Mercury Goes Direct, Gut Check In The Dark, Summon Your Inner Scorpio, Power Up Your Will

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Mercury direct leads to flashes of insight

The Mercury Retrograde chrysalis is about to crack and I don’t know anyone that isn’t just a bit giddy over this. I mean has there been another brutal MR in recent memory? Think of it as PMS from hell with an IBS topper. It’s nary over as we crawl out of it’s long shadow. Well, what did we learn? We learned that Obamacare is a complete and utter failure. I think Obama’s astrologer should go work for the Chinese, Russians or Israelis, because if we wanted to inflict damage on one of our supposed enemies, that might be the best course of action to take. Really? You’re going to launch Obamacare in the shadow of MR, then watch it go completely off the rails when MR kicked in? Send that starry sage abroad now. It might be our only hope. It reminds me of a Three Stooges episode (I’ll Never Heil Again) where Moe plays a dictator who resembles Hitler is visited by a comely siren posing as an astrologer. She’s there to give him bad astrological advice and thus have her father regain his seat of power in “Moronica.”

That would be my strategy.

Anyway, Obamcare’s, huge failure to launch was just one, glaring piece of roadkill alongside the highways and byways of Mercury Retrograde. There was the high strangeness of the world series, including a recalled played which changed the tenor of a game and perhaps the whole world series, and the stumbling, rumbling, bumbling of Allen Craig’s game winning run as an interference call. The Cardinals were even stranded on the tarmac for sic hours as they waited to get in the air and fly to Boston for game six. Mercifully, the series ended with Scorpio David Ortiz winning the MVP, while fellow Scorpio Johnny Gomes played a key role in the Red Sox third world series win in ten years.

We saw the rise of Russell Brand and coincidentally, brand has Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. Let this be an open lesson for those that have MR nattily. For ten weeks out of the year, you are in your element while the rest of us are like fish swimming in jello.

The ACA was passed on 3/23/10 when the Sun and Mercury was in Aries. Mercury was at 10 degrees and of course has been getting static form the cosmic grind of the Pluto/Uranus square. Uranus in Aries is resistance against Pluto in Aries. That’s why we get the color revolutions and Russell brand and Daniel Pinchbeck spouting revolution, even if all of the aforementioned have been at some level or another staged, either by the likes of Soros/Optor or perhaps some more subtle and interdimensional means. We’re talking a veiled form of blending/possession/channeling.

Ron Paul and his “revolution” was the precursor in some ways to what’s taking place. Even Obama primed the pump with his “Change and Hope” platform. If we go back to 2008 and up through 2010, the winds of change and revolution were upon us with Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius. Obamacare ask The ACA was drafted and passed during this subtle, almost imperceptible phase of Aquarius. Revolution starts in vapor, molecules of the mind which merge with air. Air is the element of magic where the magus extends his rod in the ethers, transmitting will into the form of ideas, tropes and memes. This is when the ACA was passed. Saturn in Libra (contracts) was retrograde and opposed the Aries Sun. Again, the court astrologer needs to be shipped out to public enemy number one just based on their surprising lack of timing. I seriously doubt that the ACA, in it’s current form will get off the ground. It’s a lead zeppelin. Not all the magic in the sky can loft it further into the air of respectability.

So, it’s post MR, you’ve made it through the eclipse, the Pluto/Uranus square has knocked off some of your emotional rust and now what? Do you stock up on one last run to Costco before Gridex II hits? Do you find a cozy cave for the solar pole flip? Do you utter your prayers to the sublime creator of all things as ISON/SION wings it’s way towards us?

Now that MR is direct, we still have a few weeks before it returns to where it went retro-haywire. We’re talking the 28th of November.

Scorpio represents power. Last night I was hanging out at Zingers, having a glass of wine with Roni and Don. I didn’t know Roni or Don before I sat down at the bar, but by the end of the night, Roni was giving me hugs and Don was telling me all of the professional options he has on his plate right now. You see, that’s how I roll. It’s an 11th House thing. Don is a Scorpio just in case you haven’t figured it out. He had classic Scorpio eyes, narrow and slightly beady, almost like face wide visor through which blasts of mental rays are emitted. Think Cyclops of The X-Men. Don’s business was chemicals, a perfect fit for a Scorpio as they are liquids (mostly) that catalyze state changes, agents of transformation. Why am I referencing Don? Because he’s relevant to our discussion regarding the post MR recalibration.

You see, each of us has everything we need to catalyze state changes in our own lives. The depth of Mercury in Scorpio, the Sun and Saturn there as well calls us to descend and focus on the depth of our inner resources and to make a commitment to this no matter what our sign or even religious or non-religious affiliation. You don’t need Russell Brand, or any Brand to activate that which you already know. You don’t even need me. I might play the role of the avuncular neighbor on the other side of the fence who reminds you that you have all the tools you need to get the job done. And my advice this time is to sink as deeply as you can into your pre-programmed roots. Get there anyway you can. Whether it’s your will, your art, your exercise, your love, leave no stone unturned. Mercury/Scorpio is on your side now and it is not milquetoast. Scorpio demands that you go to the wall and beyond. In fact it demands that you smash the wall down and use the bricks to build shelters for the homeless. That sort of thing.

Look, any number of weird and anxiety ridden end time scenarios are swirling and in play, especially as Miley Cyrus continues her “World Twerk” with the contorted tongue of Kali wagging back at you, dripping with madness, you might as well dig in and let the inner you rip the void of stagnation and inertia. The serpentine energy of Scorpio is on your side. You’re either busy living or busy dying. No time like the present to live your dream in the face of fear, the sum of all end games scenarios. It might be the best survival strategy there is.

8 thoughts on “Mercury Goes Direct, Gut Check In The Dark, Summon Your Inner Scorpio, Power Up Your Will”

  1. c

    ‘No time like the present to live your dream in the face of fear, the sum of all end games scenarios. It might be the best survival strategy there is.’ Real words of wisdom. I thank you.

  2. I love the coining of “liquid agents of transformation”. I was waiting until after merc Rx to start my HCG diet, but figured saturn opp moon trumped it. That tiny vial of liquid helps me get by on 500 calaries a day. Thankfully it’s only for 21 days. I usually do it once a year and generally drop 15 lbs. Another liquid agent of transformation is coffee. I quit cold turkey last week and brought on my first ever migraine headache. Whoa! 8 days later, I had a small coffee today and was amazed at how edgy I felt. Powerful stuff. Saw your friend David Avocado Wolfe, whirling up a superliquid concoction on Gaiam tv. that was looking pretty transformational. Listened to your recent podcast on Ison. It’s in Scorpio you say? think it has anything to do with the 2nd royal baby? Is that even true?

    1. a

      Ah, David Wolfe. I wonder what he does with all of those bullet blenders when they break after 30 days? It could very well have something to do with the 2nd royal baby. There is some very interesting space symbolism bubbling up right now, which I will go into via the newsletter. I still have my one cup’o’joe a day. I have to since I dropped those deadly, energy drinks.

  3. G

    I like jello; very descriptive, but the last part of your missive caught me by the lapels of my wooly sweater; time to get to work. At last!!
    Thanks, Robert, fabulous soul talk.

  4. C

    You have got this SO right… I had an eye-opening realization today. Mercury and the North Node are both on my natal Mercury at 7 Scorpio and are exactly sextiling my natal Venus/progressed Ascendant. The realization had to do with my work situation. Saw that I really have to step up NOW and bust it — even if I wish I could just transition into my new role a bit more slowly and organically.

    But this also triggered a realization into my purpose and deeper work, so to speak. I really see now that I have to start really doing and working on what matters to me, AND step up the pace at my job.

    That if I don’t do this, my job will really stress me out and bore me at the same time and drive me nuts. (but if I am doing my real work and putting energy into it, it doesn’t have to carry all of that weight).

    A wake up call, I guess…

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