Navigating Through The Dark Of Venus In Scorpio, A Liberal Dose Of Libra And Kaepernick’s Crisis

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Twin sells

We are being held hostage, our attention is captive and are prisoners of the collective entrainment that grows darker and darker and darker. Well, at least that’s what the front-screen-projection of mediamatrix reality appears to be. Roughly, at the same time, “Prisoners” and “Hostages” were released on the big, and not-so-big screens. Their plots are decidedly different, but if you are dialed into the mainstream vector, you can’t help but notice the art and symbolic punch in the face. Is there an underlying theme that connects the two other than the obvious metaphors of bondage and incarceration? Well, glad you asked, because their is.

“Prisoners” stars Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhal. Jackman plays “Keller Dover” a father whose daughter, along with another young girl is kidnapped. One girl is white, the other is black, so we have the duality theme nicely in place.

Gyllenhal plays the ambitious, Detective Loki. Yes, Loki. While he isn’t a straight up trickster, he’s ambiguous enough at times to have the audience question his motivations. In an ironic twist, the supposed bad guy, the guy that knows where the girls are, is named, “Alex Jones.” The Alex Jones character is also portrayed as, shall we say, “slow.” In the old days, he would have earned the title of “village idiot.” I’m not going to spoil this movie for you, but let’s just say that Alex doesn’t meet a kind fate.

Jackman’s character has an interesting name. “Keller” means, “cellar keeper.” while “Dover” is essentially, “water.” Down in the cellar of his emotions, there’s some dark waters roiling around in there.

Dover/Jackman resorts to taking the law into his own hands when it appears that they are doing nothing, when the main suspect, Alex Jones is released. Dover/Jackman eventually winds up becoming a prisoner of his own, emotional design. It’s one theme of subjugation running through the film.

“Hostages” is imported from Israel. Again, the theme is, what will people do when they are forced to do something against their will. The basic premise of the show is that a doctor doing surgery on the president has their family kidnapped and is being forced, against her will, to kill the president in surgery. Jerry Nachmanoff, the brains behind “Homeland” wrote and directed the pilot episode.

These are Saturn in Scorpio themes and memes; Darkness and pressure. The subterranean chains of the psyche that enslave us to the shadow play of this post-modern kabuki are rattled and shaken. The revelation of the emotional apocalypse gets downloaded in sixty-minute segments. In essence, we’re all being held hostage, we’re all prisoners.


Libra is one of the most fascinating signs in the zodiac. It’s the only symbol that’s not either an animal, human or hybrid. It represents in some ways, the insertion of mechanical consciousness (the scales) into the astrological equation. It’s doubly ironic that of all the signs, it’s the one that represents relationship and human interaction the most. One deeper meaning of it is that it’s station that’s based on some form of transaction, the law of balanced interchange. Reciprocity. A sign that’s deeply devoted to the emotional dance of relationship, is personified by the weights and measures of ones merits. This is a bloodless meter for something that can be such a deeply, emotional, trigger for all of us. Thus, Libra offers detachment and the ability for us to assess our own actions, thoughts and feelings. Are we giving enough? Too much? To whom or what do we have emotional contracts with? Do they need to be updated? Does it all have to be so bloody bloodless? Perhaps there’s another meaning to the sign and it’s station on the wheel.

Libra represents the way station between the personal and the impersonal or transpersonal. Think of “Apocalypse Now” where Willard and the boys dock at an Army outpost along the river. They trade and barter (Libra) for whiskey and fuel, then they take part in an MK Ultra ritual where it’s clearly women (dancers) on one side and the leering and jeering soldiers on the other. The scene drastically illustrates the extreme schism between the sexes. Women are unreachable sex goddess whores, while men are enslaved in “fatigues” fighting for their masters and rulership of the golden triangle. Together, they achieve an odd and very uncomfortable balance, with almost all of societies social precepts and norms stripped away by the thinner of violence and empire.

When Willard and his charges pull out they leave the last and most decadent vestiges of American culture behind. They set off into the dark waters of Scorpio where the journey’s destination is ultimately into the dangerous and Scorpionic psyche of Kurtz. Along the way, they will stumble upon the stinking and rotting corpse of French colonialism, a harbinger perhaps as to what lies ahead for the rowdy and adolescent America, just a few clicks down the river of time.

Libra is the gateway to Scorpio. Your spirit and soul are balanced and weighed like bushels of corn for gold in the time of harvest. This is a metaphysical transaction as we head into the dark in the Northern Hemisphere. Where are you? How is your “relationship” to your soul. As ye sew, so shall ye reap as you head into the dark funnel of the fall and winter months ahead.

Libra can be challenging in this regard. It’s a cardinal point that is dedicated to peace and mediation. Ironically, Vladimir Putin (Libra) was the dove that flew into the heat of WW3 and offered a “balanced” solution. Putin by the way is a black belt in judo, so he has plenty of warrior cred, which makes Libra even more potent.

We are, in the same way engaged in something similar, mediating, blending and synthesizing a complex tapestry of commitments, agreements, failure, loss, aspiration and goals. This is the time where it gets actively and dynamically worked out, because when we descend into Scorpio, those thoughts, those feelings, those actions which have not been resolved have the potential to take on a life of their own. And, it gets worked out, almost always with others, since the other is the mirror of our emotional landscape. Compassion is the key and here is where the detachment of Libra comes in. Stay open. Take nothing personal. The great paradox of being in this world and not of it is hard wired into Libra. Now I am not talking about the state of that itself, but the operation of it. Libra is the celestial software that we plug into, doing our best to strike a balance with one foot here, the other there. Mindfully mediate, course correct, adjust and head deeper into the mystery of Scorpio later this month. The journey begins.


I get requests every now and then to comment on sports and astrology and there’s a lot happening there. There’s all kinds of revelations coming out around the corruption of college football, coming mostly from ex-college players. Arian Foster of the Texans blurted out that he received perks aka money while playing at the University of Tennessee. D.J. Fluker, formerly of Alabama did the same thing. Former college basketball star ,Ed O’Bannon is leading the charge against the NCAA to pay it’s athletes. The Pluto in Scorpio generation via the confessions of Foster and Fluker with their, “we don’t give a fuck attitude” are rocking the hypocrisy of a system that makes hundreds of millions of dollars off of amateur athletes, some of whom will suffer debilitating injuries that will last for life. I’d say that the NCAA is on deathwatch.

I also received a message about what’s happening with Colin Kaepernick and the Niners. As some of you might know, I featured Kaepernick a lot last year. With Saturn hitting both his Sun and Pluto, conjunct in Scorpio, he quickly shot to fame and has appeared on commercials, magazine covers, etc.. Well, h’s struggling now, because Saturn is making it’s second pass over his Sun and Pluto again. It’s a very different orbit this go round. It’s clear that the pressure is tilting in the red on Kapernick. He’s never failed at any level before and now he’s taking it on the chin. Scorpio often needs deep crisis for catharsis. We’ll see how he fares this Thursday night when Saturn gets even closer to his Sun/Pluto conjunction on a short week and the predictably crappy, Thursday night football. Meanwhile Jim Harbaugh is dealing with issues of character and addiction via Aldon Smith. Harbaugh has Chiron in Pisces at 11 degrees, so he’s going through his Chiron return. The Sabian Symbol for his Chiron is quite interesting; “In The Sanctuary Of An Occult Brotherhood, Newly Initiated Members Are Being Examined And Their Character Tested.” So it seems as though Harbaugh is being tested. His TN is in Cancer opposing his stellium in Capricorn. Harbaugh needs to shift from the playground bully asshole persona, to a softer, more compassionate field general. Ahhhhh, Libra.

4 thoughts on “Navigating Through The Dark Of Venus In Scorpio, A Liberal Dose Of Libra And Kaepernick’s Crisis”

  1. p

    great article.
    very helpful in navigating this particular difficult phase of being a double libra.
    i’ll consider it an early birthday gift.
    many thanks.

  2. R

    Hi Robert: Love the metaphor involving the journey down the dark, meandering river of Scorpio. Finally a symbol I can live and feel comfortable with involving “that” sign. This week, I will personally celebrate my Libra rising 12 degrees. I’ve got my popcorn ready, front row seat awaiting this week’s new moon festivities. Bring it ON, Baby!

  3. t

    Robert here’s a great story with both Libra and Scorpio players involved. Here’s ‘Big Edie” with the top pic epitomizing what I experienced with a Libra mother… “Big Edie” born on Oct 5, 1895 in Nutley, NJ (same as Martha Stewart btw) and her daughter ‘Little Edie’ born Nov 7, 1917 in Manhattan, NY…

    Big Edie the sister of ‘Black Jack” Bouvier making her the paternal aunt of Jackie O and her daughter the first cousin and “12 years older’ of Jackie and Lee.

    Their father is whose chart I would like to see… “Major” Bouvier… lawyer and partner of “Big Edie’s’ husband Phelan Beale.

    Anyway they are the mother and daughter kin of Jackie who were raided by East Hampton’s squads of code enforcement etc and found to be living in utter insane squalor and there is a documentary made of them called ‘Grey Gardens’. The pathology of their relationship is one very familiar to all with narcissistic mothers, especially the Air sign mothers, specifically Libra mothers.

    Now with Jackie’s Leo sun squaring loosely her Scorpio cousin’s Sun and sextiling her very beautiful and talented aunt’s Sun… it didn’t take her and Onassis long to hop into gear and put out a little of that $$$ they loved so much to help the hermit relatives out, once the media got wind of what was going on in one of the richest most elite neighborhoods in this country.

    Very outrageous stories about all of them at the site (a few years after Big Edie died her daughter sold that property to Ben Bradlee and his wife under the conditions ‘the house never be knocked down, but renovated’.

    here’s a page of ‘factoids’ about the edies and grey gardens … agreed with ‘Jackie and Lee wanted the house’ and it sounds like both Big Edie’s sons did too. But there were some wild times in that house for sure.

    A friend of theirs from that time, Lois Wright, is still alive and has just published her journal from when she lived there for 13 months after the big cleanup courtesy of Jackie and Onassis… she’d be great to have on your show!

    These two Bouvier women did not obviously make the deals that would have gotten them what they both desired and what their talents deserved… it would have been so easy peasy for them to have become famous as entertainers but… instead they were written off into desperate dereliction and destitution. WHY?

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