Mercury Retrograde Aquarius: Questioning The Truth Movement And It’s Messengers

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

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There’s some serious shit going down in the truth movement. I’m going to add a post by Linda Lake, which details much more of what I’m talking about. It’s important and it’s as serious as the ongoing awakening process. Inside the matrix, we find that there are multiple levels, layers and even meanings. Just when you think you’ve hit the El Dorado of truth, finding the smoking gun that fires the magic bullet, you realize that it’s not the complete picture, not the ultimate sets you free moment most of us our looking for.

Keep in mind that the people that manage this paradigm have massive resources at their disposal. They have enough computing power to create their own reality in Sim Life and they have enough storage space that it reaches beyond the cloud, all the way to heaven. They have modeled, run and tweaked thousands of scenarios for managing people and herding them into their new paradigm. This includes creating a false reality that resembles the dreamworld we are all pining for on some level.

It’s where we get pied pipers like Russell Brand (psychedelic/hipster christ/anti-hero), David Wilcock (esoteric truther/precocious peter pan) and some might even include David Icke into that mix as well. The people that control this domain have thought all of this through many, many times over and they have contingency models and plans in place that cover almost every possible scenario. Perhaps they have traveled to both the past and the future as well, altering “reality” without us being aware of the subtle permutations of our own existence.

With Mercury Retrograde, we get to look back, review and test our assumptions about the nature of where the world is headed, the good guys and the bad guys, the white hats and black hats.

In my teaching of astrology, I look very deeply at the cycle of the houses, both from a personal and a cultural perspective. It is fairly clear that we are on the cusp of the 11th House or the official Age of Aquarius. In fact, I’d say that we are at roughly 28-29 degrees Capricorn, from the view of the global lens. The Sabian Symbol for this degree cycle that really stands out is this one; “A Secret Meeting Of Men Responsible For Executive Decisions In World Affairs.” It’s clear that the old world of fiat banking and fractional reserve lending is close to over.

Greece is likely leaving the EU, and there isn’t a whole lot of sturm and drang about it. Merkel has basically said, “Auf Wieder Sein.”. In the US, they are talking about negative interest rates. That’s a sobering thought as they wring out every last phony shekel from the great pyramid scheme.

But just because that paradigm is wobbling, as Babel’s tower rocks with scandal and structural rot, the game goes on. Seven billion souls hum and generate with divine energy and celestial light.

They have to be moved into another structure, a new pen, the next paradigm and that is the 11th House. It’s out of necessity, not altruistic aims, though I am sure they tell themselves at night before they go to sleep; “It’s all for the best–they can’t manage themselves–we have been tasked with the enormous responsibility of managing these helpless hordes.” It’s the great justification of the ages.

So what does it all mean for you and me as Mercury dances backwards in Aquarius? It means that we have to re-think our assumptions of what the Age of Aquarius is and who is behind the curtain and more importantly perhaps, what we want and how can we create in our day-to-day lives? That’s the most important piece. Question authority. Kill your heroes. Slay your gods. Love one another. Keep the eternal flame burning in spite of the conditions around you.

Here is a contribution by my good friend and fellow traveler, Linda Lake who is connecting the dots in her own, meaningful way and profound way.



Mercury went retrograde on January 21. It was at 17 degrees Aquarius and will retreat to 1 Aquarius, then retrace steps beginning Feb. 12.

Mercury is communication, messages, listening, hearing and aquarius is the community, humanity, the group, internet.

I have in this time noticed 3 occasions where I am perceiving a double-fake by the PTB. I think they could be orchestrating a “Who’s on First” kind of deal in order to confuse and ultimately defuse the anarchistic, revolutionary energy that has been building exponentially. It has also not helped that the south node has recently passed over Uranus in Aries, having the effect of sucking the blood from the celestial body governing change and breakthrough/breakout/breakdown. In our lives mercury retrograde can keep us distracted dealing with little tangles and when it comes to who to trust and what to believe, it has the effect of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Mars has been adding energy to the Neptunian deception and the Sun in Aquarius is directing the focus toward revolution, group action and networking. So if TPTB can use the celestial energies to their advantage, well so can we. That’s the good thing about astrology. I’ve been humming that tune “you’ve got to know when to hold’m and know when to fold’m”. Here’s what I’ve been looking into:

1. Alfred Lambremont Webre recently came out with the shocking revelation that he accused Kevin Annett of defrauding the public. After some research, I reluctantly conceded that this is, in all probability, the truth. More and more people are stepping up to confirm that they also had reached this conclusion. So, my saddest realization was that I (and presumably others) had been complacently satisfied in thinking that Kevin had the pedophilia thing in hand. How horrifying and embarrassing (that I wasn’t more discerning). And now, after all the revelations, accusations and actions that Kevin documented, am I to throw the whole body of work into the bin? Was none of it real? For me, it is confusing, debilitating and demoralizing, kinda like finding out your #1, your champion, your partner has been cheating on you.

Now Alfred is slamming Michael Tellinger. I have to wonder, has Alfred been compromised? Why couldn’t he leave it at Kevin. That was enough – now get back to work. Honestly, it puts doubt on Alfred himself and his body of work. Oh, those clever PTB.

2. Zen Gardner is not necessarily attacking David Wilcock, but rather using his work to show the massive economic fake-out that is being perpetrated. check it out.

3. Finally I quote here from Veterans Today, how we have been led down the garden path. Thinking we were smart and on top of things, we let so-called alternative journalists tell us the inside scoop. The TPTB have again deeked us out by leading us to one false conclusion so that we don’t dig deeper and find the real truth which is exposed at:Journal-Neo.Org: Truth Gone Bad, How 9/11 Activists Have Failed

IMHO now is not the time to act. I am using this mercury retrograde period to reread, rethink, review my understanding and conclusions about many things. Like the old story of partner cheating on you, I don’t want to hear how you love me and you’ll do better – again! I want the truth. So mercury is retrograde until February 12th. On February 19th mars will enter Aries, his home turf. On the 20th, venus and the moon will join him there. That will be a time to take action. Ultimately we do have a choice. Maybe not to opt out, cash in your chips and choose a different planet next time (thought about it)…. rather to dance with the energies of the celestial bodies, go with the flow and try to be at cause – not at effect. If we are reacting to fake events like Charlie Hebdo, let’s put that energy to good use. Reminds me of another tune “you don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with Jim”. I’m just trying to keep my anarchistic edge by pointing out anomalies in the hologram.

(Linda Lake is an Earth Keeper on the islands of British Columbia, a quantum healer, truth seeker, star gazer and eternal soul)

20 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde Aquarius: Questioning The Truth Movement And It’s Messengers”

  1. L

    Robert, this post resonates with me. I’ve felt the truth movement really ripping at the seems. Or perhaps its angrier. I’m not really sure. The vaccine debate or shall I say anti-vaxer witch hunt seems to be in full swing in all media right now with this Disneyland outbreak. The masses are being whipped up into a frenzy but it seems like a lot of the biggest opponents of vaccines that I look out for aren’t saying much. And I’m not sure why that is. I’ve posted on social media that I’m not sure I’m ready to jump into the camp that vaccines have zero efficacy but there is clearly some serious retooling this country needs to do with their vaccination schedule, total count of vaccines and how we assess toxicity intolerance of the kids getting them. That debate doesn’t seem to be happening and as a parent of a vaccine-injured autistic child, it is disappointing. It’s made out as only hippee’s that are following some nature-trend or Murica main-streamers that think the measles will kill their child in 9 out of 10 cases that get any exposure. It’s a wild ride.

    1. a

      Thanks for your comment Leo. It’s deeply personal for you and I respect your ability to come at from a clear and balanced perspective, but yeah, the witch-hunt is on.

  2. p

    in the alt law/banking “truth” movement, its put up or shut up time; time to walk your talk or sit down and kneel like good little children…there has been a break of some sort and we’re all running to the “gates” now…we weren’t even jogging but something has happened already and its bleeding into public view soon…intense energies are pushing us forward…

    via synchronistic breakthroughs happening nearly every day where you go looking for some piece of knowledge (truth) and you get a phone call from a law buddy and he’s got the answer to your search…and hes saying, u know this seems to happen alot…yes, it is happening nearly every day and thank you for the MR windows! i’ve been looking for some skilled analysis and bingo!

    also FYI – february, is the month of…dun dun dun…PURIFICATION (look @ wiki)…

    1. a

      I respect your POV patrick, and I also respect the law/banking piece to this puzzle and yet, it is so labrynthian and arcane that the average person doesn’t have the time and the personal RAM to store it all, cognate it, spit it back and assume the monumental risk, especially if it isn’t done the exact and language abiding way. I know people who have gotten royally fucked if they left a step out, or didn’t parse the right verb or noun.

      I think in your case it has become a personal alchemy and that the process itself has ignited something in you, but you also have the predisposition for this in your chart. I have seen it. Other people don’t or it might be there, but not strong, whereas there are other areas in the chart that are, in which case that is where the refracted light needs to go, because that is their beacon towards their own personal and hopefully collective salvation.

      I think the big piece is waking up from the spell and no matter how it’s done, as the swoosh of Saturn says, “Just do it.”

  3. t

    Great article once again! thank you for presenting all the facets of research for me. a couple things. Alfred going after tellinger is hilarious because (I know this isn’t really an argument) listening to Tellinger I can tell that he is very intelligent, has high integrity, and is humbled.

    I don’t really quite know how to make out the David Wilcock thing. the compartmentalization of the government and it’s insiders is the main point….who really knows what is the truth because if the guy of him thinks its real it would be hard to use discernment. All I know is that if someone really can interpret their dreams there is gold to be found. Dreams are from Source/Me and are the perfect teacher/ally information that I have ever came upon.

    and the article arguing against DW’s credentials gets devalued a tad because they put an up side down pentagram to show that that pattern is on the “one world coin.”
    to me, it clearly has more of a star of david/merkaba feel to it.

    Thanks again for doing your work RP! good stuff!

    1. a

      My issues with David are the amount of times he’s predicted disclosure or ascension or the vanquishing of black hats. Hasn’t happened and yet his popularity remains constant. He’s a bright guy, but I don’t buy that he’s the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, nor does the Cayce family and their foundation. Lastly, he didn’t write his first book, even though he said he did. I think he’s fine as a spiritual cheerleader, but his political/insider stuff is naive and not to be trusted.

  4. n

    Do not know about collective salvation. Everything is kind of pissed. Probably just old fools hanging around the back door. If you could live forever, and remember all of it, would that not just be a lot of standing out in it, and waiting for the trains to not run on time?

    The other end of that is a bit too deadly to act out. Before, after. That is what is needed. These things need grounding that does not stay so pissed off that motion gets traded for more lies. And good company is hard to make last. No more righteous kings, or mad prophets. Probably going to show up in badlands, without any ladders being traded for a nap and a cookie.

  5. M

    So…is the point : The old standby ‘truthers’…Alfred, Icke & copy-cat, personal dream interpreter as Ultimate Truth, and holder of information that cannot be corroborated & never happens, Wilcock, & others, now be thrown out? Probably, if no discernment is used in interpreting what they say or write. What have they ever said or done that has actually assisted humanity in any manner? Yes, they, and many others have opened a window to some different and in many ways true potentialities…but “Where’s the beef”? How has this helped our planet and our 7 billion inhabitants…minus the few who are ‘in power’? Names, places, intrigues, corruption needs to be ‘named’ with actual dates, times, places & persons that can be fact checked and brought out for public review with powerful REAL evidence for all of us & brought before those in power. Rolling Stone has done a better job in doing this than any ‘conspiracy theorists’…and, has made a public impact and change. I know that many will argue that this has been done by the ‘CT’s’, but, if so, why has nothing changed? It seems that the same old, tired information is being trotted out, year after year, and it becomes quite boring after a few years. More to say.

  6. M

    OK…now, on to the ‘more’. We, Earthlings, live on a supposed planet within a supposed universe. We, according to many physicists and ancient spiritual teachings, live in a world where the reason for being is to EVOLVE. We are doing just that when we place LOVE above all. This means not living through our lower ego’s which are generally selfish and concerned about our own betterment. To live in love means to give up FEAR & EGO. Whether any one buys this or not, it seems to be true…there is a power greater than we can even begin to imagine that has created this world. There are parameters/limits to what can and cannot be done in this particular environment. The only way to move beyond our limited parameters is through LOVE, which is no fear, no attempt at gain for the limited personal ego, and always working for the betterment of the OTHER/WHOLE. If we can get this message out, even if in small increments, we have no worries over the ‘baddies’ of the Earth school. They DO NOT have ultimate power because they are not playing by the rules that are pre-set by the ultimate power of creation. If we all do our job of becoming love (evolving,) we need have no fear & Earth will become a paradise.

    1. a

      When you reference Love, I think about Leo, which is the opposite of course of Aquarius and it feels like a turning point, a pivot and shift in that direction. Six years ago, when I started this blog, it was clear to me that the old paradigm, aka the New Age was an utter failure and that the so called spiritual leaders were much more concerned about keeping their seat warm on Oprah’s couch, versus rocking any sort of boat. It turned into one, giant, solipsistic bubble that needed to be burst. It was definitely fueled by my proximity to Marin County and the feel good, raw and poly community. When I broached the subject of darkness and mass manipulation people would politely excuse themselves and go smudge.

      But it was important to begin to deconstruct the trance of consensual reality, from the manipulation of consciousness through symbols, the spoiling of our food and water and the rampant psychosis that feebly passes for governance and leadership. So down the rabbit holes we went. Sometimes they led to China, or Israel, or Egypt or Babylon, or The WTC or Mars. And they have been worthy journeys, but now we have to turn the tide on an energetic level, which I think is what you are speaking about and I agree.

      It’s interesting because in some ways, we are returning to where we started, but with a much different sense of awareness and an opportunity to consciously choose the qualities you have mentioned in the face of that which we have seen. We have gone from innocence, to the end of experience, and now we must embrace imagination.

  7. M

    The only way to accomplish this great work is to live love, be love, care about others and to live our lives to our highest potential in total UN-selfishness and lack of fear. One by one, this energy passes to the next person. As each individual creates a loving (non-fearful) persona & environment and shares that with others, the love energy will grow exponentially. Now, that’s a lot of ‘exponentialness’ to cover…7 billion parts of the whole…so, let’s get crackin’.

  8. M

    Yes, Robert, I support what you say. We did (do) need to face apparent dark realities…end of innocence, as you said, yet move into a brighter direction that is filled with hope and the ‘turning’ of ourselves into unselfish people who are not fueled by the fear of, well, everything. And, as you said, IMAGINATION and opening ourselves to new, perhaps odd perceptions is key. Imagine the best and be the best that we can be. Love you, Robert. Oh, I am not an Oprah couch sitter by the way…the new age teachings are mostly about selfishness masquerading as ‘spirituality’. Turning our selves inside out and learning the true nature of love (I am a work in progress) is not an easy endeavor…and, we can do it. Talk soon.

  9. M

    Oh, hahahaha…politely excuse them selves & go smudge!! So funny & ‘ain’t’ it the truth. Would that it were that simple.

  10. For me, the point is definitely not to toss the lot in the bin. I do have respect for Icke, Wilcock and others. If I didn’t before, I would like to make the point that it is very disappointing, demoralizing and depressing to find that revered, supported and loved spokespeople for the Truth Movement are dicking around behind the scenes. I mentioned the feeling of being cheated on by one’s spouse. It’s my life, my family and I put my whole heart and soul into it. Suddenly I realize I’ve been a bit naive. What do I do with that? Well, currently honoring mercury with a review, reconsider, re-evaluate… oh yes and Matrix reruns.

    1. a

      It was a stellar post Linda and I am sure not that easy to write. Saturn is a hard teacher to the Sag Sun, but Sag loves wisdom of any kind ultimately. We’ll get into more of this on my show tomorrow and I’d love for you to call in and talk about it.

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