Neptune Goes Direct, Saturn In Scorpio Sex Stings, Spy Twins, Fleeing Execs And An Eclipse

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Stung by the scorpion

Here is what we know, just days after Barack Obama got re-elected, three, key cabinet members stepped down; Hilary Clinton (Scorpio), Tim Geithner (Leo) and now David Petraeus (Scorpio, more on him later) have announced they are stepping down or have already resigned, as in Petraeus’s case. The stock market took an enormous nose dive the day after the elections. Obama has come out and said that the rich will have to pay more. Who or what in Obama’s new world order qualifies as rich? If you make $200, 000 a year, are you rich? Lemme tell you, making $200,000 in most places in California does not make you rich, trust me. But taxation, on the already hammered middle is not the path out of debt. Its soft austerity. The only way that people can get out of debt is by producing capital and therein lies the problem. The US doesn’t make anything anymore. In fact, the US is competing with China on domestic projects like the extension of the Bay Bridge (and losing) and is allowing China economic zones inside the US to manufacture products in the same tax zone that US companies enjoy while bringing cheap goods over from China. Its being touted as a model for revitalization in areas like Idaho and Montana where there is little manufacturing happening, the only problem is that the Chinese will employ their own people and create their own distribution chain eventually. That’s the problem. Its not “rich” Americans or even the 1%. Those people will always prosper.

Its the fact that globalism has circled the globe and has now come home to roost. America is being transformed into something very different than anything we’ve known. What’s about to hit the USA will make the Great Society look like a neighborhood bake sale and here comes the predictive moment; its going to have everything to do with the economy. I took some heat from a reader and former subscriber that, “I shouldn’t be making predictions, because I’ve been mostly wrong and that I should watch what I say.” As an astrologer, its incumbent on me to read the stars and forecast trends. Its what we do, for better or worse. Those that are good are usually recognized and followed and those that don’t are left behind to yammer in the dark. And frankly, there are topics I don’t want to be right about. People give Clif High a lot of flack because he’s predicted doom more often than not and in some instances has been spectacularly wrong, especially as it relates to Israel smoking Iran (which could still happen BTW), but even those failures to accurately predict what’s coming serve a purpose.

We’re at a stage in our collective development, where we are rapidly gaining some insight into the nature of reality. There’s an emerging school of science that believes this world is a hologram. Phillip K. Dick not only believed it, but experienced it as well. McKenna’s hyperdimensional meetings with “machine elves” hints at a collective intelligence and workforce behind the hologram, keeping the illusion of the world intact. And if that’s the case, then perhaps when a prophecy or a prediction that seemed not only imminent but even obvious in some cases goes awry, something has fundamentally shifted in that potential outcome.

When Heisenberg stumbled upon the “Uncertainty Principle” where particles became waves and vice versa, simply by observing the event, he didn’t uncoil the secret to creating ones own reality, which many New Agers have glommed onto as their core belief, but he did reveal that what we call “reality” can be altered through observable means. So when someone like Clif or even myself goes out on a limb and is wrong, there might be something more at work. If enough people can observe a potential outcome, then based on Hesineberg’s model, that outcome can and will be altered.

When 911 hit, it caught most people by surprise because of its sudden and violent impact upon our psyches. In the wake of 911, the most egregious and devastating things to hit the US have been weather or environmental based; Joplin, Katrina, The Gulf, Floods, Sandy and even Fukushima, all of which have or will become cases of disaster capitalism of the highest order. You see, once we started looking for the next 911 it was not going to occur in a similar fashion. Planned disaster has taken on a natural look and feel, which of course, conveniently masquerades as biblical prophecy, which gets those end times juices flowing.

Not to take undo credit, but I predicted the wave of sex scandals months before they hit. I was right about that one. I was wrong about the presidential election. I underestimated a few key factors, like voter fraud, in favor of Obama. You see, I thought that Romney and the Neocons were going to hijack the vote, much like they did in 2000 and 2004. I think they did again, but this time, they’ve changed stripes.

I was sent a video about a number of executives and I mean an unusual number of executives all buying plane tickets for Denver, all at the same time, which is right around Thanksgiving. Freeman and I discussed that Denver (and Atlanta) will be the seat of the government of the USA. There’s the Denver airport. And guess what’s coming to a theater near you? The new version of “Red Dawn.” The first one, a true classic took place where? The Rockies and Denver. So if that’s the case and these guys have the “A Ticket” to their swank, subterranean condo, then what does that mean for the rest of us? Based on astrology, what can we predict?

Well, let’s go through the scenarios.

The first that comes to mind with Saturn in Scorpio is financial collapse. Scorpio is other peoples money. Taurus is your money. By that definition, Scorpio represents interest based lending. Its interesting to note that the Federal Reserve Act took place on 12/23/13, a Tuesday, when the Sun was at 0 degrees Capricorn, which of course is the most vital degree for banking in general and the Moon was in mutual reception in Scorpio.

In 2008, when the world faced the entire collapse of that system, Pluto had just moved into Capricorn at 0 degrees. Bankrupt, the fiat money-exchange had to recreate itself and it did, through continuing to leverage toxic debt (anti-capital) and hone become a collection agency (austerity). This resulted in TARP ACT, which was signed into affect by Bush on 10/3/2008. The Moon was in Scorpio.

So my first take is, is that the disaster that’s looming in the distance is financial. If you’re a banker with lots of assets, do you want to be hanging out at your posh pad while the huns storm your gates? I don’t think so. With Saturn in Scorpio, its time for a financial reckoning when it comes to the whole notion of money lending and the accrual of other peoples resources, lines of credit, etc. Its going to happen. There I said it. I hope I’m wrong. I hope it all blows over, Obama is seized by the Holy Spirit, has a vision of Padre Pio on his favorite Persian rug and immediately seeks tax cuts and incentives for the small business owners of the USA. I hope Padre Pio hands him a healthy, green branch of hemp and tells number 44 that this is the key to prosperity for all mankind. And I hope he tells him to go straight to The View and deliver the message. That’s how unattached I am.

But what else might occur?

Well, there’s massive solar flaring and corneal hole eruptions, resulting in outrageous Northern Lights. Is the Earth’s electromagnetic field about to change, as the Mayans and others prophesied? Is the holographic program about to make a major shift? If the Denver chatter is right, are the Archons planning yet another descent into safety, while escaping their own extinction? That’s another plausible scenario and if that’s the case, you’d better get well acquainted with the caves in your area. My sense is, is that we’ll get some clues leading up to the Full Moon. Keep your eye on 11/22/12 (9) when the Sun goes into Sag 0 degrees, leading up to the hot, Sun/Uranus trine and Full Moon on the 30th. The number 9 represents the end of a cycle. It also has a tail hook and we’re witnessing a full on scandalous meltdown with the aforementioned Petraeus, but things are getting deeper and murkier, oh yes they are.


While Petraeus’s career and legacy goes down in flames (supposedly) there’s a lot more going on–a lot.. Let’s start with Petraeus and Paula Broadwell. From an astrological perspective, there can be no denying that there is an attraction between these two people, Their births are separated by just days (Scorpios) and her Sun is conjunct his, which is conjunct his mid-heaven. So its fairly obvious that she would play a significant role in his life, but I’m not sure that either saw it get played out quite like this. Broadwell also has her natal Jupiter in Capricorn in his 12th House, conjunct his Chiron in Capricorn in the 12th. He would feel expansive at a soul level around Broadwell, in ways that would manifest in her “getting him.” But as Pluto crosses both her Jupiter and his Chiron, the real motivations and clandestine nature rise to the surface. Pluto don’t lie.

Broadwell got her degree in “International Security” at the University of Denver. Denver. Denver. Denver. Denver was originally known as “Auraria” a gold mining town on the Platte, River. While it essentially means, “golden place” it also represents dawn, or “the dawn of a new day.” Denver was incorporated on 11/22/1858. As some of you might know, 11/22 was the day JFK was killed. But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves here.

Broadwell studied in Danver but moved to Charlotte aka “The Research Triangle.” She first met Petraeus while she was at Harvard and he was a guest speaker. He gave her his card and that was it.

Now that would be your typical scandal; older man meets younger woman who is enthralled with him and his power. There is an Iching hexagram for this, its called; “Liaison” and it’s number is 22. But Broadwell is anything but a mere biographer. She has a high level security clearance and has worked with the FBI in counter terrorism. Its all starting to sound like an episode of “Homeland” isn’t it? And thus, the FBI descended upon her Charlotte home today and marched out with photos, documents and computer files.

Did you know that Scorpio rules clandestine affairs? But when looking at intelligence, we also have to have a discussion about Gemini as well, since Gemini is also connected to spycraft through the assignation of double identities, double agents and double crosses. What we need for our story is two, twins to enter the fray. Ladies and gentleman, I give you the Khawam sisters!

Though they should not be confused with the Kardashians, they share their semitic roots, hailing from Lebanon. You might know one of them a little better as Jill Kelley, the unpaid social liaison (that word again) down in Florida at the base Petraeus was stationed at. Paula Broadwell sent Jill Kelley a number of emails harassing her. Seems like the Kelleys and the Petraeuss were pretty tight. But David Petraeus wasn’t the only guy that Jill Kelley was close to. The FBI agent investigating her was pulled off the case because he was sending her pictures of his bare chest. Uh huh. But here’s where it gets really weird. The top guy in Afghanistan, General John Allen has just stepped down as well. Seems as though he has between 20-30,000 emails between him and Kelley, who has no just hired a very powerful, D.C. lawyer. Allen is a Sag; 12/15/53 and is going through his second Saturn Return with his Saturn at 6 Scorpio currently getting hit. Remember, Jill Kelley is a twin. Yes, indeed. Jupiter in Gemini retro strikes again. 20,000-30,000 emails. Wow. But, wait there’s more!

At least three other top commanders are catching massive heat and are being replaced or under some type of inquiry. General Jeffery Sinclair, one of the army’s top ranking generals is facing a court martial for alleged sex crimes against women. General Carter Ham, head of US Africa Commnad, at the center of Benghazi-gate is retiring. Commander Joseph E. Darlak, head of the USS Vandergrift was removed Friday, That’s five, major players, most of whom have some connection to Benghazi, all going down. Its rumored that Petraeus could spend up to one year in an army prison for having an affair (against army rules). What are we really witnessing here?

Neptune, the planet of illusion and delusion, mysticism and drugs, magicians and martyrs has just gone direct. Are we seeing the floodgates open and if we are, what are we to determine from this? If we add in the fact that CEOs are stepping down or resigning from major positions around the globe, there seems to be some sort of tidal shift taking place before our very eyes. Is this an attempt at a cover-up? A coup? A way for the elite create the illusion of their own exit?

Halfway around the world. quietly, the inner circle of the elite, like Leon Panetta, Hilary Clinton and others are in Canberra, one of the proposed capitals of the New World Order, with Julia Gillard, Henry Makow and Fosdyke’s infamous witch PM to witness the solar eclipse, which is in essence a Black Sun ritual. There, in the heart of the most ancient people on Earth, beneath the darkness of the aboriginal Sun, the rituals of other worlds take place, drawing down energy from a dark god, summoning the final phases for humanities demise, while the rest of us are left to untangle the naughty knots of horny generals getting frisked by Saturn, comely spy twins and an ambitious warrior, mother of two, who works hard and played even harder. Look for the next Full Moon to illuminate these strange happenings.

On Navigating The Astrological Matrix on Wednesday, I’ll be joined by New York astrologer, William Stickevers and we’ll be discussing the news surrounding the eclipse and much more.

And now ladies and gents, let’s take that quantum bullet train back to the eighties for a little Bonnie Tyler and “Total Eclipse Of The Heart.”

17 thoughts on “Neptune Goes Direct, Saturn In Scorpio Sex Stings, Spy Twins, Fleeing Execs And An Eclipse”

  1. K

    As for the Chinese Economic Zones in places like Idaho … I really wonder if Americans comprehend (well no, I don’t really wonder if the average American comprehends… I’m certain he doesn’t…just like he thinks a few cavemen brought about 911) that the US gov’t has NO say over what goes on in these so called economic zones. The Chinese Govt can do as they please. Soon they will be running sweatshops similar to the ones American garment manufacturors operate in places like Haiti and El Salvador.

    I finally figured out what the minimum wage is really all about. It’s nothing to do with providing a starting point for young and low-skilled working men and women. It is, ultimately, the wage ALL outside of govt and positions of power in the corporate structure, will be paid. Sure, some with specialized educations will earn more (maybe min. + 50%). But that’s CEILING, not the floor; ultimately. Fortunately politicians in DC will NOT be paid the minimum/maximum wage because they are too essential to our well-being.

    There is a German scientist who (apparently, if I believe the translation of his work… I don’t speak German so can’t vouche for it) is calling for a major West Coast earthquake to occur with the window beginning today (November 13) and lasting for a week to 10 days, associated with the South Pacific total eclipse today. Perhaps this ties into the connected beating a path to Denver. I hope they get stuck in a major blizzard and have to sit on the runway stacked in their jets for a couple of months (or years).

  2. T

    I think there is a fine line between intuitive, non-linear thinking & rumor and speculation. The financial insights might count as the former, but the video about the CEOs flying to Denver qualifies as the latter. Anyone can claim they “heard” anything from anyone and make a video about it.


    1. a

      Not sure why its relevant in a world where the “mainstream” media and “trusted” sources won’t even begin to acknowledge the lie of 911. I’ll take a guy posting a youtube video over Brian Williams seven-days-week and let everyone else sort it out for themselves.

  3. C

    “…perhaps when a prophecy or a prediction that seemed not only imminent but even obvious in some cases goes awry, something has fundamentally shifted in that potential outcome.”

    Either that or the “prophet” was wrong.

  4. A

    Speaking of executives who have been forced to resign due to ethics scandals add Chris Kubasik who was in line to replace Robert Stevens as Lockheed Martin CEO in January. Kubasik was in the talent pipeline for years and was groomed for the top position when, wham, he ends up having an “inappropriate relationship with a subordinate”. Stevens will go on to become Executive Chairman of Lockheed Martin and the new CEO will be Marilyn Hewson. Lockheed Martin’s importance to the U.S. military and other communities cannot be overstated. Interesting times. Welcome back Robert.

  5. c

    Only hours pass and another general bites the dust. Have you heard the lyrics from the new James Bond movie Skyfall song by Adele
    This is the end
    Hold your breath and count to ten
    Feel the earth move and then
    Hear my heart burst again

    For this is the end
    I’ve drowned and dreamed this moment
    So overdue, I owe them
    Swept away, I’m stolen

    Let the sky fall, when it crumbles
    We will stand tall
    Face it all together
    if you take the A out of her name you are left with DELE It says on Wikipedia “Dele, the more common term in modern American English (sometimes used as a verb, e.g. “Dele that graph”), coincides with the imperative form of the Latin delere (“to delete”). However, the Oxford English Dictionary notes an earlier use in English of deleatur (Latin “let it be deleted”), and suggests that dele in English may have been an abbreviation for the longer word. I only bring this up as it does seem the sky is falling and Generals are being deleted from their positions. By the way final note your Article is simply ingenious

    1. a

      Its funny, I’ve been thinking about that movie, though I have not yet seen it and how the title; “Skyfall” is a major clue. There was a basketball player named, “Bison Dele.” If you have thirty minutes to burn, you should check out his very strange life.

  6. H

    I was talking w/ a friend in regard the generals being taken down and we were discussing what the “real” story must be, I mean this 1950’s extramarital stuff is from the way back machine. It feels like the PR stories of times gone by about Rock Hudson and his wife Phyllis.
    We were also discussing the basketball player Dooling and his opening up about childhood sexual abuse. (brave man, a lot there, but I feel the story is being managed in a gatekeeping way).
    Anyway, my friend is a quick study on any topic and she said: that picture of Petraus and the soccer playing boys really set off alarms for me. So, may be all conjecture, rumors and whatever but doesn’t the military have a lot to do with transporting children from place to place for the elites (if you believe such things).
    Just askin…………..

    1. a

      Hmmmmmmm. I don’t think Petraeus would be taken out for that and if he did, it would be for that. Know what I’m saying? That would be a serious take down. I think the affair is low hanging fruit. Meanwhile, Benghazi gets pushed to the back burner and Israel launches a stealth attack on Syria. Its a coup.

  7. K

    Holly above says: “…but doesn’t the military have a lot to do with transporting children from place to place for the elites (if you believe such things).

    Well, we know the military is adept, after decades upon decades of practice, at ferrying drugs around the world (the most notable being heroin/opium, though I’m sure cocaine is a relatively close 2nd). So surely they can find room for a few kids, here and there.

    If one hasn’t heard of this military man before, do a bit of searching about his ‘lifestyle’: Lt. Col. Michael Aquino.

  8. C

    The effect of Pluto in Capricorn cannot be overstated. The support that Pluto is receiving from Saturn in Scorpio cannot go unnoticed.

    Constructive high-end destruction.

    What goes around, comes around.

  9. T

    Always an enjoyable, if occasionally nerve-wracking, read Robert – thank you! That list of CEO resignations is a wee bit more worrying than even the gaggle of Generals biting the dust just now – the two together cannot but start alarm bells ringing.

    Like Chaos’, comment above, I see Pluto in Capricorn coming through loud an clear aided and abetted by Saturn Scorpio. It depends how far and wide Pluto in Capricorn “effects” can spread.

    Looking back at a post from my archives I found this:

    “There is an old example of Pluto in Capricorn though. It was during a 16th century Neptune/Pisces transit. Pluto (then undiscovered, but there all the same) transited Capricorn during, roughly, 1521-1534. One clear manifestation was in England – separation of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church during the reign of Henry VIII; Dissolution of the Monasteries, establishment of the king as supreme head of the Church of England. The monasteries had owned large areas of land worked by tenants. Henry VIII dissolved them (1536–1541) and transferred a fifth of England’s landed wealth to new hands, creating a “landed gentry” beholden to the crown. However, in the 16th century, though Neptune was transiting Pisces when Pluto transited Capricorn, there was none of the Martian flavour we now experience, from Uranus in Aries. ”

    So factoring in the Uranus in Aries – we have to expect the unexpected….that doesn’t help our confidence much though, does it?

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