Michael Jackson — Real Time — Eclipse Notes — Update

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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michael-christHe ascends.

Just a quick real time, Eclipse update. Watching Michael Jackson’s memorial. Major montage footage of Michael’s life that ended in MJ in a crucified form in extended pose. Michael as christ, sacrificed on the altar of public perception. Al Sharpton codifies it in his eulogy. Congresswoman, Sheila Jackson Lee, from Houston and Martin Luther King’s daughter continue to work with the theme. She just introduced a bill that they will introduce on the floor of the house, “Resolution 600” to honor Michael Jackson as a “world humanitarian” for all time. This is the secular canonization on 7/7. Michael moon walks towards ascension, ‘The King Of Pop,” eclipsing “The Prince Of Peace.”

I’d like to thank Brooke Shields for quoting Exupery’s, “Little Prince” at length, thus publicly validating the mytho-poetic connection that I pointed out in an earlier post.

More later.

Of course, the last song HAS to be “We Are The World” and we are bombarded with universal symbols of all religion. None of this happens by chance.

The last image of the memorial was a couple being interviewed about being there. The guy kept referring to the memorial as a series of performances, like he was at a concert. It typifies the perception of the individual immersed in the society of the spectacle.

Finally, Michael Jackson totally dominates Jesus in Google results. 60 million to 9.5 million. Looks like Michael is even bigger than The Beatles now,

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