Mercury In Libra, The Mediator Of Choice, Axis Of The Virgo/Scorpio Challenge, Cosmic Diplomacy

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

weightheheartThe Axiom Of Choice

Mercury has just entered Libra and oh what a fine, balancing act it is. Libra is the way station between Virgo and Scorpio. On the one side, Virgo represents order and control. Have you ever met a Virgo that doesn’t like being out of control? Oh, I forgot, Charlie Sheen is a Virgo, but is Charlie Sheen even Charlie Sheen anymore? I digress, just slightly. Virgo’s embrace of chaos is done out of the need to create order, which is essential to it’s operating system. On the other side of Libra is Scorpio, which isn’t anything like Virgo, save a need for control (for different reasons).

Scorpio will never shirk from a challenge or temptation as it’s seduced by the lure of not just the thing or the act itself, but the power of death, rebirth and transformation. It may want to control people or events at a superficial level, since it is a fixed sign, but really, the journey is anything but safe and predictable for Scorpio. And then there’s Libra.

Libra sits in the center between the two and hence the balance and the scales. One side rests Virgo and the rational function, on the other, Scorpio and the irrational immersion into obliteration. Libra is the mediator between the two, staking its turf with one foot in one world and one in the other. Libra’s relationship with beauty leads it closer to the Scorpionic caverns of the underworld. The ability to pull back and objectify the experience tilts the scales back in Virgo’s direction and the need to manage the impending chaos and loss of self that will follow the plunge into the nether regions.
This is the agonizing chaos of Libra’s axis mundi and the desperate need to achieve balance between the two. Of all the signs, this is why Libra often has the most difficulty in committing to something. Commitment threatens their precious, precarious, balance.

This gets played out intensely with Mercury in Libra and the playground of the mind. During a collective phase of Mercury in Libra, we deal with levels of temptation. It can be as simple as agonizing over that Tequila Lime cheesecake with coconut crust versus simply stepping away from the table.
That’s Mercury in Libra on a mundane level. On a higher, more complex plane, the temptations get more intense. The stakes are higher. How does Mercury in Libra reconcile it? Why make art of course! That’s usually the best course of action and for Mercury in Libra art can be anything from a conversation to a canvas. It’s that wide.

So, on a collective level., we’re feeling the push and pull, the sweet tug into the crackling fires of Scorpio, and the occasional restraint coming in the other direction of Virgo. Libra can be the most moral and immoral sign there is and sometimes it occupies the same being. Crowley was a Libra and we see the Western Godfather of sex magic, the veritable beast himself. And yet, his desire for magic and knowledge was to destroy the mindless and numbing conformity of not just religion but the institutions of the state, such as school and government, which reduces a person to at best, a number and a statistic. This is what fueled Crowley. He saw the immorality of the system itself and the reduction of the human. So he took a moral stance and flipped it inside out. This is the basic premise of Satanism by the way and on the surface, it’s a very sound argument. However, the methods used to achieve personal liberation are far darker than the street version that’s peddled.

Virgo is pure and virtuous. Scorpio is lustful and degraded. In Libra we are faced with the cardinal function of will. Opposite Aries, Libra well knows what the consequences are. And Mercury is psychic amplifier.

On the plus side, Mercury in Libra does offer us the ability to see how the other feels. Notice I said “see” and not “feel” because we’re dealing with the approximation of emotion. Mercury is the mind and Libra is air, so it creates movies, scenes in the mind of how it must or could feel. By doing so, it evokes a type of kindness based on protocol. From a mental perspective it sees how the other is or will be treated and then it has to make a judgment. JUDGMENT. In many ways, that’s where we are now.; Days of judgment, moments of choice. Don’t underestimate them.

But it’s not all a test for one’s soul, oh no. Mercury in Libra can be positively peaceful and dedicated to social harmony and with a world that seems more and more un-hinged, you can stake your claim for the next few weeks and become a diplomat for the race itself. Open some doors for people, let them slide into your lane without a honk or a dirty look. If someone says something a little nasty, take the high road and leave them with a compliment. We can always look to William Blake for a little inspiration, so from “The Proverbs Of Hell” I give you this; “Damn braces, bless relaxes.” Mercury in Libra is much better at blessing than damning. You be the judge.

8 thoughts on “Mercury In Libra, The Mediator Of Choice, Axis Of The Virgo/Scorpio Challenge, Cosmic Diplomacy”

  1. Good post and very interesting thoughts about Libra. Hopefully the temptations are not too destructive and the price tag not too high.

  2. S

    Robert you are doing everyone that can find your site a great service, much gratitude!
    Though I have been looking at astrology for many years, I still have trouble with the divining process, Its so much easier in retrospect
    I keep going back to Jupiter in control of the skies here, in such a beneficial position, that no matter what the news or the imbalances, there is no wake-up call, yet
    I watch the stock market for signs, the only times I have ever seen the elite or “rich” get any semblance of religion is when it crashes, everything else is just noise…

    Those of us on the receiving end of the elite’s malfeasance may have to wait until this pattern breaks up, right around the Saturn Pluto conjunction in 2018
    That next 7 year cycle of Jupiter may be the shakeup we (I) have been waiting for

    1. a

      Thanks Seth. I am currently going through my own version of the Pluto/Saturn conjunction. In 2020, Saturn joins Pluto at 20 degrees. Also, Neptune gets within a 3 degree orb of Pluto, which will soften Pluto’s tenacious hold considerably. A lot can happen in six years.

  3. F

    How depressing. I have Mars at 19 Cancer, and though I know Pluto is heading that way, I have completely forgot about Saturn. Good Lord, how much more can I take? Transit Pluto has opposed every single personal planet and luminary from the third decan of Gemini to the first decan of Cancer. I am just about catching my breath and bracing myself for the opposition to my Mars. I am familiar with plutonian energy as my rising natal Pluto squares every inner planet and both luminaries. So the transiting oppositions have not been too bad. I am still here, a little battered but I am ok. However, both Saturn and Pluto ganging up on my already weak Mars is an absolutely terrifying prospect.
    Thank you for your musings Robert. I always look forward to your articles.
    With gratitude,

  4. F

    I need to make a correction. It not entirely true that my natal pluto squares all inner planets. Mars is the exception to the rule. It widely sextiles Pluto.


  5. j


    You have Mercury in Libra in your natal chart?

    If so, I see where you get your beautiful mind.

    Loving your work- thank you.

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