Mercury Retrograde As Refs Fumble Big Call In Lions Vs Seahawks Game And Mercury Retrograde Reading Special

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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calvincamSleeping In Seattle

Last night in Seattle, at the esoteric generator known as stadium Century Link Field, there was yet another strange event that went down in the north end zone (more about that later). As the Detroit Lions drove almost the length of the field, they were one, short play away from getting a rare road win against the Seahawks, who are almost invulnerable at home.

Matthew Stafford (Aquarius) found his favorite target, Calvin Johnson aka Megatron. Johnson caught the ball inside the ten-yard-line and launched his 6’5 frame towards the goal line. Just as he was about to score, Seattle’s Cam Chancellor, one of the biggest and most physical safeties in the league struck Johnson from the ball side like thunder, knocking the ball loose before it crossed the goal line and thus scuttling Detroit’s last minute scoring opportunity to win the game.

As the ball bounced free in the end zone, heading toward the back line, Seahawk linebacker, KJ Wright pushed the ball out of the end zone for what most thought was a touch back, with Seattle getting the ball on the twenty-yard-line and most assuredly preserving a win. Well, here comes the high strange.

With the back judge looking right at the play, he missed a clear penalty, which states that a player cannot intentionally knock the ball out of the end zone as it does not allow for the ball to be recovered. This is what Wright obviously did. The Seahawks got the ball back on the twenty, but just as they were going to snap the ball, Jerry Austin, a retired head referee on the set of ESPN, said that the back judge and the NFL had blown the call. Because in the final two minutes, all scoring plays are under review, which takes place in a league/studio in NYC. Dean Blandino, head of officiating is there, sitting behind the monitors and even Blandino stayed out of the way, didn’t assert himself. The Seahwaks win and then the football suits, Steve Young, Trent Dilfer and Ray Lewis stand around kind of stunned while Austin fills them in. It was a perfect, Mercury Retrograde moment, which are always pretty ample and obvious in sports, kind of like CC Sabathia going into rehab just before the Yankees face the Astros in their play in game.


But what made this MR moment so revealing is that Mercury was going in reverse at four degrees Libra, and Calvin Johnson’s Sun is at 1 Degree Libra and his Mercury is at 3 degrees Libra, and Mercury while representing the brain, is also related to movement. So MR was retrograding on Johnson’s Sun/Mercury and the player that popped the ball loose was Cam Chancellor, who is a 13 Degree Aries, the opposite of course of Libra. Stars in motion.

Century Link Field is an odd place. Roaring with the loudest crowd in pro sports, the famed 12th Man, the energy and the emotion rises with volcanic intensity. It’s a psychic cauldron, it’s a fan friendly Nuremberg pep rally and they have this interesting structure in the north end zone, which looks like an obelisk/pyramid hybrid. The obelisk’s purpose is to collect telluric energy and shoot it up into the ethers where dis-incarnate beings lap them up like the Friday night crowd at the Golden Buffet. Three years ago, opening night at Century Link, last play, Russell Wilson threw a Hail Mary into the same end zone where Golden Tate went up for the ball, which was intercepted by a Packers DB and there, right there, the replacement ref signaled touchdown, when it wasn’t. It was one of the worst calls on national TV, up until last night. Was it Mercury Retrograde? The strange attractor/collector? Does it have something to do with Pete Carroll, who is connected to the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk?

One other odd fact about last night’s play was that the back judge was named Greg Wilson and the Seahawks QB is Russell Wilson. The name Wilson is also quite prominent in the Montauk chronicles.

In the end, there was controversy, befuddlement, and lots of talking heads, while Obama and crew passed the TPP, which is a kick to the nuts of the good ole USA, while getting one step closer to the New . . . World . . . Order.

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    yep.I recall that back in 94,the year Pete Carrol coached the Jets,there was a statement going around attributed to him detailing either a personal ufo experience or his belief in their reality.Shocking for a n.f.l. coach at the time.

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