Morgellons & The Uranus In Pisces Timeline

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium


“Now there’s a creature on the loose
mammoth proportions it has induced
innocent people have to die
As it grows, as it grows, as it grows
And grows and grows and grows

Science gone too far, science gone too far
How did you ever break the jar?
Science gone too far, science gone too far
Maybe it hasn’t crawled too far”
“Science Gone Too Far” (The Dictators)

I recently read where Joni Mitchell, one of the great ones, was just diagnosed with Morgellons. If you don’t know what Morgellons is, you should, because the chances are that someone you know, or at the very least. someone they know has it. The name itself is slightly a misnomer. It was coined as such by Mary Leitao, whose son complained of bugs biting him, recurring lesions and strange fibers protruding from the skin. Leitao based the name on a similar disease with similar symptoms from the 16th Century, based on a monograph by Sir Thomas Browne. But Leitao’s version of the disease makes Browne’s version seem like cold sores. Leitao was on the scene early, making waves, challenging the medical professions version of the disease, “Delusional Parasitosis.” Many sufferers of Morgellons are referred to psychiatrists, versus any aggressive treatment protocols.

One of the earliest supporters of Leitao was Dr. Randy Wymore, a scientist from Oklahoma State University. Wymore did a number of tests on Morgellons patients and the mysterious fibers they extruded. Working with the local police, Wymore supplied them with various fibers. The police tried matching them up with thousands of fibers in their database and could not find a match with any of them. Wymore also tested the burn point of the fibers, which did not show any melting under 1500 degrees. Think about this for a second–gold melts at 1064 degrees centigrade and yet these fibers resisted heat far beyond that. A scientist, not a doctor, Wymore worked with a local physician to treat some of the sufferers of Morgellons. Wymore and Leitao (a nurse by trade) were founders of The MRF (Morgellons Research Foundation) and raised money for their research. Wymore later backed out, claiming that Leitao was not managing the funds as well as could have been. He’s still researching the mysterious disease.

While Wymore was toiling on his own in his lab, The CDC was dragging it’s heels, not paying much attention to what seems like a rapidly growing (and mutating) disorder. The eventually funded a smallish investigation by Kaiser in Oakland. The money they seeded the program with was obscenely low ($3,000,000) by any research standards. The results have not yet been made public.

What makes the disease so troubling is how radically it transforms itself. It can appear as wormlike creatures, small crustaceans, the fibers, skin molds, skin tags, scratches, seed-like deposits and so on. The sensations are like bugs biting, itching and crawling across the surface of the skin, yet nowhere to be found in sight. It appears to morph and even have a hive-like intelligence.It’s been speculated that it can be anything from a GMO gone wrong, nanotech unleashed on the unsuspecting public, some form of alien life, to an amalgamation of other disorders like Lyme disease (many Morgellon sufferers do have Lyme), fungal growth, mold and eczema. The worst scenario being bandied about is that it is actually a cyber-intelligence that is invading us and reengineering us at the level of our DNA . . . in essence, creating a borg-like species. It has been linked to chemtrails by some researchers and along with the biting, itching, etc, people claim to suffer extreme fatigue, joint pain, brain fog, memory loss, loss of strength, high blood pressure, irritability, vertigo, ringing and pain in the ears, swollen hands and feet, lesions and sores. Some researchers are claiming that Morgellos will eventually make AIDS look like the flu. So there’s the background on Morgellons. Is there a correlation between Morgellons and the stars? Is there some corresponding transit or angle that will reveal, at some level, what’s taking place with this awful affliction? If so, how does it manifest?

Uranus entered Pisces in March of 2003. While Leitao and others were complaining about Morgellons symptoms as early as 2000/2001, for me the real sign in the sky, the uptick of Morgellons occurs under the spell of Uranus in Pisces. You may ask yourself why?

For me, Morgellons is macrophagic, chimeric and Atlantean as a result. Pisces and Uranus are an odd mix. Uranus is radical, cool, rebellious, scientific, yes, scientific and detached. Uranus or “Ouranos” was a Greek god who fathered twelve sons and six daughters with Gaia. They eventually castrated Ouranos and his blood drenched The Earth. He was the sky incarnate in Godflesh.

Pisces is water, soup, primordial stew, the fluidic and viscous components of the gene pool, the ocean of life itself. It’s interesting to note that when Uranus was last in Pisces, our good friend, Charles Darwin traipsed across The Galapagos, formulating the origin of the species. Is Morgellons under the watch of Uranus in Pisces formulating the origin of a new species? Is this part of some timeline where evolution is radically re-formulated in the collective body? In February 1920, when Uranus moved in Pisces, Hitler delivered the blueprint for his German Socialist Republic to Munich, which essentially raises the flag for fascism in Germany. This is radical evolution on a different scale and yet it somehow dovetails with Darwin’s theory of natural selection, survival of the fittest, natures totalitarian rule over it’s species. So we have as part of this timeline, the rise of the theory of evolution, which ultimately promotes a brand of humanism, which subverts the existence of God, the beginnings of the rise of fascism, which subverts the existence of individual will and now we have Morgellons. which seems to subvert the natural evolution of the body itself. In essence, Morgellons seems to represent a terrible hybrid of the timeline equation of 1836 and 1920; an unholy and unnatural selection poised for conquest, full and total body domination.

One of the things that must be noted is the number of respected and high level micro-biologists that have died since 2001 is a staggering four dozen. At Cobra Post, Aniruddha Bahal has compiled a list of the deaths, including that of David Kelly and the circumstances regarding their deaths. Now, I am not necessarily saying that a conspiracy is in play, but if I were to unleash a Morgellons-like virus onto the planet, I would hedge my bets by taking out the best and the brightest who might be able to solve the riddle of this increasingly rampant and vicious disorder.

With the opposition of Saturn in Virgo (limitations and health issues) opposing Uranus in Pisces (science, radical ideology, fluids and life source) Morgellons will come under the microscope of the public’s view with greater clarity and focus.

The question isn’t, “Has Science Gone Too Far” but rather, “Can it go even further to restore balance to bodies, minds and spirits across the planet?”

3 thoughts on “Morgellons & The Uranus In Pisces Timeline”

  1. T

    It’s all very odd! I pity those afflicted by it. I wonder if it’s a mutation of a more common skin disease. Bugs seem to be mutating these days, getting stronger and longer lasting, harder to kill off. The cold virus seems to be getting stronger than it used to be, for instance.

  2. B

    Thank you so much for helping to spread awareness of Morgellons disease and posting such a good piece on the matter. If your readers would like more info on Morgellons, they can check out morgellons

  3. a


    “Mutation” is the name of the game on so many levels right now. The thing that makes Morgellons hard to track is obviously, the lack of serious merit given to it by the medical industry and the fact that for thos who do study it, that there are so many vectors the disease takes on. There are commonalities amongst sufferers, but also vast differences as well, which makes it incredibly hard to track. Morgellons also does not seem to be confined to the human species either. Animals and plants show similar symptoms, which make it biospherically systemic.


    You’re welcome. I can only imagine the frustration and suffering of those who are afflicted by it. The sense of isolation and alienation in some cases must be close to unbearable.

    Just a quick note on the timeline. Both Darwin and Hitler, when they walked the Galapagos and delivered for all intents and purposes, the manifesto of The Third Reich, both did so in Februrary of their respective years, the first month of Uranus in PIsces, when Uranus was at zero degrees. There’s something about the potency of the degree, which seems to set a tone early on for not just it’s manifestation during a particular, planetary cycle, but in both their cases for society, history and culture at large.

    A quick glance at zero degree Pisces events for 2004 that I believe are noteworthy for the timeline are, one, most obviously the surfacing of the Abu Ghraib torture photos and the other being the formation of the smallest ever, carbon Nano, formulated by scientists from Russia, Australia and Greece. Again, we see a fractal of the political/totalitarian strain and the evolution of not just scientific theory of evolution, but essentially re-ordering evolution itself.

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