Meditations On Lafayette, Cecil The Lion, The Month Of Leo, 11th House Radio Broadcast

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

dreamsMonochrome Nightscapes

My dreams have been out of control–must be the travel to Cajun and Bayou country. One night I’m wrestling with a beautiful Spanish woman, my hands between her legs searching for something other than a mattress. The next night I’m in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Everything is in Hebrew and I’m getting the tour of the city by a Rabbi when all of a sudden it becomes Sodom and Gomorroha with some kind of freaky pride parade clashing with the orthodox crowd. A few days later I read about a similar clash taking place in Israel. The lines are getting blurred, so blurred in fact that I was in Lafayette last Thursday night, 0 degrees Leo, birth date of Haile Selassie (more on him later) watching my son’s team play in a big baseball tournament when I heard the scream of sirens, incessant, wailing, calamitous, jerking our attention away from the game and into our cell phones. There it was, a shooting, not a mere three miles away. I automatically recoil from these events, not because of the random horror and senseless violence they project, but from the fact that I will have to sort through the timelines, contradictions, actors, and agendas. I feel like a cynical, psychic detective, knowing that it will all lead to Chinatown at some point.

obeliskIt all started at the lobby of Homewood Suites, where I was greeted by a table top obelisk, jutting out into space and I knew I was in a different place. The South is rife with Freemasonry (so called White Magic) and Voodoo (Black Magic). It’s a dualistic operation carrying out the light and dark ritual that keeps us embedded in this psycho-dramatic phase loop.

The event took place at 7:23 PM, 8/23, zero degrees Leo. There was a T-Square at the time with Capricorn on the ASC and Pluto in the 12th House which leads me to believe that this event was not staged and that the shooter, John Russell Houser did exist and might have been the recipient of mind control, a Manchurian Candidate of sorts.

While the 12th House represents hospitals, convents, whorehouses and prisons, one could also make a case for movie theaters as film is a Pisces medium and the theater itself is a sealed off sanctorum of the mind. With Pluto in the 12th, death arrives in the darkness and the film, “Train Wreck” is yet another reference to death itself. Opposing Mars in Cancer, squaring Uranus in Aries, 3rd House, violence on the local front, from an astrological perspective this event has legs. And while I won’t dismiss the validity of what occurred, there is something about it that doesn’t sit right with me.

John Russell (Russ is Red/Mars, Ell is Saturn) Houser fits the latest hate profile to a tee. But unlike Dylann Roof or James Holmes or Ryan, I mean Adam Lanza, he’s not some kind of cipher for the over-medicated kids dosing on violent video and getting turned out by internet extremists. Russell is that guy. He is the internet extremist. His views are plastered all over the WWW and of course, he conveniently left his journal of hate at his Motel 6 room just to make sure that the world knew how much he hated Feminists and Jews. Apparently, that’s why he chose Train Wreck, because the lead character is a feminist and of course, the Jews rule the media.

Houser had a history of mental illness and was hospitalized in 2008 and 2009. His wife claimed he was bi-polar. His Wiki page says he owned a number of bars in Georgia. How does a guy with mental illness, in and out of institutions own a number of bars? Where does he get the money? How does he manage to secure the licenses? By the way, Jack Ruby aka Jacob Leon Rubenstein owned a bar.

So we have the cyber trail (basically hating anyone but a white male) and his paper trail (that handy journal).

Holmes, Roof and Houser all have something in common, don’t they? They’re all related to dwellings, the home, the homeland, squares, Saturn cubes. . .

total_recallHouser also has mnenomic relationship to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (Leo) character in the 1990 film, “Total Recall” based on the novel by Phillip K. Dick.

In the film, Arnie plays a dual character, that quite frankly, is mentally ill. On Earth, he’s known as Quaid or “Quad” which translates into four, which is the square, foundation of home, symbol of Saturn and on Mars (The Red Planet) he’s known as “Hauser.” He tries to retrieve his memories of Mars by going to a business called, “Total Recall” that implants vacations like they are real memories and Quaid/Hauser wants to remember Mars because he has this vague feeling that he’s been there before. The program he selects for his memories is one that has him being a spy on Mars involved in a larger conspiracy and revolution.

He didn’t stay at Motel 6, but he did stay at the Hilton, while I stayed at HOMEwood Suites, which is run by Hilton. Did I mention that John Houser’s last place or residence was Phenix City? Phenix City was dubbed “Sin City” at one point and one of the most evil places in the USA.

Phenix City, then known as Girard is supposedly where the last battle of the civil war took place. Did I fail to mention that Houser was driving a LINCOLN Continental? Phenix City is also pretty close to Fort Benning, which is where Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols hooked up. There have been long and persistent rumors that McVeigh was part of a super soldier program and was duped into joining Nichols and others at Elohim City in Arizona in preparation for some larger scale action against the government.

For all of you number heads, Houser was born on 11/22/55, which makes him either a 88 or 44 based on his numerology. What I find strange about this and lone wolf nut jobs like Houser, is that if they are that pissed at women or Jews, why not hit the offices of the JDL, ADL or SPLC if they’re that angry? Why not drive over to the regional NOW or find a woman’s studies class at university? Of course, I am not advocating any of it, but why go to a movie with a skinny excuse, fire some random shots then pull the trigger straight back on themselves? One could make the case that they were screwed up mentally and mentally deranged people might shoot straight, but they sure don’t think straight, because if they did, they wouldn’t waste time, bullets or lives in such a random fashion. This type of controlled chaos makes me wonder what the real motivation behind Houser was and who was pulling the levers in that contorted cranium? It all seems too pat, too much part of the script in the Summer Of The (Scape) Goat (By the way 1955, Houser’s birth year is the year of the goat). But here’s a weird twist. The clean up crew for the theater shooting was staying at my hotelKIMG0223

As I drove around Lafayette in the aftermath of the event, signs calling Lafayette to stay strong, pray for Lafayette, etc. were everywhere.It was the same signage and symbolism that has been part of these events since the Boston Marathon aka “Boston Strong.” We are a country that has a franchise on pain, a viral outbreak of pathos, a swooning of collective emotion braiding us deeper and deeper into a neural-net of collective response. Notice how this is almost always done via tragedy real or fictionalized and the celebration of the victim. This goes back to Matthew Shepard, who was immortalized in a play, a movie and countless re-tellings (Laramie Project) of his dark tale, the one where he was bullied and brutalized for being a teen and Gay. However, Stephen Jimenez spent thirteen years writing “The Book Of Matt” which goes deep into the edgy and drug fueled life of Matthew Shepard who was a casualty of a Meth turf war in Laramie, Wyoming. This is where the anti-bully movement started, in a haze of deception and political manipulation and as a result, we rally round the dead, the wounded, the hurt and heartbroken, real or imagined in tears of disbelief, fifteen moments of pathos to go along with five minutes of hate. We’re being herded into an emotional Skinner box of epic proportion, which leads me to “Cecil The Lion.”

Africa Ethiopia ObamaOn the 27th, Obama (Leo) was in Ethiopia, just days before Cecil The Lion was hunted, then eventually killed by a dentist (Tooth/Thoth) from Minneapolis. Ethiopia hosted Barack Obama (Leo) just days after the shooting. Ethiopia of course is where Rastafarianism started and their messiah being Haile Selassie (born 8/23), Leo aka “The Lion Of Judah” resided as king of Ethiopia. Selassie’s claim to fame is that he sat out the second world war while Mussolini occupied Ethiopia. Selassie hung out in England with the Fabian Socialists and likely Freemasons, Knights Templar and more. Selassie aka Ras Tafari was given so many knighthoods and titles, that it’s almost ludicrous to think that he wasn’t up to his crown chakra in secret orders. Ras Tafari, 0 Leo, was born with his Sun also in sign of Regulus, the royal star, the star of kings. He was supposedly descended through the Solomonic line, which would make him born into the lineage of the temple builders. This is where Obama was on the night of the Lafayette (named after Master Mason Lafayette) shootings, on the continent at roughly the same time as the news of the death of “Cecil The Lion” spread. So we have 0 degrees Leo, night of the shooting, Selassie, 0 degrees Leo, Obama Leo, and “Cecil The Lion.”H.I.M.-Haile-Selassie-I-Lion2 Selassie reigned over Ethiopia for 34 years. He was coronated on April 2nd, 1930, just one day before his wife’s birthday, thus uniting the masculine and the feminine in a ritual union. Rumor abound that like Hiram Abiff, the Christ figure of Freemasonry, Selassie himself was resurrected and did not die. Some of his followers believe that he is alive and well to this very day.

Cecil was named after “Cecil Rhodes” a rabid British colonialist and a Freemason himself. Rhodes was an agent of the Rothschild’s in the southern part of Africa, buying and operating diamond mines through the DeBeers family. Rhodes founded “Rhodesia” which is now Zimbabwe and of course, along with South Africa was dissolved through intense political and economic pressure due to apartheid practices. The Rhodes Scholarship is granted in his name and is used to mold and shape young, bright globalists, such as Bill Clinton (Leo). So in essence, the lion was named after a raging industrialist, exploiter and ego tripper. Cecil was known for his “black mane.”

He was tracked and killed, first by a crossbow (Hello Saturn in Sag) and then shot. Cecil died on July 1st, just four days before July 5th, the birthday of his namesake, Cecil Rhodes. In astrology, the events are conjunct. But just like Hiram Abiff and possibly Selassie before him, Cecil was resurrected around the globe, his Leonine visage projected onto high rises from New York to London.

What’s interesting about the timeline is that it took nearly three weeks for the news regarding Cecil to break, since he was killed on the 1st of July. That news coincided with Obama’s visit to Africa, Ethiopia, birthplace of Haile Sellasie, “Lion Of Judah” and “King Of Zion.” While all of the lionizing of Cecil’s life was taking place, Obama was making jokes about how he could get re-elected if he ran again.

To get the full audio treatment of Cecil and more, check out my “Eleventh House” radio show from last night on BlogTalk Radio.

7 thoughts on “Meditations On Lafayette, Cecil The Lion, The Month Of Leo, 11th House Radio Broadcast”

  1. n

    Monday announced the discovery of the gate to the Philistine city of Gath. Goliaths birthplace; another lion’s gate.

    Leo and mighty men of old. Cat videos. Judah.

    There is a trail in NM that takes one to a lion gate, north of Los Alamos.

    Giants are cat people. Every blue moon.

    I guess cryptoid stuff is just more star stuff.

  2. g

    got a nagging feeling there is a relationship with the dead lion meme and the destruction of atlantis at the beginning The Age of Leo and our present position at the close of this precessional time loop .

    1. a

      The other piece is the dentist from Minnesota, who is a symbol of the great, white hunter in the heart of darkness. Stripping away symbols of past times, like flags, statues and monuments. ISIS/ISIL/IS has been desecrating ancient statuary and shrines all across the middle east. Even the financial sinking of Greece, birth place of western culture can be thrown into the mix. War is a fast and dirty way of eviscerating the past. What we are seeing now is a slow-motion demolition of western history. All of this points to China in some ways as the new gateway civilization, the west re-branded into state run capitalism. But even the Chinese are getting in on the act as they are replacing their people with highly efficient machines. This is the ultimate state change into the post-human. All the rest is the symbolic removal of our footprint on the planet.

  3. n

    Robert, if one correlated cryptoid activity with star charts, I guess that could produce faith that primal forces of Nature will trump the archonic vanities every time.

    If I was inclined to communicate to more, I would take those fuzzy photos of mysterious cats and such and see when those constellations were observable. Hell, that would make it a bit easier to date what evidence remains, however worn down.

    I work with an Archeologist. Out here, in the desert Southwest, only certain bones were buried deep enough to inhabit a certain boundary layer. They have to be put back, or they become very mythical and start moving around.

    I came back here about twelve years ago. I woke up to prepare my son for school, in Gahanna, Ohio. SWAT teams were rappelling out of helicopters, in the parking lot.

    They chased a full grown african lion underneath a car. The prints evaporated on the other side.

    They say a Sphinx is a marker for time travel.
    I say that is a reminder that double parking is only for the invited.

    1. a

      In one of Barbara Marciniak’s books, “Earth” she talks about how cats are basically cameras for their home star, which I believe is Sirius.

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