More From The Other Side And The Saturn/Uranus Opposition Bears Strange Fruit

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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The Karen Lundegaard tale has gotten deeper and is taking on a more multi-dimensional shape and presence in my life. It’s starting to overlap and sprawl into different realities like a Charlie Kaufman film. It’s moving through the internet, my waking world and the spirit world, as they all seem to be morphing into one, contiguous domain. The “Other Karen” aka “Joan Of Arch” seems to be also deeply embedded in this, (whatever this is) as there is a reference in Amy Tan’s book about a housewife from St. Louis, which is where the “Other Karen” dwells. It was the “Other Karen” that seemed to be the bridge for this interplay between time and space, dimensions folding onto one another. Last night, as I thought about Karen Lundegaard, the DVD case next to my computer literally fell off my desk next to my computer, with no prompting on my part (If you haven’t followed my Karen Lundegaard story, please see my previous post).

Without any foreknowledge, I posted the story on October 3rd. I stayed up until 3 AM, Saturday morning to push it live, but I did, on October 3rd. I later found out through Karen’s daughter (and others), who commented here, that Karen Lundegaard passed from this plane on October 3rd, 2003. I have no answer for this save that Karen has been contacting me from the spirit world, through any means necessary. If more details arise around this, I’ll post them here. In the meantime, I will cherish this rare and enlightening series of confluent events. Now onto other business.

While I laid low during Mercury’s river dance on my central nervous system and ability to create meaningful and clear syntax, one synchronistic event took place that was so clear, that I had to remind myself to write about it afterwards and another event, along the same, astrological axis also of note took place. To understand these two events, we have to re-invoke the opposition of Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces.

In a previous post, I noted that Saturn in Virgo is the epitome of work and service or in the case of our current situation, the lack thereof. I posited that Uranus in Pisces was in many ways illustrative of the distraction around the debate regarding healthcare. To take it one step beyond, that even Swine Flu was a supreme act of costumery, yet deeply connected to when Uranus was in Pisces in 1339, which marked the first case of The Bubonic Plague in outer Europe (Russia). Well guess what happened as well when this opposition was going down? Saturn, the car company, the darling of Chrysler, probably one of the more successful American car stories in recent years, is calling it quits.SaturnLogo

How many people does Saturn employ? 13,000. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but that’s just people that produce, sell and service the car. That doesn’t take into account the supply chain that moves parts to auto parts stores and the trucking lines that move those parts, nor the businesses around the Spring Hill, Tennessee plant, nor the businesses around the many Saturn dealers around the country. During Saturn in Virgo, opposite Uranus in Pisces, Saturn goes belly up. How apropos.

While Saturn employees sit around, trying to find out what their next career move is going to be in the bustling, Spring Hill job marketplace, another tale of work, woe, weirdness and money, was unfolding up in Hardin, Montana.

Just the name alone speaks volumes, “Hard-In.” Well, up in Hardin, where the economy is drying up faster than the fake tears on Glenn Beck’s cheeks, they decided to take matters into their own hands. Two years ago, they were convinced that if they floated some city bonds and built a prison facility, they could get that prison filled up with Gitmo detainees or some other brisk, prison trade, because, even though no one is really saying it, that’s where the money is going to be, at least initially. I won’t even go into the FEMA camp side of the story, as it’s just too depressing. No, I’m going to focus on Hardin and their new police force, APF.

Since they had no one to stick in the prison and no one to run it, they were getting desperate to fill their institution and line their wallets. Have no fear, because here comes Captain Hilton and his merry band of soldiers in black, SUV’s and thick, foreign accents to the rescue! Yes, they came into town, flashed some impressive credentials, crossed some palms, bought off the Twin Rivers Economic Agency, hired Patricia Shay a local reporter to be their PR person and voila, Hardin’s dreams just came true. For mayoral candidate, Carrie Smith, it’s all groovy baby, “Don’t panic… Just go with the flow.” Doesn’t that have a decidedly Piscean feel to it? It guess it doesn’t matter that Captain Michael Hilton aka “Miodrag Dokovich, Miodrag Djokich, Miodrag Djokovich, Michael Hamilton, Anthony M. Hilton, Michael A. Hilton, Michael Milton and Hristian Djokich,” amongst other aliases has had numerous convictions ranging from fraud, to larceny, to breach of contract. Without doing much vetting at all, the town council of Hardin embraced Hilton, (originally from Montenegro) and company with open arms and open palms. Now, the hot, media glare is on Hardin and the likes of Carrie Smith, Patricia Shay and Al Peterson (who has now stepped into the breach left when Carrie’s husband, Greg, the former economic director of Hardin was put on paid, administrative leave).


Originally sporting a Serbian coat-of-arms, APF had to do an audible and re-create it since The Serbian government was threatening to sue them. Unfortunately, this is not going to be the last story we’ll hear along these lines. A town council fronts for a hard up city, some quick fix and easy cash rolls into town with very little oversight and incarceration becomes the model for the new economy! What else are you going to do with all of the out of work people that might just get ornery once they have some free time on their hands to put things together. But the Hardin tale is symbolic of the opposition between Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. Hilton and crew are operating on a level that is swirling in Uranus and Pisces, “go with the flow” waves of illusion amidst an increasingly tragic background of economic woe and lack of readily available employment.

It’s sheer desperation.

On the Swine front, they are now fronting misters which contain some percentage of weakened, live, H1N1 vaccine. What that means is that people with weakened immune systems will not do well with weakened flu, which in turn means that there will be people, potentially walking around, spreading H1N1 and what are we dealing with here as an agent of transmission? Mists. Fluids. These are both Piscean, elemental delivery systems, moving in a storm front against Saturn in Virgo which is the ultimate ground of our health and yet with the presence of Saturn, it also invokes the aura of authority. My best advice? Be your own authority. Be your own healer.

8 thoughts on “More From The Other Side And The Saturn/Uranus Opposition Bears Strange Fruit”

  1. Karen ...Joan of Arch : )

    “A Note to the Reader” Page xiii Amy Tan’s ‘Save Fish from Drowning’ —

    “When I returned to San Francisco, I met with Karen Lundegaard several times at her bungalow stuffed with arcana and, by her description, “tag-sale items.” She was quite frail, debilitated by metastatic breast cancer, which she had long known she had but for which she had been unable to get adequate treatment because she lacked medical insurance. (“If you mention anything about me,” she said, “Tell people that.”)”

    Karen is talking to everyone. Specifically this month…this year.

    1. a

      I agree, we all need health care, but as a recent witness of what that means while my father spent nearly two weeks in the ICU, I truly believe that not only do we need health care, but the whole concept, not just the administrative organization of healthcare needs to be revamped. I spent some time in the cafeteria of the hospital he was in and I was appalled at the quality of the food, which was served to staffers. It wasn’t anywhere close to whole or organic. My father spent that time uncomfortably perched amongst a network of needles and tubes; awoken every five hours or so, no rest for the weary. How could his body and spirit relax and let his own healing processes co-mingle with those of the doctors? The purely allopathic approach left much to be desired.

      Conversely, I once met the great jazz guitarist, Leni Stern who told me about her bout with cancer, which she tackled through almost exclusively homeopathic and naturopathic methods. Leni’s a survivor. It won’t work for everyone, but some blend could be very beneficial for all folks that are physically challenged.

  2. Karen ...Joan of Arch

    This past weekend, I spent a pretty good chunk of time reading through what is left of her blog from ’02-’03. There’s enough in there to connect to her comment to Amy Tan to know that parts of what she went though…things could have been done a lot differently. There’s even one specific comment she made about a reoccurance that she noticed and was worried about, but because she couldn’t see a specialist early enough to catch it she went downhill.

    1. a

      This happened with my mother as well, as cancer survivor, however the specialist that caught the anomaly was a simple nurse, who after the doctor had sent her away with a case of heartburn, the nurse decided that my mother needed yet another test or two, which led to the discovery of a softball sized tumor around her thymus.

      I surely wish Karen could have gotten the care that she needed in timely fashion.

  3. L

    An easily overlooked aspect of the new Hardin police force change was the disbanding of the local Sheriff’s department as part of the deal. For those who are not aware of the historical power of the our local Sheriff’s to not only defend the Constitution but to protect those in their jurisdiction against trespass of an over-zealous federal agencies, would be well-advised to research the subject and Google Sheriff Mack. You could also read a Note I posted on the subject here: Raising the Hue and Crie,

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