Mercury Goes Direct, Realtionships Of Destiny, Wobbling Dollar

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Oh say can you vee?

Mercury has just gone direct. For some people, it could not have returned to it’s forward motion any sooner. Merc in Aries retrograde doesn’t have the same, haywire capacity that say MR in Gemini or Virgo can have; losing things, accidents, bad contracts, etc, but it really does highlight personal differences in styles, direction and will between people. This aspect is confusing. There can be a lot of, “he said/she said” dynamics in play. The reason is that we’re recalibrating will during the Aries, Merc, MR phase. The whole concept of will comes into play; Are we our instinct? Are we doing our best to align with our soul’s mandate (which is not always the same as the needs of our personality?) How does it match up or align with the will of others, especially significant others?


Whether one chooses to put any energy into the cascade of events now taking place across the planet, we cannot deny that conditions are dire. What’s taking place in Japan has extreme consequences for the rest of the world. While we have been fed a steady diet of radioactivity since WWII, now we’re being seated at the final feast. Three wars and counting take on an Orwellian, endless war meme. The cognitive dissonance is so great, that most people don’t know who we’re fighting or why. The reasons are buried in a heap of land fill, in a heavily guarded patch on Staten Island, where the dust of memory carries traces of truth. The economy, as always teeters on the brink of insolvency but this weekend seems like we have arrived at a critical tipping point as China has decided to dump large amounts of US dollars. According to a friend who has a source that has real time tracking in Dubai, the Chinese are in super sell mode as I type. Maybe this is why The University of Texas has received a huge shipment of gold, in anticipation of what might come.

So what does all of this have to do with the price of tea in China and Aries MR? I think it’s incumbent that we understand who we need to spend our energy with and why. While I am not a real advocate of the soulmate scene, it does feel as though we are having to sort through disparate world views with ones that we love and we may not always see eye-to-eye. One person may see death in the clouds, while another might just see a pretty shape. This is the vector of Aries Merc, especially as it opposes Saturn today at 12 degrees. As I mentioned before, 12 is the number of The Hanged Man in the major arcana and it is a turning point of surrender. It is time to align with people and lovers that share the same focus and feeling and those people may not be your current partners and or friends.

In the Sabian Symbols, Aries 11/12 is A Triangularly Shaped Flight Of Geese. This represents instinctual patterns of migration, knowing where to go and who you want to get there with. The triangular shape also resonates with triangulated relating, love triangles and trinities of commitment. Lastly, the rune, Kano (opening/fire) is also symbolic of the open ended pyramid, traveling sideways across the expanse of sky. Fire is clarity. The next two Sabian Symbols are quite telling, Aries 12/13 is, An Unexploded Bomb Reveals An Unsuccessful Social Protest which hints at false flags, both interpersonally and collectively. It’s followed by 13/14 Aries, A Serpent Coiling Near A Man And A Woman which speaks to the instinctual aspects of mating and relating. The sleeping serpent is unactivated Kundalini. It exists in the dream state, where our reptilian brain kicks in. It evokes dormant possibility of creative potential between two people. This weekend, extending out towards Tuesday and Wednesday is a period of relationships of destiny. Pay attention. Take notice. Have the courage to act on your emotions/convictions. Your future in this realm might just depend on how well you trust and with whom.

6 thoughts on “Mercury Goes Direct, Realtionships Of Destiny, Wobbling Dollar”

  1. I appreciate the relationship perspective offered. Very timely as I often wish I could meet someone who is open to discussions about manufactured reality, the lie humanity has been feed and lives on. What I thought were open minded friends just smile and change the subject as I question the media, political propaganda and unravel hegelian dialectic plots.

    1. a

      It takes courage to risk not being liked, or accepted and conditionally loved. Most people are unable to cognitively unravel the threads that threaten their version of reality. It would evoke states of madness and the ego has devised very clear strategies (usually denial) in order to keep the organism functioning in this reality construct. Not everyone needs to get it though and therein lies the beauty. Stay strong to your signal and you will attract like minds and hearts. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. A

    Love your work Robert. I especially resonated with the sentence “It is time to align with people and lovers that share the same focus and feeling and those people may not be your current partners and or friends.” So true mate. I feel more connected now to my virtual kin than to people I’ve known all my life (friends and family). Maybe soul groups are coalescing again for this final push at the end of the cycle. I’ll post a link to your work over at George Kavassilas’ website. I think the forum members there will appreciate your take on things.

  3. p

    One overarching hypothesis with some explanatory power, in part, appropriated from Edgar Cayce’s reading: We are living through the end of a long cycle [half a Great Year — 12,000+ yrs] since the alleged fall of latter days of Atlantis. Cayce’s trance claims include Atlantis’ misuse of an as yet, speculative “field” grid technology based on large quartz crystals carefully grown in gravity-free outer space to be uniquely symmetrical. A grid system that allowed for a wireless, anti-gravity technology and the creation of Oasis & Garden of Eden-like harmony & prosperity. I the case of misuse, pulse weapons that might alter the weather and create earthquakes at a distance. Cayce’s claim about the final demise of latter day Atlantis: the crystal grid system was used, against the intention of its creators [i.e. the good guys, who called the Sons/Daughters of the Law of One] for personal power and worse for war-making against what we now call China. The Sons of Belial [i.e. the duality-embracing, Hobbesians of pre-history] allegedly used went all out and directed the beams against Asia/China and created a back-firing cataclysm that cracked the central crystal in Atlantis. Massive earth changes, Atlantis submerged, the crystal – fractured but supposedly still in tact under the waters of the Bermuda Triangle.

    To tie this up: perhaps the same malevolent leadership has been allowed to reincarnate en masse to corresponding positions of power in the New Atlantis [USA giving birth to the NWO] and we now, once again, face a Gotterdammerung of the allegedly free West versus what they would have us think is Hegel’s oriental despotism. NWO vs. what is left of Russia and of course, China. The recent earthquake in Japan [according to Sean David Morton among others], may have been the product of Tesla-derived technology enhancing inherent geological tensions likely stressed by the solar flares/radiation & poorly understood extra-solar system/galactic cycles. Intended to crash the Yen/Japanese economy & possibly force the capital to be moved from Tokyo. Preparing the world and Americans for the intended shocks to come to North America and the conspiracy theorist claim that they have long intended to move the capital to Denver or elsewhere.

    If so, looking back at the incredible EQ’s in Haiti & Chile [on roughly the same latitude as NYC] and noting the Christ Church EQ among all the other wilder weather — to the include the strange behaviors of hurricanes even before Katrina [remember the work of Joe Vialls (since deceased)] and the claims that the Indonesian Tsunami was induced [possibly as a test/show of force against China’s Moluccan Straits-shipping corridor to/from the Middle East/African oil etc….Also, consider the effects of the Gulf Oil Well disaster from the point of view of covert warfare: was this another successful strike/warning to the West, induced by pulse/exotic weaponry as part of the escalation.

    …So perhaps when Donald Rumsfeld, among others, called it, the Long War, we were witnessing an announcement of a new thirty years war whereby the hapless dark siders seek to subdue Eurasia. And that the leadership in Eurasia knowing that, is pushing back, in fits and starts, covertly for now and letting the NWO over-extend and exhaust itself with overt wars and covert color revolutions. That weather warfare and EQ-creating tech is likely to exist should be clear to the readers of this forum. That the dollar avalanche is coming should also be clear. One particular question remains to your followers: does anybody else agree that we are witnessing the slow, creepy walking of a great doom, even the ritual dismemberment of the USA as a result of karmic accumulations in the service of imperial hubris as against our better nature to seek a Lincoln, FDR, JFK-echoing New Birth of Freedoms, Global New Deal, & Peace Through Development.

    As this seeming creaking pot of oversimplification sees it, there is no grand intention to fix anything among our dark side elite. They have jointly agreed to set the world on fire, with attendant safe areas and safe havens for their holdings. Depopulation as in the days of Noah. They are only getting started. And it will not likely be announced; in other words, their intention is to make it appear, for as long as possible, that the earthchanges & chaos are no more than Earth Mother cleansing herself…

    …I raise these apparently unrelated points on an astrology-themed site, because so far, I have seen little, notwithstanding Calleman & his harmonic hyperbolically converging countdown, that describes or explains astrologically, in terms of planets, stars, and galactic cycle etc as to how we might come to see the hypothetical Cayce claims of latter day Atlantis’ demise, the half of a Great Year Cycle since then [nothing but Dark Ages resplendent with a tiny series of freedom-oriented jailbreaks quickly brought to naught]. In short, it is like humanity has been caught in a 12,000 plus moral Black Hole redux that is finally coming to an end. The whole cycle, supposing something like the Cayce-spun tale is true, has been like an epic purgatory. Hopefully, what might think of as the Federation [as in Star Trek] might judge it possible to return, but in the meantime, I think we are witnessing world war and genocidal-intentions to create the conditions for radical depopulation…Thank you for reading this unedited burp.

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