Mercury Retrograde’s Gaffes, Gewgaws And Gangfights

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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parliament_fight_ukraine_1When words fail.

Mercury Retrograde usually provides some of the greatest verbal gaffes on record and so far, this MR is not disappointing us in the least. We’ve already looked at how Joni Mitchell launched a shot across the bow of Bob Dylan’s identity, but what else have we seen that reflects the tortured tongue of Mercury Retrograde?

Football Exec Asks Prospective Player If His Mother Was A Prostitute

In the run up to the NFL Draft, front office types ask players all kinds of questions that are supposed to test their mettle or reveal some hint at what lies beneath the dark recesses of their psyches. Jeff Ireland, the General Manager of The Miami Dolphins asked Oklahoma State wide out, Dez Bryant, if his mother had even been a prostitute. Bryant is your typical big talent, possibly bigger issues type of wide receiver, so yellow flags were waving all around him. But Ireland had gone where no G.M. had gone before. Were they trying to gauge if Bryant would kill him or not? Some people have justified the question, as they see Ireland probing Bryant’s psyche. Others view it as cruel and racist. Jeff Ireland of course, has come strong with an apology.

Radio Sports Host Canned For Tweeting Racial Comments

Mike Bacsik was best known for dishing up Barry Bonds’ record 756th HR. Well, he might be more well known now for getting fired from his radio gig in Dallas. The Dallas Mavericks have been in a heated playoff series with in state rivals, The Spurs, from San Antonio. After a tough loss to The Spurs, Bacsik tweeted, “Congrats to all the dirty Mexicans in San Antonio.” Gotta love Mercury Retrograde. He tweeted profusely after wards, asking for forgiveness from everybody, including people that aren’t born yet but might be offended in the future by his past remarks, but alas, it was not enough. Bacsik was sacked after two days worth of soul searching by the network’s brass.

Carl Levin Gets All Potty Mouth On Daniel Sparks

In an attempt to “get tough” Levin continued to use the word, “shitty” over and over again when sourcing an internal email from Goldman Sachs. While we champion Levin’s right to free speech, but using the word “shitty” at least seven times, makes it hard for the footage to be broadcast . The uber-suspicious part of me wonders if Levin’s gratuitous use of the word “shitty” might not have been strategic. We hope that he was simply caught up in the spirit of Goldman Sachs’ shitty profiteering and not pre-meditated obfuscation of this piece of testimony.

When Words Just Don’t Work Anymore

Some people just get beyond frustrated with Mercury Retrograde. Have a peek at The Ukrainian congress as they protest the ratification of a treaty for naval base with Russia. Watch how the impassioned, uh leadership in the Ukrainian congress go hardcore on each other, while launching eggs in the general direction of Ukraine’s president.

We’re only halfway through MR. The best may yet come.

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  1. In regard to Levin vs Sparks, the word shitty was not an impediment to the use of any video in Australia and of course the net is out there. It was not a good look for the regulation of US finance.

    Off-topic, any astrological views on the Shanghai Expo that just opened?

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