Hilary, to name just a few. Chances are, you haven’t seen them in a while. Chances are that you won’t. My gut feeling is, is that they’re already hunkering down in their swank subterranean condos. I would be very surprised if they were that visible. With Charlie Sheen or whomever he is blotting out the Sun, the other A-listers seem to have literally gone, underground.


Just radioactive levels are shooting up in the states, we have to have a front man, a guy to grease the wheels, the guy to lube up our perception and get us used to the fact that thyroid cancer is already up and getting more prevalent. That guy? Oprah’s personal physician, Dr. Mehmet Oz. Yes, Oz was recently on TV talking about how thyroid cancer is a rising epidemic in this country. Talk about a front man . . . Dr. Oz is just getting us all used to the fact that thyroid cancer is, well, pretty darned normal. Amazing. Don’t fall for it.


On today’s Friday Farcast, I’ll have master healer, Mahendra Kumar Trivedi. Trivedi aka Guruji is making big waves in the quote-un-quote guru world. Jean clad and dogma free, he’s also changing the world of science with his ability to alter matter via thought transmission, aka “The Blessing” an energy that he started transmitting in 1995 as part of profound awakening he experienced. Since then, he has gone onto share the blessing with thousands of people, animals and plants, bringing many of them, back into state of balance and natural health. You can find out more about him and his work at the Trivedi Foundation. See you on the Friday Farcast.

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