Mercury Retrograde Runs Wild In Sports, Brett Favre’s Stellium In Libra Drama

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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favre-cries2The Hamlet Of The NFL?

Sometimes there is no better example (outside of ones own life) of Mercury Retrograde than sports, which happens in real time. And, just like clockwork MR is wreaking havoc in the world of pro sports.

In Baseball

• Last week, there were two home runs in two different games, called back in the same night. Reversal of call. First time in history.

• Last night, Todd Helton got his 2000th hit, then had the hit ruled an error and Helton went back to 199.

• Also last night, Met, Ryan Church, rounded third to score a go-ahead run and he missed the base. His run home was challenged, the ball was on it’s way to third as Church headed to the dugout and he was called out. Rarely is this play ever called.

• Last week, Manny Ramirez (Gemini) got popped for an illegal female fertility drug and was suspended for 50 games.

• Tampa Rays Manager, Joe Maddon penciled in two third-baseman for one game and one of the third basemen, young star, Evan Longoria had to sit. It was the first time that it had happened since 1968.

In Basketball

• Last week, the refs missed an obvious foul by Antoine Wright on Carmelo Anthony, thus allowing Anthony to hit a dramatic game winner. The NBA apologized.

• The blown call then set in motion Mavs owner Marc Cuban’s insulting of Nuggets Kenyon Martin to Martin’s mon. K-Mart then insulted Cuban. Cuban apologized on his blog, but it wasn’t good enough for Martin. I would wager that both men would like to take back a few words. Watch for this one to get cleared up after MR.

• Speaking Of The Nuggets, their owner, Stan Kroehnke, who owns The Pepsi Center in Denver rented out The Pepsi Center for next Monday night (game four) to wrestling maven, Vince McMahon and now, McMahon’s mega-wrestling extravaganza is scheduled to run on the same night as a Nuggets home playoff game, thus totally conflicting both events! McMahon in true fashion is playing it for everything he can.

In Football

• Convicted dog-fighter and former Atlanta Falcon QB, Michael Vick will be released from prison during Mercury Retrograde, which makes sense as the retrograde motion marks return and in this case it’s Vick’s re-insertion back into his own life.

Then there’s Brett Favre and the seasonal soap opera (cue up The Clash, “Should I Stay Or Should I go?”). Yes, it makes total and complete sense that Favre would reconsider his retirement and sign with The Vikings. But there’s the problem with his shoulder and whether he can work it out without surgery. So we get updates every hour of whether Favre is throwing to the kids at the local high school, playing fetch with his dog or tossing darts down at the local bar. It’s not Mercury Retrograde if we’re not talking about Brett Favre and his return for one more go round the NFL. If Favre does decide to make that call and publicly state that he’ll lace’em up again before June 1, he’ll regret it. Brett, I wish you’d just hang’em up but if you do come back, wait until the first of June. Is there an astrological answer as to why we deal with Favre’s drama year in and year out? The answer is; “Without a doubt!”

Brett Favre’s Chart


Favre was born 10/10/69 at 6:50 AM in Gulfport, Mississippi. Lucky Brett was born with FIVE planets in Libra, with Libra on the ascendant. Libra’s are the Hamlets of the zodiac. The agonize over choices, constantly change their minds and switch their positions. This is part and parcel of the energy of the Sun sign alone. Add four other planets in the same sign conjuncting Mercury, Moon and Uranus and Favre’s just a mess. Mercury, Moon and Uranus are all in Favre’s 12th House, so even he isn’t truly aware of the motivating factors in his life. It’s like Favre is waiting for signs, listening to the voices in his head, waiting for some internal opening, like a receiver getting just enough space for one of Favre’s passes to find it’s target.

While that trio of Libra planets are swirling in the nether regions of Favre’s psyche, The Sun and Jupiter are both conjunct in his first house, just on the other side of his ascendant. Favre is lucky–very lucky with this extremely powerful conjunction. Jupiter, ruled by Sag, is the planet of gamblers, people ruled by the whims of luck and fate People with Jupiter in the first house believe they are lucky and therefore cultivate luck through their outlook and intenttion. Sun and Jupiter together combine to make for great timing, rhythm, balance and bravado. But since both planets are Libra, Favre cannot do it alone. He needs someone with him and Daryl Beaulieu, The Vikings offensive coordinator, a man Favre has known since his days as a Packer, could be that guy.

But let’s face it. with all of the Libra in Favre’s chart making up his mind is not and will not be his forte . . . ever. The only thing that will finally determine the ineveitability of favre’s retirement will be his body’s inability to respond for the final bell. Until then, Favre will be tortured and torturing us with his ongoing and seemingly eternal drama.

Chart courtesy Shelly Jordan.

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