Miles Davis, Padre Pio, The Dark And The Light Of Gemini, Looping The Dual Infinite And Scopes For Memorial Day Weekend

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium


John McLaughlin’s guitar playing stings like bees in my mind, unleashing a honey of liquid fire; a nostalgic cacophony from my youth. Wound tight on the infinite eight-track-loop, the hard fusion thrusted my pre-teen brain into excited syncs with unexplored hemispheres. I didn’t need any drugs. McLaughlin played with Miles who would have been eighty-six today. Miles was an archetypal Gemini, willing to flip the script on fans and critics alike. When “Bitches Brew” hit it was Jazz’s version of Dylan (another Gemini) at Newport. Miles didn’t give a shit. He saw Ornette Coleman destroying the jazz canon and wanted to take part in a little creative destruction of his own. But as Miles looked around and saw Sly Stone and Jimi Hendrix blowing up with rock audiences, he wanted to get in on that scene. Miles you see grew up with privilege. Miles Dewey Davis II was a doctor and a wealthy one at that. Miles was raised on a farm outside of St. Louis with horses and servants. When it came to money, Miles had it (and other substances) coursing through his veins. Pluto and the True Node in Cancer dangled like gold chains in his second house. When Miles wanted to quit smack, he went home and locked himself in his dad’s barn for seven days and got clean.

In true, as above, so below fashion befitting a Gemini who would record “Live Evil” during the birth of “Bitches.” He was into mirroring and thinking backwards. “Selim Savid” was one of the tracks on “Live-Evil.” He has two opposing T-Squares, mirror reflections of his sign and they form a mystic cross, straining the capacity to handle the immense duality inherent in the chart. Throw in a grand water trine for good measure (Mars/Pisces-Pluto/Cancer-Saturn & Moon/Scorpio) and Davis emerges as astrologically as well as personally complex. Up until his last days, he was always on the prowl for young talent. From McLaughlin, Keith Jarrett, Airto, Chick Corea and Joe Zawinul, to Minu Cinelu, John Scofield and Kenny Garrett, they all migrated through Miles’ 11th House, joining forces with Mars, Uranus and Venus. To illustrate how far Davis wanted to push the envelope, he even collaborated with Johnny Rotten aka John Lydon on recordings for Lydon’s Public Image Ltd. Album. Lydon’s Aquarian Sun, conjunct Davis’ Aquarian Jupiter in the tenth house.

The seventies were a subterranean dive as he cloaked himself in dark occult imagery, charting areas of improvisational sorcery on live recordings such as “Agartha,” “Pangea” and “Dark Magus.” Fueled by Peruvian flake, courted by demon muses, this was the prelude to Davis’ eventual bottoming out. An interesting side note, is that during that period, he would mentor a young guitarist by the name of Reggie Lucas (light bringer) who would later become illuminist moll, Madonna’s musical director. Madonna of course was last seen at “Lucas” Oil stadium in Indianapolis on Super Bowl Sunday.

Miles was a witch doctor, a badass motherfucker no matter how you view him through the wildly prismatic lens of his life and chart. One of the more telling moments of Davis’ journey was when he returned to his estranged wife, Cicely Tyson, whom Miles had been pretty rough with on more than one occasion. She took him back and got him to kick drugs one more time. “Live-Evil” sums him up pretty well.

The Venus retrograde is rolfing my emotional center. Oh, along with that, the eclipse and the deeply penetrating solar storm we were just hit with, my inner life has been about as harmonious as the Jeremiah Wright and Obama’s election post-coital, man love. After the scalding burn of the secret sun, my resolve has been tempered. Mixing metaphors like cheap cocktails on the first weekend of summer, iron sharpens iron or some medieval aphorism that is the equivalent of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Apparently that would include matrix agents as family members. Just repeat after me; “Its all God, Its all God, Its all God.” There. Isn’t that better?

Yesterday was Padre Pio’s birthday. He might have been the Miles Davis of catholic mystics in some ways, except that while Davis’ chart is masters course in complexity, Pio’s chart was potently one pointed and very uncomplicated. Padre Pio was a Capuchine monk. They were the straight edge column of the Franciscans. Pio was known for being an unending font of stigmata throughout the course of his life. The catholic church was so suspicious of him, they wrapped his hands in wax and gauze and still they bled. Not only that, but after they peeled the wax and bandages away, his skin smelled sweet. Padre Pio was also a master bi-locator, appearing in a number of different places at different times. He was also called a “soul reader” meaning he could tap into personal prophecy for individuals. And what did the catholic church do to him? They hid him away, cloistered him in a monastery and treated him like a criminal. When they had a true mystic on their roster, they were ashamed and frightened of his holy manifestations. Padre Pio presented a real problem for the church. These powers were reserved for the devil or perhaps for a true holy man.

His chart is fascinating. Its marked by the absolute lack of any oppositions. None. Zero. There is no duality there. His seventh/eighth houses host a spectacular combination of tight conjunctions (Sun/Pluto/Mercury/Mars/Neptune) in early Gemini and late Taurus. And they almost all trined Uranus in Libra in his twelfth house. In the house of mystery the ineffable manifests in the house of rebirth as sacred magic coming to light. But while Uranus opened an unorthodox gateway to the great mystery, as it squared Pio’s Saturn, Moon and Venus in Cancer, in the ninth house, it became a source of real chaos for the established orthodoxy. With hardly any other major aspects, his life literally had two tracks; one was to be a gateway to God, the other was dealing with the restrictions of institutions that would bind him to a rigid medieval standard. And while I am interested in the arcane morality of the church’s high drama with Pio, its the Gemini Sun/Pluto/Mercury conjunction, trining Uranus that fascinates the hell out of me, especially as it relates to bi-location and the sign of the twins.

Mercury is movement and travel in it’s own dominant sign, linked up with the profoundly transformational Pluto and solar force of the chart, the Sun. This alchemical trinity are profoundly located, linked by a ray from the mind of God, entering the chart through the Uranian portal of Libra. We’re talking balance, synergy, mirror imaging, particles, waves, holographic servants of God. This is so unlike the modern marvel of cloning, like say when Hilary Clinton was seen in two different parts of Manhattan simultaneously when campaigning for president in 2008. They had some splainin’ to do on that one.

No, Padre Pio was the real deal. A blessed life without opposition, only hindered by couple of real squares, covering up their squareness with pointed hats..

I haven’t done scopes for a while, but since its a three-day-weekend, the first weekend of summer, here’s some pithy stardust for getting through, by, over and under.


The weekend kicks off with a Moon/Uranus trine in Leo and your sign in Uranus. You’re not that really into adoration, but this weekend is a little different with Venus playing melancholy strains of days and loves gone by. Get away, even if its just up the road. Spontaneous sparks of emotional combustion light your way deep into Saturday night. The energy cools a bit on late Sunday, but by then, you’ll have had an opportunity to bath in the fiery waters of renewal. Hopefully, you’re getting the hang of this intense Uranus energy and if you’re not, have a peek at this garage genius who decided to whip up his own Tesla rifle. The key word for you this weekend; Restore.


My new pal, Coach Khayr (Taurus) has pretty much nailed this weekend for the placid bull; Let everyone on FB know he’s coming to Miami, jump there and start accepting invitations from the kindness of strangers–sweet strangers–near the beach–with love in their hearts. With Jupiter taking its last lap in your sign, “lap” is a word you need to remember for the next three days. Lap up the sweet times and largesse of these last days. Drink them in deeply and give thanks. Jupiter exalted has blessed you. Venus returning reminds you of what its like to be loved. Just don’t take it all for granted. The Moon/Jupiter square come Sunday could ruin a perfect time. Steer far and clear of any sort of entitlement you picked up along the way. The key word for you this weekend; Rejoice.


Oh, to take a trip into the Gemini mind right now. Blasted by the eclipse, whirling dervish dancing Venus backwards, giddy with the morning star soon eclipsing the Sun; Castor and Pollux, Remus and Romulus, Boaz and Jachin, Mary Kate and Ashley. You get the drift. We’re talking duality dancing with itself and the strange and often weirdly alchemical merging that results when Mercury (Gemini) consorts with Aphrodite (Venus). Yes, we’re talking Lady Gaga, the hermaphroditic offspring. What’s on your social card this weekend? How can you be at two parties at once? You’ll find out. But really, the deeper message and meaning over this three-day-romp is cataloging your curiosity as it comes at you in waves of strange attraction and deja-vus from alternate lives. Your key word for this weekend; Reanimate.


The hanged man of the zodiac counts the hours and the days to be released from the bondage of the yew tree, suspended, learning the secrets of blood rushing, head pounding, upside down yoga. Don’t worry, October will be here before you know it and one pesky aspect, that damned Saturn will have broken away, leaving most of you to deal with just Pluto and Uranus. No biggie. Right? Okay, What can you do till then? First of all, from your upside-down-perspective, you’ll see the worked a lot differently than the rest of us. Most of us are living in a bizarro world of Orwellian scale. You know the drill; Down is up, gay is normal, straight is twisted, surveillance is security, death is life and so on. Most of us are struggling to “learn to think backwards” like Crowley, but not you. You’ve been at it hard, for the last four years and you’ve almost mastered the topsy-turvy perception of what we call reality. Get simple. Feel the Earth with your soles, bathe in the solar rays of the Sun, rejoice when your lips part for the essence of life to flow between them. Its not much more complex than that. Then smile, knowing that soon, you’ll uncoil the secret knowledge you’ve been storing away for your season of release. Your keyword for this weekend; Relax.


When are you not the life of the party? Well it won’t be this weekend. I can assure you. Look, we might all be filling up with cesium and iodine at extinction level rates, but to you, it won’t matter, not this weekend. You take it like a crusader looking for the holy grail of pleasure, camaraderie, family with a heart so wide and deep that sometimes it hurts like hell when you slow down and really observe what’s happening. Reflection will come in due time. Te restraint of Jupiter and all of the responsibility it has beset upon you has almost passed. But this weekend, you are the king and queen of early summers ball. Enjoy it. Take it in. Your keyword for this weekend; Rejoice.


You’ve tagged along on that lovely Earth trine and now, sadly, that party is nearly over. Well, you still have manic Mars on your side. when you’ve finished cleaning your house, you can come clean mine. In June, Jupiter shifts and starts squaring off your Sun. You relate to Gemini, but Gemini gets messy, Gemini pisses in the snow for the fuck of it, while if you’re pushed, you’d be trying to pee mandalas; dutiful, useful, pious. That moral dilemma awaits you in the future. Here and now, you’re a stand in for the May King. Go ahead. Take a crack at the royal we. Refer to yourself in the third person at least three times, overtip and kiss a little just longer than you should with a new acquaintance. Come Monday, you can put yourself back on the psych couch of your mind and analyze it all. Your keyword for this weekend; Regale.


Breath deep. Its almost passed. Saturn is getting ready to move forward and when it does, its the final charge into the valley below. Your stores are nearly empty. Your troops are weary. Your horses are limping. But still, you must persist, you must mount one more charge for the clash of souls, a date with destiny in the distance. But that’s still a few weeks away. For now, do your best to get away from base camp and seek higher ground, universal truth and the blessing of wisdom that manifests in faith. You do this and you’ll be ready for anything. Your keyword for the weekend; Regroup.


Even though you’re not a Gemini and not even close to being an air sign, this eclipse and the Venus retrograde has been grinding your gears. The Leo Moon adds a quality of seriousness in some ways to it all. You’re pushing, probing and diving for something that will give you meaning and more importantly, some very deep, psychic clarity. Your search will not be in vain. One of the things that might just make it a bit more meaningful is to find another person who can hold the light while you dig through the darkness. Your keyword for this weekend; Rejoin.


Fellow Sag, William Blake, once said, “The fox provides for himself, but God provides for the lion.” I think he might have had this weekend in mind. With the lion prowling in your house of higher consciousness, the upper room is filled with the primal mind. Courageously stare down any false beliefs you’re holding onto and allow yourself the freedom to roam the veldt of visionary plains. Every moment has meaning. Every person a teacher. Every breath a gift. Your keyword for this weekend; Remember.


Someone might have to remind you that this weekend is meant for getting out and being with family, friends and fun. Hot dogs, sack races, those sorts of things. Better catch’s while you can Mr. and Mrs. Capricorn, because the simple pleasures aren’t that simple anymore. And, quite frankly, as Greece gets ready to pull out of the EU, it could put a real damper on the simple pleasures and times. But, perhaps you’re already aware of this and so far ahead of the game, you can afford yourself more complex pleasures. In any case, you’re driven by needs you can’t quite understand; the need to break out in a smile and simply be, Odd, isn’t it. Your keyword for the weekend is; Retrace.


Of any sign this weekend, you might have the most fun. In fact, if you know an Aquarius, hang out with them. They’ll let you for a while, until they need their space. But they are the party this weekend. On a more semi-serious note, the eclipse and Venus retrograde has caused many Aquarians to really revisit core feelings and relationships. This type of inner reflection may actually keep them at home. Don’t let them stay there. Find them, drag them out and let the world become their compass. Just hitch your wagon to their party train. Their newly found insights will be there when Tuesday rolls around. Your keyword for this weekend is; Recirculate.


The mutability of Mars and the Sun and Moon, now Venus challenges your sense of order. When are the changes going to stop coming? When do other people get to hold the space for you? How do I get off this crazy bus? Well, if you simply let go and let God, you’ll enter into a freaky weird field of trust that keeps you buoyed and bobbing nicely on the river of life. Even those demanding lovers, exacting the strain of perfection on you will have to submit to the grace you’ve invited into your life. Here’s a fine idea. Instead of you going out this weekend, you can stay home and throw your own party. Trust me. There are all the right elements to host a giddy and conscious salon, with your most intimate and witty friends. Hell, even if they aren’t witty, you’re classic grace and charm will transform their dull spirits into extras for Glee. Your keyword for the weekend; Release.

14 thoughts on “Miles Davis, Padre Pio, The Dark And The Light Of Gemini, Looping The Dual Infinite And Scopes For Memorial Day Weekend”

  1. T

    Thanks for the interpretation of Miles’ chart, Robert. I’m not into his wilder offerings, but love, love Sketches of Spain, especially his interpretation of Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez. Gorgeous!

    1. a

      Miles was one of the most important musical figures of the 20th century and I’d put him right up there with the masters, such as Bach, Beethoven, Mahler, Chopin and Stravinsky. His Gil Evans period, which you refer to is the height of the post bop, pre-fusion era. Right up there with Coltrane’s “Love Supreme.”

  2. R

    Welcome back – you were missed this week! I listened to and enjoyed your podcast on last week’s eclipse. Also. starting to gain interest in Jupiter’s coming transit in Gemini. But, something strange, all of a sudden, venus retrograde has immersed me into Pink Floyd mania. Never was a fan before – but now! Eclipsed planets on early videos, concerts at Pompeii-a civilization no more.
    The music is sublime to say the least. Enraptured by Piscean David Gilmour’s incredible talent. A much needed and welcome respite from today’s MSM barrage. And yet, I can’t help but feel a powerful message is being sent! Are you a fan?

  3. n

    Well, this Gemini has not heard from his twin sister, but the son moved backed in, and I found out some dead people were alive, and some movies changed, that is sort of usual. I did not expect New Zealand and Australia and the North Polar Ice Cap? to have changed so much, and so few jumped across to notice, no more than a few, it seems. If Atlantis rose, and that was a rewrite, would anyone notice that so many mountains have moved? I do not know how only a few retain the memory, the rest are waiting for the Apocalypse to start, and it is nearly over, mostly.

  4. k

    very cool and fun read here, about Miles Davis, I did not know much about him… and, well, being a cancer and reading your horoscope it’s fitting!! I have some of the strangest dreams this past month all about letting go of old, fear based stuff… in One I walked into my kitchen and saw a LIVING pig in my oven being roasted alive.. it devastated me in the dream.. and I screamed and cried… I did not want the pig to die or suffer, I ran into this white room with bright white light beaming in through a window with white shears over it I couldn’t see clearly out the window but the light was so bright…. anyway, the next day when I went to research about pigs in dreams I actually found a description about cooking a living pig in a dream… to my surprise.. I mean WHO dreams of a live pig roasting in your oven… anyway, the interpretation went like this: To see a pig being cooked alive in your dream suggests that you are undergoing a drastic transformation. You are ready to rid yourself of the negativity surrounding your life. and YES, that’s exactly it… and you’re horoscope plus many other circumstances in my life have led me to believe I am on this path…. I think June is going to be a big month for coming to terms with brick walls and WE are going to find that door in the wall… we are going to be MADE to look for the answers, to go through the walls, to come face to face with our fears and expose them…

    1. a

      I dunno about pigs, but I did see a story recently about a Brit stopped at an airport in Asia with a suitcase of six human embryos baked in gold. I think I’d rather dram of baked live pig.

  5. t

    I read the post, just above, in Jay Weidner’s voice. I’m a weird (too much Aqua.) Gem Rising… and i have a twin brother.
    Gemini energy is born to babble.. tired of apologizing for it. Astrology is what it is …. and you are who you are! Back to Jay,
    I can’t wait for his movie, Shasta, to come out in Oct. ! Ironically, or a synch, perhaps, my twin lives an hour from Mt. Shasta.
    See Gemini babble serves .. something.

  6. d

    The energy of ‘dead’ musicians like their music never dies
    A GOD given gift of talent exercised through their lives
    A huge price paid, fame and fortune made…
    Their creativity survives …


  7. So Neal, you were on the moon for awhile? Your life sounds like a scene from “Shameless” – and I mean that in the funniest sense. Welcome back. I agree the Apocalypse is coming to an end. I felt a huge shift on the annular eclipse. Most years, that’s my nemesis time of year. Then two nights ago, speaking of dreams, I awoke having dreamt that I was flying. Also in the dream, I was remembering all the other times I had been flying. During re-entry, I was having a debate with myself, saying “I can fly, right?”

  8. n

    I was not on the moon, only helped, that is the Department of Transportation, a real thing deep under, with cool patches, and such.
    Now, maybe if the dreamer’s memories and the rest were held in balance, that is a skill that leads to sane jumping, wthout the attendant problems that seem so dangerous and common in this place.

    It is funny how most live with the memory of flying, and fall while they do. You do not get to fly without that first drop, to let the one lead to the other, naturally, would maybe change this War.

    That little debate with yourself is part of the War, maybe the invitation to remember flying leads to falling, just a twist on a very old thing. My eyes do not work right after the annular eclipse, there was a moment when the dark side of that moon was just a lot of people paying attention, it is a very lasting thing, sometimes.

    Maybe just pigs on the wing.

  9. k

    oh gawd I saw that same story… the shriveled fetuses or whatever they were… yes that is just as bizarre! haha how Bizarre… that song….
    reminds me of driving down 80 towards the bay bridge blasting that old song How Bizarre… that made driving in Berkeley much more fun it was the only uninterrupted time to listen to music..

    yeah so, it was total anguish to see a living thing dying unable to breath in my oven of all places… but ah ha… it was maybe old negative garbage trying to take a last breath, me not wanting to let go therefore seeing it as suffering… shakes head and heads for ipod…..haha

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