Mercury Moves Forward, Piscean David Wilcock Breaks Whistle Blower, Turi Touts One World And Understanding The Nodes

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

This has nothing to do with this post–just do the math.

I’m not the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce or Nostradamus, though it does seem like having those disincarnate bonafides will get you 30 to 40 minutes on the History Channel or Coast-To-Coast, whenever deemed necessary. Yes, I’m talking about David Wilcock and Louis (Louie) Turi if you haven’t figured it out. I rarely call out other writers, researchers and hosts, but I am compelled, no driven, no moved by a higher power to examine some of the things that hey have said and or reported over the past few days and weeks. There’s an interesting astrological thread that connects Wilcock and Turi, but I will save it for the end of this column. That’s called a tease in the biz. Now you can go to the end and say “screw you Phoenix” and find out what that connection is and why its important to the narrative, but then you’d miss out on all the juicy stuff in between. Let’s start with Louie Turi.

I met Louie for the first time in 1996. We shared space at the Whole Life Expo, his booth next to mine. I was doing tarot readings, he was doing astrology with his smokin’ hot young wife. I was just going live with the prophecy game and Louie had been at it for a while. I didn’t know much about him, but he gave me a reading (I paid for it) and told me one thing that made total sense; He told me that, “I needed meat–red meat.” He was right. I had been trying to be a vegetarian and I was cold and listless all the time. He didn’t know this, but hit it on the money. That night I had an organic cheeseburger and never looked back.

Louie also taught me about The Dragon’s Head and tail (ie the north and south node) and how they play a significant role in our energy and destiny. He taught me that the North Node was where it was at for this lifetime, and the South Node was where it was in other lives.

I have the North Node in Virgo in my 10th House and the South Node in Pisces in my 4th House. But the way that he described it, it was about the lionization of the North Node and the demonization of the South Node.
So in my case, Pisces was kryptonite. According to Louie, I needed to steer a wide birth from anything that looked or smelled fishy. Well, there was some truth to this. I had one Pisces girlfriend that ruined a budding career and another Pisces crush that led me to a hard night in jail. Needless to say, that after this confirmation, I dated everything between Aries and Aquarius, since the 12th sign had become my personal hazmat zone. So I got some solid info from him, which makes what I am about to write even more difficult.

I heard Louie on Coast-To-Coast the other night and I was sadly disappointed by what I heard. In fact, what I heard was downright dangerous.

I listened through his thick, irregular, yet oddly musical French accent talk about how the upcoming Friday (last week) would be, “A very stressful time that could be quite dangerous and that the police had to watch out for the bad guys out there–to take extra pre-caution.” He was talking about terrorists, implying that there could be a “terror threat” out there. When I heard that, it felt like Louie had turned into the Dennis Miller of astrology or what my pal Visible calls the “Christopher Hitchens Syndrome.” Essentially, its someone that changes uniforms in the middle-of-the game. Louie was backing the “terrorist narrative meme.”

I thought to myself, that it was a little shameless, because I know that he knows whats going on. He’s too smart. I may question his politics and his promotion of paradigms, but he’s not naive. Then, he went on a prediction riff and saw more financial and economic chaos for the US in the months ahead. Well, that’s not much of a reach. But then he saw things turning around and once the inevitable crash was going to occur, then there would be a re-structuring of the financial system that would be concurrent with the rise and completion of the “Freedom Tower” now known as the “One World Trade Center” which is essentially the new Tower of Babble, the stratospheric obelisk of the “One World” government.

Louie Turi was pimping out the “New World Order.” George Noory remained his passive self, never really questioning him about his predictions or illuminist predilections, for that matter, which is really the Noory way of things.

Then Louie pimped out his Cosmic Code special for just $24.95 for all “Coast-To-Coast” listeners and I wanted to take a shower. Maybe I could have swallowed his hard hawking (because everyone has gotta make a buck) if he had a little less elite suck in him that night. Maybe I could have glossed over his Ron Popiel astro-pitch, but I just couldn’t. Everything became a schtick for me at that point and no matter what I learned from him in that brief, yet very instructive reading, I just couldn’t take him seriously any more.

In my own peregrinations amongst the stars, I recently stumbled upon the key to the South Node or the Dragon’s Tail, which liberated my understanding of it, removing the negative stigma that I had absorbed all those years ago. As I sat in front of my computer last week, and spoke into it doing a reading for someone and later doing my show, I realized that I was living my South Node in a positive light. There, buried in my Fourth House (Home) I was engaged in mystic arts (Pisces) and broadcasting them to the world in an act of service (Virgo, North Node) in the 10th House. Which led me to my next epiphany.

Since the Nodes exist in opposition, I pondered the whole concept of the opposition, polarity and duality. I began to see the opposition as a loop, a circuit, once liberated from its 2D form. In 3D, the opposition becomes an orbit, or an ellipsis, where the energy and information flows without impedance. The opposition and seeing it in three-dimensional space is the key, THE KEY to integration.

In this regard, even Louie becomes part of my soul’s equation (more on this later, in the tease release). Now its on to David Wilcock.

I rarely talk about or reference David Wilcock, even though Alexa cites “Cosmogenesis” as the site most like mine. There’s a reason why. I have never fully trusted him. Its the whole Edgar Cayce thing. It was too much of a hard sell for me. If you don’t know it, Wilcock claims to be the living incarnation of Edgar Cayce. His story is twisted and synchronistic and a bit laborious. Now if he was Edgar Cayce, would Cayce have made such a big deal out of it? I am not so sure. But let’s say that the Cayce trip isn’t just a false memory inserted by some teen NASA space camp programming, it doesn’t make his work any more credible. Wilcock has been more wrong than Chaz Bono in a speedo. I can’t tell you how many times he’s predicted contact or disclosure and it didn’t happen. His credibility has been stretched so much, that Pricilla Presley and Joan Rivers are envious, and now he’s at it again, with the equally less-than-credible, Benjamin Fulford, claiming that there is going to be mass arrests of leaders, politicians, and bankers, by a third column group of guys in white hats. The arrests of the guys in the dark hats, will herald the dawn of a new age of economics and governance according to Wilcock. Curiously, he and Turi are essentially saying the same things; Things are gonna be great. There’s a gonna be a rough patch, but then it gets better, much better and each has their own version of a warm and fuzzy utopia restored. The synchronous timing around both of these perspectives is fairly interesting to say the least.

I’m not sure where Louie is getting his 411 from. Maybe he’s deriving it from The Dragon’s Head in freedom loving Sag, or he’s getting it like these guys.

Wilcock splashed his feel good over an interview with a whistle-blower named, “Drake.” Drake claims to be a deep insider and he has intimate knowledge that he’s passing onto Wilcock. Well if Drake isn’t just a duck that quacks, I say “hallelujah” and “huzzah.” David Wilcock, be like a broken clock and hit the right time, this time, finally, even if by default. David, all of your Edgar Cayce posturings, funny haircut and major league whiffs on past predictions will be forgiven. I’ll sing you and your oddball buddy Ben Fulford’s praises from that day forward, without fail, but sadly I am not sure that I will be forced to do this. We live in a time of false boobs, hope, flags and alarms. I’ll believe it when I see it on TV, because strangely enough, that’s when the revolution will be televised.

Okay, here comes the reveal moment of the tease. What do David Wilcock and Louie Turi have in common? Pisces. Wilcock is a Pisces Sun (3/8) and Turi has The Dragon’s Head in Pisces, which is where by the way Edgar Cayce (Pisces Sun) and Nostradamus also have The Dragons Head. Interesting eh? I’ve been writing and talking a lot about the intensity of Neptune in Pisces and Chiron in Pisces and how as a cultural influence, we’ve seen it manifest rapidly in the guise of Kony 2012 and even Trayvon Martin, forcing us to separate the projection and illusion from what we can at best discern as reality. Putting on the waders and muddling through the swamps of consensus reality is a heavy trudge at times because we have to use our own lantern of truth to light the way through humanities dark night of the soul. Its the work of the Hermit (Virgo), the wayshower and its something we all have to do on our own. Its so easy to step in line and follow others with the so-called truth, because quite frankly, we’re famished. At a soul level, we’re like malnourished children waiting for our bowl of rice from concerned missionaries piled high with bibles and leather bound redemption.

So when Wilcock or Turi or the new rage, John Kettler, the latest loose lipper sprung by Project Camelot, start unwinding fantastic tales, just take a deep breath and a step back, before you dive in.

So who can we trust? How much are we willing to surrender or suspend our disbelief? Take a good look in the mirror and you’ll find the source of all your epiphanies and revelations.

On another related, Neptunian note, an old friend, Piscean, Peter Darling just published his first novel, a real page turn of international espionage, intrigue, romance and cyber punk. Think Dean Koontz meets William Gibson. You can check out Pete’s book, “Winter Republic” at his website where you can find out more about him and it and order it solid or synthetic. I’ll have Pete on the show, sometime next week to talk more about “Winter Republic.”

17 thoughts on “Mercury Moves Forward, Piscean David Wilcock Breaks Whistle Blower, Turi Touts One World And Understanding The Nodes”

  1. P

    So in my case, Pisces was kryptonite. According to Louie, I needed to steer a wide birth from anything that looked or smelled fishy

    Did wonder where this was going, but you gained a reprieve at the end when the tease proved to be worthwhile foreplay.
    ‘Drake’ seems to circumnavigating around some deep disinformation, interesting his namesake Francis Drake was born in Tavistock, Devon.
    Thanks for illuminating the way with your lantern and allowing this Pisces to come along for the ride, your right something does smell fishy here and who to trust can feel like panning for gold. The mirror for sure will discern what glitters and what is fools gold.

  2. P

    You now, I listened intently to those three hours of Drake last week. It felt good…then I realized, it was the same CON, “we’re right around the corner.” Now here is the CURIOUS part for me personally. I am intimately aware of the legal case Drake speaks on. THAT PART is not bunk EXCEPT (lies wrapped up truth) where can we ever get paperwork from the HAGUE proving any of the claims made? I am open to anything being possible, but I live in the SHOW ME STATE and I live that motto! PROOF…its the BASIC PREMISE IN THE LAW which DRAKE cites as his basis of truth, yet he doesnt WALK HIS TALK! I only know this because I too have studied the law for the past 5 years post college in an attempt to unlearn the programming I did pick up (I’m fierce Aries energy so I don’t accept too much without many questions).

    Tim Turner (Will Turner anyone) made the EXACT SAME claim to me last year through his local Senator here in Missouri. I almost joined up with this group, I had the paperwork printed but my heart cried and begged me to keep looking until I found out Tim Turner does think he’s kinda the Messiah so I said, another dude who wants my power…PASS!

    See they have REstarted the REPUBLIC franchise of yesteryear. The basic premise is a quorum is needed to open and close CONgress and in 1861, March 27 (my bday), the SOUTH walked out on an open session of CONgress, thus there was no cloture and the session TECHNICALLY remains open. Tim Turners group(s) had me going for about 2 weeks researching their claims which guess what, stated they filed paperwork with the HAGUE and were recognized!!!! Sound familiar? Wait, that’s not all for $9.99…

    Another INTERESTING coincidence is the military meme. His group stated to me, they had a conversation with the MILITARY sometime in 2010 and the military told them, they needed a civilian authority to salute as they were aware they are working for a CORP however no COUP would happen in our country (funny, since that was the first idea according to DRAKE). Turners group went on to state they simply needed enough people to sign up under the radar in each state and then the military would stand down on the CORP and salute a transition government BASICALLY.

    Drake stands out early on saying he opposed T. Turner and only got into this reluctantly when Turner was spouting off BS on the radio. Can anyone provide a copy of the show? Everything is archived on the net these days so even the name of the show would help us. Drake doesn’t provide this either. It feels like the classic dialectic but once again the dialectic is FAKE. I tossed these ideas to some close skeptical friends; one bought it without question, the other two said the same thing I did…what happened to those imminent guns being turned in by local police? What happened to the Amero? DISCLOSURE? We all laughed…I also realized I am not detached enough from an inner (EGO) need to SEE what I want in the world at large. Naturally with that meme permeating (love EGO, dont JUST BE ONLY EGO) I have lost interest in almost half the normal websites I check. I am down to basically Piscean energy sites. In the past 12 months I’ve probably stopped checking 2/3 or even 4/5 of what I used to research and stay up with. The tumblers to the lock are clicking into place…

    So I RErealized something a couple days ago (I am the duality and the orbit so at least I THINK I am spiraling upwards as I go round the same ideas). ALL that IS energy. The only fundamental constant is energy and our conscious interaction with it. The past weekend Monday and yesterday were brutal days personally after a LONG hiatus from personal volcanoes. I existed in a state of detached bliss for the month of March near totally to the point of forgetting about doing anything productive. This energetic explosion in my consciousness was necessary for a reason I do not yet grasp, however I know where to find the answers looking at the man in the mirror…

    1. a

      Wow. You were there. Deep into it. Great share and insights. It also gets into that Leo Wanta and Nesara territory, the latter I believe to be a major pothole.

  3. k

    Haha some Good giggles here Robert.. I mean that in a very complimentary way, lots of humor in making a great point.. got a kick out of your descriptions of Wilcock.
    But what I am still dancing in delight about is your Epiphany… the most important and only thing that really matters about everything you said is THE KEY.. is the understanding of polarity, it’s infinite degrees and duality. I’m so excited, as I figured this same thing out myself about a year ago, but it wasn’t through astrology, it was from
    a deep look within. (Which truly may be the same as looking to the stars to know thyself) So who can we Trust? Yes absolutely it is about looking in the mirror.. You are the Source of your life the circular flow. Everything that is OUT THERE is within YOU.
    And as I sit here and see my own experience being validated by your words, I know that All is a reflection of Self, the good and the bad. I love these kind of paradigm shifts/revelations where you see the big picture, you see how your beliefs/judgments influence your reality, and how the change of one belief can change your world.
    I had this thought once, that this is what Alchemy is about. Base metal to gold. it is about degrees of polarity. When you realize that they are separated by degrees, but what is a degree, a belief, a judgment perhaps? That the base metal becomes Gold when you can see the Whole picture instead of the separation of degrees… I don’t know if that makes any sense, but it was just a thought I had when trying to understand Alchemy from a spiritual point of view.

  4. T

    Re: David Wilcock–he claims to be an incarnation of Edgar Cayce, yet, he is afraid to ‘die’. Nuff said.

  5. t

    Good one Robert-the Nodes are totally important to know of for our life’s path. Or for this life’s path and last life’s past. I’ve got North in Sag in 6th (Son born exactly on my N node btw-hmmm) and thusly, South Node in 12th in Gemini and I have always felt ‘if there is anyone on this planet who could do long hard time-even in solitary-it would be me’. Always had the fears of being ‘falsely accused’ etc… it is hard for me to get out there and be in service to others but that is really all I’ve done in this life… really.

    Though I made it my mission to pass out every copy of ‘There is a River’ to anyone interested, I can’t off the top of my head remember when Cayce was born though living in the theocracy created by Joseph Smith – I think of both of them all the time and that magical age of ‘angels in the woods presenting to young men with their messages for humanity’. K, did a wiki to find out- March 18, 1877, a very late Pisces.

    As a fellow Pisces, I do prefer my prophets to be of the sleeping sort vs the busy bee and massively materially involved Prophet Joseph Smith- born December 23, 1805- a very obvious Capricorn imo… just noticed that Cayce who was fatally struck by a car during the a week’s off of it being a square to his Sun and Smith died during the time of his Solar Opposition…

    I like to try and engage the Mormon missionaries who come my way in the magical times of Joseph Smith’s day… ‘his magic is what interests me the most about him’ I tell the boys who don’t like to ‘go there’ for some reason. When they come to their missionary punch line of ‘do you know we have a LIVING PROPHET?” I pshaw them and tell them that Joseph is the only one who I give that status to in their organization. They leave then.

    I watched a very telling video of David Wilcox’s ONCE… a very intelligent man was on who had spent his whole life exploring the world for sacred sites and he was so interesting and David was just buzzing around -not listening-fussing and mussing about. Very humorous to witness.

    My Virgo house is the 4th-Pisces at the 10th… after the wringing out that I experienced with Neptune in AQ traversing through my 8th and 9th houses, opposing Pluto and Jupiter in my 3rd and conjoining Merc in Aquarius-I am downright paranoid of what Neptune in Pisces squaring my Saturn in Sag/6th and conjoining my Sun will bring my way. *shaking*

    love your work,
    the gardener

  6. J

    What a synchronistic post – I was just was talking with someone this week about the North/South nodes, which I had never paid much attention to. My “kryptonite” was Libra in my South node. BUT — the larger point about duality and integrating the lessons of the South node into the North are more important. My North is Aries and I always tended to lead but not necessarily be that co-operative when I was younger. After getting clobbered by Libran lessons the last 10 years, I hope that has changed.

  7. p

    Anyone who is claiming that everything will be mysteriously fixed soon….

    I see 2012 as the beginning of the overt takedown of the America after about 49 years of covert rule. We are an occupied nation and the next step is to plainly reveal that to the masses. Feudalism allied with financier oligarchy is making its case that the Renaissance, cultural optimism, and progress & population growth propelled by modern science were all a big mistake. Accordingly, that there should be no more repeats of Golden Age America with its pesky, untameable, innovative, can do middle class and its inner directed men who conquered the Continent, built the Republic and its infrastructure and became the envy and model for the world before Robber Barons [Feudalism allied with predatory finance capitalism aka cartel & monopoly capitalism] subjugated the American experiment with the Federal Reserve, Public Education, and the effects of the world wars.

    I suspect everything will get much harder until there is a widespread and commonplace understanding that we have no future within the present system and that we have nothing left to lose. The American Revolution will have to be refought in new ways all over the planet and before that is possible, the recognition that the effects of the American Revolution have been completed reversed and that the Tory Feudalists are now consolidating their century long gains over the former Republic and will openly celebrate on the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 and the 49th-50th year anniversary of the open murder of the last sovereign President of the United States. I see nothing turning better until a long and hard fight — not until the mid 2020’s. Not until after much suffering.

    Think of the Venetians setting up the Ottoman Turks to sack Constantinople in 1453 by selling the Turks the latest in siege cannon which proved capable of breeching the previously impenetrable walls and you get the picture of how the London-centered oligarchy is setting up China and Russia to takedown the United States. As for Israel: imagine the karma involved. This is not going to be fixed anytime soon and certainly not by magical forces. And nor do any of us deserve it.

  8. Robert, are you trying to get me to write something?! My north node is in Pisces, making virgo my kryptonite. Ok, ya, the details get in the way of my spiritual journey. But I love your illustration of the eliptic – what goes around comes around. I often interpret the south node as gifts (attributes) from past lives. My whole life, a little voice in my ear has told me not to bother with the details – it’s all recorded and available.

    I am horrified to see the likes of Louis Turi mentioned in the same sentence as David Wilcock. I know David has stretched his credibility in recent times, but I have listened/read/watched most of his material and I have learned heaps from him. I know his heart is in the right place, while Turi is a pompous, chauvinistic, incorrigible ego-maniac.

    So please don’t shoot the interviewer, because there is a lot of very plausible information in this interview with Drake. I’ll take the risk that David has taken, by saying that this could be history in the making. I’ve been doing research on “sovereignty” lately. I know there are many citizens all over the world who are going through the difficult, scary process of formally declaring sovereignty. This is one of the key issues of this latest topic in the alternative news media. I think it would be helpful to look at the astrology of The Declaration of Independence. The Sibley chart and Dane Rudhyar give the ascendant in Sagittarius. Using the Sibley chart, the progressed moon is at 7 Pisces, conjunct natal Ceres (goddess of harvest/food/motherland) in the 3rd house of brotherhood, neighborhood. the progressed moon (the people) conjuncts natal saturn (solidarity/authority) in libra (law, fairness) in the 10th (society/reputation). I have recently been working on the chart of “the USA the Corporation”. I have the date Feb. 21, 1871, but have not found an exact time. I have chosen 2:20 pm which gives chiron on the mc and uranus on the ascendant. The most interesting feature, to me, is the moon at 29 Pisces, the anoretic degree of the anoretic sign. The sun is also in Pisces, north node in the 12th. So where does that put the people?

    At the time that this article “Divine Intervention” became public, we have the sun/uranus in aries, venus/jupiter in taurus, the moon in gemini and the north node in sagittarius. I think that this is a lot of positive energy. In my research so far, the feedback on this article is mixed, but the issue is going viral. The point is that something has to change. We know that people are waking up. We know that the photon belt and the changes in our universe, our solar system and our own consciousness’ are scientifically verified. So this scenario is as good as any, because, somehow there is going to be a revolution. We are in the throes of a paradigm shift and the outcome very much depends on the positive, honorable, loving will of each individual.

    The other key point that this story rests on is something that has been a small voice, growing louder in my head: it depends on the military. See, I’m Canadian and our Mounted Police have been made into a caricature, so I dunno. That oath that your uniforms take when they enlist – that he will defend and protect the United States against all enemies — foreign and domestic – do they take it seriously? Do you think some of them might be fed up? Who has suffered the most loss of life, health and peace of mind?

    Everybody is discrediting everybody, these days. It is so difficult to be discerning (who said virgo is my kryptonite?). I got laughed out of the room at a dinner party a few weeks ago, for mentioning David Icke. Oh ya, the lizard guy they said. But I’ve read, watched and listened to hours of David Icke. Have they?

    So, in honor of the eliptical flow of intuition and discernment, please don’t throw the baby out with the Pisces water.

    1. a

      Nice post. Thanks Linda for the counterpoint. Something does have to change and change it will. I’m not attacking David per se., but I did bring this up due to the fact that David is a Pisces (shares my son’s birth date) and Turi has North Node in Pisces, so I was trying to illustrate two people under Neptunian influences that have been proclaiming the end of suffering. I think David would be a lot more credible if he untangled himself from Ben Fulford. Just one man’s opinion.

  9. k

    WETIKO As we shed light on wetiko, and become sensitive to its movements within ourselves, there is no place for the spirit to hide. Exposing the Shadow side.. The Objective vs the subjective, the positive vs the negative.. Wetiko can either destroy us or wake us … Has anyone heard this term?

    This seems related to understanding opposites and polarity and the circular flow, the understanding that What is observed in objective reality is a reflection of subjective reality. understanding the meaning of the players who come into our lives, Seeing how everything serves it’s purpose to awaken us, even our misunderstandings, or the direction our discernment moves us,
    both components (duality or degrees of polarity) are part of the whole both are needed,
    when you can see how you’ve deceived yourself, and at the same time how it benefited you..becoming conscious of the wholeness and oneness of ALL.
    a great conversation about this topic. I was thinking a lot about the conversation going on here when listening so I wanted to share it with all..

  10. P

    FYI…wanna step in the legal new world? CHeck it out…stop waiting and start doing…there will be no takedown of America…there are 330M people and how many military and police that would be needed!? LOL!!!!

    Do your paperwork and sit down 🙂 Then grab the popcorn and beers…and head to my house, but first PAPERS PLEASE! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  11. D

    I saw that Dragons Head/Tail description and I realised that of course, without our ancestors and ancestral roots we could not be here and the South Node is our base, our security from which to traverse our astrological matrix safely to the Dragons Head. Mission accomplished sparks evolution. Maybe i got it wrong in that I have never paid attention to my South Node in that way (Taurus) as all my planets are beneath the horizon in or near Scorpio, the Head. Not the best time to get into real estate (haha) either. So the luxury of Taurus may well have evaded me on this trip. I forget to take my luggage!

    Ancestors have been coming into my heart and mind lately. How little of anything I know of them beyond Great or Grandparents either side. How each of us has been cut off from our ancestral history and stories. We are here on the triumphs and failures of our forebears. They have triumphed (it’s amazing we’ve pulled through this far) and failed in that this situation suggests the end of the line. Don’t mean this in a maudlin tone, just feel that sense of loss that we all share for we do not know them. Family and communal life undisrupted would keep ancestors alive through the telling and showing who they were and their legacy to their children. We are them.

    They are all pacifiers; it’ll be fine, don’t worry, just some weeding out of the bad guys to do with our secret special patriot services ready to role to save the day. That’s for those not waiting for JC/Sananda or The Ashtar Command, I guess.

    Incidentally, I get this spooky impression that Fulford is morphing into a fish before our eyes …. like a genetic mutation coming of age … has he a Pisces Dragon Head?

  12. L

    HiHAhaha! Finally an honest description of Dr. Turi. I keep thinking howdifficult it must be for the producers of theshow to film him, I could only imagine how much editing had to be doneafter the Discovery Channel filmed out of his home….I know Dr. Turi entirely too well since that. Smoking hot young wife of his you saw in1996 was my sister!!! Now I’m aHUGE FAN of Nostradamus and, like you, I also feel I need a shower when I hear him claim his name for fame…its like sayinging his name in vain….I’m sure nobody knows that feeling more than my sister however sister probly feels that way every time she hears rhe name dr turi. Or just louis….

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