More Strangeness In The Alterverse; Leo/Sun Whitney Descends A Week After Leo/Sun Madonna Rises

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Descent into the 8th House.

With all due respect for Whitney Houston, who is no doubt in a much better place, she died a while ago. We’re not talking Osama Bin Laden a while ago, but spiritually, Whitney Houston had been a cadaver for well over a decade. Randy Quaid has spoken at length about star-whackers, where actors and actresses are killed or die under mysterious circumstances. Heath Ledger and River Phoenix come to mind as two examples of darkness descending over their lives like tornadoes of doom and then snuffing out their spark. Whitney was in slow whack mode.

I was reading up on her bio and I didn’t realize that one of her first producers was Bill Laswell. I think it might have been the time that Laswell was working with Nona Hendrix and Material. Today happens to be Laswell’s birthday.

The week started off with Madonna (Leo) and the ostentatiously, hidden-in-plain-sight, halftime, super bowl ritual and ends with the Grammy, Whitney (Leo) tribute ritual. Here we have the rebirth of Madonna and the death of Whitney. White and black. Madonna is the rising Sun/Leo and Whitney, the setting Sun/Leo. Don’t forget that it was Whitney’s stirring rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, which kicked off Super Bowl 21, with you guessed it, the New York Giants. It was the anthem of the Gulf War.

It was said that she overdosed on Xanax and drowned in the tub of her guest suite at the Beverly Hilton. Transiting Chiron in Pisces was in her 12th house opposite her natal Uranus in Virgo in the 6th. So was Neptune.

Its hard being didactic and analytical when it comes to someone’s passing, using astrology as some sort of forensic tool, and yet this opposition stands out. It points to a crisis, especially since Uranus is at the last degrees of the 6th house of health. This has always been an erratic aspect to Houston’s life in general. The flutter and wow from the 6th to the 7th, the vulnerable cusp where her life with Bobby Brown and their deeply codependent arrangement was always in some sort or nervous crisis. Uranus at this position is highly unstable. Chiron and Neptune flood the consciousness in the aqueduct of the opposition. There is finally too much to hold back.

There are murmurs of hidden hands and dark forces at work. They’ve always been at work around Whitney. She’ll go down as the black Judy Garland of our time. Now her eighteen-year-old daughter is in the hospital due to a nervous breakdown. Somedays I wish the Pacific Ocean would take the recording industry and flush it out to sea.

A few years back, Whitney and Bobby traveled to Israel to meet with the African Hebrew Israelites Of Jerusalem. This was a separatist movement that was started by Ben Ammi Ben Israel, in Chicago, 1966. They are a Coptic fusion of Old Testament Christianity, the Nation of Islam and the belief that they were one of the original lost tribes that was forced out of the holy lands to West Africa, where they got scooped up in the slave trade, ironically by the likes of Aaron Lopez and other Maranno Jews from Rhode Island. That’s another story for a different time though.

Ben Ammi Ben Israel or BABI for short took about 350 or so African Hebrews from Chicago to Liberia, then to Israel, specifically Dimona (home of Israel’s nuke facility) where they’ve been squatting ever since. Finally, after four decades, Israel recognized them and has integrated them into things like the IDF and the Maccabiah Games.

As I mentioned, Whitney and Bobby were there and it appears that Whitney was baptized by them in an effort on her brother’s part to invoke some sort of spiritual healing. Her chart was devoid of planetary water, with the exception of Neptune in Scorpio (exactly conjunct Black Moon Lilith) in the house of death and rebirth (8th). She did have Chiron in Pisces in her first house. There is so much we don’t know about her. The dark details of her life and death will be shrouded, until perhaps the return of Chiron in her chart, post-mortem at 13 degrees (the number of the death card), which passing over her ascendant and into the first house, might just reveal some of Neptune and Lilith’s buried secrets.

Until then, we’ll be hearing her music a lot for the next few weeks. People will buy her songs on iTunes or maybe even pop for the CDs if they still do that sort of thing. The record industry and the publishers will rake in the money thanks to ASCAP fees and mechanicals/publishing from her music and they won’t turn it down. Death in Hollywood is good for business.

7 thoughts on “More Strangeness In The Alterverse; Leo/Sun Whitney Descends A Week After Leo/Sun Madonna Rises”

  1. A

    Unfortunately, the masses that clamor to throw money at the very same entities that killed this gifted songbird and so many others as well, will never take the time to ask the simple question “What the hell is going on here?” Or how about, “Why is it so many stars seem to “suddenly die” at the Beverly Hills hotel? And also at Cedars Sanai? What is it about these two places that seem to be so conducive to this phenomenon? Can we say “collusion’?? I too wish that the Pacific would hoist its entire contents on that G-dforsaken place and cleanse it of all the evil that “The City Of Angels” (more like Nephillim) holds and stop luring our most talented to this hell hole.

    1. a

      Yeah, I saw that one. What a trip eh? Sharon is in a coma and Whitney is gone. Wonder how Bobby Brown is feeling these days? I also find it really odd that Ray J was her lover at the time of her passing. Was he trying to keep up with Nick Cannon? Cannon has been rumored to be Mariah’s handler at this point.

  2. A

    When Michael Jackson died, I did a search a couple of days later – “Michael Jackson ritual sacrifice” – I got nothin. On Sunday, the day after Whitney died, I did the same search for her and there were already blog posts and YT videos connecting the Madgewitch (shout out to Ellis) ritual to Whitney’s death. So many are onto this madness and can see the manipulation. Does our ability to see/feel what’s going on help or hinder their shenanigans?? Can’t figure that one out.

    You are right that Whitney was lost a long time ago. It’s hard for people to comprehend that you cannot make it to that level without being controlled – that in fact that (illusory) “level” only exists BECAUSE of the control. I made a point to stay away from mainstream news reports and the incessant updates initially only to give my other senses a chance to pick up what was in the air. I am struck by the huge spiritual war games at play with the archetypes that these celebs represent. The thing that keeps coming up for me is the boomerang that “they” are playing with.

    Madgewitch et al got it coming.

  3. D

    Tony Bennett what dun it. If he ‘left his heart in San Francisco’ did he become the Tin Man? He was there at the point of Winehouse’s passing and there again at Houston’s. Sure, there were many stars around this event to mask his tracks. The biggest betrayal of black artists is the misrepresentation to their race, their people. Woe betide Hollywide if the blacks should ever wake up.

    1. a

      That is an odd synch. Well, if the black race in general woke up, it wouldn’t just be Hollyweird that would burn. Unfortunately, what we get is confused rants from the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, who can’t figure out if he wants to punch or hug Obama.

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