More Pluto In Scorpio, Ke$ha’s Piscean Sheen And Black Moon Lilith In Aries; Collective Anger Of The Denied Feminine Principle

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

The eyes have it.

While Babylon only needed one whore, America, apparently needs millions of them. This was the impression I got when left the carnival of degradation aka Ke$ha’s live show last week. I met up with some old friends from the music biz. One of them was in the sponsorship game and had tix for the velvet rope party where Ke$ha’s “team” as one perky, forty-something-blonde from a major sponsor called it, gathered.

While people tried to pour as many free cocktails down their gullets to wash down cardboard meatballs and gelatinous chicken satays, I stayed clear, having eschewed alcohol over the past few months for a new buzz; lucidity. What I witnessed had me second guessing my decision to stay dry. It might have staved off the cloud of depression that followed me like a shadow, all the way through my darkened dreams later that night.

Reverse the tape. I’m in front of the Fox, waiting for my friend Marv. I got there early for the soft parade and get some audio for my radio show. I saw girls between 13 and 22 dressed in hot pants, come-fuck-me pumps or candies, fishnets or bare skin, torn tees and cleavage. It dawned on me that I was witnessing the seamy trickle down of twenty-years worth of incessant pimpified and ho-rific thrusting to our brains with militarized beats, over and over again. These sad little tarts are the socially engineered offspring of one, dirty, mind-fuck. It wasn’t just teen age girls dressing like street walkers that were noticeable. This scene is accessorized by young, gay males with faux-hawks and light S&M wear. Strangely enough, some girls were accompanied by their mothers, who probably thought that the lesser of two evils was attending the show, versus allowing their daughters to view the vileness on their own, or God forbid, not allowing them to go at all and risk alienating them.

As I sat down and began to process and type this post out, I had the TV on in the background. NBC kept showing previews for one of their latest Fall offerings, “The Playboy Club” which debuted las night. Its obviously an attempt to cash in on some Mad Men retro-styled-fetish, but it also is yet more fodder for the shameless whoerification of the nation. Under the guise of edgy and cool, we get to see the genesis of where it all began; The suburbanization of porn. But let’s return to the scene of the grime and get into some astrology.

As I outlined in a previous post regarding Kreayshawn and Tyler, the Pluto in Scorpio generation are very different when it comes to morality, which they are doing their best to define on their own terms, but are seemingly flailing in a moral void. As I noted earlier, these kids have lived in a post-911 world. Their life has been one, long orange alert. From the ages of 9 to 21, they’ve seen security measures increase exponentially, year-after-year. They’ve witnessed four wars, wars without any end in sight. The horrors of Abu Ghraib have scarred their hearts. Now, just as many of them are about to enter the work world, America is shutting down and they’re burdened by enormous student loan debt. Unlike the students of the 90’s, these kids are now competing with other kids and even adults in places like China, India, Malaysia, Korea and Indonesia for jobs. I can sympathize with their “I don’t give–a-fuck” tude. On some level, nobody it seems gave a fuck about them.

The main subject of this post, Ke$ha hails from LA/Nashville. KeSha (or”Kiesha” a star in the nine-star-ki) is the oldest of three children. Her doppelganger is the much older, but painfully childlike Kiesha Crowther aka “Little Grandmother” who also seems to be shall we say, ‘tightly controlled.” Ke$ha’s a Pisces (3/1/87). She shares the 3/1 birthday with none other than Justin Bieber. Her debut CD, “Animal” later renamed “Cannibal” has sold over two-million-copies. In an age of piracy and single downloads, two mill is huge. Her biggest hit, “Tic Toc” has garnered over 69 million views on youtube. It features her waking up in a suburban bathtub, hungover/drunk, brushing her teeth with Jack Daniels and blowing off her parents at breakfast, to hit the streets, looking for that non-stop party! Images of a dysfunctional America abound. Near the video’s end, she’s shaking her booty in front of an upside-down American flag. At the very end, the flag has been reduced to a ragged ankle wrap. The deconstruction of America as a fashion statement is a big part of Ke$ha’s costumery.

At the concert party, I found out that she had just consummated a multi-million dollar sponsorship deal. She’s a cash register. Make no mistake though, her image, her symbols and her sound are all carefully crafted and part of an all out assault on the hearts and minds of global youth. Ke$ha, Gaga, Rhianna, Nicki Minaj along with a host of other young singers, ranging from the still, slightly innocent, China Anne McClain to Britain’s version of Ke$ha, Pixie Lott, are pop music lolitas for the Humbert Humbert’s of painfully delayed adolescence and even worse, ready baked role models for young girls. But the infection and indoctrination is insidious. What should pop up when I watched McClain’s “Calling All Monsters”? In the frame set of the video is the exact same “Playboy Club” advert for the show I had just just mentioned.


So just who is Ke$ha? She was born “Kesha Rose Sebert” in Los Angeles on 3/1/87. Her mother is Pebe Sebert, a singer/songwriter. Her father is unknown to her. Already, we see the fracking of the family in effect. Is it unlikely that Ke$ha’s is descended from rock royalty? No. Michael Lee Hill, who I had on my show claims to be the son of Eric Clapton. I once had a client swear that her son was the son of Justin Lodge (great name eh?) of The Moody Blues who dropped in for a one-night-stand in Iowa.

Kesha’s maternal line comes from Hungary and Poland. The name “Sebert” roughly translates into “shining sea.” Appropriate for a Piscean culture star. Sebert has two main names and lines associated with it, both were kings; Sigebert (who was king of the Franks, descended from Childeric and ultimately, Merovech, King of The Merovingians, who was reportedly the offspring of Pharamond’s wife ( a queen) and quinotaur (a sea beast). Merovech and Merovingians is where we get the root for (Mer)maid, quite possibly a daughter of “Merovech.” There is a “slight” possibility that Ke$ha is descended from the Merovingian line, which would make some sense as we begin to uncover more about her.

She left LA and moved to Nashville with her younger brother. Nashville of course is featured prominently in Kathy O’Brien’s mind warping expose of mind control, The TRANCEformation Of America. Her mother Pebe, had another child there and while living on government assistance, took her kids to recording studios and live performances.
My Ke$ha connection told me at the show that Pebe wrote songs for Dolly Parton, good old Dolly Parton. Curiously, out of the blue, the Hilton sisters showed up at the Sebert’s house and stayed with them for their reality show, “The Simple Life” where Paris and Nikki traveled across country staying with “average” American families just like Ke$ha and her mother. My friend told me that Paris and Ke$ha are tight. Ke$ha is also pals with Katy Perry (nee Hudson).

Katy Perry was also born in L.A. to oddly religious parents. Her mother was an evangelist who according to Wikipedia had a “tempestuous marriage” in Zimbabwe (ahem). Katy wasn’t allowed to listen to secular music. They tried to turn her into the next Amy Grant, in of course, Nashville, but that didn’t work out too well, so back to L.A. to try that devil’s music! Perry (Scorpio) has some interesting relatives. Her grandfather is Frank Perry, a film director, whose claim to fame was producing the ultimate in PTSD films; “Mommie Dearest.” Both Perry and Ke$ha are produced by Dr. Luke and Max Martin.

Luke (Libra) has taken a fairly mephistophelian path to becoming one of the most successful producers on the planet. He went from college and playing in bands to auditioning for the SNL band, where he played guitar for ten years. He developed his DJ and production skills by creating jingles on the side and doing remixes. The list of artists he’s worked with is a veritable list of MK kittens; Ke$ha, Kesha, Britney, Ciara, Pink, Paris Hilton, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Miley, Lady Sovereign, Leona Lewis and others. Dr. Luke has been sued a number of times for allegedly copying other peoples songs. In almost every case, he aggressively counter-sues and usually triumphs.

Luke’s music is far more subversive than punk ever was, because its so damn catchy and the girls are so cute and trashy, just being “real,” giving themselves permission to be “We R Who We R.”

Notice the “Eye of Horus,” “Ragged Glory” and the rune Sowelu aka SS sigils, as dollar signs, a symbol of Isis, one planted directly over her heart chakra.

Since this site is ostensibly about astrology, lets drop into some.

Ke$ha (birth time unknown) is a Pisces Sun (10 deg), Aries Moon (1 deg), Pisces Merc R (6 deg), Venus Cap (28 deg), Mars Taurus (6 deg), Jupiter Pisces (20 deg), Saturn Sag (20 deg), Uranus Sag (26 deg), Neptune Cap (7 deg) and Pluto Scorp (9 deg). The thing that jumps out at me the most in her chart is the squares between Jupiter/Saturn and Uranus. Sag is a classic overdoing it sign and when it squares mighty Jupiter in the sign of visions and narcotics, its not a good mix. There’s instability and classic rebellion. Her music is awash with references to alcohol. Her Mars opposed Pluto is also troubling, especially since its in fixed signs. She’ll have Saturn crossing her Pluto in 2013, opposing Mars. This is a major crossroads for her as it will be for many in her generation. The Saturn crossing will force them to make a choice as to how they will use their power or let it be used. As far as I can tell, her generation isn’t using a whole lot of discernment. The buy in is the sell out as I once offered up to David Bowie and boy, have they sold out. They’re like a legion of fembots that mouth the lyrics of Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Redone. They dance with monsters and zombies. They tease androids and vampires. They celebrate the night and their own personal freedom and yet they are slaves of the highest order, first covering their left eye and then the right. The eye of whore-us. And you can’t get away from them. In Europe, they have their own versions of these viral vixens such as Uffie (the French Ke$ha) and the aforementioned Pixie Lott.

To be expected, Ke$ha has some extremely dynamic transits in play as well. Pluto is conjunct her natal Neptune, which can portend profound spiritual understanding. This usually occurs in the early 20’s and is like a seal that cracks open and allows the heavens to pour in, thus seeding the individual with a deeper, spiritual understanding. This comes at a time when an auric membrane is stripped away, like a protective gel, thus making the individual more open and vulnerable to the world than ever before. Its the last bit of psychic embyosis, a holdover from childhood. The end of innocence. So in comes Pluto onto Neptune, establishing new understandings. For me and my Neptune in Scorp generation, it was Pluto moving onto our Neptune, the very same Pluto powering this generation. When this happened in 1982, I experienced a clear death and rebirth. For her and others of her time/phase, it won’t be so much about the resurrection of their spiritual bodies, it will have to do with power, plain and simple, since Pluto will also be trining their natal Pluto as well as conjnuncting Neptune and in later birth dates, Uranus. In my estimation, as an astrologer, the two most power driven signs in the zodiac are Scorpio and Capricorn. Oh sure, Leo never met a throne they didn’t like and Aries a challenge it couldn’t pass up, but their motivations are quite different. Capricorn wants to get to the top while Scorpio wants to accumulate power through the accrual of psychic and sexual essence.

Ke$ha also has transiting Uranus on top of her already hot, Aries Moon. With Uranus there, she’s a banshee and an unpredictable one. Chiron is creeping up on her Mercury. This can result in voice problems, but also perhaps, hearing voices as well. There’s a high degree of psychic awareness but unless there is a requisite amount of spiritual training and understanding, there’s a high probability of madness that goes along with this. Ke$ha has a real shot at making a profound impact when Neptune approaches her Sun, during her Saturn return, but only if she can stare down the demons of transiting Jupiter in Gemini opposing her Saturn and Uranus in Sag. There’s a really powerful portal that can open to her during that transit, but she’ll have to make choices that will mark her character deeply and for a very long time.

In the grand scheme, perhaps we’re witnessing the reverberations of Black Moon Lilith in Aries, the forgotten and discarded feminine that’s mad as hell and doesn’t give a fuck. Its truly in our faces now, but there’s something that’s more than slightly self-loathing and even hateful about the way that Ke$ha, Gaga, Rhianna and Nikki Minaj are going about their business. Its as if their creators cannot stand women and in fact, want to debase them, by turning them into sleazy, hedonistic, creatures of the night and delighting in it at every turn, taking a wrecking ball to same sex relations, families and intimacy. Here is Pluto in Capricorn at work. The blatant symbolism, the relentless assault on the teen psyche, its all like one big, metaphoric ass fuck. Its the same with the crashing economies, the four wars, relentless surveillance, plundering of rights, etc. Bend over, you’re gonna take it now and there’s nothing you can do about it. Well at least that’s what they think. You can get rid of your TV. I did. I shit canned my satellite provider. I simply have Netflix now and its incredibly empowering. I don’t have to have my kid beg me to watch those twisted cartoons on Cartoon Network that are clearly working on the same model. Just watch the uber-disturbing “Amazing Adventures Of Gumball” (or better yet, just take my word for it). I’ve taken control and saved about $90 a month in the process. You can do it as well. Unplug. Spend time with your kids. Create with them. Deprogram them with deft, respect and real love for their souls. Do not let these sleazy bastards snatch them so easily and then rub your face in it. You may never get them back. Why is it important? I’ll tell you. Come on over here and bend down. Closer. A little closer. That’s it. I’m going to whisper it to you; “Because if you do this, you’ll retain some measure of what its like to be a human, a person that breathes, feels and bleeds and you might just pass these quaint notions along to the next generation.”

All of this makes me feel just a little old and sounding oddly like “Focus On the Family” and James Dobson, but being a parent has made me much more conservative apparently and yet witnessing the dehumanization of the species isn’t just a parental spectacle. In fact, I’ve been on my own purge of sorts and its yielding more clarity than ever before. Embrace your humanity.

25 thoughts on “More Pluto In Scorpio, Ke$ha’s Piscean Sheen And Black Moon Lilith In Aries; Collective Anger Of The Denied Feminine Principle”

  1. F

    Pop star sluts of today are a banal and utterly predictable outcome of women’s “liberation” and the unleashing of female hypergamy on society. We are in the middle of a sexual arms race where every woman is looking to out-do the next in depravity to get money and the attention of Alpha males. I find it highly dubious to claim “the feminine” is denied one bit in our society. If anything, the feminine is profoundly overindulged and held to zero accountability. If women are to be considered adults, they also need to be held responsible for the choices they are making. And while I agree there are many forces beyond the scenes weaponizing the Feminine for their own purposes, it is frankly weak sauce to claim this has anything to do with denying women anything. If we started denying them the pussy pass and held them accountable for their actions, that would actually be an improvement.

    1. a

      I agree with you on feminism, but disagree at the broad strokes, painting all women with a scarlet hue. Feminism was a synthetic layer that was inserted (See Rockfellers) and became a distorted modality of relating between the sexes. Its no coincidence that the pill was also developed during this time, adding yet another synthetic layer (developer of the pill was “Syntec”). Vatican II occurred then as well, making divorce easier for Catholics. Then came Madison Avenue’s assault on the sexes thanks to Bernays and his disciples. But sex relations were not the only things that suffered during this time; race relations as well as generational relations, all took major hits in the wake of Kennedy’s assassination; trauma for the collective. We’ve been divided and on the verge of being conquered ever since.

      There are many women who feel like they were betrayed by the feminist movement. They worked hard, got paid, promoted and remained childless. Many are still single and spend empty moments at home with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

      Besides, feminism is just a stop on the subway to Hell. The real end goal is to control the population and have only selected breeders. White guilt is going to be displaced by “straight guilt.” Heterosexuality will be deemed aberrant at some point. Along the way, the rapid rise of child sexuality will also emerge vis-a-vis trash like the “Universal Children’s Sexual Rights” bill, which believe it or not is being drafted as we speak.

      Think this is far fetched?

      Just watch some of the videos from artists in the above piece.

      Not a fan of feminism, but I love women and fortunately, my site and my show are frequented and supported by some of the finest members of their sex. I will defend their worth and honor their essence without fail.

  2. T

    Oh, Robert, this has to be one of your most important articles to date. It has left this emotional Pisces mom in tears; at last paragraph. I can go on and on about how you are a master genius with words and can magically lift the thoughts out of so many of us and articulate them on screen perfectly. This will definitely be posted on my fb– and I urge all who feel the same, to do the same. Thank You!!!

  3. D

    The call to monsters, obviously is a call to Gaga fans; neat way to build a following. Twelfth house skeletons in the closet from Eve in OT predictive programming through to Kinsey’s filth the dark flower of inverted feminine force is blossoming. I used to dress like that. In my late teens and to a much lesser extent, throughout my adult life as the mood prevailed. Blamed it on my RC downbringing and Venus in Scorpio. Rebellious, certainly. The look required and demonstrated complete self-confidence; it was so overtly sexual that it ceased to be ‘attractive’ and became, rather, a repellent to would-be male predators. I hadn’t, of course, made the connection between social programming and music/fashion and it was not until I did that I realised how such overtly sexual and aggressive imaging was in fact, a mark of my inner insecurities in pushing away that which might have made me happy and fulfilled. A false front, a protective projection of what, deep down, I was not. It was not until I’d burst my last bubble (courtesy knowledge of Tavistock Inst. & The Beatles etc.) that the veils fell and I saw clearly what was hitherto shielded by my own complicit ignorance in believing the myth that the generation of musack and fashion which I adopted as my own, were absolutely nothing to do with me.

    What do we get when we disconnect mother from child, male from female and turn the whole fabric of human happiness into a media machine? It’s as if keshar rose (again referenced by O’Brien as in her ‘rose’ holy cross and the Hungarian/Polish bloodline probably masks ‘jewish’) and her generation of Doll’s House inmates are being paraded to show us the goods. How baaad do you want us to be? How ugly does beautiful have to get? We’re in serious poo when millions of young minds vote in favour of ‘more’! it’s as if they’ve taken their Darwinian principles and set them on a course of reverse; albeit devoid of nurturing instincts. Pretty soon we’ll be knuckle-dragging our grunting bulks way down deep into the back of Plato’s cave as the last flickers of humanity’s love light fade across a jagged wall and slip through the crevice of time and space. Led astray all the way by the children of the lie, those wise serpents, those pied pipers of the new age rage.

    Ah, but surely, I jest? As the Equinox is upon us, tipping point into the journey underworld and innerworld and with a new moon in libra on 27th my focus is on reconnecting with our inner nature in the service of the creation. May be a new way will emerge and I’m not talkin’ transexual.

    Talking of Equinox events, there’s Troy Davies with the sword of damacles again hovering over his head with an execution scheduled for today and whilst the campaign to save him this fate is backed by Amnesty and whilst there is a candlelit vigil outside the US Embassy in London tonight, no views on the news.

    Big Birthday Shout-Out to you, Robert! Reflect on the wisdom you’ve shared and imparted and the value of your input – may you value it and may the value of it be returned in real terms. Makes me wonder where we’ll be this time next year, regardless of our plans, post Olympic 2012. Thanks for all your insight.

  4. S

    It’s an intense dedication to decay. It’s kind of a cold introduction into the truth of a darkened society. They’re shining a disturbing light on moral decay. It is going to be a challenge to watch. It will invite people to do deep soul searching. I get entering the dark ages vibe.

    What is the Catherine Aird saying? They will be either be a good example of what is possible (eagle-sided Scorpionic leanings) for women as a Goddess culture or a horrible, horrible warning.

    Either way we will learn. *Crosses myself and thanks the Goddess that I don’t have kids*

    1. a

      I agree Sherri. It reminds me a lot of pre-WWII Germany and the rise of fascism at the moment. Now the younger kids, Pluto in Sag, they are a whole different breed. They will veer from wildly intoxicated, to grindingly moral.

  5. Love the Pluto in Sag generation. Love, love, love. Those kids are funny as hell. Probably ’cause they’re straight-up.

    I wonder, what would happen if a modestly dressed woman with no plastic surgery and a reasonable amount of make-up on her face appeared on stage, not singing about love or sexuality or society or how beautiful we all are?

  6. F

    “There are many women who feel like they were betrayed by the feminist movement. They worked hard, got paid, promoted and remained childless. Many are still single and spend empty moments at home with a pint of Ben and Jerryโ€™s.”

    I know plenty of frumpy Ben & Jerry’s addicts, too, but they’re still way more likely to blame “men” for their problems than point the finger at their own choices and at Feminism. They will get no sympathy from me.

    I’m not angry at you, Robert, but Not All Women Are Like That is just becoming a tired excuse. Indeed, not all women are female supremacists, but precious few women are lifting a finger to do anything about it. The best you’ll ever get from them is, in fact, shrill cries of Not All Women Are Like That. Meanwhile, they’re perfectly content to call all men rapists, paedophiles, creeps, and dominating patriarchs.

  7. F

    Most of the authoritarian dictators of modern history enjoyed tremendous adulation from women. Stalin, Lenin, Saddam Hussein, Hitler.

    For instance, the Communists rise to power was partially based on the fact that if you put a “strongman” in front of women, and then bribe them with social privileges and social welfare, you can use their support as a wedge against your opposition.

    This is why Feminism is so heavily supported by the Ruling Class in the United States. You bribe the women with social welfare, and through indoctrination, poison them against men, so they will choose to marry Big Government and destroy the nuclear family. Feminism also hypersexualized women, which is causing heedless men to buy into feminist policies in hopes of “getting some” , just like a frog thinks a boiling pot of water is dandy.

    1. a

      Hitler was bi-sexual. Lenin’s sexuality has also been questioned. its noteworthy that once the Bolshevik revolution took place, Lenin quickly installed homosexual rights laws, in conjunction with outlawing religion, to rapidly destabilize the formal and traditional base of the family and Russian culture as a whole. The modern versions of the men you’re referring to, Sarkoczy, Berlusconi and others are not feted with women that are independently consensual, but with ones that are programmed to respond on command. See Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut.”

  8. Well holy flipping JESUS the over the top generalities and disillusionment going on here.

    Phoenix – incredible piece, I concur and particularly love what you ‘whispered.’ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Look, here’s the deal – every SINGLE ‘ism’ – or anything at all really for that matter has TWO sides, minimum. Not all ‘feminists’ are – allow me to quote the fine mind of “Feminist Whoring” here – ‘way more likely to blame โ€œmenโ€ for their problems than point the finger at their own choices and at Feminism.’ SWEEPING, blatant over-generalized comment, here.. I’ve got a sneaky suspicion this fine man is doing a bit of ‘blaming’ of his own. Dare I say ‘chauvinism?’ Yes, I daresay. Dude, you’re a woman hater – plain and simple. Take that to the bank, compadre.’

    While plenty of die hard feminists are extreme – as there are with any and every group, cause or even religion, and extremism is rarely if ever a good, healthy, productive manner of being – there are more than plenty of feminists like myself who for the most part, take the middle road.

    Feminism is not inherently a bad thing that has caused the demise of the family unit, America, etc. etc. – It is the extremism and DOLLARS that has pushed this sliver of the feminism dynamic along in society over the years – and as you point out, has insidiously made its way into minds, hearts and actions of this generation (9-21 or so) in a way that unbeknownst to them ~ has been manufactured and delivered in every way by society from the time they were able to speak. They didn’t really have much of a chance.

    Again, as you ended this piece – it ALL goes back to family, environment, foundations – SOLID ones – what we as parents can and should do to enable our children as solid individuals in developing character, morality, values and an inner moral compass that will give them discernment. Not an easy job, and not easy times during which to wrestle these demons away from our children.

    Thankfully my little 17 year old Scorpio has never been a follower, is a tomboy at heart, and is just now beginning to blossom – bit by bit – in her femininity. She would rather take a flying leap than listen to Kesha ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Great article, an eye opener ~

    <3 ~ mb

    1. a

      Thanks Mary. If you haven’t checked out Aaron Russo’s clip on feminism, here it is.

      Russo was pals with Nicholas Rockefeller, who divulged to Russo that his family was behind feminism. On the clip, Russo is being interviewed by Alex Jones and Jones also brings up Gloria Steinheim’s connection with the CIA.

      It was all about destroying the family and it worked pretty well.

      But those are just fumes in the past. Its all about transhumanism and creating the synthetic being now. We’re involved in a street fight for our humanity now, which is why its important to see the social engineering and mind control at work in the videos and live performances of the MK Ultra fembots.

  9. F

    Mary Elizabeth-

    One of the chief goals of Feminism is to destroy the nuclear family and the eventual extinction of men as a gender.

    “We can’t destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage.” — Robin Morgan, Ms. Magazine editor

    “The nuclear family must be destroyed… Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process.” — Linda Gordon, prominent Feminist intellectual

    “Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage.” — Sheila Cronin, the leader of the feminist organization NOW

    “If life is to survive on this planet, there must be a decontamination of the Earth. I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males.” –Mary Daly, former Professor at Boston College, inventor of Feminist Theology

    “I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.” — Andrea Dworkin, prominent Feminist intellectual and activist

    “Probably the only place where a man can feel really secure is in a maximum security prison, except for the imminent threat of release.”– Germaine Greer, prominent Feminist intellectual

    Mary Elizabeth, if Feminism is a positive movement, why are these women still well-respected and studied in Women’s Studies classes? Why are there not groups of feminists decrying their hate speech? To this day, young women interested in being a “stay-at-home” mom report being insulted and harassed by Feminists for their personal choice. To this day, hatred of men and the family runs deep in Feminism, as evidenced by their continued support of anti-male and anti-child family law, divorce law, and domestic violence law.

    Your claim that I am a “woman-hater” is a typical and expected ad hominem. Criticism is not hate, and criticism is only deemed hate by ideologues. And only ideologues would claim that Feminism is a fair and justified movement, given its sordid history and despicable results.

  10. t

    And yet it is part of a continuum, though perhaps separated by degrees of repression: Mae, Marilyn, Madonna…American automata.
    Aloft on a cynical sea of unconsciousness, yet exquisitely programmed to celebrate and embrace my/our own destruction — while helping to turn this planet into a ungodly garden of unearthly delights…

    And yet we shall prevail.
    peace, perspicacity, & power to all

    1. a

      Funny, I was going through Madonna vids yesterday, to see where it begins for her. It starts with “Borderline” her first minor hit. It depicts Madonna as a flirtatious and street savvy fly girl, hanging out street latinos. She’s discovered by a photographer/image maker, white. The scenes cut back and forth between color (street scenes) and black and white (studio). In the black and white shots, its classic illumined symbolism; checkered pattern floors (duality/chessboard of life), dancing between two columns (Boaz and Jachin). She keeps repeating that she’s being pushed over the “borderline” which refers to races and cultures obviously, but also indicates borderline personality, two selves and fragmentation. Here, very early in her career, we see the splitting of Madonna, who very rapidly becomes the embodiment of the virgin/whore.

  11. T

    Enjoyed that, Robert! I actually hadn’t even heard of Ke$ha, but I have sensed the “vibe” elsewhere, in TV shows and current musical taste. Everything has somehow turned “nasty”. Beauty, melody, symmetry is now thought to be highly un-cool, whereas in “my day” decades ago those things were the be all and end all. I guess it’s simply the turning of the old Wheel of Fortune; nothing stays the same, everything changes. In order to get back to beauty, melody and symmetry we have to travel via nasty, ugly, dissonant and generally stuff that once upon a time used to be termed vulgar or “uncouth”.

    Last time Pluto was in Scorpio pre the 1980s (before Pluto had been discovered – but it was there all the time) approx 1737 to 1748 I think, the kids born then grew to maturity at the tail end of the Age of Enlightenment – Goethe, Thomas Jefferson, to name a couple and on the shadow side….Marquis de Sade. French Revolution and US Constitution probably had a lot of Pluto in Scorpio influence embedded. This time around the WOF we’ve hit a far different step on that Wheel. ;-(

    1. a

      Hi Twilight. Yes, its interesting that all of those aspects you mentioned (beauty, melody, symmetry) are quite Libran and one generation rejects the subtle esthetics of the previous one, which is why I think that the Pluto in Sag kids will favor classic looks and styles and more order to large extent.

  12. Wholeheartedly concur w/tracy s, Twilight & Phoenix ~

    It is a street fight to be sure and sadly one that will not go away ~ up to the more mature generations to educate, love, build foundations ~ awareness is key ~

    With the mention of Madonna – I was just thinking of her today in fact; what she was & represented when she began & how she has transformed, and her wanna-be’s – of today – too many to list but Brittney Spears, Lady Gaga to name just TWO come to mind..

    I’m off to go burn bra’s (I JEST, I jest ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Namaste ~ Looking forward to more of your profoundly patterned weaves of observation ~

    ~ mb

  13. s

    Yeah, if you send your kids to school, and then let them watch TV afterwards, they’re not your kids anymore, and neither are they of your community. They’re gone, forever.
    So it’s good to see the “throw away your television” movement building up a little.
    Convincing parents about the evils of the death camps for the soul, aka schools – that may take a little longer. Homeschooling is on the rise, though, despite propaganda aimed against it.

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