Neptune In Pisces Arrives — Birth Of Communism Redux — Outer Planet Parade Of Fascism, Socialism And The American Revolution

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Neptune in Pisces, still birth on arrival?

Dozens of dead dolphins wash ashore the rocky shoals of the New England coast. This is not the auspicious sign of Neptune’s arrival in Pisces. Its a baptism of mystery and death. Scientists have found nothing out of the ordinary in the beached pod. It reminds us that Neptune in Pisces, while ultimately bringing a healing salve to the collective soul, is a dark and murky sea at the outset of our descent into its fifteen-year-stay. This is due in part to Chiron in Pisces, at the early degrees, opening a crack in our body, mind and spirit, pouring the brackish effluvia of fracked waters into our awareness. Teen girls in upstate New York stutter and twitch uncontrollably, their nervous systems held hostage by mysterious contagion, while gas land lurks at the edge of town.

Leaden clouds carried on ill winds smear fallout from Japan across the face of the planet. Oh yeah, there’s those fake clouds too, more like amorphous mother ships with trillions of nano stormtroopers descending on targets of skin, tissue and bone. This is the dark side of Pisces getting exposed through Chiron. Poison blood. Killer droughts. Punctured water tables.

Chiron in Pisces is John The Baptist, shouting at us; “Wake The Fuck Up!.” Neptune in Pisces is Jesus, but right now, its baby Jesus, still in the manger. We’re not ready to forgive at quantum levels just yet. We’ve got a few moments of missing time in the desert and a summer of jacking up the merchants tables on our way towards a very different ending of the ancient story, but now, we’re in the infancy of Neptune in Pisces, the Christ child stage. It’s Chiron/John that is grabbing our attention.

As we move steadily towards the galactic center, bathed in the fires of solar flares, time and meaning melt and dissolve like objects off the canvas of reality. It won’t take a decade for Neptune in Pisces to trip us through the labyrinth of the mystery schools. We’re all mutating now, metastasizing our awareness. Thirty-three-years happens in a planetary heartbeat. But, we’re not . . .quite . . . there . . . yet.

If we look back at the last time Neptune was in Pisces, it doesn’t take long to see some riveting parallels for our time. Let’s jump into John Titor’s ’67 Chevy and dissolve into the singularity, going back to 1848.

It’s February 21st, the Sun is at 1 degree Pisces, Uranus in Aries at 15 degrees and Neptune in Pisces at 0 degrees. Marx and Engels publish the first copy of the Communist Manifesto. That’s right. At the onset of Neptune/Pisces, perhaps the second most popular book of all time hits the book stands.

Communism is in some ways, a very secular version of oneness and we all know that Neptune in Pisces is one, giant miasmic ocean of oneness. Its the perfect vehicle as a manifesto for knocking down the doors of separation between classes as a Neptunian narrative. And it all sounds so good on paper. It’s all so Piscean and promising. Marx even manages to exorcize that very pesky opium of the masses thing, another iteration of Pisces.

Did you catch that Uranus in Aries topper? Nothing like a radical twist to add a little kick to the proletariat punch. Marx and Engels serve up the devils bible, the playbook for all atheists and secular humanists at the zero point of Neptune in Pisces.

Look around you right now. Take a quick pulse of the outer planets. We have Pluto in Capricorn last seen during the time of the American revolution. Its now a self-assembling monolith of corporocratic power, where Goldman Sachs governs through fiat rule while the government has been bailing out GM and laying big green turds like the Chevy Bolt and Solyndra. You get my drift.

Its all getting to be like the incredible thing with two heads, starring Rosie Grier and Ray Milland on the same body, only with much more serious implications as the horizon gets darker.

Soft austerity is imposed through a lame economy and while Americans fret about the ingress of Obamacare and its socialist tendrils, edging ever closer to Marx and Engels, they have no idea that the red state has arrived (and I am not talking Alabama). China is now bidding against American companies for jobs related to re-building America’s infrastructure. Here in the Bay Area, a Chinese national company is building the new span of the Bay Bridge. We’re becoming a transgenic mutation of Socialism and National Socialism. Its all Pluto in Cap.

Then we have Uranus in Aries, nascent and brooding in the chill of winter, waiting to thaw for America’s flannel revolution, which is going to be a lot more violent than the dress rehearsal from last Fall–this according to George Soros. Uranus in Aries is unstable as Hell. There’s major squares to Pluto just to push things along, just in case things get a little stagnant. Oh yeah, to add some more epic energy to it all, the last time Uranus was in Aries was in the run up to the Third Reich, from 1926/1935.

Now that we have Neptune in Pisces, rattling the chains of Marx, OWS will mainline this Neptunian version of oneness into the central artery of its non-ideological, ideology. It will strongly take on fervent socialist overtones as a result.

These are titanic, planet shaping forces at play in the orbit of the outer planets.

Its all just getting started boys and girls; The American revolution (Pluto in Capricorn), The birth of socialism (Neptune in Pisces) and the rise of the Third Reich (Uranus in Aries), they’re all here now.

The great experiments of social organization and governance all get worked out right in front of us, mashed up on technological steroids, hyper-surveillance, cancerous currencies, franken foods and junk media.

Once we get our bearings and the baby Christ of Neptune in Pisces zips into worldly-wise adolescence, then full-blown-third eye-opening adulthood, a planetary field of gnosis becomes an etheric grid, the cosmic wet-wear of the collective crown chakra. Yes. We can learn to move and breath as one. Its going to take some time though to get our bearings as we’ll also have to deal with the toxic plumes of Chiron in Pisces ahead, choking us off from our faith.

Its here.

Take a deep breath and dive in.

We’re headed towards the farthest shore even though in reality, we’re already there.

11 thoughts on “Neptune In Pisces Arrives — Birth Of Communism Redux — Outer Planet Parade Of Fascism, Socialism And The American Revolution”

  1. M

    You are, quite simply, one of the best writers around. Period. There is no one I know of who combines edgy with cosmic, heavy metal shock with compassionate dissolve like you. Mr aptinomen Phoenix, your brilliance is made of that thing with feathers, hope, catching rainbows as you rise, though the dust of the ashes of this mad, self destroying world clings to their edges. I am amazed by you.

  2. J

    More signs of Neptune in Pisces: In southern China, the toxic heavy metal cadmium spilling into the water supply for weeks before anyone said anything. Now, of course, the Chinese gov, will carry out the requisite firings to save face, then carry on business as usual.

  3. k

    I 2nd MimiK comment!! Found you thru Les V site….he’s awesome, you’re awesome. You guys are the best thing on this wicked web!!

    1. a

      Visible is the man. He’ll be on my show this Friday. We’ll be riffing on the Super Bowl and the touchy state of the world. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. D

    Wow. Be my boyfriend? I love your writing style and this blog so much that its not fair for love this deep to go unrequited, so have your other wife/girlfriend contact me about the schedule, ok??? : )))

    I think I told you this in another post but I tend to disagree with most conceptions of Pluto in Capricorn, being a Capricorn. From the first time I ever read a description of my sign I knew it was covered in a heavy layer of bullshit and that there was a very good reason for that. We know ourselves and we are very complex, very private people who have been hurt enough by those we expose our true selves to to know better. So we read the malarky and laugh and say “My God…how did you…its like you read my mind… l-o-l. ” (Except to Linda Goodman, she freakin’ nailed it)(my favorite quote from her on the Capricorn Woman: “…the longer you know her, the more you come to realize you don’t know her.”) and go back to worrying, doubting ourselves, praying all day to a God none of you know and hoping we are finally worthy for/to have/to do fill-in-the-blank and feeling all alone in the Universe.
    All of that Big Business stuff is Sagittarius. The Law and Order stuff is Sagittarius. The Conservatively Immoral and Authoritatively Liberal stuff is Sagittarius. Politics and War(centaurs, archers, war horses) is Sagitarius. Think about it. Think of the themes of the last Pluto cycle we went thru, when Pluto was in Sagitarius. And compare and contrast it to the sense of uncertainty, of your privacy being invaded, of the unbearable sense of someone trying to control and have power over you and the desperate need to escape and destroy them and of wanting to get the hell away from these weird and evil nasty Orcses (of LOTR fame) just all around us in general that we all feel now. That’s the essence of Capricorn.
    My astro-twin (first five planets anyway) Sade Adu was interviewed a while ago. When the author got to her record label, he was surprised to discover that noone there had ever met her either. We don’t do the corporate thing. And when we have to, its strictly stick and move.
    Some time ago, DURING the Bush years, and while he was one of the most hated people in the country, if not the world, Karl Rove’s neat little house (on a regular street easily accessible by public transportation and the address of which was available enough that some crazed Orcses with a dream related to illegal aliens) was the subject of a protest. One of the commentators on FOX goes, all aghast, “How did they get past his security detail?” And the answer to that turned out to be, “What security detail?”…which might surprise everyone else but not me as a Capricorn because I know the last thing Karl Rove, as a Capricorn, wants is a whole bunch of people in his shit, monitoring his comings and goings. We don’t do groups and crowds and security details.
    Capricorn never represents the EXISTING structure. Even Barry Goldwater, Idi Amin, J. Edgar Hoover, Rush Limbaugh and other quote unquote Conservative/Authoritarian/Dictator Caps came with a NEW ideal of Conservative Authoritarian Dictatorship rooted in wanting to protect them and theirs from what they saw as the real existing power structure. Capricorn is Cardinal Earth, literally new world.
    I realize the whole system of Western Astrology is not going to flip upside down to conform to my understanding but maybe it should, lol. None of the interpretations of what’s going on now, as they are being related to the Stars are really working or really answer any of the questions we all still have. That’s why the sense that something is just not right and not being able to put our finger on what’s really going or and not knowing what’s coming next is so pervasive.
    Right now the bloated excess and militarism of Sag is fighting for its life against awkwardness and uncertainty of ugly duckling Capricorn who has nothing but the ability to create through the sheer force of will and the innate knowledge that God has given her a mission on her side.

    At the end of all this tho, we will win, watch. Capricorn will win… and everybody will have two or three outfits and one good suit, all businesses will be Mom and Pop again, every home will have a small garden and a sturdy fence, Sunday mornings will smell like fresh bread and strong coffee and minding other people’s business (as well as not leaving a tip and letting your dog shit in front of someone’s house even if you pick it up afterwards) will be a crime punishable by banishment or death by firing squad. Watch.

  5. D

    And don’t get me started on Pisces, another wholly misunderstood sign, representing everything from the guppie to the shark.
    The Pisces men I know are clever, narcisstic, lazy and lie to you because you don’t deserve the truth. The Pisces women are equally cutthroat. Maybe its because I’m from NY, but I have never met the sweet, confused, dreamy hapless angel Pisces of lore.
    Has anybody?
    Neptune in Pisces is going to be a trip. Fish hunt by ambush. A lot of life’s little tourists are going to get dragged under the surface and drowned by the natural inhabitants of the seas they are playing in. I’m thinking specifically of all of these Illuminati puppet types and those who thought when they were broke that they were willing to do ANYTHING for money but I guess it applies to all of us.

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