Mercury Retrograde Strikes Again With The Golden State Warriors

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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nellieMullin is now truly behind Nelson.

If it’s Mercury Retrograde, you know that The Golden State Warriors are up to something and if you guessed that they were, you would be correct. I have made the connection, many times over that when Chris Cohan bought the franchise, or rather strong armed it from previous owners, Dan Finane and Jim Fitzgerald in a semi-hostile takeover, that Finane and Fitzgerald set him up to do, he did it under Mercury Retrograde. Anyone with a modicum of astrological knowledge knows not to make big decisions, sign contracts, make deals when Mercury does it’s backwards dance. The only exception to the rule that I can see is if something had already been started pre-retrograde, then stopped and returned again under the retrograde. Then and only with a fair amount of circumspection should a deal get done.

But Cohan, unaware that he was messing with the stars forced the hand of Finane and Fitzgerald, made them sell and quickly became one of the worst sports franchise owners in Bay Area history. Everything about the team has been one, long, Mercury Retrograde correction after another. Even some of the key moments in the teams history, like trading Chris Webber and firing Don Nelson on the first go-round, took place under Mercury Retrograde events.

Up until yesterday when it became official that Chris Mullin had been let go, the last MR event to befoul the franchise was two years ago during the NBA Draft, when Chris Mullin tried to make a deal with Charlotte, which would have included fan fave jason Richardson in a deal that would get The Warriors Al Thornton, who would then be packaged along with most likely Andris Biedrins, Monta Ellis and Al Harrington to go to The T-Wolves in return for Kevin Garnnett and parts. It never happened. The phone lines failed, Mully’s old pal, Rod Higgins had no idea who to draft for The Warriors and instead of getting Thonton, a vital part of the deal, they instead drafted Branden Wright, a player neither The Warriors nor The T-Wolves wanted.

That was the beginning of the end for Mullin and that end came yesterday, when The Warriors formally announced that Mullin would not be back as team EVP and Director of Basketball Operations. Of course, under the influence of Mercury Retrograde.

This is Don Nelson’s team now, for better or worse. Nelson reminds me of Malcolm Lowery’s character in Beneath The Volcano where his weary cynicism and habitual relationship with alcohol are quickly colluding towards some psychic event in his life that is cataclysmic, and almost beyond the scope of transformation due to Nellie’s stage in in his life.

Don Nelson has Mars in Gemini which is the sign/alignment of the eternal tinkerer. People with Mars in Gemini are restless by nature and rarely settled with any one result. Gemini is movement, speed, communication, rapid dissemination of ideas and local travel. Mars is strident, active, dynamic, proud, willful, expressive, masculine, overt and domineering. Put the two together and you have someone that is rarely satisfied with being in any one place at any given time and always willing to tear down and start over because they have another idea or want to implement, innovate, augment or detract from the original design. There is also an inherent perversity with Mars In Gemini in that it is so over stimulated that the individual can talk to the point of gossip and verbal diarrhea. How many times have we seen Nellie shoot from the hip as Ralph Barbieri would like to think, then magically retrieve those bullets and put them back into his gun? Mars in Gemini is at it’s best with lots of stimulation and ironically, when the individual is in repose, they become tired and drained. Nellie generates a lot of his own drama, because it fuels him. He’s bored easily and The Machiavellian office politics are just as important, if not perhaps more so then the developments on the court, which I think he has become utterly bored with.

Nelso also has a wide square between Mars and Neptune, where Neptune resides in Virgo, also ruled by Mercury. This square, albeit six degrees, does contribute to the nervous tension that runs through Nelson’s chart and life like a river with surging rapids and rocky, dangerous edges jutting out from the shoal. The Mars/Neptune square is also indicative of someone that has a challenging relationship to substance abuse and could be quite harmful, if unchecked, since Neptune in Virgo is all about health and fluids, bodily and otherwise.

Nelson is approaching a very sensitive period where Pluto in Capricorn is rapidly approaching a direct opposition with his natal Venus in Cancer. They are already separated by a mere three degrees and the Mullin divorce can easily be seen in this angle. Venus in Cancer is about nurturing and growing relationships. Pluto in Capricorn is about power. . .plain and simple. When these two signs are in opposition of one another, one side usually wins out and in Nelson’s case it was power over loyalty. As Pluto gets closer to a direct opposition, we’ll see Don Nelson begin to feel the ramifications of his previous actions. My sense is that there will be a reckoning of sorts for Nellie. If he’s smart, he’ll go as deep and as far as he can with it. His soul needs it.

When Pluto moves within 1 degree of a direct opposition with his natal Venus in Cancer, in the Spring of 2010, Don Nelson will step away from basketball for good,

6 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde Strikes Again With The Golden State Warriors”

  1. T

    This is truly depressing. Nellie leaves after Spring of 2010? Just long enough to completely disassemble the franchise before leaving town. He is gonna burn this shit to the ground.

  2. a

    The key is really Cohan. He has to sell the team in order to snap The Mercury Retrograde trance, for lack of a better term. Until he does, it will be Groundhog Day, over and over again.

    I’ve tried to find a birth date for Cohan to look at his chart and it’s nearly impossible.

  3. T

    Well, then for my own sanity, it may be time for a long break from my absolute favorite team. It’s unhealthy to be this frustrated all the time. So sad.

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