More Japan And Brazil Fallout And The Cardinal Retrograde

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

There’s something in the air.

It’s starting to feel a bit like “On The Beach” the 1950’s film starring Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Fred Astaire and Anthony Perkins. Based on the novel by Nevil Shute, WWIII has occurred and massive fallout in the Northern Hemisphere is circulating around the upper half of the planet. Due to the separation of tides and winds between both spheres, only Australia has inhabitable air, while most of the Northern Hemisphere perishes in toxic clouds of heavy metals. Peck, the commander of the submarine, U.S.S. Sawfish, travels to San Francisco and San Diego, only to find both cities are nothing more than ghost towns.

As the Fukushima disaster enters it’s thirty-day-mark, Iodine, Cesium, Thallium and Strontium counts are up beyond acceptable levels, all across the Northern Hemisphere. TEPCO has finally conceded that the Daichi reactors have now hit the highest level of disaster of all time, reaching the dreaded 7th level, which of course, has been heretofore reserved solely for “Chernobyl.” If there was a level 8, 9 or 10, I think Daichi would probably reach it.

Yesterday, I was on the beach. A gray haze cut the glare of a blinding Sun. Most of the rides were out of service due to the season not being started just yet. Our beloved boardwalk had the feel of it’s own ghost town. Who needed the haunted house?

By the time we got home I was parched in a way that only heavy metals could leach the vital fluids from ones body. I’ve been worshiping Kelp in all forms and wondering what to do next? Do I bust out my stash of Potassium Iodide or do I seek out some lead free “Prussian Blue” and make my own pills?

We’ve got Mercury in Aries, Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Cap, all retrograde. These heavy hitters were all part of the Cardinal Cross that covered the skies last June We’re coming up on the year anniversary of that major movement. Theo White over at Global Astrology has written extensively about this and how the procession of these crosses are the signifiers of deep chaos and change. With the focus on the retrograde energies of these three cardinal forces, we are asked on a symbolic level to really explore how we’re spending our energies and life force. These are cardinal signs and they are all about getting things started and moving. Initiating. With all three in reverse, while we cannot put our lives on hold, we are being forced to re-examine how we spend our energies and what we deem important. Pulling back or even out of certain activities, especially, if they have become routinely habitual is favored now. Unplugging creates space for new and different thoughts.

All three of these planets in their backwards processions invoke the following questions; Are you putting energy into the right relationships and right relating? Is your voice/will focused on the most important aspects of your life? Are you ceding more power to the rising plutocracy than is needed? Re-examining our relationships to institutions like self, partners and the world at large is crucial, because we might very well be headed to beach parties where the bon fires of history are getting ready to be set ablaze.


A few posts back, I wrote about the strange, antipodal relationship between Japan and Brazil. Sure enough, Japan has another quake, a 6.1 shaker that damaged the Fukushima plant even more. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, in Brazil, 12 school children are murdered by a twenty-three year old named “Wellington Oliviera”, which is also the name of a famous footballer in Brazil as well. Can’t have a tragedy without a meaningful doppleganger, especially in Brazil. Oliviera supposedly had extremist views, however, there seems to be the ubiquitous, shadowy elements involved as two men were seen sneaking weapons into the school. Of course, Oliviera did everyone a great favor by killing himself. Apparently he was an admirer of the 911 attacks and had been, “spending lots of time on the internet.” The result? Brazil is going to review it’s gun ownership laws. Of course.

In other high strangeness, I ran across the aforementioned “Prussian Blue” as I was surfing around that infernal internet, where all kinds of radical and dangerous thoughts are swimming around like piranha of the mind. I was searching for some sort of protection against the non-existent radioactivity levels that the EPA has been constantly referring to. “Prussian Blue” is a particular pigment that has the ability to be a super binding agent, kind of a meta-chelator, only to be used in certain instances, like extreme metal poisoning. What’s ironic is that the famous Hokusai painting of the great wave, cresting in it’s tsunami-like intensity is a classic example of Prussian Blue. However, yet another bizarre manifestation of “Prussian Blue” is the white, Nationalist Front duo of two, young-blond-teens, that are sort of the musical Nazi version of the Olsen Twins. Their singing act is named “Prussian Blue.” So here we have twins again, as in Mengele and blond as in “Aryan.” Do we live in a twisted hall of mirrors or what?


Last week, a very good friend told me a story about his son. His son is a skeptic on all things mystical, having grown up around a father that is essentially a high priest of high strangeness, choosing solid ground over ethereal vapors. But even his axis was tilted when at around 11pm, two weeks ago, he walked into his sons bedroom to check on his two young boys and found to his amazement, an attractive, young black woman hovering over his five-year-old. Quite startled, he asked the young woman, not an apparition, who she was and what she was doing in the boys room. She muttered something back, like, “We are many and we are here.” His wife walked in and continued to ask questions. All they got was gibberish and cryptic answers. They called the police, who eventually showed up and were able to get a little more, but not much out of the girl, who turned out to be a student from the nearby college. So here is what took place.

The young woman left a party to go outside and make a call on her cell phone. That was the last time people at the party saw her. She then wandered about five blocks and found the house with the boys. Earlier in the evening, the mother of the boys had inadvertently left the keys to the house in the front door. The young woman let herself in and found the bedroom with the two young boys, asleep and simply stared at them. Now what are the odds that she would find that house, the one with the keys in the front door, only to search out linger in the presence of these two children, doing absolutely nothing more? And why was she drawn to the house to begin with? The father of the boys managed to sneak a cell phone pic of her before the police took her away. He showed his father and they were both immediately struck by the fact that despite racial differences, she was a “dead ringer” for the boys great grandmother, who had passed on some fifty years ago.

My friend speculated that there was some sort of spirit entangling that had taken place, a possession of sorts. That’s well and good, but how to explain the keys in the door and the consciousness that set this all in motion? Realms are getting slippery and slipperier.

Here is a track I just did, an ambient treatment of journalist, Tetsuo Jimbo’s ballsy excursion into the ghost town of Fukushima. It’s called, “Daichi Walkabout.”

Daichi Walkabout by dominmatrix

2 thoughts on “More Japan And Brazil Fallout And The Cardinal Retrograde”

  1. R

    Hi Robert,
    Kelp is awesome as well as Hijiki to leach metals and radioactive particles but be sure to take Kelp for 2 weeks then discontinue as there is documentation that it can
    overwhelm the thyroid.

    1. a

      Thanks Rose. I’ve heard good things about Modafalin as well. Swiss Chard, Eggs, Yogurt, Raw Goat Milk and Liver are also great for the thyroid.

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