Mr. Popeularity Hits The USA, As Chiron In Pisces Returnees Face Their Own Faith

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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popehornThey must be UT fans..

The world is at a point of spiritual crisis. This cannot be denied. And when there is a crisis of any sort, there’s always more than willing to come along and help or so that is how it’s presented and as Rahm Emmanuel has publicly shared that you never want to let a god crisis go to waste—just ask the Red Cross and all those people that helped out in Haiti after that massive earthquake. Predators prey upon the vulnerable and the weak. It’s the law of the jungle and sometimes wolves really do dress up as sheep.

I have a student and today we worked on a chart, the pope’s chart and it tossed her into a chasm of existential proportion. She has Chiron in Pisces, an aspect that the late Boomers and early Gen-Xers share. Chiron represents a sub-generational crisis, and for this group born 1961 to 1969, their crisis is faith. They are reincarnated heretics, mystics and saints, many of whom were persecuted for their faith or mistaken for devils and witches, having paid a horrible price for their difference.

In this lifetime many have fallen away from the religion they were raised in for various reasons; Some were violated by the men who were supposed to be their trusted shepherds, while others had visions, spoke with angels and were punished for their overactive imaginations. Some found refuge in the New Age where their curious brand of spirituality was not only tolerated, but celebrated. Others did a 180 and embraced science, atheism and reason. However, no matter what they did or where they turned, they were not resolving their Chironic crisis, their loss of faith.

When we turn fifty, we go through our Chiron Return. Chiron has passed it’s mid-point in Pisces at 18 degrees, this would be affecting people born around 1965 at this point in time. It’s no coincidence that we have the most politically active Pope in recent memory surfacing at this time (remember Rahm Emmanuel). Along with Chiron in Pisces, this generation also has Uranus and Pluto conjunct in Virgo and many of you out there have been blessed with unique healing gifts and abilities along with an intense desire to serve in an unorthodox fashion. With Jupiter in Virgo, your time is here and now, activating this powerful conjunction and the profound mission of your soul group as you get to go through the various stages of your Chiron Return, mending the deep spiritual rift that caused many of you to wander through the deserts of faithlessness and empty mansions of hope with dreams of ascension riddled with false prophets.

This is your time and the mustard seed of faith is within you, the last sparks of the Piscean age you carry in your soul can fan into the flame of the next age. While the man in the white robe pontificates on climate change and refugees, accept no substitutes, and don’t get fooled again. You see, there are no mistakes, as you reconcile the spiritual conflict within you, there’s an old man bum rushing the stage stealing your thunder once again. Just as you begin to make peace with your inner priest and priestess, the man has come around to redirect the energy, corral you with concern and play your sympathetic response like a lyre.

Don’t fall for it for a minute as you’ve healed lifetimes of trauma and betrayal for just this time. Stand strong and affirm the God within. This is your time, not theirs, as they’re just trying to reclaim the brand under the auspices of reform while Chiron in Pisces triggers the spiritual crisis of the world.

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    Terrific stuff, thank you Phoenix-man, lovely insights into astrological influences, once again….
    Cheerful Love, Grizzlybear Hug

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