More Mercury Retrograde Madness With The Golden State Warriors

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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mercuryIf it’s Mercury Retrograde, The Warriors must be doing something.

Just a few quick hits, from the front lines of Mercury Retrograde and then some. Of course, Mercury Retrograde would not be complete without some faux paux by the Golden State Warriors. Yes, we can always count on the retrograde franchise to remind us of their awkward incompetence. Well, leave it to The Warriors to have their head PR guy, Raymond Ritter, who, by all accounts is a decent guy, go to hardcore, Warriors fan site, and pose as a poster, boosting, supporting and ultimately, shilling for a team that is taking a beating on the online PR front lines . The people at warriorsworld traced the IP address of the poster, named, get ready for this, “flunkster dude” and found that it originated on the GSW server. They ultimately traced it back to Ritter and Ritter admitted to local scribe, Tim Kawakami that it indeed was him. What was Ritter guilty of other than bland loyalty? He was guilty of propping himself up as a season ticket holder getting ready to renew his seats. This can either be thought of as cagey or completely disingenuous, bordering on such violation of franchise credibility, that it will likely make the rounds of blogs and message boards and further discredit a failing franchise. Ritter is just a pawn in the game, but a willing pawn nonetheless.

Ultimately, it’s yet another MR blunder to add to the list of other MR blunder for a franchise bought under a Mercury Retrograde. It won’t end until the franchise is sold and is organizationally re-calibrated as a result.

Another MR sports event popped up in baseball last night. Jake Peavey, a pitcher for The Padres was traded . . .well sort of. He had been dealt to The White Sox for four players, but not so fast. Peavey, who had a right to reject a trade based on language in his contract, said, “uh, no thanks” and The Pads had to rescind the deal. Look for Peavy to get dealt once Mercury moves forward.

One last bit of astro news, not MR related went down this week in NYC, where the uber-rich, people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Oprah, David Rockefeller, Michael Bloomberg and others had an emergency meeting together. This is on the heels of other uber rich and powerful types schmoozing with one another at the Bilderberg conference. Is something in the air? Are they getting some marching orders? Is this the next iteration of Pluto in Capricorn? Are the monied elite ready to assume their roles at the table of overt influence? Are these the high priests and priestesses of the emerging coroporatocracy? Keep your eyes and ears on Oprah and see what she starts dishing to the women of America.

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