Mercury In Aries Retrograde, Re-examining The “Head” Of State

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Faul and Fauxbama ?

Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are all running their retrograde programs in my heart and head. I seem to be re-thinking everything, even my most sacred contracts. This is a time of deep reflection. On the Mayan calendar according to Jose, today is 12 Cib, the last day in the Caban wave spell, which culminates tomorrow, hurting us into the 13 day cycle that takes us into the direct center of the calendar, culminating in 13 Oc, or 13 Dog.

Today is about facing ourselves and our fears, staring our shadows right into the black hole of their third eyes. Speaking of shadowy third eyes, many years ago, a shaman that betrayed his community passed on a bit of wisdom before he violated deep trust amongst his students. He said, “That there are only two root fears; madness and death.” In essence we’re terrified of losing our minds and our lives. Well get over the former as quickly as possible, since insanity is on the rise. The latter is a very personal issue for each of us. The first people of this land mass have a wonderful relationship with life and death. Many of them believe that we are only here for a brief time and that our true dwelling place is in eternity. With the dragons breath belching clouds of plutonium and uranium down upon us, we all need to take this death thing just a little more seriously.

On a surface level, it’s easy to see how Pluto retrograde is making us re-think the wisdom of nuclear energy and the use of plutonium. My new hero, Dr. Helen Caldicott from this recent presser in Canada states it clinically and succinctly that Plutonium, even in very small doses is lethal and the amount that Fukushima is spewing is enough to kill off most of the planet. The shadowy third eye is just the first level of initiation. The next one after that is staring down the gun barrel of our existence. Lose your mind and then live like there’s no tomorrow, because, quite frankly, there might not be. What are you waiting for? Someone to give you permission to live your life the way you always wanted to live it? If we have any chance, any chance right now, each and every one of us needs to get to the most authentic level of our expression. This is Mercury in Aries, Retrograde getting us to re-think what we do and how we do it. You might not have many more chances as the likes of Tom Cruise, Angie Jolie and Bill Gates drink vintage Rothschild, three miles deep, toasting to their good fortune, hoping their souls return if they should ever see the light of a new day again.


Am I the only one hat’s just a little amused by “The Donald’s” abrupt turn to the right, in the direction of the tea baggers and the birthers? I guess he’s the new Ross Perot or Ron Paul, the next Vox Populi. What’s interesting about his dirt digging around Obama’s birth certificate issue is that it is related to Obama’s Chiron return, which is Pisces 3 in the Sabian Symbols. Interestingly, Dane Rudhyar has this as phase 333 in his over arching cycle of transformation as it relates to the symbols. 333 is one half of the beast’s are code. Throw in the 3 degrees of Pisces and we get 3333 or 33 two times. Add them up and we get 12, which is the Hanged Man, which I believe is where we have been culturally since 911, as 12 follows 11 and we’ve been hung up on more rules, surveillance, and seemingly endless war ever since. You know the key to the hanged man right? Struggle and the knots get tighter. The only way off the cross is surrender and let go, losing your mind and releasing your dependence on “the fiction” of your life, because the next station in the major arcana is Death.

But back to “The Donald” and his pursuit of truth when it comes to Obama’s sticky birth certificate issue. Pisces Three is “Petrified Tree Trunks Lie Broken On Desert Sand”. I recently had Lynda Hill on my show, “Navigating The Astrological Matrix” and she talked about this distinctly. She likened this symbol to looking into genealogy as represented by the rings of the tree, observing it’s history through time. She made a clear reference to this relating to Obama, so it’s no surprise that this would come up right now, but of all people, Trump? If life weren’t so tragic at times, I could not stop laughing at the increased level of absurdity.

So now we have Obama addressing this, sort of . . . In that unctuous way that only pols can speak in, when asked again about his birth status, he coolly responded with; “The President was born in Hawaii.” He didn’t say “I was born in Hawaii” but “The President” leaving it open to all kinds of interpretation. However, it’s not who Obama is, but what he is that is now making even more, ahem, headlines.

Remember, Aries represents the head, right? MR is about looking back or re-examining things. Guess what people are doing now? They’re re-examining Obama’s head, and I do not mean his sanity, but it’s actual construction. There seems to be a number of strange alterations coursing through his cranium like rivulets of mystery, calcified and scarred clues about a past that has eluded most of us. But what’s even stranger is the discrepancies of things like ears, neck and hairlines in the various photos, suggesting that there may be more than one Obama. Doubles, doppelgangers, replacements, etc are nothing new. Hitler apparently had four doubles, one of which was purported to be in the BBQ pit with Eva Braun. Back in the day, one of my old editors showed me some material that seemed to suggest that Hitler lived for a while with Henry Miller in Big Sur. While this may seem preposterous, the way the world is dissolving and the subjective fable of history along with it, I am willing to entertain almost anything. Absurdism, Dadaism, the surreal seem to be the only tonic for the end times fever now taking hold. Speaking of which, I just stumbled across this pic comparing the “real” Paul McCartney with Obama’s mama. Strange eh?

Everything you know is wrong.

So how do we explain the strangeness in the Obama head shots? Furthermore, how would he explain it? And lastly, what are we going to do with Donald Trump? If he gets that old guy George to be his running mate, I might just consider casting a phony vote for “The Donald.” I mean why not? We have a president that may or may not have been born in Hawaii, was raised by a mother that seems to have tight connections with Sukarno backed insurgents in Indonesia, knew Tim Geithner’s father, when young Timmy was just learning how to manipulate beads on a crib calculus, was educated at a Madrassa school, mentored by a pissed off, womanizing, communist poet (Frank Marshall Davis), later studied with a pissed off pastor that demonized the anglo race (Jeremiah Wright) and figured out how to organize communities from a guy that dedicated his book on community organizing to Lucifer (Saul Alinsky). Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that a woman (Geri Ryan) who played a sexpot cyborg on a TV show, who later sold out her husband that had the same name as a Tom Clancy hero (Jack Ryan), helped Obama’s rise to power, when her ex-husband had to step down in his bid to get re-elected to the senate in Illinois, amidst allegations that he was eye-wide-shutting and asking his then wife to join in. Now I ask you, would voting for a guy with bizarre hair, a TV show and a casino be any less vote worthy?

Below, I have posted a series of Obama’s head shots and a real whopper of Katherine Sibelius. I guarantee you, that her photo was not altered.

10 thoughts on “Mercury In Aries Retrograde, Re-examining The “Head” Of State”

  1. Well Robert,
    As always you manage an elocution that solicits deep resonance and feelings in a way few others can even dream. When you reference Three Miles Deep, a distinct relationship to 3 mile island here: “You might not have many more chances as the likes of Tom Cruise, Angie Jolie and Bill Gates drink vintage Rothschild, three miles deep” I was already chuckling at the ‘madness’ of even having to consider this obscene priesthood and the sacrifice of sanity to remain in this world with a thinking mind and a beating heart.

    That photo comparison of Paul McCartney and Obama’s mama is just to similar for words, until we get to the picture of Sebelius…who I already had a distinct and profound dislike of.
    Yes, voting for the Trump and money, money, money, money is a simple comb over in the mayhem. Thanks for the drink buddy.

  2. H

    Another possibilty is that it is a mask. And it’s not always the same guy wearing the mask.
    That would explain the big face and the big head.
    BTW, doesn’t he look a bit like ”The Mask”.

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